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Welcome The hazy daydream that is summer lingers languidly across a transient timeline defined by academic and professional recess or inversely, a seasonal curriculum set on remediation or acceleration. In this issue, we enter this headspace by employing artist David Hockney’s Sixties and Seventies obsession with swimming pools and large bodies of water as our starting line. From there, the colour and texture of and the lifestyle surrounding acqua threads through the visuals we have created for the eye and subjects we chosen to explore. Music and partying are other elements that we love about summer, get to know some of the important industry types behind the beats and songs you love as well the venues to indulge in this season’s collective soundtrack. Parties also bring into sharp focus our sartorial style, we get you up to speed on some of the most impactful trends poised to give your look, a fashionable shake-up. We also take on the concept of the summer body, interfacing with those who have broken its timesensitive parameters to transform it into an eternal summer concept. This midsummer issue wraps with a highlight on friendship and the everyday activities and destinations that help to cement and maintain the vibes and togetherness we share with the family we’ve chosen. Bask in our tribute to summertime, and hopefully it encourages you take all that the period and the island has to offer. After all, we live where others vacation!


Publisher Andrew Bellamy CREDITS Design Director Daniel Ford Production Manager Reneé McFarlane Distribution Brian Bellamy Wesley Williams Photographers Brian Bellamy Tori Haber Jason Palmer Nicolina Diabo Dwayne Henry Kason Stephenson

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16. Tia Johnson on set in a selfdesign swim wear (Chamber Fashion)


Throwing a Fit


See you there!


Mama Tia!


The Long and Short of it


Likkle But Dem...


Summer Equinox


Days Like This


When i Met you in the Summer

COVER Photographer Nicolina Diabo Model Tia Johnson Hair & Make-up Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger Swim wear Chamber Fashion Location Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa



g addenin k m the m cus, fro e back-to-bac fo rp a g to th into sh s level less-everythin t blockbusters r fitnes a s ngs you ort- and sleeve me period, th l or DC Comic ri b t a eon th arve in sh this ti test M explore the lif within ne seas ee for refuge la o o e e ls a th th is fl It’s ith the ring n to ummer forces you to nd pool days. odds, w lock t peppe e the decisio a at inst all d n ero cas heat th of beach trips n not superh at SLEEK ma ir bodies aga vate you to u a ti th le the and mo schedu more often th that in mind transformed s ourage a c a h n ve w e it a it h w ill w te ho So domina niverse flick. nthusiasts, w n and women e-u ess e ry me save-th l-life fitn of extraordina a re f o . styles league nd alter-egos at this a hope th inner heroes n w o r you



Dr. romario thomas

the Spartan Age: 25

e Conind Muscl hanced M covery En : er w po Desired , speed, re r strength trol: supe in to going all : Before a lot. s lifestyle k in es dr tn d -fi Pre rty an use to pa fitness I 00-2800 prox. 25 sts of ap bodyweight and si on C t: d Daily Die per poun 1g carb lb. calories. otein per pr g .5 -1 1.25 : 0% Program t least 8 w Workout Heavy weights (a lo cise) and n: Off Seaso max for each exer p my one re reps 4-6 higher ghts and erate wei ason: Mod se p om C es a es 8-12 ng (3 tim rep rang rval Traini jog or walk( nsity Inte i.e High Inte ady state cardio Ste week) + kly) once wee merica aptain A k Hero: C oo B ic ay om C om so m ivation fr Draw mot ness athletes, o: er H Real Life iness tycoons,fit us people ..b l heroes to me my family


Age: 26


ower: Su

Superp Desired strength

le: Since ss Lifesty een b Pre-Fitne ys I’ve alwa childhood ctive ly a moderate ing in t: Everyth Daily Die on moderati : Regimen ramme/ g ro g P in t u in Worko ngth tra on of stre combinati io. and card t woman Hero: Ca k o o B ic Com ts My paren Heroes: Real-life


Age: 35

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: Patienc


Sup Desired

tive always ac . is yle: I was ss Lifest ayed tenn Pre-Fitne ol. I swam and pl owing ho on not bl d se in high sc cu I was fo But really lbs. 115 away at by lculated diet is ca in, t: My daily nutrients (prote Daily Die ro e the mac I consum measuring s and fats) that uscle, rate gm carbohyd needs. i.e. buildin my ng. to meet maintaini t or just losing fa imen: me/Reg Program ssFit is ro C n. Workout ai t is how I tr tional movemen CrossFit broad ried func va ss ly ro nt ac consta tensity at high in ns. A typical executed mai , modal do d warm up an e m ti e entails a kout of th workout CrossFit th work and a wor ng skill/stre D). day (WO uperman k Hero: S Comic Boo y mother Hero : M Real-life


Age : 34 Desired


kinesis wer: Tele

le : a ss Lifesty sports but I am Pre-Fitne in n e e b ys a lw a ve I ha m. r. I still a filmmake , t: w sodium Daily Die g for a fight - Lo re o m in lly p a hen prep nd low oil. It’s re of ra t so lots low suga ht weigh aking fig m t u o b a . d protein water an imen : me/Reg Program ing, plyometrics, Workout in a tr circuit su and crossfit/ kickboxing, jujit ics calisthen g. wrestlin : Hulk ook Hero Comic B ce Lee Hero : Bru Real-life

10 | SLEEK

Dr. Lisanne Levy

Mz. Fitness Age: Over Desired



ver be tir

er: To ne


hool and medical sc at le: During ercise. During th ss lifesty ex ne to der to fit rt efo Pr no ef ous. In or was e ci ad ns m co I internship ered myself health rtain foods. That lad id sa t ce time I cons weight I’ d restric always get a side I’d my hod of maintain every lunch outing oups was my met on od gr because ricting fo eal. Rest with my m balance. g ng ni ai nt still ‘eatin mai ning I was ng else. arted trai hi n I just st ow of anyt asn’t givhe kn W ’t t: dn ie di Daily D cause I g clean w d that’s be realized that eatin ns of research clean’ an s, I doing to w month uced ed. After ed After a fe ne I was introd you people, I e results g allows tin ing me th help from various ea of is way food ing and seek unting. Th ithout restricting nutrient co sw to macro body what it need ntur bs yo su eque to give prep and my high mpetition groups. hile in co t treats on Macw ge t, ill en st I om e, At the m tting phas ty of If It Fits Your ntial in treme cu au se ll, the be ly in an ex that is es In a nutshe lows and I believe e. y. da rb ca bl it al na y ai ilit st xib su fle is ros is the ness lifestyle that at I a fit creating on days th en: I train e are days im eg R er me/ Th m k. ra or og w Pr om days if Workout days off fr so train on those ound s and on al aining ar tr work 8 hr 12 hrs and I will y m le ork schedu when I w k. ise I try to ee w rw r he pe ot y, ng necessar ys of traini rdio, elliptical or ca for 4-5 da y weight it, aiming t my workout with go into m ar n abs and once st ai lly tr ua en I us . I th is trained eek. p tly ou os m gr r e cl be rw stairclim Each mus s I train twice pe r the day. area training fo y weaker except m k ee w r pe Elektra ok Hero: ttle with Comic Bo s who ba eir ic patient are of th e paediatr aw l Th el w o: y, er H er ng the Real-life with brav never losi ey face it ome but cancer. Th d the possible outc ery encounter. an on ev condition spire me e. They in zest for lif

11 | SLEEK

See You There! Summer, especially for those on holiday, is essentially defined by the company you keep and the event venues you choose to check into. For the remainder of the hottest season, SLEEK recommends the next round of seasonal parties and festival that are worth your time, energy and spend!

UTOPIA AZURE BEACH July 30. The Utopia brand kicks of its calendar by taking a customary piece of Emancipation Weekend pie with Utopia Azure Beach. The Saturday day-into-night beach party will take place at Harmony Beach, Silver Sands in Duncans, Trelawny.

SPF WEEKEND July 29 - July 31. All roads lead to Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay, the Emancipation Weekend for the annual return of the KLE Groups’ SPF Weekend party series where the north coast of St Ann becomes a veritable playground for vacationers and out-of-towners alike. From the opening bonfire party Forever Beach at Dunn’s River Falls, Friday, to the 10th anniversary celebration of a-list WET at the Jewel Runaway Bay Waterpark, Saturday, and the Pearly Beach West-venued Soiree SPF, a troupe of SPF ambassadors and deejays will ensure your time away will be an experience you won’t soon forget.


July 17-22. Kicking off in the Second City with a Beach Party, Blitz-All White Edition, and Sound Explosion set of events at the Aquasol Theme Park and Pier 1, respectively, the annual music festival gets amplified thereafter at its main venue, Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex with a July 28-August 1. It’s off to the resort town of Negril, Dancehall Night and a Reggae Night, both showcasing the for 5 days of the Appleton Special-backed, 8th annual best recording acts in the industry. Dream Weekend. The schedule begins with the Dream Live Concert at Cayenne Beach and wraps on Emancipation Day with Igloo, also Cayenne Beach and Dream J’Ouvert at Wonderland.

CROPOVER 2016 July 23 - August 1 Calling all socaphiles... cut your tabanca off at the knees with a flight to Barbados for its annual harvest festival Crop Over. With back-to-back soca-fueled fetes and events dominating the festival roster, they’ll be hardly a moment to lose as the momentum builds to Grand Kadooment, the big finale of oneness and costuming as you play a mas under the sheltering sky, Emancipation Day.

12 | SLEEK

Mama Tia! SLEEK always on the look-out for the next it-girl, found ourselves beguiled by the infectious laugh and mischievous twinkle in the eye of the eponymous Chamber swimwear designer Tia Johnson. Clad in the head-turning efforts from her latest collection, we head over to the Lady Musgrave oasis of Eden Gardens for a refreshing dip and a get-to-know-you exchange as our parched limbs cut through the cool, aquamarine water of the wellness location’s central pool.

13 | SLEEK


1. Chamber swimsuits are intricatelymade composites. What motivates every tie-detail , every cut-out, every loop, and every contrasting panel of fabric? The intricacies of my design I would say comes from my obsession with detail. And I think this is where my technical (architecture) and artistic nature tend to synthesize. 2. It’s off to a weekday beach trip, pack the perfect beach tote for us. As for a weekday beach trip? This requires nothing too heavy , light packing ; you need your towel of course ( unless you’re open to airdrying lol), sunblock and/tanning oil (!even for a great tan both are recommended as the block regulates the amount of uv rays absorbed by the skin while tanning oil gives you that sun kissed glo- over exposure is unhealthy for your skin); sunglasses, change of clothes; liquor (drink responsibly of course don’t over do it) and great vybz! 3. What is it about summer and athleticism that go hand in hand? Summer and athleticism go hand in hand as summer is a season where people seemingly get out more , indulging in more adventurous escapades, traveling, frequenting beaches and so forth. It is in this way that they get out, whether riding ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis or as simple as swimming. Furthermore, the obsession of attaining the “Ultimate Summer Body “ tops them all, people go hard in the gym more so now, than ever ( synonymous to the Carnival season).

hydrated is key, but water not only hydrates but so too does it help with skin upkeep). For me personally I love coconut water so with the two it definitely helps. As for my hair honestly it’s either wet n go or , if I’m to going through the process of washing blow drying and flat ironing , then that’s what I’ll do.

4. As the mercury rises how do you keep your hair & beauty in check?

5. How will your foray into fashion and retail entrepreneurship unlock the hopes and dreams that you have for yourself.

This is a great question, with the heat and humidity it does pose quite a challenge; but my recommendation is to drink ALOT of water ( staying

Well it’s truly funny how life works out, as growing up I always said I wanted to be a powerful and one of the worlds most successful business women (

14 | SLEEK


aim for the moon and if I “ fail” I’d fall among the stars ). When I was 18 my dad asked me where I saw myself at 25 and my response was , owning my own clothing line ( at that time architecture wasn’t in my peripheral). I had even gotten accepted to Pratt and Parsons overseas and ended up not going. I say this to say I didn’t particularly follow a sequential pattern in achieving my accomplishments it just happened to work out that way and it will help me in attaining my dreams as I’m halfway there, one business initiated and more to come. A powerful businesswoman/ Entrepreneur. 6. What is it about design that appeals to your senses? What appeals to me most is the investment to detail. I am big on detail and meticulousness, the idea of conceptualizing something and seeing it through fruition, there is no greater feeling- gratifying , like “ wow I did that”. From another point of view, it births an even greater feeling knowing that something you did affects another person in positive way- very liberating yet humbling feeling . 7. As a future architect, how is harmony achieved between the built environment and nature? Now this is a question that could have many answers, but simply sustainable design is what creates harmony; deriving means of construction and materials that are more environmentally friendly especially with respect to the geographical location ( with regards to climate etc.). Going “Green” is a big thing in the wider world it’s just a matter of finding the resources, allocating them efficiently and finding means of implementing them wisely. 8. Frank Lloyd Wright or IM Pei? Hahaha I would have to say Frank LLoyd Wright between the two, but Meis Van Der Rohe is my favorite architect.

Location Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa 15 | SLEEK

9. What’s your interpretation of post-modern femininity? As it concerns post modern feminism I am definitely pro post modern feminism. This is a new day and age , women are just as much capable of doing “ a man’s job” it is merely dependent on the strength drive and gumption of said woman. 10. Hot, hazy days are perfect daydreaming where does your mind often wander? Hot and Hazy days daydreaming??? Where does my mind wander??? That’s easy... To the beach, my haven

Short Boss Record Producer

Nicholas Hall— known in most industry circles as Shortboss — place is in the recording studio, where his involvement and approval of the next upcoming riddim and/or big tune will ensure its ascension throwing the music charts as his instincts and trained ear continue to pay off for him and by extension, his vocal collaborators. SLEEK visits his native Grants Pen neighborhood, where he has called home for as long as he can remember, to bring you this portrait of man, for whom music, is his daily salvation.

17 | SLEEK

18 | SLEEK

What’s your real name? Nicholas Hall can you spot a hit? - Yes Who gave your big break at the mixing board? - Truck Back Records What are you listening for when grooming new talent? - A special sound from his/her melody & lyrics What was it like growing up in Grants Pen? - It was rough. Which artiste could be described as your muse? - Vybz Kartel What’s your all-time favorite riddim that you was approved by you? My God by Gully Bop How will history remember Short Boss? - Helping a lot of people find their talent and expressing it to the world.

19 | SLEEK

SLEEK visits Sabina Park, the official cricketing home base of Caribbean Premier League favourites the Jamaica Tallawahs, as they practiced to pick the brains of some of its team members. We got their perspective on their place in their chosen field, their definition of sportsmanship, and on what keeps them in the game. Captained by Chris Gayle and head-coached by Paul Nixon, the squad is currently engaged in the fourth season of the 2016 Hero Caribbean Premier League Twenty20 tournament, which is slated to end on August 7.

20 | SLEEK

Being a West Indian, is it just about the game? I grew up playing cricket with my family. My mother, sister and cousin played for St Vincent, and another cousin of mine played for the West Indies female team. Its a family tradition and I’m working really hard to keep it up. Cricket to me is not just a sport, it’s life. Who was your childhood cricketing hero? Australian bowler Bret Lee, because of his style and his records. What’s the major difference in playing on home base versus abroad? At home, people look for you to perform a certain way and your under greater pressure to do so. It’s easier to play abroad, as people don’t know you that well and will probbably have to wait a bit longer to observe your performance before making an assessment.

What technique do you use to keep focus while traveling for international matches? I just try to keep things as simple as possible, so that I can be ready and well-prepared for a game. Before a game, I take at least 30 minutes to myself to mentally prepare, in order to play fearless cricket. What’s the major difference in playing on home base versus abroad? Home is a little more pressuring as you want to do well for your fans and they come to the games to see you do well. You always have to be on form for them. Playing away from home is little more comfortable. Yes, you know that the fans tuned into the game’s broadcast will be disappointed but it’s very different playing physically in a stadium full of home spectators. Is it easy to get distracted when you’re travelling overseas? No, not really. When you’re home, friends and family are constantly talking to you about your performance and games which can be quite distracting. Playing overseas is more relaxed.

21 | SLEEK

How do you keep your team motivated especially during a rough patch? The players on a continual performance plan, they are all self-motivated and self-driven. You’re going have tough times, that’s the game. The very best batsmen in world average 50, so that tells you that they fail once every two innings. You got to have great resilience in this game. Failure and success are both a part of the game. It’s a long journey and you appreciate that it’s about always learning. And sometimes you get more out of doing badly than doing well. Is winning everything? No, it’s about the journey. Winning will happen when we get all our processes right. When we get step-by-step right, then winning will take care of itself. For teams that have had a very long winning streak, is there something about them that become complacent? That can happen if coaches don’t implement new energy and challenge the players.

What do want the legacy of the Tallawahs to be? As a team that always gave a hundred percent, played hard, and that represented the franchise and Jamaica to the best of its ability. How about crafting the right image for the team in the face of social media interferences? We caution the team members about they post on social media. It doesn’t affect you today but it affects you for a lifetime. Just like in any organization, certain things are just not expected to be posted online. The guys are still allowed to have fun — what’s life without laughter? — just don’t go overboard.

22 | SLEEK

Summer Equinox

What’s not to love about trends? They give us the recurrent opportunity to try out new versions of ourselves through the curated portals of our wardrobes and shopping hauls. Here at SLEEK, after careful deliberations, we’ve compiled a lineup of the sartorial elements we’ve observed making the biggest impact in fashion, this summer. Now, take a peek at what to wear for the next six weeks!

23 | SLEEK


A perfectly breeze day or night, is the moment you realize what charm this look possesses as it buoyantly dances around the body with each gust. Adds tiers and ruffles and the drama increases exponentially. For a truly cinema treatment, record you next stroll with the slo-mo feature on your smartphone, and watch how this sartorial accordion steals the scene.

24 | SLEEK


Now this is an easy trend to go off the rails with. Too fussy and it becomes a dated bit of shine reserved for the costume department of a period soap opera. Here’s where you go minimalist and in relaxed silhouettes of trousers, tanks, and skirts. Needless to say, sequinned dresses and jumpsuits can remain in storage a little while longer.

25 | SLEEK


No longer confined to the domain of menswear tailoring and oxford button-ups, shirting stripes show off their versatility this summer, as it receives a feminine reinterpretation. Spot this parallel lines in dusty pastel such as oxford blues and mint on everything from culottes to cigarette pants to maxi dresses and pencil skirts. 26 | SLEEK


 Like a continuous chain-link fence, this super-ventilated fabrication implicit instruction is look but don’t touch. A mainstay of athleisure wear and rude-bwoy culture, sporty mesh teases the eye with skin through its mass of perforations while adding an edge to to your next ensemble. For a more modest but equally stylish approach you as an overlay to add dimension and texture to foundation garments or a layered look.

27 | SLEEK


 For the boys, nothing is registering as more badass, at the moment, like decorative motifs influenced by the Far East. Typically manifested as botanicals, Pagoda architecture or dragons, these silk print has been popping up everywhere. Channel actor Ryan Gosling in Drive with a too-cool-for-school bomber jacket or tap into your inner rake with loungewear trousers, look-at-me suiting, and smart shirts.

28 | SLEEK

Days is h T e Lik


ith free days finally aligned, BFFs Tia, Shelly, and Shanique pop into Island Curlz, the hair salon in Eden Gardens, to get themselves dolled up for when they take over town in the coming hours. Seated in the two-toned blue and white interiors, tresses are eventually styled and after-care product purchased, wrapping the first juncture of their girl’s’s day-out.

Location Island Curlz 29 | SLEEK

With wardrobe changes pencilled in, the girls agree to reconvene to continue their catch-up over brunch.

Location Island Curlz 30 | SLEEK

Bagel sandwiches and stemware of vino at their fingertips, nothing brings you back to centre more than brunch with your girlfriends. Tia, Shelly, and Shanique head over to the CPJ Deli, at Courtyard 71 to partake in an substantial bit of continued girl talk, in style and comfort which is then followed by rejuvenating cuppas of joe, courtesy of Cafe Blue.

Location CPJ MARKET 31 | SLEEK

It’s over to vino shelves to peruse the new labels currently rounding out the extensive inventory, distributed by Caribbean Producers Jamaica.

Location CPJ MARKET 32 | SLEEK

Grabbing shopping carts, our girls end their jaunt to 71 Lady Musgrave by picking up bottles of Grey Goose and boxes of Rubicon Lychee Juice to accompany purchased bites from the CPJ Market. Off to the next spot…


33 | SLEEK

Fragrant lychees have been staples of the Chinese palate for over 2000 years and have been used to create aromatic juices, syrups, ice-creams and teas. Add an iconic flavor profile of the Orient to your next garnished Grey Goose vodka cocktail with Rubicon Lychee Juice. Clink! We’ll drink to that.

This Bacardi-manufactured French vodka, founded by Sidney Frank, has been an award-winning top-shelf fixture for almost 20 years. This premium spirit appears in finest watering holes around the world, indulging the senses with its smooth flavor options of L’Orange, Cherry Noir, La Poire, Citron and Original. Add, what Beverage Tasting Institute named the best-tasting vodka in the world, as the foundation of your next mixed drink.

34 | SLEEK

When i Met You in the Summer Music has the power to move you, whether to action or expression. The bros over at SLEEK Radio have taken the liberty to collect the hottest beats and beat-drops, across your fave genres, that are sure define and colour your next round of life events, and summer party check-ins.





Ova Dweet Popcaan

I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix) Mike Posner



Fever Vybz Kartel

Work from Home Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign





Bruk Off Konshens

Company Just Bieber



Wul Up! Ding Dong

7 Years Lukas Graham

Formula Alkaline

This is What You Came For Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

36 | SLEEK





Party Animal Charlie Blacks

Panda Desiigner



Intentions Erphaan Alves

All the Way Up Fat Joe, Remy Ma



Good Morning Peter Ram

One Dance Drake Ft. Wizkid & Kyla



I Know the Face Marvay

Controlla Drake ft. Popcaan



Wine Teef Lil Rick

Work Rihanna ft. Drake

37 | SLEEK

Like a moth to the flame, once ‘pan knock’ just know we’ll be there. Why? What’s a party without an accommodating wingman, especially one who indulges you with photos? See where we’ve been since the last time you caught up with us. Who knows? Your next profile pic may be just a page-turn away!

Partnered with Wray & Nephew Overprroof White Rum, everyone’s favorite Nineties party returned as an On The Greens cooler fete, last Labour Day, where partygoers enjoyed a complimentary cue of the aforementioned white grog and a period-perfect ‘no long talking’ soundscape at the Constant Spring Golf Club.

Getaway, : The Private pe was Allure h, in St Mary, ca ac es y Be y Da rle ur Ma The pre-Labo set to travel to freshed and ay re lid g ho yin e th sta ile which enticed e Network wh Th ge brands s ra er ve ot be om of pr sy to party with y fete courte da Lyn. e th tsy at Pa at r e he catere satiated in th c Belaire, and solute and Lu Ab , en ek in He

Organised by the editorial team behind B3 parenting magazine, Island Child Style sent down the runway, collections modelled by the island’s adorable tykes and even designed by a few — the first event of its kind in the Caribbean. With the likes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey seated in the front row and regional fashion industry leaders Meiling, drennaLUNA, Carlton Brown et al presenting children’s collections of their own, Devon House became the intersection for youthful style and celebrity.

Spectators where treated to the inaugural Jamaica National Racers Grand Prix- IAAF Area Permit, 15 track and field showdowns among Racers Track & Field Club, Jamaica and world athletes, led by the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, at the National Stadium. The international athletics meet will take place every June and will serve as the final prep ahead of the Olympic trials.

With themes ‘Sports in a Professional Environment’ and ‘Personal and Professional Brand Management in Sports’ on the agenda the Jamaica Tallawahs cricket team commenced their annual high school tour, sponsored by Foska Oats, back in June, engaging students on their knowledge of sports at the professional level, and inspiring them to incorporate such competitive activities as an integral part of their personal and academic development.

Tapping into the success of the soca on the island, the annual Electronic Dance Exposed married the genre to their existing EDM offering, which saw the brand expanding to a 2:1 concept. Venued at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, Ocho Rios, the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum-backed event split its Saturday into two halves with Soca Fusion in the daytime, which after a evening siesta, flowed into an EDM Main Stage segment and into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Line-up stand-outs were Alison Hinds and Gareth Emery.

Promoters PP, Che, Kevin, and Deane reclaimed hosting duties on the banks of the world’s seventh largest natural harbour as they mounted the return of their biannual Cabana City Reserve series, sponsored by the rum people Appleton Estate. Fashionistas and dapper dans checked into the waterfront event from land and sea to hold court in and around sky, land, table and sea cabanas, against the downtown Kingston skyline.

Sleek magazine 'fever pitch'  
Sleek magazine 'fever pitch'