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2017 SUZUKI The all-new 2017 Suzuki Baleno returns with bold european design and innovative space inside. The ultimate economic vehicle to get in and around Jamaica’s busy city, while giving you the space to travel with friends and family on the weekend.

Test drive the exciting new Baleno hatchback today!

@SuzukiJamaica #WayofLife 491/2 South Camp Road, Kgn 4

TEL: 928.5041-7

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Happy Holidays Known, colloquially, as the Christmas breeze, you surely can’t miss the brisk change in the weather, especially at nights, and the pleasant shift in the mood as we delve deeper into the holidays. There are the familiar visuals of twinkling mini lights and decorations hanging from buildings and pine trees, fresh coats of paint splashed across homes and at the base of trees, the amplified activity in the groceries and kitchens across the island as we join in the annual tradition, that is the Yuletide season. For you, the dedicated reader of this magazine, now is the time that you’ll draw closer to home to embrace the comforts of family and friends while managing the persistent allure of the social calendar. As you navigate the rest of the month into January, allow SLEEK to be your able wingman as we present a companion’s handbook as the merrymaking unfolds. It’s all in here - fashion, food, culture, music, personalities, and events - with our latest cover subject, Fashion Issue Boutique CEO Shamiele Singh at its core. Compliments of the season and all the best for the new year.


The Lay of the Land


When the going gets tough


Fare Game


What’s up Doc?


Ah Shenseea!




The Sum Total


Den Nuh Mus’!

COVER Instagram it-girl Shamiele Singh wears a dress from tiaclothesgirl and an Anna Ruth Henriques necklace. Photographer Jason Palmer Hair & Make-up Beautiful Beginnings Location Hope Gardens Estate

Dress, DTS; Cuff, Rêve Jewellery & Accessories

The back-to-back festivities of the holiday party season is enough to make one’s head spin. What’s a girl to do? It’s important that a wardrobe keyword is established early. Will it be head-to-toe tonal? Prints? Minimalism? Or jumpsuits? No matter the year or the prevailing trends, here at SLEEK we appreciate the power of timeless glamour, be it the sexy kind or the romantic. Think: hourglass columns, gam-centric splits, textured lace, voluminous trains and skirting, accents of florals and ethnic pattern, and strategic cut-outs. Of course, fine and statement jewellery will certainly kick everything up a notch, so layer long pendant necklaces and draw the eye in with dramatic neckpieces, and bold ear candy.


Dress, DTS; Earrings, Rêve Jewellery & Accessories 9 | SLEEK

Dress and train, DTS; Neckpiece RĂŞve Jewellery & Accessories

Model: Shamiele Singh Photographer: Jason Palmer Location: Hope Botanical Gardens

Dress, DTS; Necklaces, Anna Ruth Henriques 12 | SLEEK

Dress, DTS; Earrings, Rêve Jewellery & Accessories

13 | SLEEK

Maybe it’s as a result of our continued obsession with HBO’s Game of Thrones, but there has been a noticeable shift in the arena of bohemian jewellery, this season. We’re seeing a dominance of handcrafted, artisanal pieces, that feature the rawness typical of armour, seemingly fashioned with the precision and might of ancient blacksmiths. In full pursuit of this trend, SLEEK raids the robust inventory of Rêve Jewellery & Accessories to unleash our inner warrior princess.

Cuff by Rêve Jewellery & Accessories 14 | SLEEK

Earrings by RĂŞve Jewellery & Accessories

15 | SLEEK

Model: Shamiele Singh Location: Hope Botanical Gardens

FARE GAME It is a known fact that we Jamaicans take food seriously. Very seriously. There are two meals in our culture that cannot be messed up. Ever. Sunday dinner and Christmas dinner. There is no room for error. Both meals must be so epic as to organically produce the uncontrollable desire for second helpings, which must be prepared for and preempted by the host. Leftovers must also be factored in for the days following the meal, and guests must be inspired to unabashedly refuse to leave your home unless they are furnished with their requisite doggie bags. Yes, with such an unforgiving set of commandments, this can be a lot of pressure for those of us who have only just graduated to runnin’ tings at our family’s table or on their own tables. Luckily, SLEEK consulted a team of influential chef/caterers to add their preferred staples to our 2016 Christmas table as a trusty guide. Plus, what is the holiday dining experience without complementary sips of sorrel and egg nog? Bon appétit, we’ve got you covered. 16 | SLEEK


Thomas Masterson Consultant Mixologist, Tracks & Records 17 | SLEEK

Jacqui Tyson J Tyson Catering & Events


Oji Jaja Ashebre, The Virtual Restaurant



Shea ‘The Bachelor Chef’ Stewart Elite Kreations



Allison (left) & Yvette Balfour Sweet Mischief

20 | SLEEK

Thomas Masterson Consultant Mixologist, Tracks & Records


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p u s t a h W


SLEEK’s resident medic, Dr Dalley, obstetrician/ gynaecologist, answers your ‘burning’ questions.

what age can a female get a PAP done?

Dr. Daryl Daley

How often should a female visit a gynae? Contrary to popular belief, a visit to the OBGYN does not necessarily entail a STI scare or something “off” with the private area. In fact it is encouraged that women visit the OBGYN once a year starting as early as 15 years of age. This is called the “Well Woman Visit” - self explanatory. The purpose of this visit is to ensure they are in good health, offer contraceptive advice, immunizations (depending on age) and screening (e.g. Pap smears/ STIs). So make that yearly visit!

Why is having a PAP smear important? At

Cervical Cancer is the number one female cancer in Jamaica and it is preventable! Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the direct cause of cervical cancer and it is sexually transmitted. HPV usually has no signs or symptoms and many people are carriers and have no knowledge of it. After many years, this virus can cause changes in the cervix leading to cancer. The purpose of the Pap Smear is to identify these changes and treat them to prevent cancer Prevention is better than cure. It is recommended that Pap smears start from 21 years of age up until age 65 and should be done yearly.

Can you have sex during pregnancy? 30 | SLEEK

MOST DEFINITELY! Sex can occur during pregnancy! Do we expect a woman not to have sex for 9 months? Even with all the hormones of pregnancy, the majority do contribute to a sex drive. However, there is one condition called Placenta Previa where sex is not advised. In this condition the placenta (afterbirth) is presenting before the baby and can lead to heavy vaginal bleeding if VAGINAL sex occurs. Other means of sexual satisfaction will ought to be achieved when this happens.

Is birth control recommended? Sex is the biggest gamble - especially unprotected. If a couple decides to have unprotected sex, they must be willing to face the consequences - potential pregnancies and STIs. It doesn’t matter “how sweet it feels” - it is better to have effective birth control than an unwanted pregnancy and a STI, so birth control is surely approved !

Would you recommend birth control pills or the Depo Provera?

bumps, discharges or pains to have a STI !

Myth or fact: is it true that women can store up STDS for years even if they are treated for it? Fact : Some STIs can stay in the body for years even after initial treatment. One common example is that of Genital Herpes. Genital Herpes causes painful watery bumps that then blister to form ulcers to the genital region. After initial treatment, the virus stays in the body and can reoccur in the future. There is no cure. Some people may never get a recurrence while some will get four to five times a year.

Can you only catch an STD once?

Depends. Both offer effective contraception and has to be tailored to the desires and needs of the patient. Both have potential side effects that need to be weighed against the benefits of their use. It’s the toss of a coin that needs individual attention.

What is the most common STD among young adults? If I were to group the most common STIs that I personally see amongst Jamaican women, they would be HPV, Chlamydia and Genital Herpes. The scary thing about these three is that most the time they have no signs or symptoms and can be easily transmitted. So remember you don’t have to have

Yes you certainly can catch a STI more than once. Any STI increases your likelihood of contracting HIV/ AIDS. Reinfection is possible with HPV, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis and quite a few more of the less popular infections.

Any advice(s) to the SLEEK Fam for the Christmas? For the Christmas Sleekers be safe. There will be a lot of fun and a lot of alcohol and a lot of sex. Protect yourself and don’t be promiscuous. For the new year visit your OBGYN and get screened for STIs and most importantly do your Pap smear !

31 | SLEEK

“Jiggle, jiggle, mi body ah jiggle, jiggle”

32 | SLEEK

“cho Double six like loodi”

ber and al back in Octo meich record de Ro tes to a tis ar ed g pp in co rd e newest reco tyler Shenseea th es of fre e ntly on UU rre in OU cu st is OO tere Vybz Kartel me industry in Loodi featuring bruk-out gle a is with that has co sin gle tsy Jig gu r gle r work Jig all scene. He hit the danceh ts, and her othe next princess. p 10 music char d be the genre’s To l ul ca co lo at e th wh m ng climbi ings fro Spice be in the K expects big th llaboration with dance fave. SLEE all powers-that-be, could a co d ears to the an eh adjust your eyes e, m nti ea m Paging the danc e In th get well bright. ake it happen. y, ‘tings bout ’ to wa r he works? Let’s m s ha ea Shense future, ‘coz’ if

33 | SLEEK

sleek 2016


SLEEK social commentator Hasani Walters highlights the moments that made us question reality (and our sanity), the cringe-worthy events that came out of left field, and the people who inspired consistent rounds of SMHs and facepalms in 2016.

People unnu believe seh Gully Bop a aguh come inna ‘Power’ fi real? Unnu nuh think him too ugly fi unnu TV? Unnu nuh fraid him bruck up unnu TV screen inna Season 4 - Episode 1? Well, if he does make a powerful comeback (because him nuh suh hot right now) congratulations to you Sir Bop! And if he isn’t featured...mi did know the photo was photoshopped!

Gully Bop in ‘Power’?

The billionaire real estate mogul snagged 268 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 215, effectively winning the title of President elect of the USA. The world watched and many reacted with shock and outrage. Understandably so, as Trump’s election campaign was packed with several WTF moments. From the great wall, to the illegal immigrants, to the racial drama, there was tension all around.

‘The Donald’ is President 34 | SLEEK

World to end on December 31 Politics in Jamaica is a hell of a thing and when ‘Mama P’ or ‘One Wig Portia’ (you choose your preference) seh she stepping down...who nah bawl, a rejoice. After years of political experience with tenure as the country’s head, she plans to pass on the baton to whoever step pon the other candidate toe the best and win. Seriously though, we hope the next leader of our country is essentially fit for the job.

Phone Book Backlash What a way dem a deal wid Shanda Paul wicked! Whether him get confused or him mouth slip or whatever the case may be, majority of Jamaicans nah go work wid the oral sex comments that he made. If some Jamaicans count 1,few, 3,4, and change dem address from Manchester to Galchester...wah him did expect? Dem nuh like nothing pon dem topic deh Sean, you shoulda know dat.

So...dem seh the world aguh end on New Year’s Eve. Like mash up, destroyed, nutten nah guh lef! No more Hawaiian stuffed crust pizza, kiss yuh sweet 2016 Benz goodbye, pack up all yuh belongings and move, because the world aguh end! Computer Programmer job description plenty though, as this one particular lady run some ‘complex computer calculation’ and it result in the world coming to an end. Unnu gwan prepare!

Portia to step down Unnu stir up the wrath of the church with unnu derogatory images on the ‘Holy Yellow Pages - King James Version’. How dare unnu put dancehall painting pon di cover! Put a congregation worshiping instead nuh man and pretty up the country. Mek when foreigner visit and a search for a number dem see the cover and seh, “How lovely!” But unnu continue to ignore di other front pages (STAR, Gleaner, Observer) where all manner of evil going on.

Sean Paul tongue slip 35 | SLEEK




These were the tunes you relied on in 2016 to get you through your workout, rouse you from bed, and impress your friends as you shelled it down at the latest outdoor party. SLEEK RADIO was therefore tasked with the impossible: Encapsulate the year’s soundtrack with the definitive essentials.








36 | SLEEK




Drake ft. Wiz Kid & Kyla



Rihanna ft. Drake

Drake ft. Popcaan




Vybz Kartel 37 | SLEEK


On a holiday party roster jam-packed with events overlapping, it can be hard to separate the fat from lean. SLEEK takes on the task of recommending the festivities worth your time and money as we collectively revel our way thru the start of 2017.









38 | SLEEK











39 | SLEEK


Innovation that excites NISSAN




FIDELITY MOTORS 5-18 Hanover Street, Kingston


Like a moth to the flame, once ‘pan knock’ just know we’ll be there. Why? What’s a party without an accommodating wingman, especially one who indulges you with photos? See where we’ve been since the last time you caught up with us. Who knows? Your next profile pic may be just a page-turn away!

November 5 The downtown Kingston waterfront was the nightlife hotspot to ‘flaunt your taste responsibly” as partygoers sipping on Hennessy cognac and Moët & Chandon bubbly for the return of the V series. Hennessy V: The Renaissance was held at Festival Marketplace, and provided an al fresco venue for the night’s sartorialists to ‘dun di pace’ and vibes out to a turntable soundscape of household names.

October 27 The Jamaica Yellow Pages and Campari-backed Fashion Directory delivered a double whammy of a fashion show and retail market, which presented the talent of some of Jamaica’s up-and-coming designers to curious fashionistas. The annual showcase, which is held on the lawns of Devon House, is quickly becoming a staple of the Jamaica Observer newspaper’s islandwide shopping and bargain event, Take Style Out.

To mark its 35th anniversary, the ‘No Worry Movement’ resort chain, entertained members of the media at its Sandals Negril, Montego Bay, Ochi, Barbados, and LaSource Grenada Resort & Spa(Grenada) properties where the practitioners were familiarised and updated with the brand, which was founded by Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, began in Montego Bay, and now boasts approximately 25 locations across the island and wider Caribbean region.

November Under this year’s banner #IAmConnected, which was unveiled at the launch of Youth Month by the Ministry of Youth & Culture, the period sought to increase youth involvement in every aspect of life, recognized the ‘outstanding contributions and achievements of the next generation, and saw a wave of activities centred on children and young adults such as, a football and netball competition, a series of ‘Around The Table’ sessions, and the sitting of the National Youth Parliament.

December 6 The man. The myth. The legend. I AM BOLT (2016) paints a vivid portrait of golden-boy sprinter Usain Bolt’s journey to the canons of sporting history as it narrows its focus on his intense training routine leading up to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for his final Olympics. Following its Leicester Square opening night, a week earlier, the biographical documentary premiered in Kingston at the National Indoor Sports Centre with red-carpet excitement as cinephiles and fans came out to pay homage to the fastest human alive.

December 10 The Rock’s temple to the sport of kings, Caymanas Park, saw the glamour of Diamond Mile return to its track, where Derrick Smith’s thoroughbred colt reclaimed the titular trophy and secured the 13.9 million-dollar purse for the politician and his family. This was the second staging of the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission race meeting, which welcomed a drove of well-heeled bettors and spectators, decked out in their Saturday best, to witness the sweet success of Seeking Dream’s winning streak.







SLEEK Christmas Issue "Wishful Thinking"  
SLEEK Christmas Issue "Wishful Thinking"