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To say that Carnival in Jamaica has exploded, like a piñata on party duty, would, indeed, be the understatement of the decade. What was once a seasonal after-thought, desperately in need of resusitation, is now a burgeoning industry set on transforming the island’s soca landscape into a global sensation. As the music genre, continues to evolve under the trendy influences of dancehall, EDM, and the of-the-moment, Afrobeats — the Land of Wood and Water has strategically positioned itself as the regional party complement to the pretty mas playing, which is synonymous with the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival original — and still the standard — that annually precedes it. We at are appreciative of this vigorous changing of the guard and as such, have dedicated our editorial pages to the spirit of this cultural wave. The road to Carnival Sunday à la Bacchanal Jamaica starts right here, right now. Have a time!

Publisher Andrew Bellamy Design Director Daniel Ford Production Manager Reneé McFarlane Distribution Brian Bellamy Wesley Williams Photographers Brian Bellamy Athelstan Bellamy Tori Haber Jason Palmer Nicolina Diabo Dwayne Henry Contributers Liane Chung Dwayne Watkins

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besleekja@gmail.com 1.876.631.7712

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Monday Feels Putting the spin on soca Mystical creatures Feting like a boss! Ab-solutely!

cover Photographer Nicolina Diabo Model Liane Chung Hair & Make-up Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger Costume LehwegoandSLEEK

Liane checks into social media on set.

Monday feels “

A successful collaborator of Anya Ayoung-Chee, the Mission Catwalk Season 9 winner and former beauty queen as well as Kandi King, the enterprising party concierge — Trinbagonian fashion and costume designer Keisha Als, is putting her own mark on the expanding Monday wear scene, which has seen strong growth, in recent seasons, as bacchanalists have come to desire more glamour in the 24-hour lead-up to pretty mas. Out to learn more, SLEEK tries things on for size.

Laura Ferreira photography


Keisha als

When I close my eyes and design a collection I think of the masquerader

kenna Douglas photography, Model: Teri Leigh Bovell


oes the rise in expressive individuality among masqueraders account for the new commercial viability of Monday wear?

Monday wear has opened a larger avenue for self expression for the avid carnival masquerader. The niche market has now reinforced the need to be individual on Monday. The expression was always there; the Monday wear trend has simply exacerbated it. And speaking of commercial, what’s your take on the constant cry that the Carnival industry has become much too profit-focused? It’s a money making business. It is what it is , to the armchair critics - get over it. Carnival at a commercial level has not only created Income and job opportunities for designers and skilled artisans but it has transcended the Caribbean festival throughout the diaspora. Expansion, even if it’s at a commercial level, should be praised. How important is the concept of movement to your pieces?

Monday wear is next level swimwear. If you could select a celebrity muse to embody the essence of your line, who would it be and why? Honestly I can’t think of one sole person. When I close my eyes and design a collection I think of the masquerader. The road experience is different from the fashion experience. What’s your insider tip for preventing those stencilled tan patches caused by intricately strappy or perforated bodysuits and swimwear? Tan lines are sexy!! Not to mention a reminder of the great experience you just had: p What’s next for the Keisha Als brand? We all know how much I love my honorary yaadie status (Ha!) so I’ve designed a limited edition swimwear collection, exclusively for Jamaica! It’s inspired by my BodyUP c2k16 Trinidad Monday wear collection. Lots of florals and animal print fun just in time for summer :)

I personally enjoy movement, however, not every collection can cohesively fit the look. What fabrics and textiles align best with your design aesthetic? As with most Monday wear, spandex is the go to. Essentially 7 | SLEEK

@keishaals keisha@keishaals.com

RED STRIPE COMITTED TO RESPONSIBLE DRINKING Red Stripe continues to promote its Drink Right campaign through various programmes and initiatives that encourage responsible drinking habits with the focus on tackling underage drinking. The company launched its Drink Right Campaign in 2013. Last year December 2015, Red Stripe introduced the Drink Right mobile app. The app allows consumers to track their alcohol consumption with a sleekly designed drink calculator. It also provides responsible drinking tips, a listing of nearby restaurants and direct numbers to taxi companies across the island. The Beer company in its ongoing commitment to promote responsible drinking habits incorporated a youth education programme which features live theatrical performances. The initiative dubbed ‘’The Movement’’ is a collaboration involving Collingwood Learning Solutions Ltd in the UK and local production house , Sankofa Arts and facilitation. It was launched just recently with the Endorsement from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and the National Council on Drug Abuse. Its aim is to reach 30 high schools across the island, impacting 6,000 young people under the age of 18.


Putting the

Spin on soca When you’re in the di fête and di feelin’ well nice, ‘pelting waist’ or ‘shelling the whole place down’, chances are you’re gettin’ on bad to the curated playlists of this select cast of disc jocks. As Jamaica continues to write its own take on Carnival with the fruitful pen of the internationally-poised ‘sweet’ soca, these deejays will be remembered when the history is told of how the Trinidadian music genre made a triumphant return to the island’s 2010s soundscape. SLEEK now turns the tables.

10 | SLEEK

Local DJs


Ras Disc Jock Moniker:

Richie R.A.S. Real Name:

Richard Anthony Spence

Paint a picture of the local soca scene five years ago. I’m not so good with a paintbrush so I can’t paint it for you, but maybe I can use words and describe it lol. Five years ago the market reached a point where it was ready for new blood. The older stakeholders had developed it through the years and the time had become right for the introduction of new ideas and new faces. Coincidentally this all happened around the same time that the music began to take on a new sound. When did you notice the shift with soca becoming a more welcomed genre option at parties and on the airwaves? When the general sound of the music began to change. I can’t explain it, but I was able to visualize it.

Yes there can. In the same way that the person from Europe can love Reggae without ever stepping foot on Jamaican soil. Once persons are exposed they can appreciate any genre. However, an understanding of the culture they may not be able to have without that direct exposure. What’s your soca tune of the season? Born for This by Skinny Fabulous What’s the next level for the genre to attain locally? Being that soca is not something native to Jamaica, the next level is for further local involvement. By this I mean for us as Jamaicans to produce our own soca, or version of soca. And this process has already begun.

Can there be a true appreciation of soca without an exposure to Carnival?

11 | SLEEK

Local DJs

lantern md Disc Jock Moniker:

Lantern MD (Musically Diverse) Real Name:

Dr. Leighton Myers

Paint a picture of the local soca scene five years ago. This was a period in which soca music was gaining increased attention but was not widely accepted by all Jamaicans. At that time events with a soca theme appealed to a specific subset of Jamaicans. This group included persons who were exposed to the carnival culture of countries like Trinidad and Barbados.

exposure to Carnival? No. Some form of carnival exposure is needed to understand the soca genre. A significant appeal of the music is the accompanying culture which you can only truly understand by immersing yourself into the carnival experience whether locally or overseas. Anyone who has experienced carnival, in countries such as Trinidad or Barbados, has an increased appreciation for the music and culture.

When did you notice the shift with soca becoming a more welcomed genre option at parties and on the airwaves?

What’s your soca tune of the season?

The acceptance of soca music has been increasing steadily over the years but has somewhat exploded over the last three years. We currently have soca-themed events running all year round and the allocation of radio slots to the soca genre has increased significantly.

What’s the next level for the genre to attain locally?

“Memory” by Machel Montano and Taurus Riley

The next level is for us to see our local singers recording more soca songs which will help to further mould our local carnival experience into one that has a more authentic Jamaican influence and culture.

Can there be a true appreciation of soca without an 12 | SLEEK

Local DJs

Dj Franco Disc Jock Moniker:

dj franco Real Name:

Get Em’ Franco (lol)

Paint a picture of the local soca scene five years ago: We were on the cusp of something great. The music was becoming more relatable to the Jamaican audience and a change was coming and we all knew it and could feel it. Also, 5 years ago the scene seemed to be catering to a single demographic and class of people. That has since changed for the better.

Can there be a true appreciation of soca without an exposure to Carnival? Mos def! The music is powerful enough to change your life. Carnival however gives you a greater appreciation for the culture overall. What’s your soca tune of the season?

When did you notice the shift with soca becoming a more welcomed genre option at parties and on the airwaves?


I would say between 2012 and 2013. The sound of modern soca changed where there was less dependency on power soca and more on the new groovy soca. Jamaican ears seemed to like this.

Producing our own soca music and having our own dedicated soca artistes. Eventually we could have a Jamaican Soca Monarch Competition.

What’s the next level for the genre to attain locally?

13 | SLEEK

Local DJs

Dj Taj Disc Jock Moniker:

dj taj Real Name:

Taj Orlando Graham Paint a picture of the local soca scene five years ago.

Can there be a true appreciation of soca without an exposure to Carnival?

Well. It was just ‘bubbling up’ so to speak. Most of the major fetes now-a-days were in their incubation stage, Small crowds. But the vibes generated were so unique because it was close and intimate. Back then, I wasn’t a Soca DJ. But i used to always attend the fetes cause of the love for the music that I gained from my Mother.

I think so. I don’t think you need a costume or some paint to enjoy good music..........Ok maybe some Rum. What’s your soca tune of the season? If I had to pick one? Kes - People. Lone vibes on that track.

When did you notice the shift with soca becoming a more welcomed genre option at parties and on the airwaves?

What’s the next level for the genre to attain locally?

Since 2011 with Kes’ Hit, Wutless. That’s where I noticed it playing in Clubs and Open Parties. But 2014, That was a big year for Soca Music and you began to hear it on most radio stations outside of the Jamaica Carnival Season.

The next level would be for more local producers to start producing not just soca, but Jamaican soca music. Something unique to our own country that can make our local talents and carnival stand out amongst the rest.

14 | SLEEK

Soca Hits for 2016 Voice


Though, this season’s shorter Carnival cycle has made it more challenging to aclimate the ear to the seemingly overnight catalogue crashing in from the twin-island republic and rest of the Eastern Caribbean, here are the singles that, we believe, will be remain in heavy rotation on your trusty MP3 player, long after the last masquerader has retired his or her costume.

Machel Montano ft. Badjohn Republic



(Precision Productions)


Angela Hunte






Erphaan Alves

Cloud 5

Teddyson John




(Ti’ Punch Riddim)

(Wine & Touch)

(One Life to Live)

(Whole Place Shell Down)

15 | SLEEK

(Festival 868 Riddim)

16 | SLEEK

Liane Chung in front line individual, Majestic.



It’s Season Two of the Carnival costume partnership between LEHWEHGO and SLEEK. Still going strong, the latest designs feature a predominant palette of violet and cyan, and an oversized silhouette of form and mobility. On location at the Portland grounds of the magnificent Trident Castle. models Liane Chung, Denyque DontrÊ, and Gabrielle Davis transform into sun-kissed gazelles swathed in embellishments of plumage and bijoux. SLEEK tunes into this sensational costume drama!

Gabrielle Davis in front line piece, Royal.

Denyque DontrĂŠ in a backline option.

Liane Chung in front line individual, Majestic.

Like high school and fashion week, carnival partying can easily be documented through the comings and goings of its distinctive tribes. Fashionably reppin’ for their clique, clique, clique, these bevies of chicsters embody the wardrobe goals of what it means to be a serious ‘Carnival groupie’. SLEEK plucks four feminine archetypes from the packs that do it best in their collective pursuit of that ‘unforgettable’ life!

21 | SLEEK

the Breakfast Club That fashionista in Bridgets and trendy local designs, finds herself most at home in the domain of the breakfast party. Her wardrobe staples centre around rompers, jumpsuits and co-ords, all rendered in eye-catching print or refreshing sorbets. Understanding the delicate art of remaining dewy and fresh for entirety the event, this poster girl has perfected the genie wine, sunnation’s Sunrise is your best bet to clock her next moves!

22 | SLEEK

cruise controllooks This beach babe— with the bronzed complexion, and naturally, ombre´ waves — can typically be found on weekday beach trips to Lime Cay or to Portland while the rest us mere mortals slave away under that rigorous 9 to 5. Someone mention a party cruise and watch our girl almost instantly start perusing her resort wear arsenal of caftans, cover-ups, maxis, bathing suits, visors, sunnies and espadrilles to build the ensemble of her dreams. Rest assured, aFLOAT Soca Cruise will be perfect opportunity to spot this one in her natural habitat.

23 | SLEEK

cooler looks

runnings This habituĂŠ knows, quite well, the power of the short. be it in sturdy cut-offs, light-as-air lounge pieces or the option of preppy staple, abbreviated chinos. She is all set to tryout her self-developed choreography throughout the Carnival therefore keeping it super-caj and comfortable, along with statement jewelry, is the name of the game. You get to give her the approving once-over when she invariably passes by you, with the cutest roller igloo in tow, at cooler fete haunts such as I LOVE SOCA.

24 | SLEEK

Down & Dirty A J’Ouvert party comes a knock-knockknockin’ and you’d swear reality series Project Runway has issued a crowdsourced design challenge. Take a good look at that band t-shirt because that, my friend, will be the very last time you will capable of recognizing it as such. As once our dirty-mas belle gets a hold of it, it will become a DIY creation that could resemble your favorite bandeau top or tank or even, a multi-fringed body accessory. Teaming her new ‘couture’ piece will see a complementary inclusion of athleisure wear, kicks with meshed uppers, and a hair-saving protective style, think: the current boxer-braid trend. You guessed it, series such as Sunset Cocoa J’Ouvert are this one’s ‘partay’ lifeline!

25 | SLEEK

’ y l e t u ‘Ab-sol can go both rnival Sunday Ca ow decision kn among us comfortable The veterans make the un covert to g lin ed rc ea st fo y, you’re day’s entiret e crowd th ways. Either r e fo th lly by scured your be the of sucking in r your torso becomes ob of other end neve s. Or on the amer re breaks whe ad st er d qu an d as wm dently tone nfi co d all cover of fello is an s, on er ur midsecti miring peep spectrum, yo enthue gaze of ad ss th r ne de fit d un mes r girl an lined as it co e sun. Cove ng you’ll r its day in th breakdown of everythi geared up fo a s . ung deliver y approaches siast Liane Ch as the big da need to know

26 | SLEEK

THE JOURNEY TO THE DESIRED CARNIVAL BODY I find it is easy to tell when it is carnival season or summer time as the gyms become fuller and the vegetable aisles become empty much faster than usual. People always ask me - “how did you get your body like that?” or “what do you take to look so good?” However, there really is no “hidden secret” or science behind it. A toned and healthy body is ultimately formed by 3 main ingredients.

27 | SLEEK

“Abs are made in the kitchen” DIET AND LIFETSYLE We’ve all heard that “abs are made in the kitchen” - this could not be any truer. The food and the amount that we intake on a daily basis is the major key to having the desired carnival body. Forget the soda, fast food, potato chips, take out or the box lunch. To shed any unnecessary weight or for the muscles to become more defined, try replacing the above with:

28 | SLEEK

•Water; •Almonds or an apple as a snack; •Protein such as baked chicken breast, tuna, steamed fish; •Vegetables as the main side; and •Sweet potato or any small amount of boiled ground provision. Of course never forget to have your fruits, protein shakes and vitamins!

EXERCISE We simply cannot expect results if we don’t put in the work. Cardio and weight lifting are also both very important factors. It’s important to find a form of exercise enjoyable – whether it is working out at the gym, kick boxing, jogging or any other motion to get the body in shape and the heart rate pumping. Exercise is not only beneficial for your body to look great, but it also helps in making you feel good overall – mentally and emotionally. To achieve desired abs, try the following for 15 25 reps, 4 sets each:

•The Plank (2 minutes hold - 3 sets); •Bicycle Twists; •Ab Crunches; •Leg lifts ( feet to ceiling); and •Side crunches

CONSISTENCY The last MAJOR key. Being consistent is just as important as the other factors because results can only arise by repetition and consistency. Even if you ended up having a “cheat meal” or skipped a day or two of working out, just continue on track the next day. Nothing can beat being determined and consistent. Hope you find these useful on your carnival body journey!

29 | SLEEK

Like a moth to the flame, once ‘pan knock’ just know we’ll be there. Why? What’s a party without an accommodating wingman, especially one who indulges you with photos? See where we’ve been since the last time you caught up with us. Who knows? Your next profile pic may be just a page-turn away!

The FUN (Friends United In Numbers) Edition of Soca Brainwash put on by soca patron saint DJ Private Ryan, is the day party manifestation of the spin master’s in-demand Carnival prep podcast. What more could you ask for?

With section names ranging from florals which included Wild Orchid and Dandelion, to the amphibious Salamander, Bliss Carnival’s Secret Garden theme built a veritable garden variety-meets-rainforest ecosystem for masqueraders bloom and blossom in ‘out on the road”.

The De-Construction Edition of this ‘Lose Yuh Mind’ fête, made a splash with deliberate ‘crazies’ wining down in swimwear with the aid inclusive premium liquid courage.

Truancy from the workplace was the order of the day as an unnamed fever took hold of the Hilton poolside. Socaphiles, clad in swimwear, got lit up on soughtafter, premium-booze remedies at this Carnival Saturday event.

For many, D’Original Vale Vibe Breakfast Party, is the party against which, all others are judged. The block party which grew from a backyard lyme to what is now a T&T Carnival countdown must-do, immerses patrons in a world of prosecco on tap and tradtional cuisine options such as bake-n-shark up for grabs. The Drew Manor event this season welcomed Soca Monarch The Voice on serenade duty while Duchess et al handled the rest of the pre-dawn-into-noon sonic backdrop.

The Trindad & Tobago leg of the Roast Cruise set sail aboard the Harbour Master with Dei Musicale, Monster Federation, and DJ Private Ryan steering the high seas playlist.

Jamaica’s answer to the Teen Choice Awards or MTV Music Awards welcomed Do It Again and Touch hitmaker Pia Mia to the island shores as industry types and recording stars hit the National Indoor Sports Centre red carpet to honour the award-winning strides in music and social media of the previous year.

The dirty mas soca series courtesy of the sunnation posse of PP, Bellamy, Olly Mo, and Ian, was back at Hope Gardens with a Cocoa VS Paint edition. Trinbagonian soca maestro Kerwin Du Bois’s live performance set, and the by-popular-demand return of the mini road march were the event highlights.

The home of Jamaica’s first Carnival and still a fantastic gateway drug for the uninitiated to play mas and go fêting — from Ring Road to the world!

With its great corporate-branding visibility, live performances of regional recording artiste or deejay talent, this seasonal end-of-week soca fĂŞte organized by the Bacchanal Jamaica team remains the only reason to power nap post-work on a Friday evening.

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SLEEK Carnival Edition 'Raising the Temperature'  

SLEEK Carnival Edition 'Raising the Temperature'