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es, it’s quite obvious that this edition of SLEEK Magazine remembered Valentine’s Day. We’re so loved; we had to reject so many “Will you be my Valentine?” requests. But here at SLEEK, we’ve realised that sometimes nothing beats tradition except a spanking new, darn good idea. We chose tradition this time around and went with the big red V. We have a variety of reads for you, ranging from Valentine’s Day, to Black History Month and even Reggae Month. We ventured into the bedroom for some adventurous sext that landed us at the doc’s listening to affairs of the heart, but luckily we were rescued by Taylor Swift. Whew! Shout out to the singlers! The great news is that Valentine’s Day gift giving is right up there with Christmas. People are looking for gifts for their girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, parents, significant others and even kids. So you might end up with a gift, just maybe. Check out SLEEK’s Facebook and Twitter pages for some great Valentine’s Day fashion ideas. You’ll love ‘em! CEO - ANDREW BELLAMY



Best Regards, CEO - Andrew Bellamy



Valentine’s Day


The Story

or ages Valentine’s Day has been about love and affection, with small gifts being exchanged between loved ones. But very few people know its real history. February 14th holds far deeper and older traditions than the average person thinks. From experts’ research of the texts of the Catholic Church, it is believed that the actual history of Valentine’s Day focuses around the day when a saint by the name of Valentine was martyred for his faith. In one account, Mr. Valentine was killed for performing secret marriages for young lovers, defying the Roman emperor. Other accounts claim that he was killed for helping Christians to escape from Roman inquisitors who were killing them. It has also been found that the Catholic Church actually recognises eleven different saints named Valentine, and three of them share February 14 as their day of recognition.

Now let’s move on to the affectionate part of things. The first time that love was actually associated with the day was during the Middle Ages after a famous writer mentioned the two love birds that represented the engagement of King Richard II to his bride to be, Anne of Bohemia. After this first introduction, the idea of love quickly grew popular. It soon became customary for young lovers to exchange small gifts and hand written love notes with each other. By the middle of the 19th century, retailers began to catch on and stocked gifts for couples to exchange. Although the origins of Valentine’s Day isn’t as romantic as we were made to believe, the fact still remains that it has become a very popular and commercially profitable holiday.


Christina Benjamin

Simon Samuel

SLEEK: Describe Simon in one sentence, using three adjectives. CHRISTINA: Simon is a creative genius and it permeates every aspect of our lives – he is relentless. Wait! I’ve got three more adjectives (sorry!), soulful and stubborn.

he left early – total bummer. A year later another friend of mine introduced me to him (under less than normal circumstances) and we became friends, years later we started working on music together and... well, once you spend all day, all night and enough Digicel 1,000 minute long distance cards (I lived in Canada) trying to talk to each have no choice but to face facts: you’re hooked.

“sexy, soulful and stubborn.”

SLEEK: A bit harder now, describe Christina in one sentence, using four adjectives. SIMON: She is a passionate, fun-loving person that continuously believes in the goodness of others.

SLEEK: Give SLEEK readers the story of how this SLEEK couple came to be. SIMON: We met through a friend, discovered we had a mutual interest in music and started working on a song together. The song was never finished but we’ve made sweet music ever-since!

SLEEK: We’ve all heard the marriage horror tales, what do you think is the most essential thing to keep such a union alive and stable? SIMON: Well I’ve never been married, but I would say... Love… simple as that.

SLEEK: What’s the most memorable Valentine’s Day that you’ve had together? What happened? CHRISTINA: For me it was our first Valentine’s Day – we weren’t together physically, I was CHRISTINA: I saw him working in Canada and he was performing at an event when “passionate, fun-loving in Jamaica and I was in turmoil I was fifteen or sixteen and I person that continuously missing him. He called me saying just knew I had to meet him. believes in the goodness of he had written me a song and My friend was also performing he started playing guitar over the others.” at the event so she took me phone. The song was so beautiful backstage telling me the entire time that - “I hear there’s blue grass in the sky, take she couldn’t wait to introduce me to him off your shoes let’s take a walk and if a tear because she thought we’re so similar falls I will catch it, when the night comes and she “just knew” we’d be perfect I’ll be watching over you”. He named his 6 together. He wasn’t there though, band after that song a year later.

SLEEK: How will you be spending this Valentine’s Day? SIMON: That’s a surprise! SLEEK: Two things many people don’t know about Christina is? SIMON: She is a very gifted writer/poet and visual artist. She also has a really beautiful voice… some people may know, but not enough as far as I’m concerned. SLEEK: Three things many people don’t know about Simon is? CHRISTINA: He’s very insightful and very intelligent, he likes to joke around a lot but he can quote everything from the bible to Art of War by Tsun Zu, he’s sharp – he’s almost always the first person I go to for advice. He’s also a black sash in MMA and he’s an amazing visual artist (oh and to add more...he taught himself how to play guitar, produce music and pretty much everything else he’s amazing at—he’s ridiculously gifted )... ugh I sound so smitten... don’t tell him I said all SLEEK: What do you just love to hate about Simon? CHRISTINA: Simon can be moody as hell but I guess that comes with the territory (artist/musician); he’s also very focused, so when he’s into

his music you best just go find something to keep you busy ‘cause you won’t see him for hours, days...weeks (lol). I have to say though...these things may annoy me at times, but I respect and learn from his quirks as well – you have to be true to your emotions and focused in the creative industries or you drown. SLEEK: Would you reveal a deep dark secret about Christina for say…a million dollars? SIMON: Maybe, but I would ask her first, and give her half the money! SLEEK: What’s on the agenda for 2013? (Career wise, relationship wise etc.) CHRISTINA: Well we’re just finishing up an awesome song called “Black and Blue” – written by me and produced by Simon. I have a couple songs coming out with Major Lazer and another with Sean Paul. Annnnd I’m co-producing and directing a show for Wealth Magazine on TVJ... so busy, busy, busy... SIMON: Taking Skygrass international, with the release of our debut album! Also looking forward to the release of three new music videos, including ‘Dusty Shoes” launching this month.

Simon & Christina’s Outfits Provided by




n Jamaica, February is recognised as Reggae Month. The period consists of a celebration of reggae music promoted island-wide via several events. Among its main purposes includes to highlight the impact of the musical genre on the country’s development, and to draw attention to the undeniably powerful Jamaican reggae product. February also happens to be Black History Month, and mid-February we find the day when the most love is shown in a variety of ways. But from February 14, rewind 8 days to February 6, the day that would have been the 68th birthday of late reggae icon Bob Marley. Happy Belated Birthday Bob! What is it with February? Is it just mere coincidence that all these events share the month?

Whatever it is, SLEEK loves it, and we’re more than willing to help spread the message of ‘One Love’ which was one of the all-important messages started by Marley. We can all benefit from it, if only we decide to follow. There’s a bevy of new reggae acts bubbling on the scene, but what is a Reggae Month without Bob Marley? What is Valentine’s Day without love? And what is Black History Month without the themes of unification and love? All of this can be summed up in the message, ‘One Love’! The immensely popular song by Bob Marley & The Wailers from their 1977 album ‘Exodus’ has done well to spread the word of unity and respect for all, and even today it remains the soundtrack of love for many around the world.

‘ONE LOVE’ LOVE FACTS ‘One Love’ is also the title of a romantic reggae film from 2003, starring Ky-Mani Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons. The song appears on the film ‘Marley & Me’. When the song is heard on the radio, it inspires the character to name the dog Marley. The song was recorded by Antonio Banderas for the 2010 animated film, ‘Shrek Forever After’. ‘One Love’ was chosen as the best music of Jamaica over the last 50 years. It was named song of the millennium by the BBC.


Heart disease continues to be a number one killer around the world. Although it’s a leading cause of death, that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as your fate. You can avoid heart problems in the future by adopting a healthy lifestyle today. It’s an affair of the heart and SLEEK is here to help keep you informed.



Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for developing heart disease. When it comes to heart disease prevention, no amount of smoking is safe.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is important — no more than two drinks a day for men, and one a day for women.

GET MOVING! Physical activity will help you to control your weight and can even reduce the chances of developing other conditions that may put pressure on your heart, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. It also reduces stress, which may be an element in heart disease. At least 30 to 60 minutes of moderately intense exercise most days of the week should be fine.

WATCH YOUR WEIGHT As adults, weight gain is mostly fat, not muscle. This excess weight can lead to conditions that increase your chances of heart disease. One way to see if your weight is healthy is to calculate your body mass index (BMI) by comparing your height and weight to determine whether you have a healthy or unhealthy percentage of body fat.

HEALTHY DIETS Paying attention to your diet can also help. Diets that are low in fat, cholesterol and salt, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat sources of protein and low-fat dairy products are ideal. Limiting the fats you eat is also important. Saturated fat and trans fat increase the risk of coronary artery disease (the most common type of heart disease) by raising blood cholesterol levels.


14 14

High blood pressure and high cholesterol can damage your heart and blood vessels. But without testing for them, you probably won’t know whether you have these conditions. Regular screening can tell you what these levels are and whether you need to take action.

///TARI//////////////////////////// Who is Tari? Describe yourself in 3 words. Tari is a singer, songwriter & producer born in England, raised in Jamaica and refined in Miami, Florida. Risk taker, driven, fun loving.

How did you get your start doing music? I’ve been doing music forever. I started playing piano when I was 4 until I graduated high school. I studied recording arts in Orlando Florida at Full Sail University. I moved back to Jamaica in 2011 and started working on some production. One day I was just chillin in the studio working on a track when ZJ Rush walked in and heard it. As soon as he heard it he loved it and encouraged me to voice it. I was really just voicing it as a demo, but he sent it to Konshens and he threw a killer verse on it. And there you had it...’Karma’, I was now an artiste. And from there I’ve just been continuing with the momentum I gained from that single.

We notice love is a major theme in your music, what was the inspiration behind the EP? I think everyone can relate to love. It’s a universal language that connects people just like music. And when you put them together you can create magic. The inspiration behind the EP is just another day in my life. Being young, confident and outgoing I’ve fallen in and out of love a couple times. It’s called ‘Just Another Love Story’ because it tells the story we all know of meeting that girl, taking her home, falling in love, arguing and breaking up... Only to do it all over again.

Where are you headed in 2013?

So far 2013 has been a great year. I performed at Jazz & Blues at the end of January which got me a write up in the paper. Just shot a great new music video with Denyque. I’m working on another EP to be released in the summer, but this time I’ll be working with different producers in Jamaica like Leftside, Code Red Records and I’m working on getting tracks with UIM & Chimney Records. I’m looking forward to traveling and doing shows in Montreal, Florida, LA and around the Caribbean. In 2013 we’re making better music, bigger shows, and unforgettable performances.

“Big up to SLEEK, and my team, Pierce Mclean, Andrew Jackson & Johnathan Newman. “ Twitter and Instagram @tarimusic


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IT’S IT’S OFFICIAL! OFFICIAL! BlackBerry BlackBerrywhich whichwe weall allknew knewbefore beforeas as Research ResearchininMotion Motionhas hasfinally finallyunveiled unveileditsits new BlackBerry 10 operating system as well new BlackBerry 10 operating system as well as asthe thefirst firsttwo twophones phonesthat thatwill willrun Interestingly, Interestingly,also alsounveiled unveiledwas wasaanew newmotto, motto, “One “Onebrand. brand.One Onepromise.” promise.”and andaanew new Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys. Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys. Now Nowthe theZ10 Z10and andQ10 Q10model modelshave shavemost mostofof the thetechno technoworld worldwondering wonderingififthe theground ground BlackBerry BlackBerrylost losttotoiOS iOSand andAndroid Androidcan canbe be regained. regained. Will enough people choose the two Will enough people choose the twomodels models over overcurrently currentlyfar farmore morepopular popularcompetitors competitors at atApple Appleand andSamsung? Samsung? Well what’s the plan you ask? BlackBerry Well what’s the plan you ask? BlackBerry Z10 Z10appears appearstotobe bethe theflagship, flagship,being beingthe the most mostpowerful powerfulsmartphone smartphoneever everbuilt builtby by the company. In other words, it’s meant the company. In other words, it’s meanttoto challenge challengethe theiPhone iPhone5,5,Galaxy GalaxyS3 S3ororSony Sony Xperia XperiaZ.Z. How Howwill willititmatch matchup? up? BlackBerry’s BlackBerry’susual usualQWERTY QWERTYkeyboard keyboardisis dropped droppedfor foraatouch touchscreen screenofof4.2 4.2inches. inches. The Thephone phonehas hasaastylish stylishlook lookand andshould shouldbe be good competition for the heavyweights. good competition for the heavyweights.

With Withaa4.2-inch 4.2-inchdisplay, display,aa1280 1280xx768 768display display resolution resolutionand and356 356ppi ppiititpacks packsaabetter better resolution than the iPhone 5. It boasts resolution than the iPhone 5. It boastsaa 2GB 2GBRAM, RAM,aadual-core dual-core1.5GHz 1.5GHzprocessor processor and and16GB 16GBofofstorage, storage,with withaaMicroSD MicroSDslot slot totoexpand expandstorage. storage.The Therear rearcamera cameraisis 88megapixels, megapixels,and andthe thefront frontcamera cameraisis22 megapixels. megapixels. The TheZ10 Z10isisaabit bitheavier heavierthan thanthe theiPhone iPhone55 but butroughly roughlythe thesame sameas asthe theGalaxy GalaxyS3. S3. Essentially, Essentially,based basedon onspecs specsalone, alone,the theZ10 Z10 matches matchesthe thehardware hardwareofofother othersmartphones smartphones running iOS, Android and Windows Phone. running iOS, Android and Windows Phone. More Morefamiliar familiartotoBB BBusers usersisisthe theQ10, Q10,which which comes comeswith withaatouch touchscreen screendisplay displayand andaa QWERTY QWERTYkeyboard. keyboard.Like Likethe theZ10, Z10,the theQ10 Q10 has hasaa1.5GHz 1.5GHzdual-core dual-coreprocessor processorwith with2GB 2GB ofofRAM and 16GB expandable storage. RAM and 16GB expandable storage.The The touch screen is 3.1 inches and has 330ppi touch screen is 3.1 inches and has 330ppi resolution. resolution. Additionally, Additionally,BlackBerry BlackBerryhas hasannounced announcedthat that the thenew newOS OSwill willbe beavailable availabletotoall allexisting existing PlayBook tablets. That’s news that should PlayBook tablets. That’s news that should help helptotoencourage encouragesales. sales.

BBLLAACCKKBBEERRRRYY ZZ1100 SSPPEECCSS 16GB 16GBInternal Internalstorage storage 4.2” 4.2”Touch Touchdisplay display 8MP 8MPRear Rearcamera camera 4GLTE 4GLTEReady Ready 1280 1280xx768 768resolution, resolution,356ppi 356ppiUp Uptoto10 10hours* hours*talk talk time (3G) time (3G)Up Uptoto13 13days* days*standby standbytime time1080p 1080p HD video recording MicroSD memory card HD video recording MicroSD memory card BlackBerry® BlackBerry®10 10operating operatingsystem system

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very February, Black History Month is celebrated by remembering influential leaders of the past who have helped to pave the way for the lifestyle that we currently experience. Years ago, the Black History Month flag waved high, but in more recent times, hands have seemingly become weary. For whatever reason not blatantly obvious to the public, this is the reality. I’m sure some of you reading this didn’t even remember that it was Black History Month. Regardless of that dilemma, it’s an important part of our culture and needs to be preserved and not overlooked. Sure, the debate of a generation gap and that the interest of today’s youth is being directed elsewhere will arise. But is it impossible for us to find new ways to teach black history to them? We’ve been taught about Martin Luther King Jr.,

Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and the more popular black figures in school, and they’re still being taught to children today. However, rationally speaking, our history is much broader and it expands across multiple disciplines, including music, sports, sciences and academia. Additionally, new public figures are emerging. One should not be afraid to present their understanding of black history and to add what they think is missing under the Black History Month umbrella. That way, the interest of the youth will be more easily captured as they can relate to more current figures and their stories. They say history always repeats itself, and it’s true. There are many issues that our nation struggled with years ago that still affect us today. So why not draw likeness from two-time periods and discuss what’s changed, what is the same and how we can move forward in the years to come? How have you been and how do you plan to remember the rest of Black History Month?



‘Ladies Rock’




It’s A Bird... It’s A Plane... It’s Super Taylor! Taylor Swift to the rescue! Just broke up and feeling blue? Super Taylor will see you through!

n life, searching for Prince Charming and your happily ever after may mean meeting a lot of Mr Wrongs. But fret not! Fortunately, there’s a Super Taylor song to get you through just about any break up scenario. After all, she has been through quite a lot of brief relationships and public splits. Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Cory Monteith… whether or not they’re true, that’s a lot. So she should have more than her fair share of creative, inspirational juice. YouTube and Super Taylor is all you need! WHEN YOU GET CHEATED ON Song: ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ You were warned about the bad boy, but you just had to find out for yourself. DUMPED FOR ANOTHER GIRL Song: ‘Better Than Revenge’ Oh come on, what could the other girl possibly have that you don’t?

BREAKING UP...FOR THE 4TH TIME Song: ‘We Are Never Ever Getting


Back Together’ Maybe it’s just time for new things. Enough is enough! WHEN YOU WANT TO GET BACK TOGETHER…SIGH Song: ‘Back To December’ Sometimes, how you feel about someone only hits you when you’re not together anymore. WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS TRUE LOVE Song: ‘All Too Well’ Sometimes you think you’ve found ‘the one’ and it becomes hard to let go. WHEN HE REFUSES TO CHANGE Song: ‘You’re Not Sorry’ He just keeps messing up. He’s late all the time, forgets important dates and doesn’t follow through on plans, only to apologise later. WHEN HE REALLY IS A LOSER Song: ‘Dear John’ He’s been playing the game. Don’t settle for guys who play with your emotions.

Super SuperBowl BowlXLVII XLVIIsaw sawthe theBaltimore BaltimoreRavens Ravens victorious victoriousagainst againstthe theSan SanFrancisco Francisco49ers, 49ers,and and SLEEK watched attentively and enjoyed SLEEK watched attentively and enjoyedsome some good on-field action. good on-field action. But Butwhat whatalso alsomade madefor forequally equallygood goodviewing viewing were werethe thecommercials commercialsthat thatchipped chippedininduring during the thebreaks. breaks. As with every major televised activity, especially As with every major televised activity, especially sports, sports,aabattle battleensues ensuesfor forcommercial commercialslots slotsduring during the thebreaks. breaks.The TheSuper SuperBowl, Bowl,one oneofofthe theUnited United States StatesofofAmerica’s America’smost mostpopular popularsporting sportingevents, events, was wasno nodifferent. different. But as is customary, the Super Bowl commercials But as is customary, the Super Bowl commercials were entertaining, but some were were entertaining, but some weremuch muchfunnier funnierthan thanothers. others. Let’s Let’szoom zoomininaabit bitat atthe thefunnier funnierones onesfor forthose thosewho whodidn’t didn’tget gettotosee see them. them.



The TheDoritos Doritosads adsare arenormally normally funny funnyand andgenius. genius.With Withthat that said, ‘Goat 4 Sale’ is definitely said, ‘Goat 4 Sale’ is definitely on onthis thislist. list.AADoritos-loving Doritos-loving loner lonerstumbles stumblesupon uponan anold old man manwho whoisisselling sellinghis hisyoung young Doritos-loving goat. He buys Doritos-loving goat. He buys the thegoat. goat.Initially, Initially,they theyseem seem like likeaaperfect perfectpair, pair,as asthey they compulsively eat Doritos compulsively eat Doritos together. together.But Butsomewhere somewhere along alongthe theline linewhen whenthe thegoat goat finishes finisheshis his156th 156thbag bagjust justaafew few hours later, the loner's hours later, the loner'sregret regret begins to take over. The next begins to take over. The next day daythe thegoat goatfinds findsan anempty empty Doritos Doritosstoreroom storeroomand andthings things take takeaahilarious hilariousturn turnwhen whenthe the goat goatfinds findshis hisowner ownerstashing stashing Doritos in the bedroom and Doritos in the bedroom and crafting craftingaa‘Goat ‘Goat44Sale’ Sale’sign. sign.


Hyundai Hyundaihad haddifferent different2013 2013 Super SuperBowl Bowlcommercials, commercials, but ‘Team’ is among the but ‘Team’ is among the better betterones. ones.Who Whodoesn’t doesn’t love lovewhen whenaabullied bulliedchild child gets his moment to gets his moment toshine? shine? InInthe ad a bunch of bigger the ad a bunch of bigger boys boysbully bullyan anundersized undersized boy boywho whowants wantstotoplay playball. ball. They tell him to They tell him toget getlost lostand and not to come back to the not to come back to the field fieldwithout withoutaateam. team.The Thekid kid and andhis hismom momset setout outtotoform form aastar team of the toughest star team of the toughest kids kidsinintown. town. They Theyarrive arriveat atthe thefield fieldtoto and declare and declarethat thatthey theyare are ready readytotoplay playsome some‘tackle’ ‘tackle’ football. football.The Thebullies bulliesare are about abouttotoget getserved! served!


There’s There’sjust justsomething something very veryhilarious hilariousabout about considerably older people considerably older people expressing expressingbehaviour behaviour usually usuallyassociated associatedwith with prime primetime timeadolescent adolescent youth. After sneaking out youth. After sneaking out ofoftheir theirretirement retirementhome, home, the thefolks folkshead headout outfor foraa night that would make night that would make any anyadolescent adolescentjealous. jealous. They Theygo gototoclubs, clubs,get get tattoos tattoosand andenjoy enjoyaalate late night nightTaco TacoBell Bellmeal. meal. They’re so old that a pair They’re so old that a pair ofofcops copscan cando donothing nothingtoto stop stopthem. them.

“DOAN “DOANBE BENO NOCLOUD CLOUDON ONAASUNNY SUNNYDAY.” DAY.” Dave Daveand andhis hisnewfound newfoundsunny sunnydisposition dispositioncaused causedby by his his2013 2013Volkswagen VolkswagenBeetle Beetlewas wasthe thetalk talkofofthe thetown. town. Whether negative or positive, comments flooded from Whether negative or positive, comments flooded fromall all angles anglesabout aboutthe thead adbut butwe’re we’regoing goingtotosay saythat thatititisisSLEEK SLEEK approved. approved.

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Sexting sex•ting noun,verb -sending sexually explicit messages/images via cell phone, or any other instant messaging advancement of technology for that matter.


ue to some irresponsible socialists and foolish celebs, sexting has gotten a bad name. That’s unfortunate, because the majority of sexters send sexts ‘innocently’ to their loved ones. They feel more at ease to spice up things through a sext than to say it in person. Of course, that freedom has gotten some into trouble. When next you feel in the mood, use these tips to have some mind-blowing, safe sext. Don’t sext too much and too early –It’s best to get to know someone before you decide to have sext. SLEEK rule of thumb: Let a few dates pass before moving from, “Can’t get you off my mind” to “Can’t get you and your p3n$y of my mind.” Slightly Racy vs. Very Raunchy - It’s a win for slightly racy. Less is more. Overly graphic sexts can be a turnoff and besides, a little mystery keeps things in order. Go for sexy but subtle e.g. “Last nite was great! Rematch later?”

Sext with words, not images - You’ll be better off sticking to words when sexting rather than sending pics of your tools. Let the imagination do some of the work. Don’t Drink and Sext - Of course, a few drinks make us a bit daring, but overdo it and you won’t sound as witty or as sexy as your intoxicated brain makes you believe you are. Delete - I’m sure many of us have been using a friend’s phone before and just stumble upon that Rated X photo. Don’t put yourself in that situation. You’re Not Actually Having Sex– Sexting is good. But it shouldn’t take the place of the act. So once in a while, stop sexting and have yourself some sex. I’ve heard it feels very good.


SLEEK February 2013  
SLEEK February 2013