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Henri Miller History Professor / School of Humanities and Social Science WHY WORKING AT SLCC MATTERS:

Given that freedom of speech and thought is under attack, including on college campuses, it is important to provide actual diverse perspectives and interpretations, especially in history courses. Greatest professional challenge: Being able to meaningfully squeeze in hundreds or thousands of years of history into courses limited by a finite amount of instruction time.

Why dress in period costumes: I try to share my passion for history with others, and beyond just stressing the seriousness and significance of the past, one important way to share that passion is to show you can also have fun with it. It grabs the attention of students and peers, not to mention random passersby, and if I can be an entertainer, it complements being an educator.

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Greatest professional accomplishment: Hearing the feedback from my students who have taken my courses and knowing I have changed lives for the better. I am moved by the sincerity and sense of accomplishment that many students convey throughout and at the completion of my history courses. When students tell me they are now interested in history or have been enabled to become more effective critical thinkers due to my courses, I rejoice that I made a difference in their lives. Hobbies: History. It is my pastime in addition to my profession. I am a historical re-enactor and enjoy traveling to historical locations. Future plans: To continue making history relevant and share my passion and enthusiasm with others.

SLCC Magazine Winter/Spring 2018  
SLCC Magazine Winter/Spring 2018