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The road ahead is longer than the road taken. Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1

Tavis Polk


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Live Life to the Fullest The mediocre story of a mediocre man By me

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Tavis Polk

Volume 1, Issue 1

The Meaning of Life For 18 years now I have lives a very simple life of just barely getting by, so to me the meaning of life is doing what you want to do and to just have fun. Life is way too short to be worried about what others expect from you and so you should just do what makes you happy and what will fulfill your needs in life. Even when it comes to what the government wants you to do I feel that it is only guidelines that someone else

lives their lives on that they try to force on us to follow as if we want to live the same way as them. I only want to live as myself not the mere image of someone else or what someone else does with themselves. I make others lives seemingly better by striking them with my own odd type of humor, and for me that is doing enough.

Top Ten List League of Legends: The history of me and League has been a very brief and rage induced time but has quickly grown to be my favorite game out there. Ultimate Ninja Storm: A game based on my favorite TV series is definitely going to be in the list somewhere but the overall feeling of the game just sets

you out with a positive outlook on life. The Japanese art style and soundtrack make this game a very nice cultural experience. Halo 4: I have played the Halo series ever since I was younger and ten years later I still enjoy playing the sequels. Resident Evil 4: The very first game I ever played as a kid was

Resident Evil 2 back in 1998 and eight years later in 2006 the fourth game came out and swept away fans and new players. Kingdom Hearts: The only good to ever come from Disney in my eyes is Kingdom Hearts which has a very long and in depth story covering the

Top ten cont. many characters and worlds of Disney. Shadow Hearts: The RPG game of my childhood was a very in-depth storyline and a very good range of character development. ArmA 3: A very realistic military shooter with a large world

map is great for me and friends to have a fun time planning and having strategy. Minecraft: A game that shows off the creative side of people where you have a whole generated world to yourself to play with. Metro 2033/Last Light: Very

good Russian style survival horror. Terraria: 2D side scrolling minecraft type game.

Tavis Polk

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on People The people who has influenced me the most is Bradley Colburn otherwise known as theradbrad and Adam Montoya otherwise known as SeaNanners. I share a common hobby with them and they have influenced me to chase my goal of being a YouTube gaming commentator. Adam and Brad, both of their channels on the list of most popular, have caught my attention as the way that I should model myself.

Brad, who has more of a lone style of gaming, shows how you should play alone still having entertaining content to show off. Adam has a channel that is more of a group gaming channel that is based on comedy still keeping viewers immersed in the game being played. I have combined the two into my own unique style of commentating, some of which I do on my own and some with a group of my

Friendship There are many roles one plays in their lifetime, to me one of the most important roles is a friend. Through the years I have made many close friends from drumline, classes, and gaming with many different people, so I am with many different social groups. Many different people like me for their own reasons but still rea-

sons nonetheless. I am most likely gaining friends due to being “funny� but I am completely fine with that because I kind of like that better than not having friends either.

Advances in Technology http:// travel_guide/138770/gaming/ a_look_at_technological_adva nces_in_video_games.html With gaming being something that is picked up more with people who were before not one to play there is large needs

for things to be better. This has been happening and the modern day video game has a lot more variability for different effects and graphical beauty.

friends. Both men have made videos encouraging others to go out and chase their dreams of becoming like them. I took those messages and exemplified myself out of them, still trying to accept feedback and better myself from it. All of these things have made me better today.(220)

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Tavis Polk

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on Memories In the very near future when all is said and done I will be a graduate of Fishers High School, and realizing it or not I will have left part of a legacy for this school. What I want to leave behind for my fellow classmates and teachers is a personality that always brings comic relief to any situation. As long as I spent in school I have nev-

er been an exemplified student, I have been more like the student that teachers tell others not to be. But I am ok with that because everyone needs someone to look down on In every situation I am just glad that school is the only one for me.

News article article/2029138/playstation-4vs-pc-graphics-can-sony-evencompete-.html The gaming world is one that I am constantly connected in and will continue to be for a very long while, the

tools that we have to make the gaming world work are always changing and updating. The biggest competition is between the PC and console gaming, console being Xbox (Microsoft), PlayStation (Sony), and Wii (Nintendo) for dominance and the fans of each are ever arguing on which is better

News article cont has not met any recent projected prices since the release of the original Wii or the new Wii U. I believe that PC is overtaking all of the rest of the consoles just because of the various types of PC and home built PC’s that can move the

overall price around making it much more affordable.(197)

of all of the manufacturers of consoles. But, the most competition comes from PC gamers and console gaming, each PC users claim that they are offered better quality and lower price per game at a higher price of gaming device while console gamers say that they have better prices on devices and easier

Tavis Polk

Volume 1, Issue 1

Time Caplsule My mouse- for the amount of time that I spend on my computer either gaming or browsing random places

band and drumline at Fishers for all four years so why not put something in to let people know what I did

My headset- for the amount of music that I listen to daily mostly Monstercat Media and various Japanese artists

My WGI medals- I have met some of the most inspirational people in the WGI program

Xbox controller- I play a lot of games so putting this in there shows that i and many others from my time period enjoyed gaming My Drumsticks-I have been in

What I Will Miss the Most When the time inevitably comes to leave the city of Fishers, the thing that I will be missing the most is the people that I have shared strong bonds with. People like my friends and family, who I have known for many years now and shared many valuable experiences with. Also, the members of the drumline who I

have had many performance situations with and many championships and even playing with Madonna at the super bowl..

Best Burgers Food Magazine has put together one of the only articles to grab my attention in magazines and for a good reason, I love burgers. The and simply telling me which are the best is enough to make my mouth water and stomach rumble. I know it is a very weird topic to want to put into a project but

alas it is about me and I am a very weird person. I agree that the best type of burger is the classic made burger followed closely by the western BBQ type of burger. Now enough of that I am getting hungry again.

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Tavis Polk

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on 9/11 There has always been a presence of safety in American schools, one that allows students to pursue their educational goals without thinking of harm being done, but that thought is now void. Early on December 12, 2012 in a small town in Newton, Connecticut the lives of 20 students, none above the age of seven, were killed along with six of their instructors. The world has seen this issue as a weak spot in America being their children which is the case for many

other nations as well. The United States as a country grieved for all of the families involved in the shooting.

Art reflection Rise Against-Survive Somewhere between happy, and total fucking wreck Feet sometimes on solid ground, sometimes at the edge To spend your waking moments, simply killing time Is to give up on your hopes and dreams, to give up on your... Life for you, (who we are) has

been less than kind So take a number, (who we are) stand in line We've all been sorry, (who we are) we've all been hurt But how we survive, (who we are) is what makes us who we are An obvious disinterest, a barely managed smile

A deep nod in agreement, a status quo exile I shirk my obligations, I miss all your deadlines I excel at quitting early, and fucking up my life Life for you, (who we are) has been less than kind So take a number, (who we are) stand in line

Art reflection cont has been less than kind So take a number, (who we are) stand in line We've all been sorry, (who we are) we've all been hurt But how we survive, (who we are) is what makes us who we are All smiles and sunshine, a perfect world on a perfect day

Everything always works out, I have never felt so fucking great All smiles and sunshine, a perfect world on a perfect day Everything always works out, I have never felt so great Life isn't like this (Are we verging on an answer, Or fucking up our...

Life for you, (who we are) has been less than kind So take a number, (who we are) stand in line We've all been sorry, (who we are) we've all been hurt But how we survive, (who we are) is what makes us who we are

Tavis Polk

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on Pop Culture I completely think that the aspect of Pop Culture is a thing that I am slowly following less and less since I am starting to disagree with everything that I am seeing in the world from the music and movies to the things people wear, do, and say. It is just not something that I like to see and hear in my life everyday. The new popular artists are not putting out music that makes people grow attached to it any more it is just randomly put together sounds

that I no longer care to listen to. And the themes of the songs make me lose faith in the world that we live in. Most about how much someone parties or something that made them sad that has to do with a relationship that has been severed and I cant stand to see things like that because I believe that letting others get you down I the dumbest and most selfish thing that you can do. (169)

Art reflection As weird as it seems for a project of this type this photograph is very cool to me. It is about more that just what you see, to me it means to embrace even the most foreign of things no matter how much different they are or how intimidating that they may seem. Even one man can do that.

Achievement Going to WGI for world finals was a great achievement in my eyes because it is not something that many people get to say that they have ever done before, and with the hardships that happened during out season I was very happy with whatever could have possibly happened when we went and

of course being 3 members short of where we started didn't help us at all I’m still very proud

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