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2010 Summer Update

DEAR FRIENDS & FAMILY We hope and pray you are enjoying this beautiful summer season wherever you are! Your prayers and support have meant the world to us this year and we want to take a moment to reconnect with you.

Summer Schedule July 11: GPC (Grace Pres. Church) 9am Service July 25: GPC (Grace Pres. Church) 10pm @ the well; 6pm Missions Gathering TBD: HPC (Heritage Pres. Church) TBD: GBC (Grace Bible Church) 10am Service

Home Assignment

Our original call to Hungary came after several mission trips taken here to work with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) doing street outreach with Hungarians in the City. We were drawn to both the Hungarian people and the amazing country. Hungary has had to endure so much throughout its history and the lasting effects can be seen in the people even today. This year actually marks their 5th, yes only 5th, free election as a people group! While working with the missionaries here, we found an even more interesting people group; missionary kids! Those encounters were what brought us a more clear view of how we could be a part of the great commission here in Hungary. We could help the church planting already taking root by ministering to the MKs living here! Well, most of you know what happened next! We packed up our belongings, said goodbye to our dear friends and families, and relocated to a small suburb of Buda called Diosd. It is here that we now minister to the International and missionary community by teaching at the International Christian School of Budapest. Your partnership with us in prayer and support has made our first year of ministry possible and we want to thank you again for your continued love and kindness!

If connecting  with  the  Slaughters   personally  is  a  must  for  you,  please   contact  us  through  email    to  set   something  up.          

We will  be  in  the  States  for  a  short   while  this  summer  and,  though  we   would  love  to  see  everyone,  there  are   just  not  enough  days.  One  great  way  to hear  from  us  is  to  attend  one  of  the   above  services  or  gatherings.  We  look   forward  to  seeing  you  there!    


This year has been filled with new experiences, new friends, new places, and new challenges. Although it has been a hard year in many ways for me, I’m so thankful to be part of the Lord’s work here (and ever thankful for your prayers and support). I’ve had the opportunity to minister and build relationships here in Hungary through a baseball ministry with both Hungarian adults and youth, personal ministry with HS kids, coaching ICSB kids and Hungarian teams, including the Hungarian National Youth team. I have also been teaching Bible at the school, helping/teaching in HS and MS chapels, as well as teaching P.E. One of the most memorable moments for me this year was a conversation I had about the Lord at practice (in the batting cage of all places) with a Hungarian named Gergo. I’m praying not only for Gergo’s salvation but for more conversations like that next year!


Along with leading worship, choir, and giving private voice lessons, I taught Old Testament I & II to Middle Schoolers this year. OT was one of the most challenging and rewarding classes I have taught. So many times I found myself enraged by the Israelites fickle disposition toward the great GOD that had just delivered them from slavery in Egypt! How could they be so spoiled, bratty, and unfaithful!? I had no idea that my current situation was an almost exact replica of the Israelites grumblings. I aired my own grievances to the Lord many times, “why did you bring me over here to feel so defeated and out of control? Why can’t I just go back where all is safe and familiar?” There I was, wandering around in the desert along with God’s people. And just as often as God reminded them, He reminded me of his great compassion and faithfulness. How amazing that we serve a God who will never give up on His people! The greatest assurance in Christ I have received this year has come from taking time to remember. To remember who He is, to remember what He has done, and to remember the call He has placed on my life to serve and trust Him in all my wanderings.

SUPPORT team We are  asking  for  our   current  supporters  to   prayerfully  consider   recommitting  their  one-­ time  or  monthly  gifts  this   year.  This  will  enable  us   to  meet  our  ;inancial   support  requirements  in   2010-­2011.  

Your graciousness  makes   our  ministry  possible!   If  you  are  interested  in   partnering  with  us   3inancially  in   2010-­2011,  there  are  a   couple  ways  to  make  it   happen:  

Give Securely  Online  at                 OR           Return  the  enclosed  response  card  to                                                                                          

United World Missions PO BOX 602002 Charlotte, NC 28260-2002 Memo Line: Act #31389 read more, see pictures,

Summer Newsletter 2010  

Summer Newsletter 2010

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