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Executive Summary Moda Consulting is a fashion consulting company that guarantees confidence in all customers. We believe anyone can be fashionable, and we would love to help with that process. We will offer the newest trends to create the perfect outfit for any occasion.

The concept of Moda Consulting is to offer beautiful people with beautiful wardrobes. Moda Consulting is a fashion-consulting store. The store will offer in depth styling sessions, whether it is for a specific event or an entire wardrobe makeover. We carry an exclusive selection of women’s apparel that is located in our walk-in wardrobe. Some of the services we offer include professional fashion consulting, tailoring, a walk-in wardrobe of the latest trends, catalogs of many designs, and a small department of styling resources. The styling resources consist of styling books, the Internet, and catalogs. Styling sessions are broken down into several parts that consist of determining skin tone color matching, body shape analysis, trend colors and styles, and finally choosing outfit(s) from the walk-in wardrobe or from our catalogs. This will benefit the customer by giving them tools and techniques so they are able to successful shop on their own in the future.

The website for Moda Consulting will launch June 21st 2011. The website is strictly promotional, because we only have an exclusive selection of clothing, unfortunately the clothing will only be available in the store. The website will be a great way for our target market to get to know the business and get more information on how to book a styling session.

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Demographic Consumer Profile The Moda Consulting customer is an upscale, sophisticated middle-aged woman with no kids. She seems to have it all; the perfect job, the perfect husband, and the perfect house, but with all this responsibility she is neglecting her style. At heart she would love to wear fashion forward clothing and feeling good all the time, but with her busy lifestyle she needs Moda Consulting to do the hard work for her. The Moda Consulting is a city dweller who lives in the Seattle or Bellevue area.

Gender Females Ages 30-59 Race Education Marital Status House Hold Income Occupation Own or Rent

Female 7.9 % White: 83.7% Bachelors Degree or Higher: 57.7% Married: 56.3% $75, 000- $99,999: 12.3% Management/ Professional: 54.4% Owners,

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Psychographic Consumer Profile Moda Consulting customer lives in a fashionable house on a small manicured lot, they live a wealthy lifestyle, but in turn their days are filled to the max with activities related to work or extra curricular activities. She is a big spender and often gets burnt out so she takes several vacations throughout the year such as skiing trips in the winter. On a weekly basis her and her husband accompanied by some close friends will go out to eat, or out to a show. Her husband is a CEO and they go to many formal events throughout the year that call for formal attire, ideally she would shop at a smaller boutique, but she is in dire need of some fashion advice.

Moda Consulting target market are willing and want our services, working women who do not have that much time to keep their wardrobe up to the latest styles. These women have the money to spend on out services, and their jobs depend on them looking professional. They want to brand themselves correctly for their professional image.

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Marketing Objectives The website will benefit the Moda Consulting customer My customer is a busy bee and she wants straightforward answers, this website will help her get her questions answered about Moda Consulting. The website is easy to navigate and she will be linked into all the up coming events, sales, and how to book her next appointment. This website will also inform her of what to expect if it happens to be her first time visiting. is strictly promotional and this is why The Moda Consulting is strictly promotional, which means we do not sell product, the purpose of the website is to inform the customer and to promote the business. Because of our exclusivity of the products we sell in store, we decided it would be best to sell it in store only. The whole idea of Moda Consulting is to select apparel specific to each customer, and that is close to impossible to do over the Internet.

Customers can obtain information from the website In store we offer styling sessions and alterations. On the website there is a booking calendar that customers can log into to book, track, or change appoints. This feature will also track the customer’s alterations to see when it is time to pick up their altered product. Moda Consulting styling sessions are set up differently, the session is broken down into

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several parts. This technique will be explained in detail on the website so our customers will know what to expect before they even come in for the appointment.

The website will promote the store The website is strictly promotional so we need to take advantage of the benefits of this. “The About� page will have the store history, the concept, and motto. Part of the history will include our dedication to our annual fashion show, which will include styles chosen from top stylist; the models can include current customers. This is a great way to get the customer coming back and to get an interest in potential customers. There will be a separate page of all our events and promotions for the entire month. The home page will list the most current promotion as well. The

The website help reduce costs for ad campaigns The website is less expensive way to show your ad campaigns than more traditional options such as flyers, television, radio, newspaper, or magazine. The website will include a technical assistant which is included in payroll costs, but other than that there are no other outstanding costs unless we decided to use a model for an ad campaign. The website is an amazing way to promote the store at a less expensive cost. The home page will be dedicated to having sky scraper ads of the current promotions.

The website will offer a virtual experience for the customers Many customers do not know what to expect from a styling session, a lot of consultants to wardrobe consulting, where the stylist goes into the customers closet and throws away

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the unwanted and helps them purchase more appropriate apparel. Moda Consulting has a much different styling technique. Styling sessions are broken down into several parts that consist of determining skin tone color matching, body shape analysis, trend colors and styles, and finally choosing outfit from the walk-in wardrobe or from our catalogs. We offer solutions to our customers that they can use them again on their own while they are shopping.

The website will give an opportunity to connect with other local businesses and have a link exchange As a small business owner it is important to take advantage of other small businesses in the area. We can work together as a team to promote our businesses and to get customers involved. Each of our sites will do reciprocal linking so we are able to be connected and lead to sales by each other’s clients. To track the reaction from our customers we will both have post click marketing which will track the number of customers who go onto our websites. One great way to do this is to have special events were other small businesses pitch in and have ads or links on our website to advertise the event.

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Key Words and Website URL The key words are highly important for marketing on the Internet. “Search engine keywords are groups of words that potential customers are using to find products or services on search engines� (Buresh). The key words allow customers to type phrases into search engines and connect to specific websites related to those key words.

For Moda Consulting these are a list of key words that we will use: Moda, Consulting, Fashion, Styling, Season, Beautiful, Clothing, Image, Alterations, Tailoring, Session, Women, Business, Professional, Formal, Apparel, Attire, Occasion, Events, Dinner, Party, Luxury, Special.

We believe that this list of words will connect our target market to our business. Our customers might be looking for an outfit for a special occasion, a business dinner, or just a wardrobe make over. These key words relate to our business and this allows our customer to easily navigate through the Internet and find our website with the solution they are looking for.

The website URL is, this is very easy and simple and it is not hard to remember.

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Budget Advertising for a business or a website can become very expensive, it is important to research the channels were you want to advertise and make sure they are responsibly priced and they will give you a quality advertisement. A lot of the channels listed are local companies that would be more realistic for a small business owner to use. Such as advertising on social networking sties like Facebook. Facebook offers cost per action, which lets you put your ad up for free and you only pay if a client clicks on the ad Channel




Television Magazine

Low Cost TV Ads Soap Opera Digest

Starting at $495 Circulation 507,561

Published 52x/year Cost for a 2 line ad: $250 Each additional line is $108 per line


Bellevue Reporter

$35 for a column inch of

black and white advertising Internet

space $600 cost per click for 12 months Advertising Total Cost per Year: $1380

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Additional Expenses These costs will be more specifically for the website and to maintain the website. When setting up a website you have to factor in the costs of business license if you do not already have one, domain name for your business, key words, search engines, and web designer. These expenses are all very necessary. Expense Domain Name

Business Co.Nr Free

Prices $8.99 Per Year


Domain Washington

Bellevue, WA general

Department of

business license: $80


Licensing Keyword Rockstar

$397 +$97 per month

Search Engine


($997) URL fee $49


Plus cost per click Designer

Design Quote

$.15 Web Design Freelancer $7500 Total Cost per Year:$9200

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Promotional Plan Month June July August September October November December January February March April


Description Launch website On website promote free summer styling tips Grand Opening of the store On website promote grand opening and list the special events occurring Transition your wardrobe to fall apparel On website have tips on how to store summer apparel for next year Fall On website promote 40% off all summer apparel Halloween On website have tips on how to make old clothing into hot new costumes Thanksgiving Promote get free alterations on one item with the purchase of a styling session Christmas On website promote 40% off fall apparel New formal holiday apparel On website promote New Year New Wardrobe Get 25% off styling session Transition from winter apparel into spring Receive tips on how to store your winter apparel On website promote fee blouse with the purchase of a styling session Spring On website promote Spring Time Vendor Event (out doors event with all local businesses in the area). Promote annual fashion show on July 21st buy your tickets now for a reduced price to $15

Press Release Page 10


Moda Consulting is Launching a Stylish New Website For All Those in Need of Fashion Advice Moda Consulting is launching their website on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 they will have a wonderful display of what techniques their stylists use in the consulting sessions, and ways to update your wardrobe for the summer. Bellevue, Washington May 20th, 2011 - Moda Consulting is a fashion consulting company that guarantees confidence in all customers. They believe anyone can be fashionable, and they love to help with that process. Moda Consulting is brand new to Bellevue, located at the Shops at the Bravern an with this they are launching their website as well. Moda Consulting wanted to deliver some excitement to their customers with the launch of their website. Moda Consulting is hoping the website will stir up some curiosity amongst people interested in their business. This website will give information about the business, their styling techniques and how to book an appointment for a styling session. The customer will then receive an auto responder email with a confirmation of their appointment. Moda Consulting’s true mission is to make customers feel beautiful, expressed through their clothing. The clothes and consulting they offer is a great aspect of their business, but they truly hope to gain the trust and end up with lasting relationships with each and every customer. Please visit the Moda Consulting website on Saturday June 23rd 2011 to get more details about the business and information about the grand opening of the store. Publication: Bellevue Reporter ###

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Site Map Home o Promotions- the home page will include the monthly promotions which included on page 10. o Events- Again all the events for the store or other local businesses will be posted on the home page. The Experience o The Tour- Include the steps of what a client would go through when coming for a styling session. o How to Prepare- This will include a pep talk to clients who seem a little timid to go to a styling session Products/Services o Products-Blouses, slack pants, skirts, dresse, and suit sets. o Services- Styling, skin tone color matching, trend colors, body shape, trends, and alterations. Contact Us o Appoint booking- There will be a calendar so the customers can book their own appoints. o Alterations booking- On the calendar they can track their alterations and when it will be ready. o Contact Information- Address, phone number, and email

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Synopsis will offer promotional specials to our customers and potential as well as free styling advice. The website will open many more options for the business, it’s a great way to give our customers a sneak peak of what Moda Consulting is all about before they decided to book a styling session.

We will keep true to our promotional plan and display many events and sales online, even having website only specials. A great website special would be to have the customers print out a coupon from our website that is redeemable in store. Our website is coming to the public before our store so it is important that we are promoting our website with every customer. With customer feed back we can change the website to please

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customers. Right now we do not offer online shopping but maybe in the future if we have the demand from customers we can sell our clearance items or accessories.

Moda Consulting’s goal is to grow in the fashion community and open our customers’ eyes to the opportunities that fashion can take you. We believe everyone can feel beautiful, and beautiful clothing can make this dream come true.

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