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Did you know that it’s been estimated that less than a third of Aotearoa NZ schools have a library space with an adequate collection and that is staffed by a specialist school librarian?

BOOK TASTING EVENT – set up tables with books in genres/themes (you could use the newly launched SLANZA Reading Lists website), give students 1 min to ‘taste’ the book on their plate or swap for another in the middle of the table, give 2mins to add book to their ‘book menu’, then they move to the next table. Have quick snacks at each table. At the end they have created a books-to-read list. Book Tasting Menu Template

SLANZA thought it was long overdue to celebrate our school libraries across the motu showcasing the difference a school library can make to every school community.

HOST A COMMUNITY NIGHT with board games, book quizzes, photo booth, etc.

This activity guide has been put together to help Aotearoa NZ schools celebrate their library spaces and is filled with suggested activities. We hope you all have a great week.

LIBRARY PHOTO BOOTH - Create a photo booth with book character-based props


LITERATURE QUIZ - teams of 4 – organise the sign-up the week before. Suggest houses/home rooms compete against each other. Encourage teachers to enter a team or two.


SPINE POETRY – use the titles of the book on the spine to form lines in a poem.

We as school librarians know the transformative power our mahi accomplishes. We know library users have higher literacy rates. We know that because of our work students gain higher academic results in NCEA. We know our spaces provide manaakitanga. We know the community that a library provides for enables our students to flourish. We have multiple stories across Aotearoa where we have seen our libraries be a haven, a place of solace, but also a busy place of noisy learning, quiet reading and a supportive community. Find out more. SLANZA believes ALL students should have access to a school library staffed by specialist school librarians and funded by the Ministry. Please sign and share our petition.

DISPLAY IDEAS: • Survey teachers for their favourite library book. Display photo of teacher together with the book cover. This is great with picture books also. • Create a Why We Love Our Library display board with post-it notes for students and staff to fill in. • ‘Blind Date with a Book’ display – wrap books then write the first line, or genre, or brief ‘teaser’ generalised description of book on the wrapping. • Make your own poetry – with magnetic words on a whiteboard. RISK IT FOR A BISCUIT – challenge staff and students to read a book chosen by you, or their peers. By finishing the book, they are rewarded with a biscuit/cupcake/chocolate bar.

Ngā mihi, SLANZA National Executive

SHELFIE COMPETITON – staff and students enter pictures of themselves with their best bookcase / shelf of books / favourite books. Encourage them to be inventive and creative.

SPONSORED ACTIVITIES CROSSWORD – Try this Book Protection Products Book Character Crossword; Book Protection Products Book Character Crossword Answer Key

DRESS UP - Organise a dress up like a book character day and hold a parade.

WORD FINDS – Book Protection Products Word Searches that you can print

BOOKMARKS – use these fantastic bookmarks designed and illustrated by Paul Beavis as a colouring-in activity or get students to create their own.

QUIZ – Test your knowledge with weather versus climate in this clever OneTree House Media Quiz

BOOK FACE COMPETITON – replace your face with a book cover face and take a photo.

JIGSAW - Make the ANZSLW poster into a jigsaw or use this Perform Education Jigsaw Activity or this sliding puzzle, also from Perform Education

JAR GENRE GENIE – choose a book from your favourite genre from the genre jars. Fold up colourful pieces of paper with the best recommendations in your library for numerous genres and have them in cute containers/jars/ boxes.

SHADOW PUPPETS – try making your own Perform Education Shadow Puppet Show, see this example of Shadow Puppets by Perform Education LIBRARY SCAVENGER HUNT– SCIS School Library Week Scavenger Hunt 202

GUESS THE BOOK TITLE COMPETITION - cryptic clues / emojis / picture clues Guess the Book Title example GUESS THE CHARACTER competition - put up a visual display of book characters (maybe with just a part of them showing, or a silhouette, or just a set of clues) - with entry form and box for entries. Draw a winning entry at the end of the week – you decide how prizes are awarded - prizes for each Year Group or Prizes for first 3 drawn.

GECKO PRESS ACTIVITY SHEETS FOR THE FOLLOWING BOOKS: The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson - Activity sheets

BOOK SALE - Ask students to donate books (good quality/near new) and together with books withdrawn from library - hold a book sale. Profits from Book Sale to be donated to a book charity e.g. Duffy Books in Homes?

Elephant Island - Activity sheets The Uprising - Activity sheets

MATHS WEEK - Did you know it is also Maths Week too? NZMaths has this list of picture books with maths in them and associated lesson plans. You can find out more about Maths Week on their website


SLANZA thanks the following for their support of Aotearoa NZ School Library Week 2022