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Hi my name is Somita Lam and I am a resident of Long Beach for the past 10 years. I moved to Long Beach because I love the city. It’s diverse, culturally influenced and a quiet yet active city. I’ve always wanted to paint the walls of Long Beach, especially in Cambodia Town because I am of the culture/race/ethnicity. I felt that Cambodian Town needed something to show people who may come and visit what the cutlure is really about. We have beautiful patterns, music, and history. With that being said, I have two concepts I would like to propose for a mural: 1. Andy Warhol influenced, rock & roll/ Jazz touch. Cambodia was very influenced in the arts, music played a big role in the culture. I envisioned something that POPPED and livened the streets of Anaheim. I wanted to use portraits of famous Cambodian singers and use a touch of Warhol’s color scheme. Not too realistic but enough to recognize each singer.

2. Cambodian Pattern influenced, shapes, hypnotic. This is actually influenced by a famous Los Angeles artist by the name of Cryptk (@cryptk instagram). He has very mesmerizing pieces that are very beautifully hand painted, FREEHAND. Amazing work. I thought something like this would give something for the community to rest their eyes on and feel at peace. My artist page on instagram is @miss_somita. I can provide more work if you would like. Thank you for your time and a chance to brighten up Cambodia Town.


Cambodian town mural proposal  
Cambodian town mural proposal