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Feedback TH E PA N O L I N M AG AZINE – ISSUE 02/2016


Customer focus, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

03 Environment EPI 2016: There is still a lot to be done // 06 PANOLIN UK – The British Invest in High-Quality Technology // 14 ERZ For decades, the city of Zurich has pursued an advanced environmental policy // 22 Giulia Steingruber Brand ambassador


Welcome Britannia! to its 260,000 residents, each year millions of visitors travel to the city. Waste management is a tricky task for the «Gruppo Veritas». See pages 16/17. The Swiss City of Zurich remains very clean and has the high quality of life you would expect from a Swiss City due to the services provided by the municipal company «ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zurich». With over 150 years of experience, ERZ is one of the most efficient waste-cultivators. ERZ disposes of and recycles waste, electricity and environmentally-friendly heat for Zurich and keeps the water in the city clean, as well as public grounds, private roads and business premises. Here, the careful use of natural resources is paramount. Here again, you can see that we are an important partner in keeping Zurich eco-friendly. See pages 14/15.

Patrick Lämmle, CEO PANOLIN International Inc. Silvan Lämmle, CEO PANOLIN AG


ear Readers, Thank you for the numerous responses to our first issue of «Feedback». The main focus of this issue of Feedback will be on the UK, due to the establishment of «PANOLIN UK», on 1 July 2016. «PANOLIN UK» is a subsidiary of PANOLIN, and is based near London. As a result, we will now be able to cover the UK market and that of Ireland more thoroughly in the future. You can read more about why we decided to take this step on pages 4/7. Welcome Britannia!

We feature three British customers‘ stories, all of whom have well-known names. These successful companies are found on pages 8 to 13. «Land and Water», a highly innovative company that has focused on excavation work in the marine sector, is the UK market leader in its field. Simply stated, they are innovative, environmentally friendly and execute interesting projects with great dedication. The name «Komatsu» you don’t need to explain to anyone. «Komatsu» is the second largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world. Komatsu Group’s range of products includes a variety of construction equipment. Some of these products are various types of excavators. Komatsu UK offers its customers the possibility of an initial factory fill if a customer needs biodegradable hydraulic oil. PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46 is then utilized.The third story about the United Kingdom is found on pages 12/13 and deals with «Plasser UK». The company is part of the globally active Plasser & Theurer Group. Sustainability is a priority even in this global corporation – also with PANOLIN products. Venice, or «La Serenissima» as the city is also called, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In addition

GREENMARINE is a central theme in this issue. The transport of energy and data is increasing enormously and will continue to rise in the coming years. Especially for cables that run beneath the seas. This difficult task is carried out by specialized ships. In this issue, we cover the CLB Atalanti of the Greek shipping company Assodivers Group. Environmental protection, especially near coasts, is essential. See pages 18/19. Environmental protection, in addition to quality, service life and cost/benefit analysis all play an important role for KEMEL (Kobelco Eagle Marine Engineering Ltd). The company has specialized in seals for the marine industry - for drive shafts and stern tubes on large ships. The company, a subsidiary of Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. following intensive tests in September 2016 now released PANOLIN products STELLA MARIS and EP GEAR SYNTH for all KEMEL products in all sizes. See pages 20/21. Finally, we present Giulia Steingruber, one of the best gymnasts in the world. The Olympic Bronze Medal winner at the 2016 Rio Games and five-time European champion has long been part of the PANOLIN family engagements, and serves for us as a friendly brand ambassador. She embodies many values that let PANOLIN be so successful in past decades and today leads Giulia as a beacon of her generation. With kind regards Patrick Lämmle and Silvan Lämmle

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Iceland 90.51


Finland 90.68 Sweden 90.43



Red indicates poor performance

Green indicates good performance 91.1


EPI Index 2016: A lot has been achieved - there is still a lot to be done


ow does one measure the health of the whole world and nature? It’s no easy thing. The Environmental Performance Index, EPI, analyzes environmental data from 180 countries and establishes a ranking. The EPI was published for the tenth time in 2016 at the World Economic Forum in Davos. At the EPI, countries can see their efforts to protect the environment around the world. The index was developed by Yale University, together with Columbia University, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the European Commission. It evaluates the countries’ development in various areas of environmental and climate protection and thus comes to an end result. The countries can then be combined to form a ranking. The EPI is the barometer for the state of the environment and it is important to recognize the goals of the UN for sustainable development. In implementing the international agreement on climate protection, the EPI can provide guidance on

what needs to be done in individual countries to heal ecosystems and reduce the impact of environmental problems on people. The seeding is not surprising with Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark taking the first four places, so they are all occupied by Scandinavian countries. At the very bottom of the list are very poor countries such as Somalia and Eritrea. Even there, however, a positive development can be observed. This is at least the hopeful message of the new study: regardless of the individual placement, most countries have increased their score within the last 10 years. Global awareness of the need for environmental protection has therefore increased, as was also demonstrated recently at the World Climate Conference in Paris. The EPI researchers hope to sway the policy toward further measures, such as the use of environmentally-friendly products like PANOLIN.

Health Impacts

Air Quality

Water and Sanitation

Water Resources



Biodiversity and Habitat

Climate and Energy


The good news from the 2016 report: There are advances worldwide in climate and health protection, water protection and sanitation improvements.3 Feedback


Great Britain: Dawn of a new era



Photo: Hideo Kurihara / Alamy Stock Photo



300 liters in use


When the Queen turns on the light in Windsor Castle, PANOLIN is in charge. The hydropower turbines of MannPower Hydro are lubricated with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH.



PANOLIN UK – The British have an immense demand for investment and are willing to invest in high-quality technology.

Tony Callagher: Sales & Marketing at PANOLIN UK Ltd. Over 40

Derrick Simpkin: Sales & Marketing at PANOLIN UK Ltd. Over

years of experience in the lubricants industry.

40 years of experience in the lubricants industry. Selling PANOLIN biodegradable oils since 1995.

PANOLIN UK – The British Invest in High-Quality Technology


he figures speak for themselves: With 11.7 billion Swiss francs in exports, almost 80 billion Swiss francs in direct investments and 194’000 employees, Great Britain is one of the most important business locations for Swiss companies. Hence the reason for the PANOLIN group to commence operations in the United Kingdom. Since 1 July 2016, the subsidiary, PANOLIN UK Ltd. has been active in its new location outside London. One week after the British voted for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, PANOLIN opened its subsidiary PANOLIN UK Ltd. just outside of London. This step, however, was not a risk. The possible British exit from



the EU had already been anticipated during the planning of this measure. «How the vote would end, played only a subordinate role for us», explains Silvan Lämmle. «For us, the location in the UK is so important that we have taken that risk.» Recent figures also show that media skepticism was clearly exaggerated. Most economists regard the impact of Brexit on the Swiss and EU economy as low. «For our group, it is a chance to perform here independently. Our previous sales partner did not want to support our growth strategy any more» explains Patrick Lämmle, who heads PANOLIN International Inc. PANOLIN wanted to expand the existing product portfolio with «GREENMA-



2 Customers who have successfully used biodegradable PANOLIN products for years. 1: The London Eye is a giant ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. 2: The Ardtornish Estate in Marven in Scotland is supplied with Hydropower, powered by an Archimedean screw. 3: The Rolling Bridge in London is a curling movable bridge designed by British designer Thomas Heatherwick.

Photos:, Chris Gomersall, Steve Speller / Alamy Stock Photo

RINE». We now have subsidiaries in Sweden, France and the USA. It is crucial for us to implement our development strategies in as many markets as possible. We recently learned that our products help Windsor Castle, and thus the Royal Family gets electricity from one of our customers. MannPower-Hydro’s screw-type turbines are equipped with PANOLIN’s biodegradable hydraulic oil. «We are suppliers to the Royal Family», says Lämmle playfully. The British market is strategically important through its dynamic and innovative construction industry, explains Lämmle. Added to this, is the large rail area and numerous original equipment manufacturers for vehicle and construction equipment


manufacturers. «The British have an immense demand for investment and are willing to invest in high-quality technology», Lämmle concludes. A big advantage for PANOLIN’s future is the pronounced environmental awareness of the British. «Our biodegradable products, which can be used much longer than conventional ones, are in demand on the island», says Patrick Lämmle. Derrick Simpkin and Tony Callagher are with our customers every day and support the development and implementation of solutions. They are, of course, supported by a powerful office team: «We all have a common goal».



Sustainability All machines are filled with PANOLIN lubricants – to date no oil change required.




The Land & Water Group – a unique water based construction company that successfully addresses client’s issues and


The Land & Water Group – Perfectly Equipped for the Future

Photo: / MishoJx


n September 2016, James Maclean, the Managing Director of UK based construction specialist, Land &Water spoke on the subject of flood protection at the Institution of Civil Engineers’ seminar in Westminster, London. James spoke about projects Land & Water had carried out in Somerset, Cumbria and Scotland, and demonstrated why Land & Water is highly respected as specialist in flood control and prevention. The effects of climate change are well documented in the media. The winter of 2015 saw a red alert throughout the North of England and Scotland. Several cities were flooded due to heavy rains. Hundreds of people had to escape to safety. In some regions, the power went out. The National Weather Service issued the highest warning level. Land & Water has 39 years of experience working in these challenging situations, so they were the obvious first choice to deal with this disaster. The group has its head office near Guildford in Surrey which is about 50 kilometers south of London. The company offers specialized construction services in the marine sector including dredging, erosion control and remediation. Land & Water Plant hire operates the largest fleet of long-reach excavators in the United Kingdom, as well as specialized amphibious equipment and boats for cutting water plants. Land & Water Plant Hire leases equipment from three to 155 tons including machines from the ZX70 with eight meters range to the ZX850 with an incredible 27 meters range and about 21 meters depth. Land & Water also designs, builds and manages marinas and harbors and a


leading supplier of solutions in the areas of biotechnology, anti-erosion and water quality problems. Land & Water carries out civil engineering in streams, canals, rivers, lakes and seas. They are highly skilled in land reclamation, flood and shore protection, dredging of navigation channels, dewatering of sludge, dams and restoration occurs in both freshwater and saltwater environments. For nearly four decades, the Land & Water family of companies have worked together combining knowledge and skills; and they are a unique water based construction company that successfully addresses client’s problems and requirements by taking a holistic approach. They are, therefore, perfectly positioned to tackle future challenges. The services of the Land & Water Group are needed because of climate change and its consequences. Land & Water also practices their holistic approach to business within the company; investing in employee training and well-being and are committed to taking care of the environment. «We strive for a zero or wherever possible a positive environmental impact with every project. This is part of the DNA of the Land & Water family of companies,» says James Maclean MD. Land & Water operates the environmental management system requirements of ISO 14001: 2004. The high standards also affect their choice of suppliers. As a company that carries out its projects in or near water, they insist on using the best biodegradable products. Therefore, Land & Water relies upon PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46.



Komatsu UK – Economical and high tech excavators.

Komatsu UK: High tech from Birtley

The program includes various vehicles like wheel loaders and skid steer loaders, in addition to bulldozers and dump trucks. Among these monsters is the world’s largest bulldozer, the Komatsu D575A, which has a total weight of 150 tons. Even a large excavator, for use in surface mining with up to 752 tons weight and a bucket capacity of up to 42 cubic meters, is part of the products program. Other machines, the company manufactures, are forklift trucks, industrial robots, compressors and generators. Komatsu’s 200,000 square meters of production plants stands in Birtley near Durham. Situated in the North East, and 30 kilometers south from Newcastle, is where Komatsu UK is actually located. Since 1987, the large manufacturing and assembly plant with 400 employees has produced hydraulic excavators, which, depending upon the unit weighs between 20 and 80 tons. Incidentally, since the opening of the plant by HRH Prince of Wales more than 60,000 imposing heavy machines left the factory in England, which are in use in Europe and North Africa. In



addition to the normal hydraulic excavators produced by the English factory, long-range demolition excavators are produced as well. Since December 2014, the high-tech plant has produced the PC210LCi, the first excavator with intelligent machine control. Thanks to technology a driver no longer needs to worry about whether he digs too deep or if he damaged a surface. At the same time, the model HB215LC-2, a third generation hybrid, and two tracked excavators PC490/LC-10 and PC490/LC-11, were launched. 2016 carried out the latest coup of the British: the launch of the hybrid hydraulic excavator HB365LC-3. Also otherwise they are very innovative. Unlike their competitors, they offer excavators with hybrid engines or they have driverless trucks available. An operator can learn to drive their semiautomatic bulldozer in only three hours. Komatsu tracks the usage of their vehicles worldwide with a real-time computer system to assess the demand and to control the flow of spare parts. Economical and high tech excavators are not the only objectives pursued by the Japanese company in its sustainable growth. Products like the HB365LC-3 reflect the dedication and commitment of the company to the highest quality, reliability and environmental protection. «It is therefore not surprising that we maintain very good relations with Komatsu UK», explains Tony Callagher of PANOLIN UK. The company in England offers its customers the possibility of a factory fill if a customer needs biodegradable hydraulic oil. PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46 is then used.

Photo: Paul Lilley/Digitalshot / Alamy Stock Photo


o write a short overview of Komatsu is not easy. This is because the global construction equipment manufacturer, Komatsu, is a huge entity; it consists of 180 companies around the globe and has over 47,000 employees. With 39 manufacturing plants worldwide, the company manufactures a wide variety of construction machinery. Its products include various types of equipment, such as backhoe loaders, crawler excavators, wheeled excavators and mini excavators.


Factory fill The fully synthetic quickly biodegradable high-performance hydraulic oil is based on saturated synthetic esters and is impressive with enormous oxidation stability. Feedback




Sustainability All machines are filled with PANOLIN lubricants – to date no oil change required.




Plasser UK – the railway as a mobile concept has great potential.

Plasser UK: Important Partner in a Growth Market

Photo: Scott G Johnston / Alamy Stock Photo


lasser UK, a par tner firm of the Austrian company Plasser & Theurer, is an important partner of PANOLIN in Great Britain. With its headquarters in Vienna, Plasser & Theurer is the world’s only full-service provider for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures. In 109 countries - wherever railways are built and maintained - Plasser & Theurer is involved with its machines and expertise. In Great Britain, the company is very active as well. The family business Plasser & Theurer will not deviate from its highly successful path – the production of track maintenance machines - now or in the future. The railway as a mobile concept has great potential. Currently, all over the world billions are being invested in rail projects. These routes are intended to stimulate the economy and bring life to entire regions. In the USA, for instance, where freight traffic is highly successful, investments in passenger traffic will be made. Great Britain is also being heavily invested in. By 2019, an additional 355,000 trains will operate on the British rail network in order to increase passenger volume by 225 million. Within the City of London, capacities are increasing by 20 percent, and by 32 percent on routes between larger cities. Between the cities of Northern England, around 700 additional trains are operated every day, therefore the freight volume transported by rail can be increased by 30 percent. The CO2 emissions are reduced by 37 percent, mainly due to extensive electrification of the British rail network. Today, the British rail network has 2’500 stations and covers 16’536 km of normal gauge tracks. Of these, 4’928 km are electrified and 12’591 km are double or multi-tracked. For this positive outlook for the future, Plasser & Theurer offers a comprehensive range of machines for all works to be performed on track including not only conventional tamping machines, but also gravel spreading and leveling machines, track stabilizers, ballast cleaning machines, machines for track renewal and conversion, switch and


rebuilding, machines for mobile rail processing (such as for welding and grinding) and various other special machines. Numerous YouTube videos are evidence as to how impressive these machines can truly be. The RU 800S track train is 177 meters long, weighs 650 tons, and can lay two kilometers of track in one day and, at the same time, cleans the ballast bed. With approximately 15’900 large machines supplied, the world market leader continues to research with its 1’750 employees at its headquarters in Linz. Plasser & Theurer is continually improving and innovating its products. The main objective is to further increase effi ciency for operators. Another interesting fact is that Plasser & Theurer has also registered hundreds of patents in recent years. A total of more than 3’000 members of staff are employed by Plasser & Theurer worldwide, delivering to 109 countries. Plasser UK has its main Great Britain offi ces in London, in West Ealing, right next to the University of West London. Services such as technical customer service, repair and overhaul of components and complete machine systems, spare parts management as well as training and maintenance are provided in the main facility. Currently more than 200 machines are in use in Great Britain. The supply of spare parts is thus a major factor. Many parts are stored in West Ealing, and additional stock is available in the Scottish plant in Glasgow. For emergency service, technicians are stationed throughout the UK and have important parts in their vans. Another possibility is that other parts can also be delivered overnight from Linz. Even in railway construction, environmental protection has long been part of the company’s philosophy. This is why most of the infrastructure builders in this sector have already set their sights on lubricants with rapid biodegradability, thus contributing to resource conservation, CO2 reduction and environmental protection. In order to achieve its goals to operate as an environmentally friendly company, Plasser UK relies upon PANOLIN HLP SYNTH and PANOLIN BIOMOT.



ERZ – The city of Zurich has been pursuing a very progressive environmental policy for decades.

ERZ – 175 kilograms of Waste Per Inhabitant

On average, each of the 410’404 inhabitants of the city produces 175 kilograms of waste. This amounts to a total of 53,000 tons of waste per year. In order to eliminate this mountain, two million containers were emptied in the city last year, 11.2 million official waste bags were sold. ERZ uses 400 vehicles for its work. The 45 experts and ten novices at ERZ’s workshop facilities create products



and provide services for vehicles, metal construction/painting and wood construction. The vehicle workshop repairs municipal vehicles, winter service equipment, motor-driven small appliances, as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles and their special construction. Besides the ERZ internal contact partners for the customers of the three departments within the ERZ workshop facilities, there are also other service departments for the city of Zurich as well as private persons and enterprises. The ERZ workshops are Unicar contract partners and official service points for products from manufacturers like Boschung, DRM and Kaiser. The city of Zurich has been pursuing a progressive environmental policy for decades. Only the most economically viable solutions for the entire life cycle are therefore available, which, in addition to social aspects, also meet high environmental requirements. PANOLIN is one of the suppliers who meet these requirements and is proud to be able to supply high-tech products to the canton’s capital from the Zurich countryside. The fuel-saving PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W/30 motor oil and the environmentally-friendly, rapidly biodegradable hydraulic oil PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46 are used. With these two products, ERZ achieves today’s best available combination for the economical and environmentally friendly operation of its machines. Pascal Job, head of the workshop service department at ERZ, explains: «We are using PANOLIN products in many areas. This is for several reasons. The products are high-quality and environmentally friendly, the company has a sustainable strategy and it is thus an important partner for us. That was true yesterday, it is still true today and will continue to be so tomorrow».

Photo: Zeljko Gataric


ith over 150 years of experience, ERZ «Disposal + Recycling Zürich» is one of the most efficient waste management companies in Switzerland. The company’s 900 employees ensure that Zurich is today one of the cleanest cities in the world. «With you in Switzerland», the Israeli writer and satirist Ephraim Kishon once joked, «everything is so regulated, so clean, so orderly, so correct. Is it really possible to live there?» He answered his own question, and later moved to Switzerland. According to a new study by Mercer, worldwide, Zurich is the city with the highest quality of life. In total, the survey covers 215 cities and compares different criteria. Zurich won this contest ahead of cities like Vienna, Geneva and Vancouver. ERZ, which has authority in important areas of this survey, is responsible for this to a large extent. Not only is ERZ responsible for the disposal and recycling of waste but it also generates electricity and environmentally friendly Zurich heat and keeps the water in the city clean. The careful handling of natural resources is a high priority: ERZ is decisively involved in the fact that the city of Zurich has reached its energy and environmental goals. In Zurich, the employees of municipal cleaning crews are on the road 365 days a year to maintain public cleanliness. Also impressive are the quantities that ERZ has to deal with.



5000 liters and PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46

40,000 liters in use Feedback




21,800 liters in use



The fully synthetic quickly biodegradable high-performance hydraulic oil is based on saturated synthetic esters and is impressive with enormous oxidation stability.


Gruppo Veritas – 990’000 customers and 15 million tourists.

Gruppo Veritas: In Use for a Clean Venice


Photo: Dieter Möckli

enice or «La Serenissima», as the city is also called, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Every year, millions of tourists visit the city of approximately 260,000 inhabitants. The city of Venice has a very challenging task relating to waste management because it has 398 bridges and 175 canals with a total length of 38 kilometers - but not a single road! Gruppo Veritas is responsible not only for energy and water supplies, but also for waste and recycling in Venice and its surrounding communities. It has had great success and utilizes unusual vehicles for the transport of over 400’000 tons of waste per year. Gruppo Veritas, today, uses state-of-the-art technology to accomplish this tremendous task. Waste water gets in biologic sewage treatment plants, which are installed in all the «Palazzi» and housings. In fact there are hundreds of small biological sewage treatment plants in Venice’s historic districts. In those facilities, the waste water is filtered and cleaned both biologically and chemically. But what has not changed is the waste disposal via the channels. 15 million tourists visit Venice every year. This produces tons of waste. A sophisticated system is necessary to dispose of these products - this is accomplished through the canals and the waste vessels of Gruppo Veritas. Venice has strict rule for waste management. Whether it’s organic materials, paper, glass, plastic or cans, everything gets sorted in different bags. This system works well and the streets and squares remain clean today. Gruppo Veritas is behind this effort. It is one of Italy’s leading companies


in this sector and has 2,700 employees. The figures are impressive. Approximately 67.5 million cubic meters of water are distributed. The wastewater is 76.4 million cubic meters and the water supply is spread over 4,000 kilometers of pipelines. The sewers are 2’000 kilometers long. In 2015, 407’236 tons of waste was collected and over 60% was separated. Veritas also maintains 1,830 kilometers of roads around Venice and cares for 119 parks. About 664 vehicles and 155 boats are used every day. Anyone looking at the environment, of course, also has strict environmental protection requirements for their vehicles and boats. The fact that PANOLIN is used with its products shows the priority given by the Venetians to environmental protection. For example, the sweepers are filled with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH. However, not only because the products are biodegradable, but also because the long-term industrial hydraulic oil achieves a long service life and thus brings economic advantages. In case of an accident, such as in Mestre for example, the problem was solved after two months because the hydraulic oil was biodegradable. «PANOLIN’s Italian sales partner, ECO Italia, has been supplying us with PANOLIN products for more than a decade and has helped us with initial tests. Afterwards, they proved to always be a very reliable partner. We were supported to overcome challenges with the aim of protecting the environment. The citizens of Venice are satisfied to the fullest», praises Adolfo Federico, who is responsible for the environment at Gruppo Veritas.



Assodivers Marine Management Ltd. – the leading company in all major cable projects in Greece.

CLB «Atalanti» – Improving the Energy Distribution Infrastructure

The Assodivers Group is a Greek based privately owned Group of Companies which undertakes world-wide turnkey submarine cable installation and protection projects mainly in the high voltage power cable sector, but also occasionally in the medium voltage power and telecommunications cable sectors, having a contracting experience in this field of more than 20 years. The Assodivers Group owns and controls, all necessary means and equipment for the design, engineering and performance of these pro-



jects, including remotely controlled underwater vehicles (ROVs), cable handling and protection equipment and, of course, a fleet of five (5) specialized ocean-going vessels including the Atalanti. The Atalanti, which currently measures 97 meters in length and 31.5 meters in beam, was originally built in 2008 as a deck cargo barge in China and was converted into a dynamically positioned cable laying vessel in Greece in 2010. The Atalanti has been specially designed and engineered for cable laying and protection works in shallow waters, which are not normally accessible to the larger cable layers because of their draft. The widened hull design of the Atalanti makes it possible for her to handle 4,500 tons of power cable in her two electro-hydraulically operated cable «turntables» on a maximum draft of 4.26 meters while accommodating a total of 77 crew and technicians. The Atalanti is equipped with a cutting-edge Kongsberg Marine Class II Dynamic Positioning System (KPos21) which, together with her five (5) diesel-hydraulic Thrustmaster of Texas azimuthing thrusters and her Voith Schneider propulsor, offers exceptional station keeping capabilities. PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46 is used in the Atalanti’s thrusters, with a quantity of about 9000 liters of this biodegradable high-tech product necessary for thruster operation and onboard stock. The Assodivers Group has selected to use this product considering that the Atalanti normally operates in environmentally sensitive areas and the use of an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant in equipment coming into direct contact with the sea is prescribed by the Group’s QHSE Management System, which has identified Hydraulic Oil as a significant environmental aspect, and may furthermore be stipulated by local Environmental Legislation and/or client requirements.

Photo: Assodivers Marine Management Ltd.


he global trend of increasing energy requirements, in combination with the promotion of renewable sources of energy, has led to the need for significant expansion and improvement of the existing energy distribution infrastructure. More «intelligent» energy distribution networks are now sought for the efficient transportation of the power produced by offshore wind and tidal energy parks to the consumers, for the transportation of power between mainland and islands and for enhancing the energy trade between nations through power interlinks. Over the past years, heavy investments have been made in the development and construction of the necessary equipment in order to cover the needs of the numerous projects that are being executed worldwide in this respect. The largest part of these investments involves the design and construction of new cable-laying vessels, able and equipped to carry, handle and install high-voltage submarine cables in areas of varying sea water depth and environmental conditions. One of the vessels built for this purpose is the Dynamically Positioned (DP2) Cable Laying Barge (CLB) Atalanti. This special vessel, owned by Kreousa Shipping Company Ltd (Cyprus), is managed and operated by Assodivers Marine Management Ltd. (Greece), part of the Assodivers Group of Companies.



9000 liters in use The fully synthetic quickly biodegradable high-performance hydraulic oil is based on saturated synthetic esters and is impressive with enormous oxidation stability.





Approved Approved by KEMEL for outstanding PANOLIN products.




KEMEL – approval of PANOLIN products.

KEMEL – World market leader through advanced sealing technology


Photo: Chris Cameron / Alamy Stock Photo

or a manufacturer like PANOLIN, it is a great honor when one of the major manufacturers of marine seals for ships releases our biodegradable lubricants for its high-tech products. Additionally, HLP SYNTH, STELLA MARIS and EP GEAR SYNTH can now be used with all KEMEL products. The conditions at sea are a constant challenge: cold, heat, wind and weather, humidity, salt water and high mechanical loads attack the moving components on board. Standard lubricants quickly reach their limits. And the failure of a crane, a winch or a drive motor usually leads to high costs due to delays associated with expensive repairs. At the same time, ship owners must comply with stricter environmental requirements. In the USA, Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) have been mandatory since the end of 2013. Today, the Japanese company EAGLE INDUSTRY CO. LTD KEMEL COMPANY is the world’s largest manufacturer of seals for large ships. Founded in 1966, the company has been a subsidiary of the Japanese company EAGLE INDUSTRY CO. LTD since 2012 and is a worldwide market leader in its field. KEMEL provides the industry with safe, economical and progressive sealing components. These are certified and approved by the shipping authorities and cover the entire spectrum of marine applications. KEMEL products are found in large vessels such as fish trawlers, but also on international ships such as tankers, ferries, giant containers or huge luxury liners. KEMEL has a clear credo: to increase the safety of shipping while maintaining the greatest possible protection of the environment. With this philosophy KEMEL has become the leading technology company in the sealing


sector for large ships. Over the last few years, more than 4’000 sets of the KEMEL Air Seal AX system have been sold. The challenges that KEMEL products have to meet are great. Today, in modern ships, different media have to be sealed in a confined space: the range of applications ranges from the fuel supply to the stern tube seals. Advanced sealing technology, offered by the technology leader KEMEL, helps to minimize leakage and makes an important contribution to the reduction of environmental impacts, as specific KEMEL seals demonstrate every day around the world. Ships need a special lubricant that is always reliable, in order to meet different requirements. KEMEL has, therefore, thoroughly examined the providers, since they not only lubricate the components reliably, extend the service life of parts and components but also meet the legal requirements such as biodegradability and permanently reducing operating costs. KEMEL has introduced a two-stage approval system for biodegradable lubricants. As early as January 2014, PANOLIN STELLA MARIS, a completely biodegradable lubricant for stern tubes, was approved by KEMEL for small and medium-sized seals (up to 635 mm). Since September 2016, the larger seal sizes (up to 1130 mm shaft diameters) have also been approved by the Japanese company following tough customer tests. This was a special moment for Patrick Lämmle: «We are very pleased with this approval and are therefore confirmed with our strategy». KEMEL has also approved PANOLIN EP GEAR SYNTH gear oil for KEMEL seals on the bow or stern thruster and the PANOLIN HLP SYNTH for KEMEL seals for propeller shafts and rudder propellers.



Giulia Steingruber – Medalist at the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016, five time European Champion, 12 Swiss Champion titles and many more top rankings attest that the Swiss woman is currently one of the world’s best gymnasts.

«Art comes from ability»


iulia Steingruber, brand ambassador for PANOLIN, about successes and failures and the importance of passion and ambition, so that goals can be achieved. The list of her achievements is long: Medalist at the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016, five time European Champion, 12 Swiss Champion titles and many more top rankings attest that the eastern Swiss woman is currently one of the world’s best gymnasts. That Giulia Steingruber led the Swiss team as flag bearer in the Maracana Stadium in Rio is no surprise. The Athlete of the Year in 2013 is one of the superstars of Swiss sports, incredibly popular, yet only 22 years old. The petite gymnast from Switzerland is even a great inspiration for Silvan Laemmle, CEO, PANOLIN AG, because «Giulia shows us again and again how important passion and ambition are to such high goals. But she also shows us how she still remains grounded and what is almost even more impressive, is learning from defeats and setbacks and therefore never gives up.» Giulia explained in the Feedback interview: «It takes a lot of strong will and a fighting spirit in my sport - and some talent of course helped,» the likeable gymnast adds smiling. Silvan Laemmle explained, that this was a further agreement between the great athlete and the company. «Struggles, willpower, talent and innovation are recipes for success that have brought Giulia



Steingruber and PANOLIN major successes.» When asked what else makes up her recipe for success, her answers are short and clear: «Gymnastics is my passion, my profession and my motivation,» says the native athlete of Gossau. «I focus myself, with the support of mental training, and a lot of exchanges with my parents who are my most important people next to the coach.» Losses were also important. They have been analyzed and she tries to correct the mistakes in training. In summary: «My success is created by passion and the absolute confidence in what I’m doing. I am a good gymnast, who has attained many things with a lot of ambition, a lot of joy, good health and a good environment.» Giulia Steingruber shows that she has remained a humble person, despite her huge success and many fans. And she is a personality who not only still achieves in the sport, but also has big goals. «I still lack a world championship medal and an Olympic victory would be nice,» she explains. In addition, it is the middle of the examination for Graduation, and later she wants to study. And another request is still on her list: «I want to pass the motorcycle test and drive a heavy bike.» What is important to her in the cooperation with PANOLIN? «We have created a common motto: «Art comes from ability», and therein PANOLIN and I strongly agree! Cooperation with PANOLIN is special for me. I am incredibly proud to be part of this community.»





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