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HUB Belgrade Bible School bulletin - June 2014 - SERVING CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH -

In this bulletin :  Graduation of 18th generation of students  Voughan Roberts is coming - HUB Mission conference 2014  First John Piper’s book in Serbian  Enrolement

Monika Bodo, student Kikinda “God’s been changing me so much through the experiences I’ve been through here. Praying together, reading the Word of God, living in fellowship with others, even practical chores have helped stay me close to God daily.”

Dear brothers and sisters, Many greetings from the HUB Bible school in Serbia. We are always happy to write to you at this time of the year and share with you about the work and ministry of the Bible school, and announce some events.

At the end of the school year In only one week, 18th generation of students is going to graduate from the Bible school. This was an incredible year for all of us and them. During the year they’ve studied all the books of the Bible at more than 900 classes with over 50 teachers from our region and all over the world. The Word of God is active and we were encouraged to see the spiritual growth of the students day by day through the year. What made all this alive were the opportunities for the students to visit and serve many churches and groups. Sometimes we’d come back home from our trips in the early morning hours, and sometimes we’d

leave for the trip just as early. Other than that, we’d share the good news in many ways and wherever we went. We also visited the sick, helped practically to those in need, the poor, the disabled. God’s been teaching us a lot too, edifying us and blessing us through all this. We praise him for everything he’s been doing during the year. As the students are preparing to take their next steps, let us pray that God would use them in the ministries he has prepared for them.

“I'm really enjoying teaching this group of students - they are engaged, responsive and keen to understand the text. They are asking good questions and thinking hard about how to us the books of Hebrews and Malachi to bless people by pointing them to Jesus. It’s exciting to see a group of people who have studied the whole way through the Bible and are now eager to go out and serve the Balkans.” Paul Mayo, teacher, England


Zvezdan Jumerovic, student, Lebane. “A chance to show love in action to others is something I’ve been constantly learning here at the Bible school. Listening the Gospel every day simply fills my heart .“

The enrolment for class 19 is ongoing! To remind you briefly, the program of studies at the Bible school is meant for all those who live in the region of former Yugoslavia, who are born again evangelical Christians. HUB Bible school is the only evangelical, interdenominational institution with the full time studies in our country All of our teachers are devout evangelical Christians who believe in the authority of the Holy Bible. So far, there have been over 320 students who graduated from the school and most of them are active in ministry today. During their studies, the students are completely taken care of, which means that they don’t have to pay for the studies, accommodation, food. We are thankful to God for His grace in giving us such a lovely place to have. We are thankful to all those who pray, sacrifice and support this ministry to move forward.


The Mission conference September 5-7 with Vaughan Roberts

A fantastic opportunity for the former students from all classes, and for all the missionaries from our country to gather! We are honored to have Vaughan Roberts, from Oxford, Great Britain, as this year’s teacher. He is a rector of St Ebbe’s, well known church in Oxford. He’s a writer of many books, a great teacher and this will be his first time in Serbia. You can find more about him and his ministry at http://www.stebbes.org.uk/ .Take the opportunity and plan to spend that weekend with us at

Visit our web site:

www.hub.org.rs A book by John Piper

It is a pleasure to announce the publishing of one of Piper’s best known books, Desiring God. We have dared to take this new step of translating and publishing books, due to a huge lack of quality Christian literature in the past years, and as a response to the expansion of many published books that proclaim the so called prosperity gospel and similar deceitful teachings.

We believe that this book would be a blessing to many faithful people who read it. Other than that, we’ll publish a small booklet named Don’t Waste Your Cancer, also by John Piper, which we believe will be a comfort and an encouragement for those who are struggling with severe diseases.

“Great is the Lord and most worthy praise, his greatness no one can

Summer activities


We’re expecting summer at HUB with many planned events so we will be hosting many groups and guests. The space and other benefits we have are excellent for organizing camps, conferences and seminars. Our team at HUB and the volunteers will be committed this simmer to give our guests a wonderful summer time spent at our place. It is our pleasure to serve with everything we have here.

Ps 145:3

We’d like to thank you for your prayers and the support you are giving to HUB and the Bible school. Pray that this ministry would make progress, and that us, who lead it, would grow in the knowledge of the Lord, so that we’d be a true blessing to the others, and salt and light in the world we live in. God bless you! In Christ,

Sladjan and Jaroslava Milenkovic With the HUB team and students of the Bible School Belgrade

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The HUB Bible school Belgrade - news - June 2014  

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The HUB Bible school Belgrade - news - June 2014  

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