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Ha Long Impression Theater Ha Long City, Vietnam

Architecture & Theater design Š SLA designers

Contents 01 About 02 The origin of SLA designers and what scenographers do.

02 Our vision of scenography 12 What counts for us : artists, spectators and architecture.

Part I Theater design 18 Art and science of the theater design process.

I.1 Scope Of Work 20 The specific focus of the theater designer.

I.2 Scope Of Services 26 From architectural programming till completion.

Part II Expanded fields of scenography Further practices are developed by SLA from scenography point of view.


II.1 Art Lighting Design & Architainment 36 A specific combination of scenography and lighting design.

II.3 Exhibition & Set design


The art of storytelling mix with a high sense of emphasis.

II.4 Urban Scenography 40 Paris has been designed by a scenographer, what to say more !

Contact 42


01 About

01 About

Pearl Opera Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Architecture & Theater design Š SLA designers


We are a french group of designers in the fields of entertainement, culture and tourism.Performance and exhibition spaces are part of our original culture and we have these singular knowledge and experience to handle theater projects, and to create any unique venues involving a live performance.



01 About

Who are scenographers ?

Architects, theater designers, exhibition designers, interior designers, lighting designers, industrial designers, technicians and theater specialists: SLA’s team is made of this large range of competenties, with a common vision and experience about performance and show off: that make them scenographers.

Ha Long Impression Theater Ha Long City, Vietnam Architecture, Theater and lighting designŠ SLA designers, AIC project managment


OUR FIELDS OF EXPERTISE Theater & Stage • Auditorium • Congress center • Dance studio • Stadium and arena • Theatre - Opera • Movie theatre • TV studio

Set & Stage design • Permanent exhibition • Temporary exhibition • Display booth & Showroom • Museum & Gallery

Big Scale & Urban • Theme park • Entertainment area • Tourism & leisure • Urban project • Landscape

Art Lighting • Architectural • Ambient • Infrastructure • Show • Architainment


01 About

© La Machine

© Architecture Studio

© Les Colporteurs


© Agence Confino

© New Territories


CYRIL LAMY Architect & Scenographer

‹‹As architect and scenographer I boost the concepts with my hybrid point of view, mixing construction and performance art.›› Cyril Lamy is a French architect and scenographer graduated from Paris University. He also studied engineering at the Delft Technisch Universiteit (Netherland), urban planning at the Escuela de Arquitectura of Valparaiso (Chile), and he developed his graduation project for tourism and heritage in Jaipur (India). Back in France, Cyril collaborated with several renowned agencies for which he designed and carried out projects such as luxury villas in Corsica, skyscrapers in China, heritage renovations and theaters. In 2011, after several years experience in project management for major constructions, Cyril founds a company dedicated to architectural projects related to

scenography, theater and museum. The studio naturally moved to Bangkok to coordinate a major contemporary art museum project with New Territories. During this period Cyril also collaborates with Franco Dragone Studio for the design of theaters in China, and with François Confino for the official Charlie Chaplin Museum in Switzerland. In collaboration with a group of international professionals in the fields of lighting design, show and exhibition, Cyril now leads the SLA Designers Studio, based in Vietnam. The SLA group aims to develop projects in the ASEAN region extended to Asia. Cyril is also consultant for Concept K, specialized in live performance lighting.


01 About

Concept K ©

Concept K ©

© Concept K-Photo:Panos


Concept K ©

Concept K ©



‹‹Light is color, light is movement, light is intensity. We are artist because we create unique designs with this wonderful material››

Frederic Fayard is a lighting artist, practicing this art for more than 25 years across the globe under the entity Concept K. As a renowed specialist for lighting and programming he designed the major permanent shows in Europe and Asia, in collaboration with the most famous artists and show directors.

Frederic Fayard is an associate of SLA designers and he is regulary positioned in Asia for lighting installations and set up.


01 About



JULIEN NOYER Video artist, Projection mapping

Julien was born in Paris and grew up in the south west of France. He always had a natural curiosity with a creative mind and I started to draw at early age. He went to an Art and Craft high school (Les Arènes, Toulouse) where he studied graphic design and got a diploma in Web-design. Through Web-design he has learned digital animation for online advertising which naturally moved me towards Motion Graphic Design. As he was studying and working for the french creative studio “Shiva Com” he went back to school to study FX // editing Video (MJM Graphic Design Paris) followed by an extra year to start 3D modelling (Bordeaux University). In 2011 he randomly subscribed to a 3D

mapping contest for the Kernel Festival in Italy. He then participated to the “Robot Festival” in Italy, following the topic: Revolution. After 2 years in Australia he decided to move to Vietnam to join the art and design community of HCMC. He currently reside in HCMC which has allowed him to express his art to its fullest capacity as a 3D Mapping Artist and VJ. He played in most venues related to art and music in HCMC and participated in some festivals as Oxymoron, Kaleidosoup and Quest festival. Julien leads IMAGINAIR studio, a SLA designers branch dedicated to motion design and projection mapping.


02 Our vision of scenography

02 Our vision of scenography

‘‘Show is the beating heart of the theater’’* Artists, musicians and performers are always in the mind of the theater designer, as the theater is also their house. The designer knows and understands about the specific requests and needs of artists and show technicians, everything is done to support the performance the most effectively possible. * Marcel Freydefont, french show director & scenographer, 1948-2016


Agathe Olivier & Antoine Rigot Compagnie Les Colporteurs, France


02 Our INSPIRATION vision of scenography

Ha Long Impression Theater Ha Long City, Vietnam Architecture, Theater and lighting designŠ SLA designers, AIC project managment


Performing architecture

We consider the city as a natural stage and architecture as actress that creates permanent events and landmarks, for the pleasure of the citizens and to increase visitor’s attraction. As architect and scenographer, we have this scenic point of view on the city, urban and landscape environnement.


02 Our vision of scenograhpy

Temporary exhibition HCMC, Vietnam Exhibition & Lighting design Š SLA designers

Visitor’s experience - Immersivity

SLA usually focuses on the immersivity of its creations. Immersivity is about the mental and physical position of the spectators and visitors, in the middle of the action, surrounded by the performance or the exhibition environment. 16

Categorie 3.1 experience Nantes, France Set design © SLA designers

The cocoon Mangrove tree studio, China

Architecture & Lighting design© SLA designers

Chaplin’s World museum Vevey, Switzerland Exhibition design © Francois Confino, SLA designers


PART I Theater Design

PART I Theater design PRESENTATION Theater Design involves strong creative abilities and high technical knowledge in order to achieve a project able to attract visitors and a manageable building to run many kind of shows. SLA designers integrated scenographer in his team, these designers have experience in stage design, set design, and lighing. They are used to work with show directors, performers,

musicians, artists, theatre manager and technicians, in order to define a precise program and design a complete theatre project able to run the show they are design for. SLA group collaborates with specilized equipement conpagnies which already achieved several theatre projects in all major cities of Europe and many world famous places in Asia.

Ha Long Impression Theater Ha Long City, Vietnam Architecture, Theater and lighting designŠ SLA designers, AIC project managment


MISSION PROCESS Theatre Designer is usually involved in the designer team as a consultant, but SLA offers also a full service package with architecture and engineering services, depending the client needs and the status of the project. So in terms of mission process the theatre design is similar with the architectural process, following the standard phase of design, from feasibility to completion.

SERVICES Architectural programming Scenographic concept

Audience + Stage

Technical studies TSE

Theater Special Equipement

PROFESSIONNALS Theater designer / Architect Theater designer / Scenographer Theater designer / Engineers Stage machinery / Scenic Decor Lighting,Video / Special effects Audio / Acoustic

THE PROJECT Architectural constraints Performance type(s) Construction constraints Theater operation abilities


PART I Theater Design

I.1 Scope Of Work 01 - Auditorium & Seating • Sightlines • Seats • Security • Acoustic • Lighting 02 - Stage house • Shape • Catwallks • Hoist


03 - Machinery • Theater Special Equipment • Stage floor • Grid system • ... 04 - Back stage • Programming • Organization • Requierments 05 - Front of house • Programming • Organization • Requierments

02 04 03


The theater designer Our theater designers are architects specilized in specific programs relative to any type of performance spaces, with general knowledge about theater equipements and live performance needs. They are key persons able to understand and translate between both parties : the show environnement and the world of construction.



Model cross section of Opera Garnier Musee d’Orsay, Paris


PART I Theater Design - I.1 Scope Of Work

Ha Long Impression Theater Ha Long City, Vietnam Architecture, Theater and lighting designŠ SLA designers, AIC project managment


Connect the audience with the show A theatre is a space where performers and audience create the performance together, actively exchanging attention and energy. A successful theatre supports and enhances this exchange, and the audience must feel closely linked with the performers and each other. A good design places spectators where they can connect intimately to the performance, and where they can see each other respond to it.


PART I Theater Design - I.1 Scope Of Work SCOPE OF WORK Stage house grids catwalk elevators lighting bridges fly bars point hoist locking rail ... Stage Machinery Trap room Archestra pit Gallery Rotating stage ...

Paddy Theater Guangzhou, China Theater design Š SLA designers


Imagine the magical box

This is about designing the space where the performance take place, including all the machinery allowing the tricks, technical request for any show and performers security. The theater designer is the translator from show requests to engineering and architecture, in order to allow the happening of any performance. H2O Circus Berlin, Germany Architecture & Theater design Š SLA designers


PART I Theater Design - I.2 Scope of services

I.2 Scope of services


FEASIBILITY STUDIES & SPACE PROGRAMMING Auditorium type The auditorium project has to be scaled and adapted to the types of performance that it supposes to welcome. The programming phase is essential in a sense that whithout a clear idea about what the auditorium is dedicated to, the programming can not be done properly and the architecture cannot be determinated. Indeed the stage house is as much important as the audience area, because its size and equipments needs depend of the programming, Space sizing The theater designer gather all the requests from auditorium director, technicians, order to prepare a complete architectural programming of the building, form the box office at the front of house, till the performers dressing rooms in the back stage. Building planning & circulations Once the programming is determinate, the theater designer provides the building planning diagram to the architect, in order to insure that all the spaces dedicated to the show are well incude in the architectural drawings, and that all circulations and spaces relationship are take into account. This study is relative to the performance operation, it comes from the specific experience of designers who spent time in the backstage on many live shows.


PART I Theater Design - I.2 Scope of services

Audience - stage relationship study



Audience layout

Audience-Stage relation ship The theater design first task is to find the proper design of stage and audience, in accordance with the architect of the building and the auditorium director. Indeed, from the classical front grand stand to the 360 degres audience, there is an infinity of ways to organize the stage and audience relationship, considering the sightlines and the connection between each spectator and the show. Stage house & machinery During the concept study, the theater designer explore and propose different solutions about theater equipment, in order to find the proper installation due to the use, the maintenance habilities and the budget.

Technical and machinery study

Sightlines study


PART I Theater Design - I.2 Scope of services


TECHNICAL STUDY From schematic to detail phases, we provide all documents, included plans, sections,specifitations, concerning theater design scope of work. Seating Everything about , fix, removable or customized seating system. Stage floor What is the type of stage needs, for which use ? Our specialists provide all the technical studies and specifications about this part of the project. Stage house Everything that public cannot see and that make the show possible. Our stage equiment engineers take over this specific part of the project, in order to provide all specifications and drawings necessary for tender documents, but also for construction phase.

Dialux study

TechnicalŠ SLA designers


PART I Theater Design - I.2 Scope of services


Theater Specialized Equipment For performance venues or for specific projects, with our team and partners we can handle any kinds of projects that requiered specilized materials and equipments. We offer to our client a full package study to insure that all the project will be done properly, considering the requests and budget. Main TSE domains : - Machinery - Rigging - Stage Lighting - Audio visual - Sound system - Special Effects

Paddy Theater Guangzhou, China Theater design Š SLA designers


PART II Expanded fields of scenography

PART II Expanded fields of scenography Beyond the core of the practice of theater design, SLA designers expands his specific point of view of scenography for some new design fields. These services that SLA designers offers are already operationnal for some major projects in the world and tend to be more and more well-known. We propose three kinds of services : - Art lighting design & Architainment - Exhibition & set design - Urban scenography

GG Stadium HCMC, Vietnam Architecture, Theater and set designŠ SLA designers / RIOT games



PART II Scenography in other fields - II.1 Art Lighting design

II.1 Art Lighting design & Architainment Phật Tích - Đại Đồng Thành Bridge Bac Ninh, Vietnam Lighting design © SLA designers

Crazy house Dalat, Vietnam Art lighting design © SLA designers



Architainment, contraction of architecture + entertainment, is a new artistic practice at the crossroads of set design, live performance, lighting design and motion design. This new discipline appeared only few years ago following the improvement of the lighting and video technology, such as colour changing LED lighting or motion detection or kinetic art.

LIGHTING DESIGN Type • Architectural • Ambient (indoor) • Infrastructure • Urban & landscape • Show Expertise • Concept design • Technical study • Set up on site • Lighting scenario • Programming

Sky XXX bar Ho hi Minh City, Vietnam

Lighting design © SLA designers


PART II Scenography in other fields - II.2 Exhibition & Set design

II.2 Exhibition & Set design

GG Stadium, Vietnam Set design Š SLA designers

Exhibition & Set design

From concept to completion, SLA takes over the exhibition design for many kind of purpose. Temporary installation for an event, to permanent exhibition for a museum, SLA focuses on the immersivity, and always brings new ideas to improve the storytelling and create new experiences. 38

MUSEUM & EXHIBITION Type • Stage design • Display booth & showroom • Retail • Museum & Gallery • Permanent & Temporary exhibition Expertise • Exhibition design • Set design & decor • Architecture & interior • Display furniture & signage • Lighting design Chaplin’s World museum Vevey, Switzerland Exhibition design © Francois Confino, SLA designers

Chaplin’s World museum Vevey, Switzerland Exhibition design © Francois Confino, SLA designers


PART II Scenography in other fields - II.3 Urban Scenography

II.3 Urban Scenography

H2O Circus Berlin, Germany Architecture & Theater design © SLA designers

Pearl Opera HCMC, Vietnam

Architecture & Lighting design © SLA designers


Lake Tai artistic bloom project Lake Tai, China Architecture & Scenography © SLA designers

Tran Hung Dao Bridge Hanoi, Vietnam Architecture & Lighting design Š SLA designers

The city as a performance

Include a scenographer in a urban project developement, it means bring a new point of view on the city, focusing on the storytelling, the feelings of the citizens and visitors. It is highly qualitative for such projects like plaza, landmarks sites, touristic areas, ... 41

Contact E: EUROPE / HEAD OFFICE FRANCE 88 rue Colmet lépinay 93100 Montreuil, France


SLA is represented at the International Organisation of Scenographers Theater Architects and Technicians. by Cyril Lamy, member of the OISTAT.

ASEAN / BRANCH STUDIO Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 76, street 34, An Phu Ward, District 2 Ha Noi, Vietnam Agohub tower, 12 Hoa Ma, Pham Dinh Ho ward, Hai Ba Trung District

CLIENTS Compagnie des Alpes / France PetroVietnam / Vietnam WANDA group / China Mangrove tree Resort / China RIOT Taiwan Limited / Taiwan Hilton group / Vietnam AB Group / Vietnam DPA company / Vietnam Horizon Group / Vietnam Boton group / Vietnam CEIBA holdings / Singapore ICARCH gallery / U.S. Hanoi People’s Committee / Vietnam Bac Ninh province / Vietnam City of Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam FLC group / Vietnam Element / Vietnam ...


PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES CONCEPT K / Stage lighting / France (Associate) ARTSCENO / Theater design / Switzerland (Partner) DW project / Theater engineering / Canada (Partner) HBA / Acoustic / Vietnam (Partner) RFR / Structure, MEP / France - Vietnam (Partner)


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SLA Theater design & Scenography services  

An overview about the theater design, exhibition design and more, handled by Sceno Light Architecture.

SLA Theater design & Scenography services  

An overview about the theater design, exhibition design and more, handled by Sceno Light Architecture.