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Laura Slade Rubicon 2013 Reflection

As a first year journalist, my process is still rather informal and not set in stone. I’ve tried to stay organized mostly by labeling my drafts clearly and saving things in the correct locations so that I don’t have to struggle to find them. My timeliness is not my best suit, but I’ve been trying to use a planner more to keep track of deadlines. I try to make sure that I have my necessary interviews scheduled as far in advance as I can to ensure that isn’t a concern. Creativity comes easily to me, so I haven’t made any special efforts in that area as it hasn’t felt necessary. This process was not the best I could’ve done. I found myself being very confident one minute and then realizing I had completely forgotten an essential detail the next; I plan to improve next year. My knowledge of producing publications has increased exponentially. I wasn’t aware of the amount of responsibility each staff member has individually. I also learned a lot of new terms and the correct spelling of lede. I feel like my work in this semester showed my ability to throw myself into a task with less previous instruction. I missed the first part of the class, but I still feel as though I was able to more or less catch up to my peers quickly enough to have a successful few cycles. I really wish I had understood the importance of being timely and starting my drafts right away. I found myself getting behind, especially in my first draft, most cycles. I am proud of how quickly I settled into life on staff and felt comfortable pretty much immediately. I tend to be shy in new groups of people and very reluctant to take on leadership roles, but it feels like a place I belong so I was ready to take on the responsibilities. I would really like to see myself taking the initiative to write a wide range of stories. I can see myself gravitating towards certain sections and certain topics and only writing for certain sections (such

as sports) towards the end of a semester when I know that I have to. As someone that completes tasks easier when I can visually track my progress, the best way for me to accomplish this will probably by making a poster to fill in with cat stickers so I can keep track of what my stories have been and notice sooner if there are no cat stickers in certain areas. As a staff, I would like to see us reach out to students more. Most of my friends only read the paper when I’m carrying around a copy of it. I think we could have more blue sheet announcements such as “there’s a new poll up on Rubicon online! Check it out!” or on days when new issues are released there could be an announcement that gives a little teaser of the paper and tells people to go pick one up. Our paper is great, and I would like more students to see that for themselves instead of just hearing about it when we win awards for being awesome.


Rubicon 2013 end of year reflection

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