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Volume 23/Issue 2

2013 Board of Directors:

My Fellow Chamber Members: My first order of business is to say “thank you”, to all of you whom gave your vote of confidence in allowing me to serve as your 2013 President of the Monona Chamber of Commerce. I truly appreciate it! I was honored to have served our chamber in 2000, and look forward to leading in 2013! If you’re reading this President’s message, you have opened your first e-newsletter for August 2013 in the “new and improved” enewsletter format. We hope you enjoy it and we will continue to improve on this and provide timely and responsive information to your business. A question that many of our Chamber members have asked recently is, “what has my Chamber done for me lately?” To which I have to reply, “What have you or are you doing to support your local Chamber?” Our Chamber of Commerce is only as strong as the member businesses and its employee’s that makes up our membership. The programs and events we strive to put forth each month are only as good and useful for those that wish to participate, attend and learn. We have an excited and motivated Board of Directors that is looking to bring value in your membership for 2013. We are open to your ideas, concerns and support in our programs and events. th

Coming this August 7 , 2013 is another Good Morning Monona

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Executive Committee: President: John Klinzing Vice President: Kim Schuttemeier Secretary: Ryan Eley Treasurer: Sue Ericson Board Members: Adele Bambrough Karen Bosold April Carlisle John Hecht Paul Hoffmann Dale Miller Norb Rebholz Pam Rich Kelly Slack Kellie Unke Ex-Officio Members: Mayor, Bob Miller Superintendent, Dan Olson Executive Director: Terri Groves, IOM

Please Help Us Welcome these 2013 New Members:

ANC – Beth Boeing – 822 East Gorham Street, Madison, WI 53703 608-513-9388 Your connection for

merchant services and other business services.

Concordia University Wisconsin- Madison- Kristpher Moth – 2909 Landmark Place, Madison, WI 53713


Dane Buy Local – Lark Paulson – 6300 Enterprise Lane, Madison, WI 53719 608-250-0966 Supporting Local Business in Dane County.

Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic – Lori Scarlett, DVM - 4504 Monona Drive, Madison, WI 53716 608-819-6750 New vet services in the

Klinke Shopping Center. Treysta on the Water – Danne Corrigan – P.O. Box 352, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

608-514-1728 Monona’s new water front apartment

community. Breaking ground in August 2013!

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Highlighting Member Success Congratulations to Gaylord Catering on their 50th Anniversary! David Chamberlain was hired in 1968 as a dishwasher. Dave attended and graduated from Madison Business College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in accounting, all while working for Gaylord Catering. Gaylord Matti, founder of Gaylord Catering built the current commissary at 709 Atlas Avenue in 1972. Gaylord Catering operates 7 days a week out of the 8400 square foot facility which has a garage for indoor loading. In 1983, Matti sold the business to Chamberlain and another partner. In 1998 Dave became the sole owner after his partner sold his share to him. Mr. Chamberlain is the only owner today. The company evolved from hometown cooking to more upscale events. They have served millions of meals in the Madison and surrounding area over the years. Wisconsin Business Development (WBDFC) receives National Award! The Small Business Administration has awarded WBDFC of Monona the award of Large CDC (Certified Development Companies) of the Year! In the fiscal year 2012 WBDFC worked with 114 Wisconsin Financial institutions and obtained 302 loan approvals, totaling over $228 million and making WBDFC 3rd in the nation in SBA 504 loan approvals out of 255 CDC’s. WBD also holds the 6th largest loan portfolio in the country, having provided over $500 million in financing to small businesses. It has shown national leadership in helping businesses reduce their costs through use of a temporary SBA 504 refinancing program. WBDFC’s CEO Joseph Wolfe is former Board Chair of National Association of Development Companies (NADCO). “This recognition was earned through the exceptional work of the WBD staff to assist Wisconsin businesses in recovering from the recession,” said Joe Wolfe, CEO of WBD. “Working with the SBA and lending partners, we were able to allow over 300 businesses to grow their companies and help keep Wisconsin working.” Share your success stories with your fellow members! Summit the information via email to Your success impacts the entire business community.

Moving Forward 

EZ Office Products has successfully met the certification requirements as outlined in Wisconsin Administration Code Adm. 83 and the policies adopted thereunder herby grants the designation of WomanOwned Business Enterprise. ... Congratulations to John Hecht! He has been elected President of Financial Executives International – Madison Chapter. ... Chamber Mission Statement: The Monona Chamber of Commerce shall serve as the unifying force which supports the interests of commerce and the Monona community.

Building Your Business Good Morning Monona

Have you been to one of our new networking opportunities? Good Morning Monona is another opportunity for you to connect with fellow business leaders in the community. Join us for a fast paced networking and educational event at Madison Turner's. Bring your questions for W. E. Davies & Sons Remodeling. In their presentation "For a square deal with W. E. Davies & Sons Remodeling," they will cover the wide range of services they provide as a "Full Service" remodeling contractor with award winning craftsmanship. A presentation with timely information on issues facing

small business by the Wisconsin Office of Business Development will follow with information on their “one stop� service to get your questions answered. We guarantee you will walk out of this meeting with at least one new business contact. Attendance is complimentary. Guests are welcome! A continental breakfast, juice and coffee will be provided. All the meetings are from 7:30 to 9 am to get you off to work energized! Upcoming Good Morning Monona event dates: August 7, 2013; December 4, 2013; February 5, 2014; June 4, 2014; August 6, 2014; and December 3, 2014.

Annual Sponsors:

Monthly Sponsor:

These events are scheduled the first Wednesday every other month with the Fall Business Seminar (October 2, 2013) and Spring Business Seminar (April 2, 2014) as additions to the calendar. Good Morning Monona events are held at Madison Turner Hall, 3001 S. Stoughton Road and the Business Seminars are held at the East Side Club, 3735 Monona Drive. We are looking forward to presentations from Grimm Book Bindery in December and tips on using social media to boost your business in February 2014. We would love to hear your ideas for future presentations!

Board Member Spotlight Name: John Hecht WPS Community Bank has been a Member of the Monona Chamber since February 24, 2009. What is your Position at WPS Bank? President and CEO What do you love most about your job? I love the challenge of starting something from the ground up and working as a team to help our customers achieve their goals. What is your Favorite Monona memory? The 2013 Chili Festival What do you love most about Monona? It’s a community that cares for people and works together to accomplish great things. What changes (or the biggest change) have you seen in the Monona Community? New development and the beautiful phase I section of Monona Drive! Why did you decide to become a Board Member? Because I wanted to support the business community and lend my experience to making the Chamber as vital and effective as it can be. What do you look forward to the most or find the most rewarding part of being a volunteer Board Member? Interacting with other Board members and getting to know other business people in Monona. Interesting fact about you: I’m a CPA who really wanted to be a professional baseball player. Favorite way to spend time outside of work: I enjoy outdoor activities (biking, camping, x-country skiing) and walking my German Sheppard. My wife and I like exploring all the local restaurants. Favorite Monona restaurant: David’s Jamaican Favorite Movie or Book: I have always enjoyed the Disney movie classic “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sink the Bismarck.” I enjoy reading Tom Clancy books as well.

Welcome to

Words from Wilma Newsletter “Insider “Insider Tips Tips for Healthy, Wealthy Wealthy & & Happy Happy Living. Living. .. .. ““

March July2012 2013

Wilma Noot Paul Wilma Paul The Stark Noot Co. Realtors The Stark Co. Realtors 608-222-2420 608-222-2420

Real Estate Corner. . . Threat To Your House Avoid This Common

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create mold your house, and yourself, byuses checking comA. Yes, in and fact,mildew. one outProtect of four first-time homebuyers a giftthese to make mondown troublepayment. spots: the

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Quotes To Live By. . .

back) One of(see the answer evils ofondemocracy is, you have to put up with the man you FreeyouBooklet elect whether want him or not. “Getting it Sold” - Will Rogers Information on curb staging, There is no cure forappeal, birth and death plus do’s and don’ts. Call for your free save to enjoy the interval. copy at- 222-2420. George Santayana

Q. Canfrom I use a financial gift a friend relative as a without down Moisture accumulated water or from vapor can be a bigor threat, sometimes payment on buying home? quickly, there is potential for major damage your even knowing. If nota addressed to your home. If left alone, moisture can even threaten your health if it starts to Leaky pipes are common in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Sometimes the leak is seeping, rather than an obvious drip. The first sign may be a Tax law allows gifts of up to $13,000 a year without tax consequences to mildew smell or a discoloration of the walls. To seal up leaks: tighten loose the giver or recipient. (The amount is adjusted annually so check IRS. pipes, replace cracked piping, and use waterproof caulk. gov 950 in forcooking the current figure.) You could get moisture a gift from two ➣ publication Poor ventilation or showering areas can create on ceilparents or Fans two friends $26,000) without a giftafter tax.showering or ings. should be(for used during and at leastpaying five minutes cooking. ➣ Attic moisture can occur where helps the roof vents,even chimneys, Using a gift for a down payment youmeets buy any a home if it’s skynot lights or someAdministration other opening. When the roof shingles become Federal Housing (FHA)-approved. The best saturated, advice isthe to water seeps into the attic. This space ® between your roof and ceiling can be contact a knowledgeable REALTOR and discuss this subject before you a habitat for mold growth if water is present. Have a qualified contractor start looking for homes. inspect your roof to identify areas needing repair. ➣

Like To RealWould EstateYou Corner. . .Know How Much Your Neighbor’s Home Listed Or Sold For?

Q. I am thinking of selling my home later this year. What can I do to fix it Maybe you’re just curious. Or maybe you want to know how much your home is up and net more from the sale? worth. Either way, I can help. . . with no “sales pitches” or run-arounds. Call me at 222-2420 or simply email me: and I’ll give you all the facts. A. Remember when you put your home up for sale it becomes a product on display. Getting rid of clutter makes it easier for potential buyers to walk through Use This Type Sunscreen. . .to tackle a few the property and see themselves living of there. You may also need It home doesn’timprovement just keep yourprojects skin fromtoburning. A new study using sunscreen every get a good price forshows your that property. day decreases skin aging by 24 percent. Start with the walls. Freshly painted walls in a neutral color invite a potential Plus, look the words “broadwith spectrum” on theinFDA-required means buyer tofor imagine the home their things it. You want label. That enough wall deco-the product will protect you against both UVA and UVB radiation. If a label has a high SPF ration to make your home attractive, but it is easy to overdo it. When removing butwall doesn’t say “broad spectrum,” then it’s not necessarily screening your skin from the décor to paint leave most of it packed away. longer UVA wavelengths. Sunscreens that aren’t broad spectrum, or have an SPF lower than 15, now have to include a scary warning on the label. Freshen up the kitchen. Kitchens often sell a home. You will want to make sure it is bright, clean and reasonably updated. Consider replacing the hardthanbetween 70 percent of Earth’s wareOceans or addingcover a newmore backsplash the countertops and surface. hanging cabimuch of theappliances, oceans have humans explored? nets. IfHow you have to replace stainless steel is an option that offers clean lines and is easy to keep clean. a) 17% b) 1% c)5% d) 60% Enhance the curb appeal with neat, trim landscaping. Your home will likely The c) 5%. The National Oceanic & visits Atmospheric Administration 95% of beanswer viewedison the internet before a buyer the property. A cleansays exterior our oceans remain unexplored. We have better maps of Mars than for most of the seabed. makes better looking photos and helps your home look more valuable.

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5. Respond quickly by phone or email. Buyers have a lot of options and may move on to the next seller in the same day. 6. Keep your ad near the top. Every time you post an ad it appears at the top of the page, pushing other ads down. Check again tomorrow and it’s far down the page. Repost the ad every other day, or at least weekly, to increase the chance it gets noticed.

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Words from Wilma

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March 2012

Wilma Noot Paul The Stark Co. Realtors

608-222-2420 Wilma Noot Paul The Stark Co. Realtors Buying

a home soon?

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608-222-2420 consumer report

When a squirrel slipped into my house, I did the logical thing: I panicked and called Avoid This Common Threat To Your House my father. Moisture from accumulated water or vapor can be a big threat, sometimes without

“Howyour do you getknowing. a squirrelIfout a basement?” I asked. even notofaddressed quickly, there is potential for major damage

to your home. If left alone, moisture can even threaten your health if it starts to create mold mildew. Protect your butter house,and andcrackers yourself,from by checking these comDad advised me and to leave a trail of peanut the basement trouble spots: - the squirrel ate his way out of the house. Unfortunately, to themon outside. It worked ➣ Leaky are eating common kitchens, he passed anotherpipes squirrel hisinway into thebathrooms house! and utility rooms. Sometimes the leak is seeping, rather than an obvious drip. The first sign may be a mildew smell or a discoloration of the walls. To seal up leaks: tighten loose pipes, replace cracked piping, and use waterproof caulk.

Ambassador Spotlight Name: Becky Nolden The Julie Bass State Farm Agency has been a Member of the Monona Chamber since October 10, 2007. What is your Position at Julie Bass State Farm? I have worked with Julie Bass for the past 3+ years. I wear many hats at the agency, but my current title is Office Manager. What do you love most about your job? It is so rewarding to build relationships with our customers at the Julie Bass State Farm Agency. It is a joy talking to someone for the first time and by the end of our conversation, feels like we are close friends. What is your Favorite Monona memory? What do you love most about Monona? Monona is a wonderful tight knit “good neighbor” community as demonstrated in the parade and other events. The Julie Bass State Farm team is already looking forward to the 2013 Memorial Day Parade! What changes (or the biggest change) have you seen in the Monona Community? You can’t help but notice the beautification project on “The Drive”. It turned out amazing and we are so excited to be located on “The Drive” now too! Why did you decide to become an Ambassador? As part of the Julie Bass State Farm Agency, it is our mission in committing to being a “good neighbor”. The Ambassador program allows yet another way for us to do that. What do you look forward to the most or find the most rewarding part of being a volunteer Ambassador? Networking and visiting other area businesses and hearing their stories. Interesting fact about you: I am a busy mother of two, wife and the President/Co-Founder of the Spina Bifida Family Network (SBFN). Favorite way to spend time outside of work: I always look forward to “date night” with my husband, Dale! Favorite Monona restaurant: Monona has way too many great places to be specific. Favorite Movie or Book: One of my all-time favorite movies is the Pursuit of Happiness

Design & Consultation by:


Landscapes for how you live

Installation by: With last year's hot spell many are looking forward to a normal Wisconsin summer. Think of your outdoor entertainment area as a "staycation": Sunny mornings, comfortable warm days and cooler evenings. 608-437-8845

Complete Design and Construction for your home or business

Many of the patios we installed last year are ready for fun times with family and friends now. If you want to improve your outdoor living space think about adding a shade tree to help filter the afternoon sun- near your patio, add a fire pit to cook over and to take that evening chill off or try some low voltage lighting to enjoy the after dark time without the glare of a flood light. Contact us now to create the perfect space.

Creative, Individualized plans Site Problems solved Hardscaping—Patios and walls Lo-voltage lighting Nursery Stock Water features Flower/vegetable/herb gardens

Monona Moola accepted for Bur Oak Landscape consultation or design

Everyone loves to eat outdoors and can cook outside nine months of the year. Here are some ideas and pictures to fit any budget:

The Monona Façade Renovation Grant for commercial buildings on Monona Drive is still in effect. It can include landscape upgrades as well as improving your building’s façade. We know how the program works. Call us.


August 27, 5:00 – 7:00 pm Business After 5- Networking Evening on the Lake at the East Side Club Brought to you by:

September 24, 5:00 – 7:00 pm Business After 5- Networking Open House at Energy Tech Solutions/Slack Attack Communications and Joy in Yoga, 5113 Monona Drive

TARGET NETWORKING GOALS: 1. Meet one new contact. 2. Share my success stories.

October 2, 7:30 – 9 am Fall Business Seminar/Annual Meeting at the East Side Club


5 Brought to you by:















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Please ask how you can sponsor one of our monthly events; Logo sponsorships starting at $200.00 ask for Terri 608-222-8565.

Find event details and post your events to the Chamber website:







2013 Coming Soon: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” Bill Gates

*Build Monona *Thriving on the Drive Celebration


August 10, 10:00 – Noon Maintain Brain Health: Staying Sharp at Any Age at the Monona Public Library. Learn how your brain works and how to improve your brain health at any age Website:

August 11, Dedication ceremony of the Murphy-Anthony Field on Sunday, August 11, Ahuska Park, 400 Block Broadway at 1 pm. “Play Ball”

PROJECTS DUE: 1. Compliment someone on a job well done.

August 11 & September 29 9 am to 1 pm Monona Farmers Market Journey for YOUth event Website: http://www.mononafarmersmarket. com

2. Smile 

August 20, 7:00-8:00 pm Free Summer Concert in Winnequah Park Enjoy a free outdoor concert featuring Carl Davick & Friends Website: http://friendsofthemon

September 1, 1 pm Historical Marker Dedication/Time Capsule Event/Car Show and Heritage Days At Monona Motors then Aldo Leopold Nature Center Website:

















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September 25, 6:00-7:30 pm Seasonal Chefs: Around the Deli at the Monona Public Library Meet and learn from Stalzy’s Deli owner Neil Stalboerger Website:

Oct. 5th, MGBMA Chili Festival & Cook-off - Ahuska Park

26 27 28 29 30 31 A


“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” Donald Trump Send your community events to We want to share all the great things happening in Monona.






September 28, 1:00 – 5:00 pm Monona Pie Party Fundraiser for Playtime Productions Children’s Theatre At the Monona Community Center Website: https://www.facebook.c om/MononaPieParty

COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS: Monona Grove Education Foundation granted $7824 in grants to schools and teachers to finance 4 IPads for comprehensive technology plan, State and National USA Skills competition equipment, document camera for advanced Algebra and Geometry, ½ the cost of the Overture Center for the Arts student art display, support activities for African American students, Smart Response System, 5 Units of Narrative Writing Study, and professional development materials for staff. GOLF OUTING OPPORTUNITIES: SrA Daniel James Johnson 3rd Annual Memorial Golf Classic on August 21 at Geneva National Golf Club in Lake Geneva, WI. Dan Johnson was a MG graduate and was honored as grand marshal of the Memorial Day Parade in 2011. Contact Jim Johnson 608-345-9804 or for more information.

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Continued from page 1: meeting at Turner Hall. Our Marketing Committee has been working feverishly on bringing this “new event” to our members. We will have a topical discussion of current events and a Chamber Member who will inform you of their business and what it means. Watch for your invitation, and be sure to tell both members and nonmembers about the event. Lastly, we continue to welcome our new business and business owners to our community. Watch for many local ribbon cuttings to take place throughout 2013. Please feel free to call on me any time with your concerns or ideas on how we can continue to make Monona a better place to do business. I can be reached at or my direct phone of #608.310.3924. I look forward to leading in 2013. Best regards, John W. Klinzing President, Monona Chamber of Commerce

Scholarship Thank You Note 

Allen Beilke wrote, “I would like to thank you for awarding me the 2013 Monona Chamber of Commerce Business Education Scholarship. The money you gave me will be very helpful and beneficial in my pursuit of a business degree from UWWhitewater. I truly consider this scholarship a blessing, considering the current state of the economy and the decrease in government financial support for college students. I hope to bring the knowledge of business that I learn back to the community and I want to thank you for playing a part in that.” The Monona Chamber of Commerce has provided $20,500.00 to Monona Grove graduating seniors through our Business Education Scholarships since 1998! Funds are currently collected through the Cottage Grove/Monona Chamber Scholarship Golf Outing and direct scholarship donations. Thank you for participating!

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