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Music of the Spheres #2 is produced for FLAP #146 of December 2007 (and a few other friends). Up to the point of pressing the Send key, it comes to you from Dave Locke, 32 Providence Drive #15, Fairfield, Ohio 45014. The landline here is 513/942-2389, and the email address is (please, this is for correspondents and FLAP members only. Drop it in the BCC column if you’re doing a mass-mail). Printing and assembly is courtesy of Gary Grady.

Music of the Spheres Taerter Wow, so here we are again. I can tell it’s December, because we just had the first snow of the year. Another clue that I was on top of the deadline was that it had snuck up on me, then jumped out in front, and then placed a hand on my chest to indicate that I was to go no further because it was time for FLAP. Past time, actually. These deadlines are very pushy, and I really do need to develop a system for getting things done in a more timely manner.

his zine was written and submitted, with much shameful waggling of the finger at this gross error of mine. I should do an update on the Outside Dog, which I wrote about last time. Where last we left off, Vicky has asked the neighbors to keep their grandkids and their dog off our patio. The leash law was explained to them. Apparently they understood some small portion of that they were told but, as I explained to Vicky, “I don’t think they understand the concept.”

Looking at the front of the mailing, I see Gary has inquired about printing a membership roster on page 2 of the OO. Well, yeah, that sounds good. Shouldn’t take much time or space. If we’re really brief on total pagecount, we would use Google Earth and print out a map for each member, too.

I said that because I’d encountered the cute little dog that morning while on a routine trip to our patio. The dog was wearing its leash. It would drag it all around the yard, sometimes getting it caught up in a piece of furniture which would cause the dog to have to retrace its steps to escape from wherever it had trapped itself. That, or sit there looking cute and expectant of rescue. None of the neighbors, of course, would be anywhere around.

Gary also asks us to suggest some new members. Well, I sure miss Milt Stevens. A long-time ghood bhuddy, I wish he were still here. Dave Locke – Music of the Spheres

Eric Lindsay – Missed Mailings

I have to cringe when I read mentos or typos which I know are going to cause me trouble. Like saying to David Hulan that I saw he would be giving away his Apanage collection to make pristine room at his & Marcia’s new abode. I have no idea why I wrote “Apanage” when I knew durn well that the apa was SFPA. I mean, I’ve been in both of them, and there was no legitimate reason for a confusion between the two. When David & Marcia were down after Thanksgiving I confessed that I’d spotted this on a rereading. However,

Being in the Trufen mailing list, with Jean, I know that the two hip replacement surgeries came and went and that both turned out fine. I’m glad because, as we all know, pain hurts. In your comment to Arthur you mention the status of your prospective computer buying. You talk of chipsets and 45 nm die shrinks, of 802.11n WiFi and CFL giving way to LED backlights. This all made me realize that I should still be writing with crayons or colored pencils. 1

Just watched a 2007 skiffy movie which I think you’d like. Not because I liked it, though I did, but because it’s a solid sleeper of Jerome Bixby’s THE MAN FROM EARTH and shows what can be done if you want to use top-calibre written SF as the basis for a movie. Hell, I loved it. < title/tt0756683/> It’s primarily a My Dinner With Andre talking-head movie, but because of the concepts being pushed around it never drags. Definitely a thinking-person’s movie, and if something like this won the Hugo I’d be absolutely delighted.

For someone who dropped FLAP for a year, I too am glad it didn’t fold. Which doesn’t mean it won’t. We need more bodies. Alive or dead doesn’t matter, so long as they’re agreeable sorts and can write. Hmmm, wait a minute, we already have a stable of expired FLAP members. We can do reprints! Yes, I can imagine it was quite a shame to find out that Bob Tucker had passed away just shortly after moving to within a half-mile of you. I had even imagined coming to visit you and the four of us taking a run up for an almost-surprise visit (cleared with a phone call, of course; otherwise he would have shot us with justification). Alas, none of this happened. Reminded me, sadly, that my heart attack in 12/04 kept me from making an arrangement to see nearby fan and friend Bill Bowers until April, and that he died just a few days before that date arrived. And then there’s the memory that my mother had died just a minute before I flew from the Larea to the East Coast and made it up to her hospital room.

David Hulan – Fenris

Jotun Pub #1000? Congratulations on your stamina! I finally got a cell phone, too, but like you I used it once and received no calls and, all things considered, I’m not even certain why I bought it. I haven’t even altogether figured out how to use it… Yes, your Honda Accord is a very nice vehicle. We both liked it.

Carolyn & Dave know Eric, also, but there’s a difference in that they’ve met him and I haven’t. Although, maybe, one of these days. He’s an old friend and a good correspondent.

But, nevertheless, as Prof. Irwin Corey used to say, nevertheless… Bob was one of those instantly likeable people, gathering friends wherever he went, and he was mentally and physically in decent shape for virtually the nine decades he was around. I was in touch with him, by pen or in person, from my first convention in 1962 until he wrote me shortly before his death. On 9/18 he wrote: “Fair warning! I'm changing homes again -- expect to go to Florida in a couple of weeks to stay for the winter. Will send you the info.” He passed away in Florida on 10/6, just before he would have turned 92. Yeah, he was just about 92, but the news of his death was still hard to believe. He just had so much life in him.

As we probably discussed when you were here, I read Scalzi’s The Old Man’s War and found it enjoyable enough that I may try additional titles. He definitely has a talent for breezy Heinlein-like space opera with good interpersonal dialog. This one, I suspect, you would like.

The only one of the Democratic presidential nominees I’ve been semi-impressed with is Dennis Kucinich. He has a dynamite record, but of course his main problem is that he’s no taller than I am… On the Republican side I like Ron Paul, also for his record but also for his libertarian ideas.

Heh. I know people whose entire reading habit seems to consist of the occasional fortune cookie. In my lastish I recommended a book by Eric Mayer and Mary Reed, and in this mailing you’re reviewing their stuph and indicating that “it’s worth buying and keeping”. Drat. How can I make book recommendations to you if you’ve already read the books I’m recommending?


Ah, yes, another fan of oysters almost anywhichaway. Smoked (although I’ve never smoked one), raw, steamed, bring it on. Definitely we must hit the raw bar at the Pappadeaux restaurant when next you’re down. I think there are some other FLAPans who might go for some of that, too, considering it’s so close to the Midwestcon hotel.

Jodie Offutt – Whistle Post

Fifty years. That’s a long time to live day-today with one person. I’m glad your celebration went well, and having the kids and grandkids gather at your place seems an excellent way to do it. And then you follow that by going to someone else’s 50th anniversary celebration. I don’t usually get tickled by something on the car radio, but that may be because I don’t much listen to the radio. And if I do, it’s usually music. And, if it’s music, because Vicky turned it on it’s usually classical, and if there’s any talk it’s usually by Frank Johnson. Hard to see Frank once or twice a year and not feel more familiar with him than I actually am.

Lovely having you two out here after Thanksgiving. I’d almost forgotten what your typefaces looked like, and speaking of that and considering the length of this comment, we should roll things back a few decades and start corresponding again… Pat & Roger Sims – FLAP 770

I’m sorry to hear about the death of your brother, Pat. My condolences.

Bruce Arthurs – Last Stage For Silverworld

I’m not aware of what all those projects (STNTGD) consist of, but it sounds like they need a close application of the 80-20 rule, also called the Pareto Principle (Google that and you’ll get a cornucopia of explanation).

Everybody in the world seems to have problems selling their home when they’re ready to hit the road and move on. I can’t offhand remember more than a couple of people who haven’t had that problem in the last decade. It’s rather like the common syndrome of often having trouble with a contractor when you need work done on a home.

We get projects, but some of them have been on the list of projects since we bought this place at the end of June 2006. And so far there’s been no extreme guilt at not getting a Round Tuit.

You guys hang in.

Jeebus. Be careful on taking pills that make you run at high speed 24/7. On the other hand, the past couple of days I’ve gone from sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night to sleeping 11 or 12. That feels great, but unfortunately I’m not engaged in any activities which would explain the need for that much sleep.

Carolyn Doyle – Personal Slant

Cyxork 7 does sound like an interesting movie, and the trailer was good. Now all that remains is that I get an opportunity to see it. Which is quite possible, since I keep an eye on what’s available on the Net. Don’t think I’ll find it at a local theater or on late-nite TV…

Marty Helgesen – The Squirrels Ate My FLAPzine

You mention that John Huff, who co-wrote and directed this, also wrote for the original THE NIGHT STALKER television series. Didn’t know that was one of your favorite TV shows, too. The series was a lot of fun, unlike the remake which truly sucked.

About four times a year I get a phone call on checking my pacemaker/defibrillator. My land-line phone is plugged into my Housecall unit, so I turn on the unit and hang up the phone, then hang this wand around my neck and place it over the implant. Then hold still for ten minutes while it takes a reading.

I too saw FIDO, with Billy Connolly playing the likeable zombie. Different, with its retro-50s perspective, and I thought it was good fun.

I’d swear that ball-bearing mousetrap story makes the rounds every couple of years…

Prime, an interesting story. 3

I agree with you again. Luxury resorts hold absolutely no appeal to me. Let’s not hold a convention at one.

Gary Grady – No Theory! Facts!!

Glad you got around to watching Hot Fuzz. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Damnfine comedy. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is a movie I’ve been looking to see turn up for a couple of years now. Guess I’ll have to go searching for it on the Net.

It was great having you out for a couple of days to visit (I think that’s what those partial days added up to) back in October at the time that Brian came out from Bennington. Well, he’s no longer in Bennington, but if I said Pownal everyone would ask “what did you say?”

And The Forgotten was a decent movie. Agree with you on that, too. And on Miller’s Crossing, which I saw back in the long ago and liked just a bit more than you did. And speaking of the Coen Brothers, don’t miss No Country For Old Men. That, and the skiffy The Man From Earth are the two best movies I’ve seen in the last half year or so. Like you, I’ve never heard of the phobia about wanting to throw your wallet off a bridge. Seems like an excessively strange phobia… Is Don Imus really a racist? Well, I dunno. Not for the reason he was tossed off radio for a while, but perhaps for something else I don’t know about. I’m not really a fan of the shock jock, but I think he got railroaded more than a little bit. You’re right, the presidential debates suck. Occasionally Kucinich or Paul will get off an extremely good line, or rant, but that’s still not a debate. That’s bumper-sticker stuff.



Music of the Spheres #2

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