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Over deliver is a phrase that's turning up in more business, sales and marketing books. More companies continue looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in this new economy. So, with shrinking sales and heavier competition, this word is on the lips of more companies. The over deliver philosophy grows more effective in a time when more companies and agencies scramble for ways to cut, draw and scale back. This powerful philosophy also reigns as the secret weapon smaller companies use to level the playing field with larger competitors. Many smaller companies have discovered finding ways to over deliver can work effectively against larger competition. For example the ones too large, impersonal and inflexible to offer the personalized service they can. Once upon a time if you had a good product or service people would keep their loyalty to the same company for years. But in today's competitive market place people's loyalties continue to grow toward companies who over deliver. As valuable as this trait is, it still amazes me how few companies have even heard of it much less excel at it. This small over sight can act as your open door or silver platter opportunity if you know how to take advantage of it. Keep reading and you'll discover how with specific steps. The ability to over deliver made companies like Nordrom's, Netflix, and Southwest Airlines famous. And they did it despite competing against much larger competitors. It's what put them on the map and what brings people back to them. And they do it even though they offer the same or similar physical products as their competitors. That's how powerful over delivering can be to your company, your profits and yourself. To spark your imagination here's 5 powerful ways to apply the over deliver principle to your business, goals or your life. 1. Find Out What Your Competitors Don't Like to Do and Start Doing It. This is one of the fastest ways to make yourself or your company stand out from the crowd. It simply involves researching your competitors and finding out what they don't like to do. For example, if competitors are closed on weekends - can you open? Competitors don't do home deliveries - can you? Competitors don't take online orders - can you? See my point?

2. Focus on Improving in Areas Where Your Competitions are Ignoring or Slipping Up On. Most companies, even the large ones, often ignore, overlook, even drop the ball concerning customer service. That's why staying alert to your competition can pay handsome dividends. When you find that area where your competition is dropping the ball focus on doing it better? 3. Find Out What Your Target Customers Want More of and Give It to Them. This is one of the most fool proof ways to use the over deliver principle. It's a powerful 3 letter word that could open a flood gate of sales. The 3 letter word... Ask! Whether you do it through surveys, polls or face to face, ask your target customers what they would like more of and give it to them. It would surprise you how far this simple action will place you ahead of most of your competitors. Why? Because so few companies or people ask. For example, of all the places you spend your money at - how many have asked you what you would like more of? See my point? 4. Give More in Use Value Than You Ask for in Money. This is the core to the over deliver principle. Making sure you give more in use value than you're asking a prospect or customer to give you in money. And remember it's not just enough to give it. Make sure they see, recognize and understand the extra value given. Because it does little good to give an extra widget to someone who doesn't understand the value of a widget. 5. Do More "Unexpected, Didn't Have to Do It... or You Shouldn't Have" Gestures. Simple gestures can cost little or no money but can pay huge rewards. This is the age of account numbers, passwords and usernames. So, taking the time to remember a name, birthday, or special occasion can work wonders in building customer loyalty. Taking the time to do something unexpected sticks in a customer's mind. Doing something you didn't have to do impresses people. And performing a you shouldn't have gesture can make people feel a sense of obligation to you to return the favor. Let these tips help spark your imagination. As you use them you'll find yourself coming up with your own ideas for over delivering to your prospects and customers. To your success.

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==== ==== The New Economy is thriving - don't get left behind. Visit ==== ====

Overdeliver: the New Normal in the New Economy  

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