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SKY Newsletter Q1 2014

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace.

SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 1

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. Editorial Dear Vethathrian Families and Friends, May the Divine protect you, bless you, and guide you in all your activities day and night. We are happy to start a newsletter so that we can meet you all often and exchange our thoughts. All our services are going on well in all our centers. Many are happy to join our Skype program especially monthly silence, study circle, introspection, etc. We have to expand more and more in the future. Now it is encouraging to have more masters and they are regular to attend and render more services. I remember the time when Swamiji used to observe 40 days silence from November 1 to January 1; first-day of the New Year it will be celebrated as global peace day with 24 hours of chanting “Vazhga Valamudan, Vazhga Vaiyagam� All of you are blessed by getting initiated into the great Sky System, Sat Sangam is imperative for us for enlightenment. We can help others to develop spiritual wisdom. Always all of us should keep in touch with our organization to learn to practice, to implement, and teach others and work for world peace.

Be blessed by the Divine

Meena Narayanaswamy

SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 2

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. YOGA FOR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL BEING by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi

What is Yoga? Generally, yoga is understood as an ancient system of physical exercise. In a real sense yoga is a systematized holistic practice to develop consciousness to its perfection. Of course in this process of yoga, the physical exercise occupies a place as it is necessary to maintain the bodily health, which is an intrinsic part of any holistic practice. Most importantly in Yoga, mind is the important phenomenon to be dealt with. We can classify the functioning stages of the mind at three levels – Periphery or Surface, Bottom and Origin. At each of these levels the consciousness acquires a different dimension. When the mind functions in its surface it functions in terms of sensory experiences and feelings of pain and pleasure. In this state, self forgetfulness and emotions are present. This is a state of Material Consciousness. When the mind turns inward and realizes its own existence & functioning, which is the process of its own transformation during the sensory experiences with life energy as its source; there it is functioning in its bottom. In this state the mind functions as Soul Consciousness and is characterized by a permanent state of awareness. A light of insight comes into being. When the mind realizes its origin, it gets its full perfection and identifies itself with the universal being that is present everywhere and in everything as consciousness, as the Absolute and as Truth. This is the peak of sixth sense – Total Consciousness. The innate purpose of life is the journey of consciousness towards this state of perfection. The goal of man, in the evolutionary process of nature, is to develop the consciousness to function in all the three stages, so as to realize all the stages of the evolutionary process of the universal being, enjoy the happiness and ecstasy pertaining to each stage and develop a innate sense of identify with that. When the mental and physical activities and the method of life, are in unison with the purpose of birth, life will be felt as harmonious, satisfactory and peaceful. The extent to which they differ with that purpose, the problems and miseries emerge and develop in life.

SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 3

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. When the understanding and the activities of man get stagnated only in the surface level of the mind, he cannot enjoy peace and happiness, even though he is provided with all the facilities of life. It is natural as in cases where the other two levels of consciousness do not function, there is a one sided tilt in the mind which results in a state of stress and tension. Yoga helps man to get himself relieved from this state of tension. Yoga helps man to take the mind from the surface (material consciousness) to the bottom (soul consciousness) and then to the origin (Total Consciousness). In this process, the dormant cells of the brain get activated and there is corresponding improvement in the functioning of the cells of the physical body. Harmony in physical system and equilibrium in mental function will develop gradually by the practice of Yoga. The process wherein the mind traces its base every minute will be the relaxing period from its tension. The result of restful awareness is achieved by the withdrawal of the mind from its sensual activities at its will and merging it into its base or the soul which blossoms as creative intelligence, and elevates to soul consciousness. In the first part of yoga, the mind merges back (laya) with the soul. It is meditation. The second part of yoga is to merge the mind of soul consciousness, into the origin of its own, the universal being. This is the state of perfection of the mind, the culmination of the consciousness to its fullness. The stage is called Samadhi. Here, the consciousness reaches its origin by full development. As the mind travels in and in, its frequency becomes subtler and subtler and consequently the force of the life energy correspondingly gets harmonized so as to regulate the functions of the cells of body and brain. It is the fact, the minute cells of the physical body, brain cells, the vibration force of the life energy and the frequency of mental wave are interconnected in their functions with one another. By self action, chain action and reflex action, all the above four are getting corresponding changes in their functions and character. When the mind functions only in the surface, its character is conditioned by the forces of physical activities and brain cells. By the practice of yoga, when the mind comes to the bottom and to its origin, the awareness and will power are developed. As a result, the mind becomes strong enough to recondition the physical activities; to be able to pursue its moralized desires other goals so as to enjoy everlasting happiness and peace. In a particular level of consciousness where the mind functions in its surface, where the sensual intoxication and emotions are present, most of the brain cells and the cells of physical body are induced to over work, or to function irregularly. These cause some kinds of illness to the physical body and also developmental tension SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 4

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. proportionate to such irregularities. If the mind is brought to function in its bottom and origin states, the whole system is being rectified and regulated gradually and the functions of the brain cells and physical cells become normal. Therefore yoga is a process of nature cure. It is preventative as well as curative in addition to the development of consciousness. In yoga, the physical exercises which are otherwise called yogasanas also are prescribed as a part. As the exercises help keep up the physical health, they are necessary for the yoga practitioners. The main aim of yoga is to develop the consciousness. But if the physical body is not in a healthy condition, the development of consciousness is not possible. Therefore the maintenance of the physical body becomes first important. Patanjali widely considered as the authority on yoga emphasizes the need for maintaining the body in healthy condition. Then only the relationship between the body and soul will be harmonious. The first four steps as prescribed by him i.e. Yama, Nyama, Asana & Pranayama help maintain the relationship between body and soul. In essence they keep the body and mind in healthy condition. The second four steps as prescribed by him i.e. Prathyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi maintain the relationship between soul and universal being and elevate the consciousness step by step to achieve the goal of identity. Now we have come to understand the real meaning and the benefits of yoga. In the modern age, to be able to deal with the stress levels associated with our day to day life, yoga is an effective tool. Even then the method of practicing yoga according to the ancient systems is not suited for men leading a family life. One has to spend a major portion of one’s life to learn yoga according to those systems. Hence after many years of research I systematized a simpler method where with the help of a trained master, yoga can be learnt easily and without any strain. This method is known as Simplified Kundalini Yoga. Men and women leading a normal family life can practice this method and get all the benefits described in the conventional system of yoga. Our main organization i.e. the World Community Service Center is teaching the system of SKY through SKY Centers established in different parts of the world. World Service Volunteer,


SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 5

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. Learn SKY by Sr. Prof. Meena Narayanaswamy Yogiraj Vethathiri Mahirishi, a great master of spirituality, has given to the world the system of Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) and other spiritual practices with the main aim of transforming the common man’s personality towards God realization. From his childhood Swamiji has studied Tamil Nadu Siddha’s heritage of spiritual wisdom. He was all the time working hard to bring spiritual wisdom to common man. Hence he has simplified a (steady?) course to enrich the mind and thoughts of people under an organization call the World Community Service Center (WCSC). This was a small beginning but now many schools, universities, and other organizations have introduced this course of teaching meditation, yogic exercises, introspection, etc in their curriculum. Thousands of people are learning and enjoying the benefits of learning this system for human excellence. The four aspects of Simplified Kundalini Yoga are the following: 1. Meditation 2. Introspection 3. Sublimation 4. Perfection With this learning our mind expands, we understand the law of nature, we start maintaining awareness in our thoughts, deeds and speech. This is the immediate benefit of first effort. For physical health Swamiji has systematized yogic exercises. Our masters are trained in all the above topics. We are spread in all over the world and our centers are doing a wonderful service to humanity by spreading the knowledge of yoga. “Kayakalpa” is another systematized technique by Swamiji to retain youth and health. Let us note the benefits of meditation. Meditation is a yogic practice to bring peace to the mind. Regular meditation is the process of brining and keeping the function of consciousness in normal working order. Spiritual awareness makes the mind to be away from emotional condition—brings it to peaceful condition with intellectual awareness because of this regular peaceful practice (meditation). Meditation also enables us to conserve our spiritual, physical, and mental energy. Meditation helps to maintain good health. Metabolic routine does not get disturbed. Pain, disease, and early death can be avoided as mind and body get a regular flow of bio-magnetic energy. Meditation helps us to maintain the polar arrangement of body SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 6

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. cells of our physical structure. Regular meditation increases the power of concentration, will power and learning capacities. Understanding the law of nature enables us to feel the unfailing cause and effect system. We become realized in our life activities. With organized method of introspection, one can realize the transformation of one’s personality. Anger, worrying, jealousy, bad thoughts, etc. will disappear from our personality. After some time we can assess our own personality through periodical introspection. 1.

According to Swamiji “An integrated practice of reorganizing and restructuring the body and the mind for a newly planned life is kundalini yoga”.


“In order to enjoy the happiness provided by Nature, this meditation should be practiced by everyone”


“I have done so much research to simplify this yoga to be suitable and safe practice to one and all”.


Swamiji “Within minutes of initiation, the aspirant will be aspirant will be able to feel the sensation of life force---“ “At present 100 thousand people throughout the world are happily practicing it and enjoying the benefits”.


Swamiji “There are seven centers for meditation in the body”. Mooladhara (sex gland), swadishtana (adrenal connection), manipuraka (adrenal gland), Anahatha (thymus), Vishuddi (thyroid), Agna (pituitary), Brahmarancha (pineal)

An authorized trained master should impart this teaching. Be Blessed by the Divine,

Meena Narayanaswamy

SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 7

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. Holistic Science of India- A Scientists Proposal by Dr. Shanmugamurthy Lakshmanan, PhD

Editor-in-Chief, Ayurveda and Ancient Science, Vedic Research International, New York, USA Research Scientist, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA Distinguished Scientific Advisor and Head of Indian Division of Sciences, World Institute for Scientific Exploration, Baltimore, USA Research and Development, World Community Service Center, USA Research and Development, Association of Ayurvedic Physicians of North America, PA, USA

As a Scientist I understand, by imbibing the principles of Vethathirium, that just carrying out research and building science without applying wisdom will lead to the accumulation of bad karmas in the genetic center and the universal magnetism and these karmas will be transported to future generation. Therefore I feel the need for a paradigm shift. The first task is to declare the great siddhas, rishis and sages of India as scientist for the holistic science of India. The eastern science will be separated from ancient Hindu religion similar to the western science separated from western religion. The idea is not to challenge modern science but to acknowledge the true theory that was constructed from more than ten thousand years of Indian history spread over India and parts of Asia at various period of time. It would be really a great loss for the whole world if we cannot bring the wisdom science given by these sages to the world. Keeping this in mind using the fundamental axioms of the Vethathirian model, an entirely new holistic science can be constructed on top of it. The key vectors for the origin theory will be that everything evolved from empty space. A strong evidence based literature will be provided (before going for experiments) to support the Maharishi's Origin theories starting from the Vedas and Agamas to most recent theories that are given by the Indian sage-scientists. We will have our own physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology constructed from this theory; we can call these divisions of science by different names though if needed to differentiate from the modern science. However, we acknowledge all sage-scientists past and present and their contribution to ancient science will be fit appropriately into the fundamental axioms of this model if necessary. So now coming to the medical sciences the obvious medical technology that can fit into the Vethathirian theory are Ayurveda and Siddha, since these are based on the principle of the varying the proportions of Panchaboothas (5 elements) that comes directly out of the origin theory. The fundamental axioms of the medical science will be based on symbiosis or ahimsa theory described by ‘morality’ which is found under the philosophy of life described by Maharishi. Material

SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 8

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. Science and Technology will be based on the same principle of morality as stated below: "I in my life time will not harm anybody (in the name of science and technology) either physically or mentally, in the present or in the future to the self or to others. To the extent possible I will try to build a new green science and technology so that if not in my life time at least the next generation can be benefited". So in the next 50 years here is the plan: 1.

To bring all the Siddhas, Rishis, Vaidyas and mystics of the past and present, who contributed to the ancient science, into one umbrella


To request negotiations with these sages or their organizations through governmental or NGO bodies to contribute a substantial part of their income for research exclusively on Ancient Indian science( This includes conducting experiments using modern science as of now and building paradigm shift theory and experiments for the ancient Indian Science)


Recommending to the government to allocate a substantial part of the budget for ancient science of India.


A high level intellectual committee that consist of ancient scientists and modern scientist who have interest in ancient science will describe the nature of the project ( this will include giving equal privileges to other religious heads of India and women to be part of the committee members)


Universities and Research Institutions (from India and worldwide) will apply for grants to either the NGO or Govt., by submitting their grant proposals.


Once grant has been sanctioned based on meritocracy the funds will be utilized for research that will be carried for at least five years before it goes to step 8


The research will be published in journals, books and thesis


The intellectual committee will segregate the published work into course books starting from LKG to Ph.D.,


Ancient Science will be included in the curriculum and studied in parallel to the modern science in Schools, Colleges and Universities.

SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 9

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. 10.

Once a substantial part of ancient science has been developed then slowly modern science syllabus will be cut short (only the parts that are essential, green and that supports ancients science idea will be retained).


Now the ideas of research can be sold within India as well as worldwide and income generated from indigenous hard and soft products of India can be invested again for the development of the nation.


This will build new entrepreneurships and sustainable models and develop Indian agriculture, handicrafts and small scale businesses.


Overall a new holistic Science of India will be developed that has its world class universities, hospitals and medical colleges, ancient architecture and town planning’s and a culture that has the conscious models inculcated in all parts of live with high sophistications and infrastructure.

By carrying out such a task it takes a long time and effort and it needs a lot of likeminded people from all fields of interest to come forward and change India which will eventually change the entire world. Today the world is driven by modern science and there are some fundamental problems 1.

It has weak fundamental axioms


It is not holistic, consciousness or wisdom is not included in the hard-core science of evolution


It is a representing a culture and orienting the research toward the emotions of that culture


All underlying problems including wars are caused by the modern science


Is does not teach how to live this life rather is trying to cure the aftereffects of its illness.


So it the need of the hour we implement the Vethathirian model which will have a solution for all the problems in the World

SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 10

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace.

Be Blessed by the Divine,


SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 11

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. Vethathirian Musings by A/N. Murali Krishnan Sreenivasan Dear Friends, Be Blessed by the Divine, Heading into the year 2014 I would like to reflect on the steps we traced in laying a foundation for SKY in the USA to build upon the tireless efforts of our spiritual father. It has been 6 years since many SKY groups were started when Sr. Prof. Balachandran, Sr. Prof. Jeyanthi Balachandran and Prof. Rajasekar went around to different states and helped organize SKY groups. We have come a long way since then. Centers such as SKY New Jersey, SKY Seattle etc., were established even before. SKY New Jersey successfully organized the first North American SKY Conference in the year 2009. It was a very successful conference and brought into limelight some capable SKY coordinators and teachers in the USA. Many centers have established themselves firmly in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Virginia and North Carolina. In recent times SKY groups have been started in places such as Fort Collins and Dallas. Our centers have successfully organized conferences, workshops, courses and retreats. Many SKY teachers and Asst. Professors have been trained. Many able coordinators have been identified and have been empowered to organize many SKY activities. In India, the World Community Service Center our parent body has grown successfully as a center of Spiritual Education and has successfully taken spirituality to educational institutions, remote villages and towns. Our SKY Centers in the USA should align its vision and mission to build upon this good work in the international arena. The goal of 2014 should be for all SKY volunteers to conceive and implement new initiatives and achieve greater synergy in coordinating SKY activities. In taking the wonderful set of ideas that comprise our SKY system to newer audiences we should not be shy or timid. We should never hesitate in sharing our passion for this system across cultural barriers. I pray that the year 2014 be one of inspiration where we strive for the SKY system to be understood by more and more people. Sincerely,

Murali Krishnan S. SKY Newsletter Q1 2014 12

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace. Announcements 1)

Introspection I on Saturday Jan 4th, 2014, @ skype: skybayarea & San Ramon, CA.


SKY Silence and Deep Meditation Session on Saturday Jan 11, 2014 @ skype: skybayarea


Online Meditations - Monday – Friday @ skype: skybayarea (6 am PST & 8:30 pm PST)

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