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2009 Report to Community Investors

WORKING toward a better life.


change & growth


Letter from the

CHAIRMAN Each of us has a responsibility to find a way to make the world a better place. Regardless of circumstances, everyone possesses talents and time. For some among us, circumstances have produced a setback that has clouded the talent, bruised the self and halted time. The Life Learning Center has a unique program that offers its Members opportunities to search within themselves and rediscover their talents, self-esteem and self-worth in a holistic way that restarts life’s clock. The Center’s small and dedicated staff has created a unique environment and program that has documented success during its first years of existence. Hundreds of Members have been assisted to make permanent changes in their lives. In this annual report, our Members tell their stories of change and growth, and I hope you will find the time to read them. We are very proud of each of our Members for the courage and dedication they have shown as they transformed their lives and the lives of their families. On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Life Learning Center, I hope you will find the information and the stories in this annual report compelling and that you will consider offering your time, talents and resources to help transform the lives of others in our community. Sincerely,

Dr. G. Edward Hughes Chairman of the Board

Letter from the

AGENCY DIRECTOR We chose the theme “Change and Growth” for our 2009 Annual Report for two reasons: • First, everything we do at The Life Learning Center is designed to help our Members change and grow in all aspects of their lives. From those who come to us in need of a refresher on how to interview, to those who are distraught and in need of a vision for their future, the Center is there with the tools and encouragement to move forward. • Second, after nearly four years of serving our Members, gathering information about their needs and analyzing the trends in today’s economy, we have determined it is imperative that we broaden the depth of training, support, and coaching we give each person. We intend to enhance program development during 2010. We are excited to know that as The Life Learning Center develops and grows, we will set the pace as the premier employment education agency in the Northern Kentucky/ Greater Cincinnati Area. Thank you for spending a few minutes reading about the successes of our Members. I think you will agree that something unique, life changing, and magical is happening here.

Warmly, Denise Govan

Director & Chief Operating Officer

Front Cover Picture: Members release balloons to symbolize letting go of the past and allowing future dreams to soar.

THE Life Learning Center • 315 East 15th Street, Covington, KY 41011 • 859-431-0100 •

The Life Learning Center™ partners with unemployed and underemployed people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to achieve their highest potential through customized employment and educational training and personalized life coaching. The Life Learning Center is committed to holistic programming designed to bring about permanent change. Our professional staff identifies individuals in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area who demonstrate a commitment to stable employment, and then works closely with them to overcome the barriers to their long-term success. As a United Way funded agency, we are responding to a critical community need by offering our employment education program, which directly addresses United Way’s Building Blocks for a Good Life: Education, Income and Health. Our partnership with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati allows us to align with the community’s strategic initiatives and partnerships and leverage growth opportunities. “Self sufficiency” is a buzz word in today’s society. Helping families achieve self-sufficiency is a noble goal in these economic times. But The Life Learning Center aims even higher: to help each family build a life of dignity, a life aligned with their own personal definition of success. The Center offers a one-week intensive “core” program, followed by one evening class per week for thirteen weeks. In its first few years of operation, The Life Learning Center has proven success in preparing people across the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area for sustainable living-wage careers. In 2009, 68% of Members obtained employment within eight weeks of completing our core class. The Life Learning Center students are called ‘Members,’ because they are expected to actively engage in and become part of the Center’s educational program. Once a Member has completed all thirteen weeks of classes and secured employment, he or she graduates, becomes a “Life Member,” and is welcome to participate in alumni activities.

WHAT GROWTH! In 2009, demand for the Center’s services grew significantly as unemployment rates were growing in our region at an all time high. Nearly every Life Learning Center class was filled to capacity and several Members were wait listed.




Members completing core class



Members employed within 8 wks of completing core class





*10/06 first core class was held.

Average starting wage

Number of Life Members (alumni) Number of volunteers Number of volunteer hours

96 51 681

The Life Learning Center is founded on the principle that permanent life change requires a commitment to a major internal or external shift. Since opening our doors in October 2006, we have focused on helping Members achieve the mental, physical, and emotional change needed to get and keep a suitable job. However, unemployment or underemployment is only one piece of a very complicated puzzle. Every day, families in situational or generational poverty confront other, equally-complex barriers to happiness and life success. The Life Learning Center’s long-range plan is to design a nationally-recognized educational platform that inspires the least hopeful members of our community to envision a better life for their families, and then equips them to realize their dreams. Accomplishing this goal will require us to change the way we conduct ‘business as usual.’ At the end of 2009, the Center began a leadership transition and a broadening of focus that will catapult our organization into its next phase of mission alignment and effective service delivery. We embrace change as opportunity. We invite you to invest in this growth opportunity with us. Your contribution will help The Life Learning Center reach the next level. Please consider a financial or in-kind contribution to help the Center reach even more of our Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati neighbors in 2010.

HOW TO INVEST? We appreciate any investment of your time, talent or treasures. To volunteer, please contact Brenda Pair, Special Projects Manager at 859-431-0100 ext 112. Specific volunteer opportunities can be found on our website at Monetary donations can be submitted with the remittance envelope included with this publication, or you can make a donation on-line at

“Change is the end result of all true learning.“ Leo Buscaglia Author & Educator


2009 GRADUATES Share their journeys

Jackie Martinez moved to Northern Kentucky from Brooklyn, New York. Her mother and sister had moved to the Greater Cincinnati area previously, and Jackie took the plunge and joined them. She endured five months of disappointing and unsuccessful job interviews. She describes herself during that time as a “broken person.” She was hesitant to join The Life Learning Center program, but again, she decided to take a risk.


CARTER Due to her battles with anxiety, Kim Carter found it difficult to leave her house, much less keep a steady job. By the time she came to The Life Learning Center, it had been nine years since she had held regular employment. Having completed other employment training programs with no long-term success, Kim entered The Life Learning Center with skepticism. She says that by the end of the week-long employment class, her skepticism was replaced by a hope that she could finally conquer her fears. Kim translated her hope into a job search and found seasonal retail employment within three days of completing the class. “I knew that with my work history, I would have to prove myself before I would be given a chance to get back to the office work that I had done in the past.” Despite a three-hour commute each day, she held on to that job and proved herself enough to be hired on permanently. Kim gave her best to her retail position—she did not miss a day for her entire tenure—but she kept her eye on the ultimate goal of landing a position where she could use her administrative skills and professional background. She maintained a close connection with her job coach and stayed apprised of leads in her field.

A year ago I had such anxiety, “ I could barely leave my house. Today,

I’m able to talk to others about how to overcome their fears.

Eventually Kim used her Life Learning Center connections to earn an administrative position with another non-profit agency. In the year since she first came to class, Kim continues to conquer her fears. She even recently spoke to other Members at one of the Center’s night classes about overcoming fear and how to persevere under difficult circumstances. A year ago Kim would never have dreamed of speaking in front of a whole class. What growth! 2

Referred to The Life Learning Center by his halfway house, Jerome Mitchell says that he “just thought it would be something to do.” But the more he came to the classes, the more interested he was in the job search and how to present himself to an employer. While completing the class and attending the Thursday night program, he found himself growing as a person. The “Old Jerome” would cut corners to get by, but the “New Jerome” had a better life in mind. He started by deciding what job he could do that he wanted to do. Then he learned about an employer that was hiring in the right field. The company had strict hiring guidelines–all employees must provide two solid years of employment experience that could be backed up by positive reference checks. Not to be deterred, Jerome tracked down his former employers and convinced them to provide references for him. Perseverance paid off! It took a lot of phone calls to track down the right people, constant contact with his potential employer, and a positive, upbeat attitude. Three months later, Jerome landed the job that he holds today in the hospitality industry as a dishwasher. The “New Jerome” does his job correctly. He asks for more work, offers to help his co-workers with their tasks, and goes above and beyond his job description to be the best employee he can be. That’s why Jerome’s employer recently named him Associate of the Month.





Jackie says, “When I started with The Life Learning Center, I had no self-confidence, no self-esteem. Let me tell you one thing that was a breakthrough for me: My father wasn’t a very good father. He was a good provider, but not a good father. And he said a lot of things to me that I believed. And I thought that I wasn’t good for anything, as he often told me. One day in class we filled out a paper and put everything down that everyone had said in the past to hurt us, putting us down…and then we shredded it [that paper]. And ever since that day, my self-esteem has gone through the roof. I have more confidence in myself. I believe that I can do anything. The Life Learning Center helped me believe in myself. They helped me see I could do anything. They truly love you here.”

When I started with The Life Learning Center, I had no self-confidence, no self esteem. The Life Learning Center helped me believe in myself.

Utilizing the growth that came from believing in herself, Jackie again entered the job interview arena. In the first week after completing the class, Jackie landed an offer she could not refuse.

Nate Mahan didn’t have the best start in life. By the time he was seventeen he had been tried as an adult for some pretty serious crimes. Sentenced to ten years in prison, he thought he would never have the kind of life other people did. Over time, he determined that he had too much to offer to live the way he had in the past. When Nate came to The Life Learning Center, he was living in transitional housing and thought of class as simply a good way to get out of the house and meet some girls. “When I got into class, though, I recognized that people I admired—the staff and other Members—respected me! It was the first time that I realized that I could put my leadership skills to good use instead of bad.” Nate stood out in the week-long employment education class and was ready to show what he could do. He worked diligently to find employment and quickly hit the jackpot, landing a hard-to-find construction position with good pay. Unfortunately, the promised position dissolved before his first day. Discouraged but not beaten, Nate resolved to do whatever it took to get the right position. He was eventually hired by the Covington Re-Use Center and later transferred to an affiliate in Cincinnati, where he was promoted to assistant manager.

was the first time that “I Itrealized that I could put my leadership skills to good use instead of bad.



While climbing the professional ladder, he also made strides in his personal life. In the eight months since his release from prison, Nate has secured his driver’s license, bought a car, and established a savings account. He is building his credit with the goal of purchasing a home. He volunteers at his church and is in the process of enrolling at Gateway Community & Technical College. An amazing transformation for a person who just needed to realize how much potential he truly had. 3

IN-KIND DONORS & VOLUNTEERS In 2009, 51 volunteers gave 681 hours for an in-kind value of $13,286. Others donated materials for use by our Members and staff. Thank you!! The donor information listed in the Annual Report reflects our 2009 Calendar year. Although we try to avoid them, mistakes sometimes occur. If you gave a contribution of your time, talent or treasures to The Life Learning Center during this time period and your name is not listed, please notify us at 431-0100 ext 111 or via email at

While Northern Kentucky’s unemployment rate rose from 8.8% to 11.1% . . .


are they working now? Architectural Design Banking and Financial Services

. . . our Members ’ average starting wage grew from $8.92 in 2008 to $9.91 in 2009

• Of the 68% of Members employed after completing the Core Class in 2009 --


• 73% were still employed at 6 months, and 67% were still employed at 12 months.


COMMUNITY PARTNERS The Life Learning Center gratefully recognizes the following community partners, who work with us to help our Members reach their goals.


Beckfield College

Janitorial and Cleaning Services

Be Concerned

Legal Services

Beverly’s Closet Career Connections


Catholic Charities, Inc.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Centro de Amistad


City of Covington - Section 8 Housing


Covington Business Council Center for Great Neighborhoods


Covington HUB Covington Partners in Prevention

Balance Sheet

Financial Statements Unaudited Statement of Financial Activities as of December 31, 2009

Revenues & Public Support Consulting Services




United Way of Greater Cincinnati


Foundation Grants


Investment Income


Total Revenues




Program Services


Management & General


Member Expenses


Total Expenses


Daymar College Unaudited for period ending December 31, 2009

Faith Community Pharmacy

Current Assets Cash & Cash Equivalents 115,869 Accounts Receivable Prepaid Expenses 6,228

Family Service of Greater Cincinnati

Total Current Assets 122,097 Fixed Assets Leasehold Improvements 37,692 Accum Depreciation - Leasehold (16,154)

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Northern Kentucky

Total Property & Equipment TOTAL ASSETS

21,538 143,635

LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities (Current) Accounts Payable 930 Accrued Payroll 9,961 Accrued Expenses Restricted Member Support 91 Total Liabilities


Equity Opening Balance Equity 244,540 Retained Earnings (111,621) Net Income (267)

Gateway Community & Technical College I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation Institute for Nonprofit Capacity (INC)

Kenton County Public Library Covington Branch Kentucky Division of Probation and Parole Kentucky Jail Ministries Leadership Council of Human Service Executives Legacy Legal Aid of the Bluegrass

Drew Abbott Ron Adams Jane Anderson Kristina Ashley Greg Barker* Lauren Baumann, Ph.D Debbie Becker Beverly’s Closet Brian Berry* Leslie Britton* Carmen Broom* William Brown* Phyllis Burkemper* Martin C. Butler William P. Butler Linda Callan, LMT Marilu Cann* Kim Carter* Jackie Chambers* Janet Chambers James Chapman* Concept Salon, Dave Houser Richard Courtney* The Covington Re-Use Center, Gary Dawson Kenneth Crim* Dick Cullison Deborah Culpepper* Dave Daley* Mary Davidson Neil Davidson Earl Davis* Alicia Dawson Grant Dawson Karen Domaschko Kelly Drodofsky Jeff Duell Cleda Eckler* Betsy Edwards* Becky Easley Dr. Ken Engebretsen Dwayne Fagan* William Fisher*


Newport Adult Learning Center

The Life Learning Center gratefully acknowledges the individuals, corporations, and foundations that made monetary investments to benefit the Center in 2009.

Newport Neighborhood Foundations Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Net Change in Equity


Equity, Beginning of Period


Total Equity


Southwest Ohio Educational Opportunity Center

Equity, End of Period




United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Northern Kentucky University Personality Profiles

Crystal Noel* Dan Olson* Sharon Owen* The Pair Family Papa John’s Pizza-Covington Perdue Poultry Farms, Inc. John Pair Dan Petronio Nicole Pierce* Dick Poe Ed Prater* Pam Puffer-Swensen* Quatman Café, Matt Imm Danielle Rice* Craig Rothe Dean Ryan* Barbara Baumann Schaefer Rosie Schoenhoft* David J. Schottelkotte Jon Simons Paul Sitavich* Dana Skulan Debbie Smith Gordon C. Snyder Norm Solomon Vince Surace* Monique Taylor* Scott Timmers* Stacey Treadway Tri-Venture Marketing Bob Tubesing Wal-Mart-Ft. Wright Ed Ward* Kenneth Webb Vern Weller Wendy’s-Florence Trina Wieland Lisa Wilder* Barb Wiles Linda Wiles Barbara Witte Mike Wondrely* Justin Zauflik

*Members/Alumni of The Life Learning Center

Mentoring Plus

Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

Paul Flinker Frisch’s Restaurants Inc. Mary Lu Funyak Crystal Gibson Edward Gibson* Donna Gosney* Denise Govan Jeremy Hammitt* Tim Hartman* Joy Hayden* Maria Hardy* Jeff Hessel* Vivian Hochhausler* Stephen Holloway* The Hub, Margie Alford G. Edward Hughes, Ph. D Charlotte Hyatt* Kim Jerles* Tamie Key* Amber Kidd* Kris Knochelman Kroger-Union, Burlington Mary Langenderfer* Rob Langenderfer* La Posh Hair Salon-Ft. Thomas Tom Leinmiller* Dr. Karl Lutes, DMD General Dentistry Stephen Main Crystal Madaris* Jackie Martinez* Traci Mattingly Abdul McCutchen* Terry McCutchen* Gary Mertz Megan Meyers* Carrie Mount Harvey Myers* Myron, Inc. National Pen Company Carrie Neltner* New Standard Denture Studios, Joe Oliver

A special note of thanks to those who wish to remain anonymous. The Butler Foundation William P. Butler Martin C. Butler Citigroup Lynda Galinari Crystal Gibson

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Dr. Edward & Sarah Hughes Eric Kiely Helen Steiner Rice Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Jeffrey Schaefer

Gordon C. Snyder David J. Schottelkotte Kenneth Thomson Toyota Motor Engineering United Way of Greater Cincinnati as of 12/31/09


2009 Highlights: Staff & Alumni Denise Govan Selected for 2010 Leadership Kentucky Class Denise Govan is one of 60 professionals selected for the Leadership Kentucky Class of 2010. Leadership Kentucky’s goal is to prepare community leaders to take an active role in advancing the state for the common good.

The Life Learning Center is proud to announce… the formation of ReKindle Staffing,™ a unique collaboration with the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission. As a social purpose staffing program, ReKindle represents a pivotal link between the education and employment services provided by both The Life Learning Center and Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission.

Denise will contribute a unique perspective to the class, from her position as COO of a Northern Kentucky non-profit organization. She stands to gain a whole new level of understanding about the Commonwealth and a new idea of networking that can benefit her and The Life Learning Center.

Barb Wiles Achieves GCDF Certification In May 2009, The Life Learning Center Associate Director, Barb Wiles, earned certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) through the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board. Barb is one of nine to complete the “Training the Trainer” certification, and is one of only four professionals with this distinctive certification in the entire state of Kentucky.

Alumni Association Launches Thank you to our very dedicated Alumni Association Planning Team for a year of growth in membership and great camaraderie at the following Alumni Events: Memorial Day Parade, Helentown Block Party, Annual Alumni Family Picnic, Movie Night and Second Annual Alumni Holiday Party. Several Life Members were panelists for “Tales From The Trenches,” a Thursday evening session where our employed alumni share their experiences in their new careers.


Program participants will engage in direct-hire, temporary, and temp-to-hire work opportunities. ReKindle will provide a steady income to many of our Members, while offering them a chance to gain new skills, build a solid work history, and prove themselves suitable for new jobs. Dana Skulan, ReKindle Program Manager said, “We are forming partnerships with area employers who understand the inherent value of hiring workers with the drive to contribute positively – but whose resumé may not necessarily reflect that now. Through our combined training and support programs, employees at ReKindle can demonstrate that they have made the change from a challenged past to the start of a bright future.” For more information on working with ReKindle Staffing, contact Dana Skulan, Program Manager, at the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission at 859-655-2946 or by e-mail


Board and Officers

Denise Govan

G. Edward Hughes, Ph.D. - Chair

Director & Chief Operating Officer

Gateway Community & Technical College

Barb Wiles

Barbara Schaefer, J.D., - Vice Chair

Associate Director

The Butler Foundation

Grant Dawson

Gordon C. Snyder - Treasurer

Program Manager

Commonwealth Hotels, Inc.

Paul Flinker

Crystal Gibson - Secretary

Director of Operations


Debbie Smith

*Martin C. Butler, Esq. - Director

Executive Assistant

Strauss & Troy, LLP

Founding Executive Director Retires

Hawah Fisher

*William P. Butler - Director

Administrative Assistant

Corporex Companies, LLC

In 2006, George Kent came out of retirement to launch what was then a little-known non-profit called The Life Learning Center. Over the next three years, Dr. Kent championed the Center’s focus on employment services, opened its doors in a renovated facility, hired a talented and dedicated staff, and developed a program that changed hundreds of lives for the better. Having accomplished what he set out to do (and then some!), George decided to retire from his Executive Director position in June 2009. The board, staff, and Members of the Center deeply appreciate his leadership and his friendship. But don’t expect George to kick his shoes off this time either… rumor has it he’s taking college courses, teaching GED classes, playing guitar, honing his table tennis skills and – in his free time – consulting on other important community

Terry McCutchen

David J. Schottelkotte - Director

Childcare Assistant

The Procter & Gamble Company

Brenda Pair

*Mary Anne Barnes, M.D.

Special Projects Manager


projects. Some things never change…

*Founding Board Member

*Mac McArthur Emeritus

*Linda Young Emeritus


Five years ago, Kim Jerles’ career path looked bright. She held a job that she loved, where she was able to help others, and where she was respected by her peers. Then, she lost that position and certain life events resulted in a downward spiral, personally and professionally.

In one week, The Life Learning “Center revolutionized my life “ At the lowest point in her life, and feeling like a failure, Kim heard about The Life Learning Center. “When I came to The Life Learning Center, I didn’t feel down; I was down…completely down. During the intake process, all I could do was sob while trying to tell my story. I am so glad that the staff let me share without fear of humiliation or judgment.” Through the employment education class at the Center, Kim began to travel the road to emotional and professional restoration. “In one week, The Life Learning Center revolutionized my life. The people there made me laugh, which was very healing. Being with such positive people totally turned me around; it was like a magical transformation.” With renewed confidence, Kim launched her job search. She used attention-grabbing techniques that she learned in class and met with her job coaches throughout her search process, seeking advice at every turn. Knowing that her long-term goal was to find her ideal job, Kim was not too proud to take a part-time ‘stepping-stone’ position. While doing her best on that job, she continued her search on her own time. Eventually her patience, perseverance, and hard work paid off. Kim applied for and was offered her dream job in property management. Her long and arduous journey had come full-circle.

“Please tell me a little about yourself,” the interviewer said. Without hesitation I responded with the ‘thirty second commercial’ that The Life Learning Center had helped me prepare. I must have impressed the Controller and the Human Resources Manager, because within those thirty seconds I had the job. I interviewed two more times that day, with different senior level managers, and each time, my confidence increased. I am still employed at the Company, one year and three months later.


COOK When Dianah Cook was 11 years old, she and her mother moved from Ohio to a shelter in Northern Kentucky, and later into subsidized housing. Pregnant at 14 and mother of three by 18, at age 21 Dianah found herself at a crossroad. Her children had been removed from her care, she had no high school diploma or GED, and no job prospects. She could either continue along, or change course to improve her situation. She chose to change.

“ I now believe I can do better stuff than I ever thought I could. “




A personal story of change and growth through The Life Learning Center

The only thing lacking was the means to channel her potential and determination into a workable plan of action. Enter The Life Learning Center. She studied hard and attended all of the Center’s classes and coaching appointments. She worked out the plan she had set with her Life Learning Center coach and determined to learn and do all she could to change her circumstances. Dianah earned her GED and found a great job as a community worker. She chose to change her surroundings, the friends who were bad influences, and her view of life. She has enrolled at Cincinnati State to become a surgical technician.

I tried for months to land not just a “job,” but a professional position in my field. The economy, lay-offs, corporate downsizing, consumer confidence, my lagging self-esteem, my age, my lack of education and all the other common barriers made my hopes of getting a job dwindle into panic and despair. After two months of searching on my own and collecting unemployment, I came across The Life Learning Center internet site. I thought to myself, “why not give it a try?” After contacting the Center, I received an email describing the program and inviting me to come in and see for myself. I declined, thinking that I could do fine on my own. A few weeks went by, and the same Life Learning Center coach sent me another polite email, asking me how my search was going. Well, the truth is, my search was not very successful. I had gone on a couple of interviews, but did not have anything solid. I was a little “rusty” and had not interviewed well. I was losing confidence in myself and in my abilities. I realized that I needed help. When The Life Learning Center coach contacted me a third time (with concern, but no pressure), I accepted - and the rest is history.

Her mother learned of the YouthBuild program where Dianah could earn her GED, learn a trade, and be paid to work. She encouraged Dianah to apply. “It changed my life,” Dianah says. “YouthBuild is a big family. Everyone supports each other, and for the first time, I really thought I could make it.”

On graduating from The Life Learning Center, Dianah said, “I now believe I can do better stuff than I ever thought I could.”


In their own

I could not have accomplished this if it “was not for the training and guidance of The Life Learning Center and its staff. “

Vince Surace

The Life Learning Center did not “land” me a job; I did. However, I could not have accomplished this without the Center and its staff. They teach that we all - I, you, me, - have the power and the skills to achieve what we set our minds to do. Sometimes we need the help and reassurance of others to keep us focused on our journey. This is what The Life Learning Center does. They provide the tools, the support and the mindset to prepare Members for the journey ahead. The staff teaches us to search deep inside, find the skills and methods that will make us successful, not only in job hunting, but in all the challenges that life throws before us. Sell our skills: and, if we fall, there will be support around us to pick us up so we can continue on; and, if we fail, then we take a step back, regroup and try another method.

“ The Life Learning Center didn’t just help me achieve my goals; it changed my life.“ After I entered the program, my family noticed a huge change in me. Without employment and with two months of unsuccessful job searches, I had begun to doubt myself as a father and husband. But after my third day in class, my wife said, “Honey, the kids have asked me, ‘What’s up with Dad?’ They say that you are upbeat, and that instead of being negative, you turn everything around, and change it into a positive. I told the kids “I don’t know, but isn’t it nice to have Dad back?” The Life Learning Center taught me that there is a consequence for each decision we make, so the challenge is, how can we achieve our goals, and positively influence the people around us? 9

315 East 15th Street • Covington, Kentucky 41011 • 859-431-0100 •

The Life Learning Center gratefully acknowledges the following for providing in-kind services to provide 100% of the professional design, printing, and mailing of this publication:

2009 Annual Report Life Learning Center  
2009 Annual Report Life Learning Center  

Annual Report of Life Learning Center and adult education of greater Cincinnati