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The Skytide® Analytical Platform is a powerful XML-based solution that enables companies to make business sense out of diverse and wide-spread data. Through the insight Skytide makes possible, companies can make the mission-critical business decisions necessary to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Through timely analysis of all of the information available in today’s enterprise—including structured and unstructured data sources—organizations can gain levels of visibility and insight not possible with traditional business intelligence tools.

A New Way to Use Enterprise Data Skytide offers the industry’s first analytical solution designed to address the today’s data challenges introduced by the expanding array of information sources available to today’s decision makers. The Skytide Analytical Platform™ combines the power of multi-dimensional analysis with the flexibility of XML to enable organizations to leverage all of their data, regardless its complexity, volume, or time sensitivity. Without the need for a data warehouse, Skytide analyzes both unstructured data sources, such as website traffic logs, network log files, contracts, email, and call center records, as well as structured data from CRM or ERP sources, to provide an unprecedented view of business operations and future trends. The Skytide Analytical Platform consists of three main components: the Skytide Server, Skytide Designer, and Skytide SDK.

Skytide Server The Skytide Server is an open, standards-based analytical server that manages analytical cubes and delivers multi-dimensional query results to users. At the heart of the Skytide Server is an innovative XML architecture that transparently transforms and integrates disparate data sources into a common multidimensional model. This patent-pending technology dramatically simplifies the analysis of complex data such as XML, HTML, HTTP and e-mail, by compressing the current multi-step analytical modeling process into a single step process while providing the optimum blend of scalability and flexibility.

Skytide Designer The Skytide Designer is a graphical tool that allows analysts and power users to rapidly design and deploy business analytics. The Designer provides a guided modeling environment through the XML virtual schemas representing complex data sources in the Skytide Server, allowing analytical models to be “discovered” directly from the data. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows analytical models to

“Skytide allows us to measure, in a very practical manner, the impact of email communications on consumer behavior. The ability to analyze previously unmanageable data gives us and our clients a real competitive advantage.” Vice President, Analytics and Research, Quris, Inc.

be defined through a combination of source data browsing and point-and-click operations. The Designer also offers a data navigation tool to explore data through analytical models, define views, and build reusable queries.

Skytide SDK The Skytide SDK is a combination of Skytide API, a programmatic interface to the Skytide Server, and a set of sample applications. The Skytide API allows companies to customize and extend the power of the Skytide Server to read new data sources, integrate custom clients, or add custom calculations. The API also can be used to script custom administrative utilities to manage server operations. The sample applications demonstrate how to use the API in various scenarios reflecting different operational environments.

Features and Functionality About Skytide

Analysis Across Diverse Data Sources

Skytide delivers business analytical solutions that provide timely and unprecedented insight into the constantly changing environment in which today’s businesses operate. The XML-based Skytide Analytical Platform is the first and only solution available today that can understand complex data from virtually any source, including unstructured data such as XML and HTML, delivering the visibility necessary to make critical business decisions. Skytide customers include Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of market segments, including networking, financial services, manufacturing, energy & utilities, healthcare, utilities, and retail.

• • •

Manages a wide variety of data source types, including: network logs, web traffic logs, relational databases, XML databases, CRM/ERP systems, flat-files, and directories Builds analytical cubes directly from complex, nested data formats such as XML, HTML, HTTP, Email, and log files Transforms and integrates disparate data sets with multiple formats into a common XML “virtual schema” to quickly create and deploy analytical cubes Extensible to support new data sources and formats using the Skytide SDK

Performance and Scalability • • • •

Streaming server architecture supports efficient processing of large volumes of source data during load time and during incremental updates Lightweight, flexible server enables on-demand analysis Analytical cubes are cached in memory for instant query-response time Analytical cubes feature a very small footprint that is a fraction of the size of the source data

Analytical Functionality • • • • •

Offers full multi-dimensional analysis and querying using facts, dimensions, aggregates, expressions and other multi-dimensional constructs Operative dimensional characteristics, such as functions, enable a new breed of analytical styles including path analysis and entity matching Uses an XML standard language, XPath, for configuration of multidimensional analytical model components Supports plug-in functions via the Java API to extend the server with custom calculations Allows drill-through from analytical query results to source data

Analytical Design and Administration • Skytide, Inc. 1820 Gateway Drive, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404 Phone: 1.650.292.1900

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Graphical, point-and-click interface enables rapid analytical model creation and deployment Single-step, guided analytical modeling process speeds the creation of business analytics XML and XPath based model definitions enable the rapid propagation of changes inside the projects and cubes Supports multiple export formats (Excel, CSV, and PDF) as well as custom export formats defined via stylesheets Open, full-featured API for easy administration and integration with other tools

Fax: 1.650.312.1400

Discover how the Skytide Analytical Platform can uncover the power of your data. Contact us today at or 650.292.1900.

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• Graphical, point-and-click interface enables rapid analytical model creation and deployment • Single-step, guided analytical modeling proc...

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