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Skytide for Contact Centers Solution Overview

Skytide offers the first analytical solution that enables companies to make missioncritical business decisions based on complex data from numerous sources. The patent-pending Skytide Analytical Platform provides unprecedented levels of insight by unlocking high-value, time-sensitive information from previously inaccessible sources, including structured and unstructured data. The result is timely visibility into how to improve contact center performance and respond quickly to changing customer needs, business objectives, and market conditions. ®

Knowing Your Customers is Easy...If You Know Where to Look Your customers provide you with information every day about their preferences, priorities, attitudes, and desires. Making sense out of all of this data will yield clear business strategies to not only streamline your existing systems and control operating costs, but also to improve customer satisfaction and increase lifetime value. The challenge is that this information is generated from such a wide range of channels, many of which provide information in new, complex, and unstructured data formats that are unrecognizable to existing business intelligence and analytics tools. Clues arrive via how customers navigate your IVR and website, use your online knowledgebase, the terms they negotiate in contractual agreements; via email, chat, and instant messaging, as well as their purchase history. As your company’s primary, if not only, direct point of contact with your customers, the contact center provides a vital role in building and maintaining strong client relationships while controlling costs. You’ve implemented numerous processes, systems, and applications to help in this quest, and the information you need is at your fingertips. Now the challenge becomes how to make collective business sense out of data that resides in independent silos in multiple formats spread across many applications.

Delivering Insight to Today’s Complex Contact Centers Skytide offers the industry’s first and only solution specifically designed to address the analytical challenges inherent to doing business in today’s information rich environments. The XML-based Skytide Analytical Platform integrates with and pulls together data from all of your current contact center applications as well as other sources. Having access to all structured and unstructured data sources enables Skytide to deliver new levels of insight into customer behavior, preferences, and operational patterns, enabling you to better meet customer needs, more quickly adjust to change, and drive continuous business improvement. Such clarity also enables you to lower your analytical costs while fueling strategic decisions that improve overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Examples Existing contact center applications all have some reporting capabilities, but they’re limited to reporting on what happened, not why it happened. Here are examples of Skytide’s unprecedented analytical capabilities that highlight the improved insight over standard applications. Improving Self Service. A company discovered that callers were still requesting a live agent with questions answered by their recently-installed IVR. Using Skytide’s Path Analysis, the company identified all routes through the IVR that resulted in a request to speak to an agent and ranked them by frequency. The results showed that requests to talk to an agent were frequently preceded by particularly long prompts. Callers simply were losing track of their options. After shortening these prompts or splitting them into two parts, the company noticed an immediate improvement. Raising Agent Performance. A call center agent, after performing steadily at the 50th percentile level suddenly improved to the 80th percentile. By using Skytide to analyze complex, unstructured data from a wide range of sources including the scheduling software, ACD, and HR, the company was able to identify what led up to the improvement—additional training along with a schedule change and a higher number of calls for which the agent was just trained. Skytide can perform similar analysis across entire teams, improving the impact your performance management application has throughout the contact center. Increasing Revenue. An online retailer selling mostly low price-point products noticed in their QM reports an increase in the average call length, raising the cost of sales. At the same time, someone in Finance noticed that the number of transactions over $100 was rising. It took Skytide to put the two previously disparate data sources together and show a direct connection between longer calls and larger transactions.

Skytide Benefits The continuous business improvement realized through the insight that Skytide provides results in a higher return on the investment you’ve already made in other contact center applications. Specific benefits include the following: Gain new levels of insight. Skytide performs multidimensional analysis on previously hidden goldmines of unstructured data— including website logs, contracts, email, and agent records of customer interactions—and structured information such as business transactions. By including more data in your organization’s analytical framework you can perform far more thorough analyses, determine the optimal course of action, and continuously improve your business practices and results. Capitalize on change with faster time-to-analysis. Skytide analysis can be done in a single step without the need for time-consuming extraction, transformation, and loading of data into data warehouses. Skytide accesses real-time and historical data right where it lives, without needing to normalize or model it, avoiding cost, fidelity, and latency issues of data warehouse-driven solutions. Lower analytics costs. Skytide eliminates many of the programming and data modeling costs of traditional BI and data warehouse systems. Skytide achieves these cost savings through a unique modeling environment and an intuitive user interface that assists business users with creating analysis and reports in minutes, without specialized IT involvement. Enhance existing analytics tools. Skytide is a standards-based, platform independent solution that offers open integration with existing data sources and reporting tools. Using our SDK, you can integrate Skytide with existing reporting layers and data warehouses, allowing you to leverage existing skills while enhancing the intelligence delivered by your current applications.

Expand the Capabilities of Your Current Applications Skytide is not one more application to be implemented and maintained alongside the numerous applications you already have in place to keep your contact center operating efficiently and effectively. However, Skytide will make your existing applications better. Contact center applications, such as your IVR and knowledge management systems, can report on their own piece of your world, generally telling you what happened. But each is limited by the data to which it has access and cannot provide insight into the underlying root causes, the why behind the what. By providing insight into how each application is actually used, you can increase the utilization of each, supporting continuous business process improvement. (For instance, see the Improving Self Service example on page 1.) Furthermore, Skytide provides comprehensive analysis of all data sources, including data from your contact center applications and from other parts of the company, such as HR and finance. Only by including all data sources and utilizing advanced analytical capabilities, such as Skytide’s unique Path Analysis and Entity Matching, can you gain the insight necessary to make the right strategic decisions that will achieve your corporate objectives. (For instance, see the Increasing Revenue example on page 1.)

The Skytide Analytical Platform enables business users throughout your company to make mission-critical decisions based on analysis of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, including your ERP system, IVR logs, CTI data, and CRM system. IVR Logs

CTI Data

IVR applications can report on the number of callers that listened to a particular recording. Skytide’s Path Analysis identifies all routes that callers take through the IVR, the frequency of each, and the probability of each path resulting in success or premature abandonment, as well as loops and dead ends. As a result, companies can significantly improve the success rate of IVR users, decreasing the need for agent intervention and improving customer satisfaction. Skytide also makes hierarchical IVR data available for analysis alongside data from other applications, providing keen insight that’s not possible with any single application.

Despite the challenge of analyzing data from numerous sources, contact centers recognize the importance of making sense of this important information as they play an increasingly strategic role in the enterprise, as confirmed in the excerpt below from a recent Call Center Magazine article.

“Analytics is not a product or a product category. It is a function, and a way to make sense of business activity through measurement of all sorts of data. Because of that, it can be a confusing and overlapping environment for the potential product purchaser. You will find analytics embedded into  many other tools. “No matter what the case, it’s important to use and understand the power of analytic software to effectively entwine your call center with the rest of your enterprise.”” Making Sense of Analytics, by Harry Sheff, Call Center Magazine, February 1, 2006

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Performance Management (PM) applications measure contact center agent performance and can report changes in performance over time. By considering information from all data sources Skytide can identify the reason for such changes—the underlying root cause of improved, or poorer, performance. Skytide taps into both structured and unstructured data beyond the PM system, including call scheduling, ACD, financial systems, HR, and quality monitoring, all of which could provide clues about changes to an agent’s, or a team’s performance. Quality Monitoring (QM) applications provide call quality and compliance metrics, but fall short of connecting quality metrics with other business metrics and drivers. Through deeper analysis of QM data along with data from other sources, Skytide enables QM applications to uncover call and business trends and root causes. This insight into changing quality results or patterns enable companies to address the underlying source and make the business decisions to reverse negative trends or institutionalize what’s driving improvements. Workforce Management (WFM) applications provide reports on agent adherence and, when integrated with CTI applications, can report on how the agents’ time is spent. Skytide extends standard WFM reporting to include data from HR, ERP, and other systems to provide insight into the root causes of decreased absenteeism, improved adherence, raised levels of agent satisfaction, and increased retention. Knowledge Management applications provide answers to frequently asked questions and other information for use by customers and by agents as they’re helping a customer. These applications can provide reports on the answers that appear to be the most successful at answering a customer question. Skytide’s Path Analysis identifies all paths followed by agents and customers through the knowledgebase, which paths resulted in finding the right information, and which ones resulted in abandonment. The insights gained can help a company change the knowledge base to provide speedier and more intuitive access to the most frequently needed information, thereby improving customer satisfaction while decreasing the need for agents to get involved.

About Skytide Skytide delivers business analytics solutions that provide timely and unprecedented insight into the constantly changing environment in which today’s businesses operate. The XML-based Skytide Analytical Platform is the first and only solution available today that can understand complex data from virtually any source, including unstructured data such as XML and HTML, delivering the visibility necessary to make critical business decisions. Skytide customers include Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of market segments, including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, utilities, and retail. Founded in 2003, Skytide is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley.

Skytide for Contact Centers  

Your customers provide you with information every day about their preferences, priorities, attitudes, and desires. Making sense out of all o...

Skytide for Contact Centers  

Your customers provide you with information every day about their preferences, priorities, attitudes, and desires. Making sense out of all o...