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Thousands roll into YVR to celebrate Canada Line opening


or many of the estimated 80,000

people who rode the Canada Line on its opening day, YVR was the

last stop and a highlight of their trip with plenty to see and do at the end of the line. The public was invited to help celebrate the opening of the Canada Line on August 17, more than three months ahead of schedule, by riding the rails for free. Thousands took the opportunity to experience Translink’s newest service linking downtown Vancouver to the airport and Richmond, and enjoyed activities and entertainment at many of the stations along the way. The airport welcomed passengers with a “Planes, Trains and 2010” theme

(Left to right) Larry Berg, president and CEO Vancouver Airport Authority; The Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway; and Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell at the official opening of the Canada Line on August 17.

at two of its three Sea Island stations. At the YVR-Airport station, Canada Line riders were welcomed by airport staff and Green Coat volunteers, and were handed maps to help them explore the

Winter Games mascots, and musicians

equipment was on-site for people to see

plenty of smiles as passengers enjoyed

YVR’s passengers and employees can

kept everyone moving and grooving

and touch. The trucks included blowers,

the sights and sounds at the stations,

travel between downtown’s Waterfront

sweepers and plows and are part of the

and the train ride itself.

Station and the YVR-Airport Station in

airport and some of the special activities

around the terminals. In keeping with

available. YVR’s new Public Observation

the winter theme, even on a hot August

Area that includes interactive displays,

day, nearly 37,000 popsicles were

telescopes and stunning views of the

handed out at the airport’s Haida Gwaii

airfield was a popular destination for

statue and around the terminals.

Airport Authority’s snow removal plans

The Canada Line opened for regular

that help keep aircraft safely operating

service on August 18. The $2-billion

For maps, travel times and fare

during winter weather.

project is the latest addition to Metro

information visit Translink’s website at

With so many people eager to

Vancouver’s transit system and is

less than 25 minutes.

participate and commemorate the

projected to carry 100,000 passengers

To find tips for using the Canada

many visitors. Children enjoyed a Lego

At the Templeton Station, some of the

Canada Line’s opening day, there were

per day along its 19-kilometre route.

Line to get to YVR, checkout the Your

display and took photos with the 2010

Airport Authority’s new snow removal

line-ups at many of the stations, but also

With trains leaving every 4-8 minutes,

Ticket to Ride story on page 2.

The gala dinner and auction was well attended with hundreds of silent auction items up for bids.

Air Canada App for iPhone YVR Golf for Kids tees up to raise and iPod Touch devices funds for children’s charities Flight Pass; rent a car or access other convenient travel links; and find and track any Air


Canada or Jazz flight. Air




committed to delivering the best possible customer experience at

YVR 365 days each year, but on one day


every August they take that “drive” and

the first airline in the world to

hit the links for a friendly game of golf

Canada released an Apple

introduce 2-D Electronic Boarding Passes

to raise money for some very special

iPhone/iPod touch application to

in 2007, and is the first North American





give travellers more convenient mobile




airline to release the free App.

YVR Golf for Kids has become the

options. Available free on-line from

The airline is also refining and

airport community’s premier fundraiser

in Richmond, B.C. where they enjoyed

the Apple App Store on iPhone or iPod

expanding its existing products. Some

with participants and volunteers from

some friendly competition and a sunny,

touch or at,

of these refinements include:

the many businesses and organizations

warm day. Also on-site were 15 children

the App was developed for Air Canada

• Adding new functions to airport

at YVR and the community at-large. Its

visiting from Canuck Place Children’s

kiosks, offering customers the option

annual golf tournament, gala dinner and

Hospice who were treated to backpacks

The new App will enable users of

to purchase an upgrade, reprint

auction held every August raises funds

full of toys, a visit from one of the police

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices to

boarding passes and obtain an

to support Canuck Place Children’s

dogs and a display of fire and police

keep track of and update all of their Air

electronic boarding pass, including

Hospice and other children’s charities.

emergency vehicles.

by IBM Canada.

Canada and Jazz flights from a single location; receive messages and link to

at international airports. • Enhancing its boarding passes to

their electronic boarding passes; access


Air Canada Mobile check-in to select a

information, such as check-in and

seat and retrieve an electronic boarding

baggage drop-off times.

pass; book flights using an Air Canada






Since 1991, YVR Golf for Kids has

The gala dinner and auction following

contributed in excess of $2.6-million

the tournament was held at the Sheraton

to help children and families in British

Vancouver Airport, with emcee Joey


Kenward from Team 1040 Sports Radio

On August 20, 148 golfers teed up at Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club

and auctioneer Barry Scott of Maynards.

See GOLF FOR KIDS page 3


Aldeasa launches Bobbi Brown at YVR Page

Abbotsford Airshow


BC strengthens tourism promotions


Sea Island Restaurant Guide Page

* YVR is the international aeronautical designation for Vancouver International Airport.

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Your ticket to ride:

A guide for getting from train to plane


he opening of the Canada Line provides YVR’s

the signs that direct you to the Domestic Terminal (turn

customers and employees a fast, convenient,

left when you get off the train), or to the International

and affordable connection to the region and

or U.S. Terminals (turn right when you get off the

the world, one that locals and visitors alike are sure


to embrace.


Whether you’re travelling to the airport to catch

Each train has seating for 92 passengers, and can

a flight, or taking the train home after a holiday or

accommodate 334 people, including four wheelchairs.

business trip, the Canada Line includes features and

The cars are air-conditioned, with cellular service and

services to help make your ride go more smoothly.

include safety and security features.

Hours and frequency


The Canada Line operates every day of the week, and

The large train cars and wide aisles allow for plenty

runs every 4-8 minutes during midday and weekday

of room for passenger’s luggage, and carry-on sized

peak periods.

bags fit easily under the seats. Elevators at the stations

• Trains





make getting to and from the train as easy as possible.

Vancouver) to YVR will run from 4:50 a.m. to 1:05

YVR’s luggage carts are not permitted on the Canada


Line or the platforms.

• Trains from YVR to Waterfront Station will run from 5:10 a.m. to 12:57 a.m. • Trains from Richmond-Brighouse to Waterfront Station will run from 5:05 a.m. to 12:48 a.m.

Stations YVR-Airport Station is located above the airport’s parkade complex, with easy access to and from the Domestic, International and U.S. Terminals.

Flight check in Passengers arriving at the airport can check in for their flight before entering the terminal. Commonuse self-service check-in kiosks are available at most stations along the Line, with access to check in for many of the airlines serving YVR.

Tickets Tickets for the Canada Line can be purchased

Departing YVR, catching the Canada

at YVR through vending machines on the Canada


Line station platform (Canadian currency or major

• From the Domestic Terminal, go to the Link Building

credit cards are accepted in the machines), or at the

(located on Departures Level 3 in between the

7-Eleven or Pharmasave stores located on Level 1 of the

International and Domestic Terminals) and up the

Domestic Terminal Building.

escalators or elevators to Level 4. A covered walkway


takes you to the station. • From the International and U.S. Terminal, go to Departures Level 3 and cross the street to the parkade outside the terminal. Elevators and escalators take you up to the station platform.

Arriving at YVR via the Canada Line When you arrive at the YVR-Airport Station, follow

Fares, not including concession or discount tickets: • YVR - Waterfront Station (downtown Vancouver): $3.75 • YVR - Richmond Brighouse (downtown Richmond): $2.50.

Other information For a full schedule, list of transit fares, maps, transit

connections and locations for purchasing tickets offairport, visit So next time you visit YVR, whether it’s at the beginning or the end of your journey, try the Canada Line. It’s a fast, comfortable and convenient connection to the airport, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.


Green Coats ride the Line




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President’s Corner

By LARRY BERG, President and Chief Executive Officer

A new Link at the Link Building: Canada Line now open


n August 17, Canada Line welcomed its first

international airports like London and Sydney. Our capital

passengers aboard the new transit system. Canada

projects combined with new government announcements

Line connects YVR to downtown Vancouver and

such as the open skies agreements with Korea and a new

Richmond, while also connecting businesses and communities

Transit Without Visa program with China further improve our

across Metro Vancouver.

global competitive edge; maximizing the economic benefits

Opening day saw more than 80,000 people try the new

that the airport provides to British Columbians.

transit system. We had many activities happening here at the

We invested $300-million in the Canada Line because we

airport from a Lego exhibit, live music and mascots to free

saw how a direct transit service would benefit our customers,

popsicles and water for people in and around the terminal

our staff and our business. Our customers now have another

buildings. Throughout opening day, we distributed more than

transportation option to make their travel easier; our

36,000 popsicles to our visitors.

employees can now commute sustainably and conveniently;


YVR’s Green Coats are volunteer

Canada Line’s opening day exemplified how our processes

and our business partners see how we’re working to make

Loose rode the Canada Line from

customer service ambassadors and are

and dedication to customer service made the day a success. It

YVR a global competitor through sound business decisions

YVR-Airport station to downtown

identified by their distinctive green jacket

also provided us an opportunity to showcase our airport and our

that benefit many.

Vancouver on opening day to familiarize

or vests, as well as their warm smiles.

operations in preparation for the 2010 Winter Games where, in

themselves with the new service. Despite

They can be found throughout the

less than six months, we’ll be welcoming the world at YVR.

the record turnout on opening day, the

terminals and are always ready to assist

Since its opening, Canada Line’s ridership has exceeded

Area and Canada Line. Years of planning and work have gone

Looses said that people were excited to

travellers with directions and provide

expectations. More people are visiting our airport because

into each project with many people involved; the efforts to

take the ride.

information on airport services.

YVR is more than just a place to travel from—it’s now a

make the various opening events a success come from the

destination itself. With the Public Observation Area as well as

many hours and work from Airport Authority employees and

new retail outlets and food options, people throughout the

our business partners. I thank everyone for their hard work to

Lower Mainland are visiting YVR as place to connect, watch

make each project a success.

VR Green Coats Bob and Lucille

Air Canada App from page 1 • Offering easy-to-use, personalized flight notification so customers can be automatically updated through their mobile devices about changes to their itinerary. For greater ease, customers can also create a “My

Canada communications in a single,

We’ve had a busy summer this year with a number of successful openings from C-Pier, to the Public Observation

Airports are about building better connections—making

aircraft and learn about the airport. We are the first major airport in Canada to provide our

travel easy, smooth and seamless for customers. Canada Line

customers with convenient rapid transit service to the airport.

combined with our other capital projects all work together to

• Providing additional mobile detail

Remaining competitive is key to growing YVR as a gateway and

enhance our customer’s experience and make YVR a world-

about the status of Air Canada

Canada Line puts YVR on the same playing field with other

renowned airport.

convenient location.

flights, including gate information,

Message” in-box on computer and

flight status, diversions, arrivals and

mobile devices to receive all Air

local weather conditions.

Name that Aircraft

Golf for Kids from page 1 Last month’s winner:

Yvonne Simpson Answer:

Send the correct name of this aircraft

Embraer E-190

(make and model) and you could win a

The Vancouver Canucks hockey team mascot, Fin the whale, used his drum to aid auctioneer Barry Scott during the heated bidding process at the YVR Golf for Kids auction.

As always, the Vancouver Canucks

rallied together and changed the law

organization played a significant role in

enforcement tournament into a golf

the festivities including the participation

challenge and auction, with the proceeds

of Canucks players Alex Edler and Mason Raymond. While the Canucks players were the

$50 Gift Certificate to Perfect Health Spa

stretch of the E-170 model fitted with a larger wing and a GE CF34-10E engine. Being in the 100-seat range, it

Send your answer by Email:; Fax: (604) 736-6750; Mail: SkyTalk, 306-5400 Airport Rd South,

competes with smaller jets including the Bombardier CRJ-1000, Boeing 717200 and 737-600 and the Airbus A318.

Richmond, B.C. V7B 1B4.

Air Canada operates 45 E-190 aircraft,

to be donated to a charity in memory of

A draw will be made from all correct entries received by October 1, 2009.

Elise Flagel. Thus began the YVR Golf for

economy class seats, as part of their

The winner’s name will be published in the October issue of SkyTalk.

Kids Tournament.

most recognizable faces at the event,

Title sponsor Vancouver Airport

the real stars of the evening were the

Authority along with a dozen corporate

children, families and the staff from

sponsors generously contributed to this

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. Their

year’s event and while the funds raised

stories and expressions of appreciation

haven’t been finalized, with a sold-out

served as a reminder of the reason YVR

dinner, tournament and a number of

Golf for Kids began.

auction prizes, the outcome is sure to

In the mid-1980s, a friendly golf

The Embraer E-190 family is a larger

be a success.

Your Airport & Sea Island Community Newspaper SEPTEMBER 2009 | Vol. 16 | No. 10

YVR SKYTALK, the official newspaper of Vancouver

fitted with 9 executive class and 84 primary fleet.

RICHMOND OFFICE: Suite 306 - 5400 Airport Road South Richmond, BC V7B 1B4 Tel: 604-736-6754 • Fax: 604-736-6750 Email:

International Airport, is owned and published monthly by

challenge started between various law

While the annual Golf Tournament,

enforcement officers at YVR. Members

Gala Dinner and Auction is YVR Golf

than 26,000 people who make up the airport community

of the RCMP, US Immigration, Canada

for Kids’ primary fundraiser each year,

at YVR. No portion of this publication may be reproduced

Customs, US Customs and other law

staff and volunteers work all year

in whole or part without the written permission of the

enforcement agencies from Canada

long to raise funds for Canuck Place


and the US participated in a fun

Children’s Hospice and other children’s

tournament. In 1991, two members of

charities. To learn more about YVR

Canada Customs, Brian and Audrey

Golf for Kids and how you can

Flagel lost their daughter Elise to cancer.

become involved, visit them online at

In response, the airport community

Westco Marketing Ltd. for the travelling public and the more


Publisher: Associate Publisher: YVR Editorial Liaison: Contributing Writer: Creative / Production: Photography:

Patrick Stewart Joan Stewart Alana Lawrence Peter Kutney James Martin Jim Jorgenson

Printed on Recycled Stock using vegetable based inks Please recycle this product.





• 5

Community Corner

Airport finds a name that sticks E

arlier this summer, Vancouver

thought about how the sweeper has to

Airport Authority showcased

be fast in the winter time,” said Steiner.

some new winter operations

“I’ve always been interested in aviation

equipment including a brand new

and the airport, so winning the contest

OshKosh snow removal truck. As with

is really exciting.”

any new addition to a family, the Airport






Authority needed a special identifying

OshKosh truck and was purchased in

name other than truck #128.

preparation for the 2009/2010 winter

Philip Steiner with Sweep Lightning, his winning name for the Airport Authority’s new OshKosh snow removal truck.

Airfield Emergency Services Fire Hall.

airside views, with favourite experiences

To help find a name, the Airport

season. It measures 7.9 metres long,

was made into a Sweep Lighting trading

Authority ran a contest called We Need A

stands 3.6 metres high, weighs 20,000

card. Steiner was also awarded an airside

“I’ve been a fan of YVR for more than

being an up-close view of the Antanov

Name That Sticks. The contest attracted

kilograms and can plough through 5,000

tour of YVR. His family joined him for

20 years,” Steiner said. “Seeing YVR from

An-124 Cargo aircraft and others, seeing

much interest and, thanks to winner

tonnes of snow every hour, sending it as

the tour, which included a ride on Sweep

a different perspective really makes you

the behind-the-scenes action at an

Philip Steiner, truck #128 is now called

far as 60.9 metres away.

Lightning and a ride in the OshKosh

appreciate the work and what goes on to

airport and meeting members from the

Steiner’s award-winning name was

Striker around the International and

make the airport function.”

Airport Authority’s Airfield Emergency

created into a sticker for the truck and

Domestic terminals and a tour of the

Sweep Lightning. “I saw the truck and the contest and

Steiner’s family also enjoyed the

Services department.

Picture this: Have your Aldeasa launches Bobbi Brown beauty shot at the podium store at YVR


ldeasa Duty Free has launched

The new Bobbi Brown beauty store is


ith less than six months

Departures Level of the International

Terminal Building near the C-Pier

until the opening of the

Terminal Building. Here’s a hint: the

security checkpoint, by stepping behind

2010 Winter Games, it’s too

gold medal winner stands in the

the cut-out display of a Paralympic

late to polish-up your skates and try out

middle, silver medalist to the winner’s

alpine skier on a sit-ski, also known as

right, and the bronze medalist is on

a mono-ski. During the Paralympics,


presented in a welcoming space where

for the Canadian team, but you’re just in

Brown store at YVR. Currently

the brand’s cosmetics are applied by

time to step on the podium at YVR and

the winner’s left. You could even make

athletes competing in alpine skiing are

operating in 20 countries across four

makeup artists, who also help customers

picture yourself winning it all.

your photo more realistic by dressing in

classified as standing, sitting or visually




While the medal hopefuls will have

some genuine official Vancouver 2010

to wait a few more months to get their

licensed clothing or gear, available at

The extensive selection of Bobbi

shot at gold, visitors to YVR can stop by

six Olympics Store locations throughout

Brown products at the store include the

one of three locations around the airport

the airport.

new Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick brush-

and make their first Olympic memory,

on powder as well as fan favourites

today. The new interactive display—a

Terminal Building near the Aquarium

such as the award-winning Long Wear

2010 Games podium and life-sized

on the Departures Level, the interactive

Gel Eyeliner. Be sure to check out the

photos of a bobsleigh and a Paralympic

bobsleigh display includes a life-sized

extensive range of brushes as well as

alpine skier—need you to help bring

two-man bobsleigh. For the 2010 Winter

special travel exclusives not available at

them to life.

Games, the two-man, four-man and

continents, Aldeasa offers travellers a

choose the right products for their skin

unique shopping experience with a wide


variety of shops and with brands of the highest international prestige.

Are you ready to get your game face on?


e are just five months away from welcoming the world

to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games. Stay tuned for exciting announcements of upcoming 2010 Winter Games training events presented by Vancouver Airport Authority this fall.





impaired and compete against other athletes with a similar disability. August 12 marked the six-month countdown to the opening of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and Vancouver Airport Authority is continuing to plan and prepare to ensure that a safe, efficient and world-class experience is provided for all visitors. These new interactive

Stand on the podium, hop into

women’s bobsleigh races will be held

Bobbi Brown is located post-security

the bobsleigh, or put your head into

at the Whistler Sliding Centre where

in International Departures near D Gate

the Paralympic alpine skier’s helmet

during a typical 60-second race, speeds

connecting athletes, families and visitors

53 and open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

and capture the moment. Then, share

of more than 135 kilometres per hour

to the 2010 Winter Games.



are reached. You and friends can capture

Whether you have your shot in one

sure to visit the store, experience the

videos or stories with others at www.

the moment in YVR’s bobsleigh, minus

or all three of YVR’s new 2010 Winter

glamour of Bobbi Brown and let their

the icy track and break-neck speeds.

Games interactive displays, remember

other Bobbi Brown outlets.

On your next international trip, be

professional make-up artists transform you into a star. 



The 2010 Games podium is located

You can “get into the head” of a

near the Haida Gwaii sculpture on the

Paralympic athlete in the Domestic

displays are one part of how YVR is

to share your experiences at www.

6 •





An innovative mobility aid from BKD Aerospace


KD Aerospace Industries on Sea Island is the first North

American company to gain the

distribution rights for the Amazon, a revolutionary mobility aid already in use in a number of airports throughout the United Kingdom. Built in Germany, the Amazon airstair climber transports persons with reduced mobility safely and quickly, while protecting staff from various musculoskeletal injuries that are associated with awkward lifting. It has received accolades for its ability to operate effectively in airport terminals and within the tight confines of aircraft. BKD has sold Amazon units to corporate flight departments across the U.S., and recently to Perimeter Airlines, the largest independent passenger airline in Manitoba. For more details on the Amazon airstair climber, visit www.bkdaerospace. com, or call (604) 247-2128.

Upcoming Events September 17, 2009

Vancouver Transportation Club Dinner & Speaker Series

Executive Airport Plaza Inn, 7311 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC

5:30 p.m. $40 members, $45 non-members. Reservations (604) 635-3555 ext. 119, or visit

September 23, 2009

Small Business Strategies for USA Marketing Richmond Chamber of Commerce Training Room, 101-5811 Cooney Road, Richmond, BC

8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Presented by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce/ Board of Trade in conjunction with TradeStart, Small Business BC, International Market Access, Inc. and UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. This interactive two-hour seminar is aimed at entrepreneurs who are starting a new international business or who are currently operating in international market places. You will learn practical, cost effective methods and strategies. Topics include: Business and exporting basics; Overview of the US Market; Basic sales/marketing strategies; Canada/USA distribution/ logistics; and Cross-border lessons and pitfalls. $35.00 (includes light breakfast). Members and non-members welcome. For more information, contact Richmond Chamber of Commerce (604) 2782822 or register online at

September 29-30, 2009

Canada-Ukraine Aerospace & Aviation Business Summit Kyiv, Ukraine

To help Canadian aerospace and aviation companies capitalize from Ukraine’s science and technology capability and commercial opportunities, the Embassy of Canada in Kyiv, the Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine, the Canadian Space Agency, the National Space Agency of Ukraine and the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, and the NRC are partnering to organize the first ever Canada-Ukraine Aerospace and Aviation Business Summit in Ukraine. Focus will be on: Aerospace, Composites and Advanced Materials, Aerodynamics, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, and R&D Cooperation and Commercialization. For more information, email Yury Mardak, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy Ukraine at yury.mardak@international.

October 14-15, 2009

Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) 48th Annual General Meeting & Conference Westin Ottawa, 11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario

Under the general theme of the Centennial of Flight, the event will gather approximately 300 industry and government participants and will feature speakers from North-America and Europe. The AGM will also feature workshops aimed at supporting and furthering AIAC industry priorities. For more information, visit

October 15, 2009

Vancouver Transportation Club Dinner & Speaker Series 610 Pipeline Road, Vancouver, BC

5:30 p.m. $40 members, $45 non-members. Reservations (604) 635-3555 ext. 119, or visit www.

October 21-23, 2009

Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC) 18th Annual Forum and AGM: Human Resource Solutions Westin Nova Scotian, 1181 Hollis Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Forum events and workshops. For more information, contact Sharon Côté 1-800-448-9715 ext 231, or email

November 5, 2009

Doing Business in the USA (full day seminar and professional briefing) Delta Town & Country Inn, 6005 Highway 17, Delta, BC

This seminar is designed to help you understand the market, plan your approach, and suggest practical methods and alternatives for implementing your business and marketing plans. Key topics include: Dealing with border issues, such as U.S. immigration and travel planning, U.S. customs clearance, business planning, taxation, and legal considerations; Understanding logistics issues, such as establishing a USA business identity, warehousing, transportation, fulfillment, and handling of returned goods; Sales/marketing strategies, including market overview, using dealers and agents, and attending tradeshows. In addition, the seminar will feature resource introductions, including the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, which provides federal government programs and services. $195 per person, pre-registered ($145 each for 2 or more). (If registered on/ before May 1, deduct $25 per person.) For more information, contact Carol Jackson 1-800-799-8848, email dbusa@, or visit

November 15-17, 2009

Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) 2009 Annual General Meeting & Tradeshow

Hilton Quebec and Quebec City Convention Centre, 1100 Boulevard Rene Levesque E, Quebec, Quebec

Details to be announced. Call (613) 233-7727, or email





A Centennial of Flight celebrated at 2009 Abbotsford Airshow

• 7

Photos by Jim Jorgenson

Despite overcast weather, the crowds were out in force over the three days of the event.


elebrating aviation at its finest, the Abbotsford International Airshow is one of the lower mainland’s longest running traditions. Held annually in August, this year’s event celebrated 100 years of

powered flight with a spectacular display of aerobatics, an amazing collection of war-time aircraft, static displays and the iconic Canadian Forces Snowbirds, which are always a highlight of the show. Special guests included the F-86 Hawk One Sabre, CT-114 Centennial Tutor, the CF-18 Century and the Skyhawks Parachute Team who jumped from a USAF C-17 Globemaster.

F-85 Sabre Jet Hawk One. The Hawk One is a restored Canadair F-86 Sabre 5 jet fighter repainted in the colours of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Golden Hawks. The F-86 was the RCAF’s principal fighter during the first decade of the Cold War.

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster is a large military transport aircraft developed for the United States Air Force from the 1980s to the early 1990s by McDonnell Douglas.

Centennial Heritage Flight—A three-aircraft formation, consisting of a CF-18 Century Hornet, a Snowbird tutor repainted to the original Golden Centennaire colours and an F-86 Hawk One Sabre, performed a flypass to commemorate 100 years of powered flight in Canada.

The MiG-17 Fresco served with nearly 30 air forces worldwide, including the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact countries, China, Afghanistan, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Morocco, Cuba, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Though smaller than the USAF F-86 Sabre of Korean War fame, its weight and performance favourably compared to that aircraft.

The Granley family mini airshow.

Bud and Ross Granley, father and son, are two of the most skilled air show pilots in the world. Both are former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter and instructor pilots.

The F-18 Super Hornet was built by a team that includes Boeing, Northrop Grumman, GE Aircraft Engines, Raytheon and more than 1,800 suppliers in the United States and Canada.

8 •





Canada and South Africa reach air transport agreement


BC strengthens its tourism promotions

ast month, Canada’s Transport

The agreement provides rights

to final signature of the agreement.

Minister, John Baird, and Minister

for airlines to operate passenger and

This allowed new air services are to be



all-cargo flights between the two

introduced immediately.

Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway,

countries with routing and pricing

Stockwell Day concluded an air transport

flexibility. Airlines may also choose

agreement with the Government of the

to offer air services using the flights

Republic of South Africa. This first-time

of other airlines, commonly known as

bilateral agreement allows scheduled

code-sharing services. The agreement

direct air services to be operated between

contains strong provisions dealing with

Canada and South Africa.

aviation safety and security, reflecting



“South Africa is the 48th country since 2006 with which our Government

the importance that both countries attach to these subjects. The provisions of the agreement

has signed or updated an air agreement,”

are being applied administratively prior

said Minister Baird.

Customs Customs Brokers & Consultants Brokers

of Canada signed or updated Air Service Agreements with 48 countries, including South Africa: • Eight Open Skies-type agreements: United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland,

the ministry will allow for coordinated

Arts. The move was announced by the

marketing campaigns, while ensuring

Minister of Tourism, Culture and the

resources are focused on getting the

Arts, Kevin Krueger, last month and

best results for British Columbia’s

is aimed at better coordinating all of

tourism sector.”

B.C.’s marketing initiatives and reducing

the marketing arm for the Province,

administrative costs.

Victoria, approximately 146 employees

new Minister’s Advisory Council, which

and in-market representation in key

and South Africa;

will continue seeking input and advice

markets including Australia, Germany,

• Six expanded agreements: Portugal,

on marketing plans from the tourism

Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea

Mexico, Japan, Jordan, Singapore and

industry. The council will report directly

and Taiwan.


to the minister.



The announced changes are expected

“While Tourism BC has served British

to enhance B.C.’s international presence

Columbia well, in these difficult economic

and ensure the value of B.C.’s tourism

times it is critical that we maximize

potential is maximized at home and

every tourism dollar for marketing B.C.



agreement between Canada and the European Union’s 27 Member States. This includes Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia with which Canada did not previously have air agreements.

Call for Entries for 2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards


he World Travel & Tourism

HangAr / Shop Space for Lease


5400 Airport Road South

Base Rates:


n Center n 114’

per sf per annum

Bay – 15,913 sf

x 130’

n Ramp n Clear

Area - 13,130 sf

Door Height – 32’

n Strategically

situated airside at

YVR’s south side n Office

/ Shop – 1,167 sf

For more information, please contact:

Wayne Duzita . . . Jan Fraser . . . . . .

IAT Management LP

Tel: 604.249.5100 Fax: 604.249.5101 Suite 2000 – 5000 Miller Road Richmond, BC V7B 1K6




natural heritage.


Community Benefit Award: This


award is for a tourism initiative that has

organizations from around the world

effectively demonstrated direct benefits

that can demonstrate best practice

to local people, including capacity

in sustainable tourism development

building, the transfer of industry

to submit their applications for the

skills, and support for community

2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.





Global Tourism Business Award:


Open to any large company from any

The awards are determined in four

sector of Travel and Tourism—cruise

categories, including:

lines, hotel groups, airlines, tour





Created in 1997, Tourism BC was

Republic, Costa Rica, South Korea,

• A

Pacific Hwy. (Border) Tel: (604) 538-8414 FAX (604) 538-8148 Offices in Dawson Creek, Kelowna, Osoyoos, Penticton, Prince George, B.C. Whitehorse, Yukon, Vernon

“Consolidating tourism operations in

of Tourism, Culture and the

with primary offices in Vancouver and


Head Office / Airport

will be brought into the Ministry

The minister will be replacing

Serbia, Croatia, Panama and Turkey;

“Aviation Specialists”

to the world,” said Minister Krueger.

Tourism BC’s board of directors with a

New Zealand, Barbados, Dominican

• Six new agreements: Algeria, Kuwait,

Summit Customs Brokers

Airport Office: Tel: (604) 278-3551 FAX (604) 278-3291 B.C. Cont. U.S.A. Toll-Free 1-800-663-4080

Since January 2006, the Government


ffective April 1, 2010, Tourism BC





Destination Stewardship Award:

operators, etc.—with at least 200 full-

This award goes to a destination,

time employees and operating in more

which comprises a network of tourism

than one country or in more than one

enterprises and organizations that

destination in a single country.

show dedication to, and success in,






maintaining a program of sustainable

were: Grupo Puntacana, Dominican







destination level, incorporating social,

NatureAir, Costa Rica—Conservation

cultural, environmental and economic

Award. Zakoura Foundation for Micro

aspects as well as multi-stakeholder

Credits, Morocco—Community Benefit


Award. Marriott International Inc, USA

Conservation Award:

Open to

any tourism business, organization or attraction, including lodges, hotels, or

and Global—Global Tourism Business Award. The WTTC is an international

tour operators, able to demonstrate


that their tourism development and

executives promoting travel and tourism

operations have made a tangible


contribution to the conservation of




For more details, visit

Start a Business today at There has never been a better time to start your own business. INC Business Lawyers make it easy. We are business start-up lawyers who can help you. Looking for help or advice about: • forming a corporation for your business in British Columbia or Canada? • registering a trade-mark in Canada or internationally?

Standard BC Incorporation $699 total cost

#1201-11871 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A 5H5 Telephone: (604) 272-6960 • Email:





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Virgin Galactic debuts White Knight at Oshkosh


The WhiteKnightTwo VMS (Virgin Mothership) Eve is a carrier mothership for Virgin Galactic and launch platform for Virgin space-launch vehicles.

irgin Group CEO Sir Richard

public demonstration flight and carried



Sir Richard on his first flight in the







space-launch vehicle.

WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) to this year’s

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the annual seven-day




enthusiasts held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The WK2 is designed to carry rocketlaunch vehicles capable of putting into orbit satellites of up to 200 kilograms,

president Will Whitehorn announced that the company had reached an agreement for




group Aabar to buy a major stake in Virgin Galactic, which includes funds

opening space to a new range of satellite

to develop a satellite launch capability


for the system and the creation of a

At Oshkosh, WK2 made its first

spaceport in Abu Dhabi.

The WK2 is named VMS Eve after Sir Richard Branson’s mother.  Photos: Tariq Jamil

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Sir Richard Branson prepares for his flight on WK2. 

Prior to the flight, Virgin Galactic

10 •





Sea Island Restaurant Guide Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner Try something different today for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The following restaurants are at or within five minutes of YVR, and most offer airport employee discounts. MAIN TERMINALS Domestic (Pre-Security) • Milestone’s: Casual West Coast diningLevel 3 Departures • Starbucks: Coffee, pastries, sandwichesLevel 3 Departures • A&W: Breakfast, burgers-Level 3 Departures • Harvey’s: Breakfast, burgers-Level 3 Departures • Subway: Sandwiches, salads & wrapsLevel 3 Departures • Swiss Chalet: Rotisserie chicken-Level 2 Arrivals • Tim Hortons: Coffee, pastries, sandwiches, soups-Level 2 Arrivals & Level 3 Departures • Jugo Juice: Juice, smoothies, wraps & paninis – Level 3 Departures • Wok ‘N Roll: Chinese & Japanese cuisine – Level 3 Departures • Toshi Teppanyaki: Japanese cuisine – Level 3 Departures

International (Pre-Security)

• Hanami Japanese Restaurant: Dim Sum & Japanese cuisine-Level 3 Departures • Koho Restaurant & Bar: Casual diningLevel 3 Departures • Galiano Bakery & Café: Breakfast, sandwiches & pastries-Level 3 Departures • Burger King: Breakfast, burgers, salads -Level 2 Arrivals & Level 3 Departures • Flying Wedge Pizza: Pizza, salads & soups-Level 3 Departures • Fortune Wok: Asian cuisine – Level 3 Departures • OPA! Souvlaki of Greece: Greek cuisine-Level 3 Departures • Tim Hortons: Coffee, pastries, sandwiches, soup – Level 2 Arrivals • Toshi Teppanyaki: Japanese cuisine – Level 3 Departures Airport South 2 • Airside Café & Catering 350-5400 Airport Road South. Located opposite Million Air. Come & enjoy our fall specials, All You Can Eat for only





• •

• •

• •


$7.99 or pick up one of our Lunch Boxes To Go for only $6 – choice of 4. (604) 273-6628 ATC Cafeteria 3800 Cessna Drive. In the BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus. (604) 419-3782 The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill 4760 Inglis Drive. Located on the water, inside Harbour Air Seaplanes Terminal, near Vancouver Airport South. Incredible location, great food, good service & good value. Open 7 days per week 11am to midnight, weekend Breakfast from 9am. (604) 273-0278 McDonald’s Restaurant 6020-6086 Russ Baker Way. Burgers, fast food, 5am-midnight. (604) 718-1022 4 The Sideslip Café #100-5360 Airport Road South. Located at Esso Avitat. Open 6am-10:30 am for breakfast and until 3pm for lunch. Serving homemade soups, sandwiches & paninis & daily specials. Fresh baked pastries, organic tea & coffee. Take out & catering. (604) 303 SLIP (7547) Skyway Restaurant (YVR South Terminal) #118-4440 Cowley Crescent. Breakast, lunch. (604) 231-9822 Sushi Café 5455 Airport Road South. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, 6am-10pm. Eat in or take out. (604) 761-2362

MARPOLE • Cravings Restaurant & Lounge 3 8804 Osler Street, Vancouver. Located behind the Coast Hotel, only 5 minutes from YVR. Lunch, dinner, weekend breakfast. Tapas, classic pastas, steaks, seafood, vegetarian meals, stirfries, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, salads, soups and more. (604) 264-8444 • Konichiwa Seafood & Sushi Bar 1320 West 73rd Avenue, Vancouver Lunch, dinner. Japanese sushi, sashimi, seafood. 11am-10pm. (604) 267-9991 • Wick’s Café 1300 West 73rd Avenue, Vancouver Paninis, Espresso, Bagels, Pastries, Soup, Muffins, Cinnamon Buns. Mon - Fri: 7am-9pm. Sat. 8am-7pm. Sun. 8am-7pm. MILLER ROAD • Café Runway #109-5000 Miller Road. Breakast, lunch. 6am-5:30pm. ( 604) 273-1170 OVER THE BRIDGE(S) • The Boathouse Restaurant 8331 River Rd. (604) 273-7014 Lunch, dinner. 11am-10pm. • Italian Tomato Restaurant 8380 Bridgeport Rd. (604) 247-0048. Lunch, dinner. 11am-10pm.

• Mr. Pickwick’s Fish & Chips 8620 Granville Street, Vancouver Lunch, dinner, British pub foods& fresh seafood. 11am- 8:30pm. (604) 266-2340 Hotel Restaurants • Accent Inns Vancouver Airport 10551 St Edwards Dr IHOP Restaurant: breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 273-3311 • Best Western Abercorn Inn-9260 Bridgeport Road Highlander Restaurant: continental and world cuisine. (604) 270-7576 • Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel 1041 SW Marine Drive White Spot Restaurant—full-service restaurant, breakfast, lunch, dinner, take out. (604) 310 - 7768 Hudson’s Landing Pub – classic pub food, lunch, dinner. (604) 263-5445 • Comfort Inn Vancouver Airport 3031 No. 3 Road Atrium Inn Restaurant & Lounge – breakfast, 6:30am-10:30am (604) 278-5161 • Delta Vancouver Airport 3500 Cessna Drive Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant – lunch, dinner. (604) 278-1241 • Executive Airport Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre 7311 Westminster Highway Carver’s Steakhouse & Lounge – dinner (604) 207-7107 Tivoli’s Restaurant – breakfast, lunch. (604) 278-5555 • The Fairmont Vancouver Airport (at YVR) –3111 Grant McConachie Jetside Bar: Level 3 International Departures – offers a selection of appetizers, snacks, and shared food. (604) 248.3281 Globe@YVR: Award-winning signature restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 248-3281 5 • The Fraser Arms 1450 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver The Fraser Arms Café—enjoy the $2.99

Fall Specials Includes Salad, Entrée & Dessert



Lunch Boxes to Go��������������� $


15%off Offer ends October 31st. Present your YVR ID to the host. Not valid with other offers.

#100-5360 Airport Road South @ Esso Avitat

• • • •


Airside Café & Catering

8804 Osler Street | Vancouver (Oak Street & 72nd Avenue)

(opposite Million Air) 350-5400 Airport Road South Richmond, BC

Behind the Coast Hotel • Only 5 minutes from YVR

604 264 8444

Starting Sept 14, BREAKFAST & LUNCH MON – FRI 10am TO 2:30pm

604 303-7547

4 to choose from: • Rice & Curry • Pasta • Salad • Soup & Sandwich Call before pick up


Email your fax number to for daily menu fax blast

Join us for a casual lunch, elegant dinner or weekend breakfast treat

ALL YOU CAN EAT Bridgeport Station • Canada Line You’re only 7 minutes away!

breakfast special every day, starting at 7am weekdays & 8am weekends; lunch served until 2 pm. (604) 261-2499 Hilton Vancouver Airport 5911 Minoru Blvd Carmichael’s Restaurant: breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 232-5000 Holiday Inn International Vancouver Airport 10720 Cambie Road Fogg n Sudds Restaurant – pub style food with a wide selection of international beers. (604) 273-0776 Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport 8181 Cambie Road Fresh Restaurant & Lounge-breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 279-8181 River Rock Casino Resort 8811 River Road Tramonto – breakfast 6:30am-11am, lunch 11am-2pm, dinner (604) 247-8573 The Buffet at River Rock – 1 all you can eat buffet, lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch. Newly renovated, The Buffet at River Rock highlights fresh local produce & offers culturally diverse & traditionally inspired dishes with complimentary selected beverages. (604) 247-8900 Sandman Signature Hotel 10251 St Edwards Drive Cucumber Café – breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 276-2853 Chop Steak Fish Bar – casual dining. (604) 276-1180 Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel 7551 Westminster Highway Harold’s Bistro – breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 273-7878 Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport 3071 St Edwards Drive Pantry Restaurant – breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 214-0007 Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel 7571 Westminster Highway The American Grille – breakfast, lunch, dinner. (604) 232-2804

Serving Homemade Signature Dishes Breakfast 6 – 10:30am Lunch 11am – 3pm Mon – Fri.

Blue Plate Specials $6.95

Shepherd’s Pie, Lasagna, Chops & Mash. A different Blue Plate Special everyday.

Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich


Served with homemade slaw and pickles

Hangar Burgers


3 to choose from: Hamburger, Schnitzel or Chicken Served with your choice of fixin’s & soup or salad many other menu items including daily specials!

Oneworld extends 10 per cent discount on alliance fares





ast month, the North American

employs a network of space, air,

Aerospace Defense Command

and ground-based sensors, air-to-

(NORAD) and the Canadian NORAD

air refuelling tankers and fighter

Region (CANR) conducted air security

aircraft, controlled by a sophisticated

exercises over the skies of southwestern

command and control network in

in preparation for the 2010 Games.

flights held in coordination with the Federal


order to deter, detect and defend against aerial threats that originate

Comprised of a series of training


• 11

NORAD and CANR exercises conducted ahead of 2010 Games British Columbia and Washington state

Oneworld founder member Qantas is one of Australia’s strongest brands.



(FAA) and NAV CANADA (NAVCAN), the exercises were designed to hone

outside or within North American airspace. Securing the airspace above the 2010 Games requires both Canadian

he Oneworld airline alliance is

recruits being added to the alliance.

until November 3, 2009. It applies to all

cutting the prices of its range

Finnair and Iberia joined oneworld’s

oneworld’s alliance fares, but does not

of alliance fares worldwide by

founding members American Airlines,

apply to fares offered by its member

operations. The exercises were carried

10 per cent for another 10 weeks to

British Airways, Cathay Pacific and

airlines individually or in conjunction

out over a two-day period in the

mark its 10th birthday, and the 10th

Qantas on September 1, 1999. Since

with other carriers.

Vancouver and Abbotsford areas using

prohibitions on hot air balloons and

anniversary of the addition of its first

then, Japan Airlines, Malév Hungarian

Using any of the alliance’s fares,

Canadian Forces CF-18 fighters and

model aircraft, with some regional

airline recruits.

Airlines and Royal Jordanian have been

flights can be on any of its 10 member

other aircraft flying at low altitudes.

airlines having to reroute their flights

The alliance initially offered the 10

added. Mexicana will board the alliance

airlines, plus their 20 affiliated airlines.

per cent reduction for 10 weeks from

later this year, and Russia’s S7 Airlines

Between them, these airlines serve some

February 1, 2009, its actual birthday.

in 2010.

700 destinations in around 150 countries

It is repeating the special offer now to

This second 10 per cent discount

mark the 10th anniversary of the first

offer began on August 26, and will run

worldwide with 9,000 flights a day. Details at

Sunquest’s No, No, No promotion


anadian tour operator Sunquest

Sun package vacation bookings made

“We know people have concerns,

is offering a special early

between August 18 and October 15,

especially in this economy, that make

booking bonus, where for just

2009, for departures between August

them hesitant to book a vacation,”

18, 2009, and April 30, 2010.

said Steve Butchart, vice president of

$49 per person, travellers can book a Sunquest sun package and pay no

As an added bonus, customers flying

Sunquest. “To address this, we are

deposit, no cancellation fee and do so

out of Vancouver and Toronto will also

introducing this limited time promotion

with no worries if the price falls. Called

receive complimentary access to the

where for just $49 they have the ability to

the “No No No Promo,” the special is

Plaza Premium lounges located there, a

confirm their vacation without making a

applicable on all Sunquest Southern

value of $35 per person.

deposit, to cancel their vacation should the need arise, and to get the lower

Beer & Wine Store

price if the cost of their package goes down prior to applying final payment

Variety of products (Wine, Cold Beer & Spirits) Enjoy our daily & monthly specials.

to the file.” The promotion does not apply to any

The Café

Sunquest Groups or cruise bookings. Full details on the promotion’s terms

$2.99 Breakfast (2 Eggs, Hash, Toast & Coffee) Open Mon-Fri. 7am, Sat-Sun. 8am

and conditions are available at www.

The Sports Bar

Newly renovated. 4 hi-res screens. Setanta – Canucks. The ultimate place to view all UFC games. Appy & drink specials.

The Lounge

Great Food, Great People, Great Price Big Screen CFL Games. Open daily from noon.

The Hotel

Great weekly rates available. Newly renovated rooms. WiFi, Internet & Cable included.

Conference Service

Meetings or groups of 5 to 300. Projection screens with wireless microphone & WiFi/HS wireless Internet. Catering to your conference requirements.

1450 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC • Unlimited Free Parking 604.261.2499 –

10% DISCOUNT for all YVR Employees with ID Card (on food)

NORAD’s intercept and identification

NORAD is a bi-national Canadian and




and U.S. efforts as the restricted zones cross the border. Aircraft restrictions during the Games include

so passengers can be given adequate security screening.


here for


Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy a Quiet Place... ...for quiet reflection, prayer, meditation relax, listen to music, eat your lunch, read a book. a Safe Place...

Please visit us on International Arrivals Level 1, or contact us by phone: (604) 303-3010 or email:

12 •





Free $25 Shoulder Bag with purchase of $100 in Stormtech merchandise. Location: Domestic Terminal, Level 3

Thank you to all sponsors,

donors and attendees at this year’s YVR Golf for Kids Golf Tournament, Gala Dinner and Auction. Your generous donations to the airport community’s premier fund-raising charity event help support children’s charities in the Lower Mainland.

Industry input on future Canadian aviation needs


he Canadian Aviation Maintenance

will be concluded by early fall and a first

Council (CAMC), in partnership

release review copy of the report will be

with the Air Transport Association

made available during the CAMC Annual

of Canada (ATAC) and with funding

General Meeting, to be held in Halifax,

provided by the Government of Canada,

Nova Scotia, from October 22-23rd, 2009,

have been commissioned to research

and the ATAC General Meeting, being

and develop a Human Resource Study of

held in Quebec City from November

the Commercial Pilot in Canada.

15-18th, 2009. The final report will be

Last month, the members of the research team heading the project,

issued in May of 2010.

Project Specifics

held a focus group session at Toronto

The information from this study will

Pearson International Airport—one of

help air operators and flight training

a series of similar events that will be

units when making decisions that

staged across the country.

can affect the future direction of the

The focus group meetings are

commercial pilot in Canada, as well as

part of the Human Resource Study.

the entire aviation industry’s ability to

Attending the event were members of

sustain itself and to remain competitive.

charter and regional airline industries,

As the sessions have been held across

corporate charter operations and all

Canada, the research team have been

levels of flight training from basic to

inviting comment and input to get an

recurrent. Over a four hour period, they

understanding of a variety of issues

provided unique and collective views

current, medium and longer term

and input to a variety of subjects related


to their flight operation and the world

• Overview of services provided, in

surrounding flight crews. There was

particular human resource activities

general agreement that such discussion

such as training, certification and

needs to take place with more frequency


and that the aviation industry can only

• Compilation of statistics on student

move forward and build upon itself

pilot starts and current training

with a collective view and common development. The CAMC will be holding the

levels; • Analysis of pilot hiring trends and associated pay and benefits;

B.C. focus group meeting on Monday,

• Analysis of the international demand

September 21, 2009, at the British

for pilots and expected training

Columbia Institute of Technology,


Aerospace Technology Campus, 3800

• Measurement of the effect of new

Cessna Drive, Richmond (CIBC Room

regulations such as MPL and SMS;

198). The meeting will begin at 10 a.m.

• Analysis of current best practices for

and be finished by 2 p.m. A working lunch will be provided to participants. Input into the study is not limited to the focus group sessions. Those who

pilot screening and selection; • Analysis of use of simulation and associated instructor competencies; and

wish to participate may also log on to an

• Development and retention issues

online version at the CAMC website and

for flight instructors and commercial

follow the prompts for the Commercial


Pilot Survey. Those who do so will get a copy of the final report. The research and focus group sessions

For additional information, please contact Glenn Priestley at gpriestley@





• 13

Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots trek the globe moments, whether it’s bringing smiles

will bring the party to Torch Relay

to children’s faces or giving high-fives to

Celebration Communities as the torch

their adoring fans.

relay weaves through the Canadian

The trio have been across Canada

landscape. Then, after welcoming the

visiting every province and territory

athletes to the Olympic Villages, the

trying every activity they can fit in,

mascot team will make appearances

including cross-country skiing, snow

before most Olympic and Paralympic

tubing, ice hockey, curling, and even

Winter Games scheduled events.

riding their very own tandem bike made

The six Olympic stores at YVR carry

for three. They’ve made good use of their

a wide range of official Vancouver

passports too: so far their international

2010 Olympic merchandise, including

visits include Australia, China, Germany,

Vancouver 2010 mascots. Hours of

Japan, Korea and the United States, and

operation vary by location, based on

this month they head to sunny Mexico.

airport traffic and standard hours in

Starting October 30, the mascots

relevant sections at YVR.

Have Your Car Serviced While You’re Away or While You’re at Work


ancouver 2010 mascots Quatchi,

spreading the warm welcome of the

festivals, in parades and hospitals and

Miga and Sumi haven’t been

Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic

at sports events.

kicking their paws and fins up

Winter Games. Since their November

Just like the Olympic and Paralympic

this summer. The three friends have

2007 introduction, they’ve made close

athletes, Quatchi, Miga and Sumi are

been tirelessly trekking the globe,

to 700 appearances including fairs and

committed to delivering their finest

CTA releases air carrier Implementation Guides for travellers with visual impairment


impairments locate their seat on board





two Implementation Guides to





















help Canadian air carriers better serve



institutions, national organizations of

travellers who are blind or have a visual

transportation system to meet the

the blind, and the CTA’s Accessibility


needs of all Canadians,” said Geoff

Advisory Committee.


The guides were drafted to help

Hare, chair and CEO. “We feel that

Carriers have until December 1, 2009,

carriers meet two provisions in the

these implementation guides will go

to ensure sufficient space for service dogs,

voluntary Code of Practice: Aircraft

a long way in helping air carriers

and until March 31, 2010, to implement



meet the needs of passengers who

policies for tactile row markers.

Disabilities—space for service dogs

are blind or have a visual impairment

The Implementation Guides, and

onboard aircraft, and tactile row

and other passengers with disabilities

the Code they help to implement, are

markers designed to assist persons

who use service dogs.”

available on the CTA’s website at www.



who are blind or who have visual






We Service all Makes & Models. 1. We never proceed with any maintenance or repairs without your authorization so your final invoice will never be an unpleasant surprise 2. We offer friendly, personal service: at Pawlik Automotive you can speak with the service adviser, the technician and the owner 3. Our maintenance service saves you money 4. 2008 Winner: Georgia Straight Readers’ Choice Awards: 5. Best auto repair shop.




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be Kind to the environment



Appointment Notice: Dr. Amy Nunrha


Vancouver Airport Dental Centre

r. Arthur Ross at the Vancouver

University of British Columbia, after

phobic clients. Her range of dentistry



which she worked extensively in the

includes walk-in emergency dental care

pleased to announce that Dr.

Lower Mainland. She keeps her dental

to relieve pain, basic general dentistry,

Amy Nunrha, BA (Hons), DMD, JD has

knowledge and skills up-to-date by

and advanced cosmetic cases. She has a

joined their dental team.

taking continuing education courses

particular interest in porcelain veneers,

Dr. Nunrha was raised in Richmond

every year on a variety of topics

tooth whitening and smile makeovers.

where she graduated from Steveston

including laser dentistry and the latest

Senior Secondary school. As a teenager

dental techniques.









When not at work, Dr. Nunrha enjoys yoga, hiking, board games, trying new


cuisine and learning new technologies.

volunteered at Richmond Hospital

memberships include the College of

The Vancouver Airport Dental

and several local community centres.

Dental Surgeons of BC, the Association

Centre is located on the ground

Throughout her university career, she

of Dental Surgeons of BC and the

floor of the Domestic Terminal

received numerous scholarships and

Canadian Dental Association.

and offers a complete spectrum of

Dr. Nunrha takes pride in providing

dental services, both restorative and

In 2000, Dr. Nunrha graduated

patients with gentle dental care and

preventative. For more information,

from the Faculty of Dentistry at the

is experienced in treating anxious and

call (604) 276-2121.


Call Trish to day Book Yo to ur Next Service !

We specialize in refurbishing unwanted computers & electronics. Don’t throw them into the landfill when they can be reused. Help make the world a cleaner place.

Monitor King is not just a recycling company. We also sell all types of used computers, monitors and all the accessories. Make a trip to Monitor King and you will find what you need at a price you can afford.

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Monitor King

103-11500 Bridgeport Rd • 604-270-2677 • fax: 604-270-2630

14 •







Tel: 604 736-6754 •  Fax: 604 736-6750 E-mail:



Ideal warehousing space available immediately. Approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of office space on Mezzanine floor, 5,000 sq. ft. of warehousing on ground level dock. Clean, warm, secure and very near Vancouver International Airport (north end of No. 3 Road). $9.00 per sq. ft. triple net lease. Please call for further information:


49,000 Readers Every Month | $17.50 Per Col Inch SERVICES - PROFESSIONAL B & B ACCOMMODATION

Michael J. Culhane BSc BA LLB ATPL Barrister & Solicitor 604.279.0179

Chestnut Tree

Bed & Breakfast Comfortable accommodation,


with special discounts for

here for

airline personnel. Five minutes


from airport, in Richmond. Free pick-up to and from airport.

Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy a Quiet Place... ...for quiet reflection, prayer, meditation relax, listen to music, eat your lunch, read a book. a Safe Place...

Phone Penny or Ross (604) 273-1198 E-mail:

Please visit us on International Arrivals Level 1, or contact us by phone: (604) 303-3010 or email:

Web site: www.bbcanada. com/2011.html



Are you interested in working at the Vancouver airport during the Olympics?

Let’s Go Hiking

Avitat Vancouver, on the south side of the Vancouver airport, is seeking enthusiastic, motivated individuals. We have multiple challenging and exciting temporary positions available, leading up to and during

Only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver and yet a world away, Natural Trekking will take you there!

the Games. Positions include ramp agents, customer service agents, aircraft and baggage handlers. Prerequisites: Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, fluent in English, valid provincial driver’s licence, ability to obtain Transport Canada Restricted Area Pass.

We will pick you up and drop you off all you need to do is bring your camera and the desire for adventure. No experience is necessary.

Email résumé to:

Call Lois at 604-836-2321

V a n co u v e r


COTTAGE RENTAL The Green Cottage A SEASIDE PARADISE Truly tranquil experience. Stunning, panoramic view. Convenient location, minutes from downtown Sechelt!

v One-of-a-kind accommodation: 1,200-sq.-ft., fully furnished, 2 queen-size bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, TV, DVD, CD Player & Gas Fireplace. Front porch & back deck. v Boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, sea & wildlife watching, boardwalk/seawall, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, biking, horseback riding, dining out. Tel: 604.318.9727 • Pgr: 604.601.8776

W&Q Beauty Center Select two items below from only $49.80: • W/Q Facial • Manicure • Foot Massage • Eyelash Perm

• Back Massage • Face Waxing • Eyebrow Tinting • Pedicure

(all services are non-sexual)

Full Body Massage Only $38


Open everyday 9:30am-9pm 8148 Cambie Street at Marine Drive Station (Only 10 mins. from YVR Station, 15 mins. from Waterfront Station)

For cleaner skin and healthier life… Hot Spring Day Spa Relaxing Body Massage Special 35 Minutes - $25.00 45 Minutes - $40.00 60 Minutes - $50.00 (you’ll enjoy it!) Non-sexual

Waxing from $5.00 and up Deep pore cleaning facial - $29.95/60 mins. Relaxing Facial - $29.00/60 mins. (Gift Certificates Available)

Tel. 604.261.4878 Open 7 days a week: 10 AM – 8 PM 8554 Granville St. – 2 min from airport Between W. 69th & 70th Ave. Park in front or at the back






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Answers - August 2009

Rent a family vacation home by the beach in the picturesque fishing village of Sayulita, Mexico. Located just 45 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport, Sayulita’s blend of beaches, shops, restaurants & activities makes it the perfect destination for an “off-the-beaten-path” vacation in Mexico. The home has 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms and sleeps up to 8 people. Great for a family or group of friends. The house is in a complex with other vacation homes and has a shared pool and beachfront courtyard. You can rent the whole house or individual rooms.


Rental rates are as follows: High Season (Nov.1 to May 31) Entire House: Daily $150; Weekly $875; Monthly $3,000 Individual Rooms: Daily $75; Weekly $450; Monthly $1,500


Low Season (Jun.1 to Oct. 31) Entire House: Daily $100; Weekly $525; Monthly $1,500 Individual Rooms: $50; Weekly $275; Monthly $750


For further details and reservations, please contact Richard (604) 732-8488; email



Aircraft De-icing Operations

at Vancouver International Airport

Looking for a challenge. Interested to experience Aircraft De-icing Operations? Presently seeking individuals as Aircraft De-icing Agents, to provide Aircraft De-icing Operations at the Vancouver International Airport Aircraft De-icing Facility.

SEASONAL EMPLOYMENT from 01 October to April 30 Full time and part time positions Shift Work, 24 hour Operations

Open positions for men, women, and retired individuals. Individuals with experience in Aircraft De-icing, Airport Operations, as Student Aircraft Pilots, Firefighting or operating high lift equipment preferred.

Salary: $14 per hour subject to qualifications and after paid training.

Prerequisites: Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant-IM1000, Fluent in English-Fluency in a second Language beneficial, ability to obtain a valid Transport Canada Restricted Area Pass, have a valid Provincial License, able to successfully meet physical examination requirements.

Send your résumé by email to:

Job Fair – Come and see us

September 11 and 12

11:00-19:00 Location: Sheraton Hotel, Vancouver Airport – 7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond


PRESENTLY HIRING FOR AIRLINE RAMP AGENTS GREAT EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM EARN UP TO $1000.00 Ability to work in adverse weather conditions Shift work, 24 hour operation Offloading and Loading baggage and cargo Operate ground support equipment Training program provided EXCELLENT BENEFITS PACKAGE · FULL HEALTH · TRAVEL PERKS · UNIFORM · PARKING EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO: You must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant-IM1000 or Permanent Resident. Hold a valid Class 5 BC Drivers License and have your own means of reliable transportation

Classified CONSUMER COMMERCIAL Tel: 604 736-6754 Fax: 604 736-6750 E-mail: jstewart@

49,000 Readers Every Month $17.50 Per Col Inch

AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Are you looking for an award winning auto service shop? 604-327-7112 2008 winner: Georgia Straight Readers’ Choice Award: Best Auto Repair Shop 2008 winner: Vancouver Courier Readers’ Choice Award: 2nd Best Auto Repair Shop

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Exclusive Airport Sedan & Limousine Service Curbside at both Domestic & International Arrivals (no reservation required)

Flat Rates to Downtown

Sedan $39 Limousine $45 1-888-821-0021


Your Airport & Sea Island Community Newspaper

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