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One-Millionth Passenger Welcomed at Airport’s Common-Use Kiosks n June 17, Vancouver International Airport Authority and Air Canada welcomed the one-millionth passenger to check-in using the Common-Use Self-Service (CUSS) kiosk system at YVR since their official launch in May 2003. The kiosks allow passengers to access multiple airlines from one machine, providing a cost-effective solution for airlines and airports and an internationally recognized


standard for passengers. The one-millionth-passenger milestone marked the beginning of the busy summer travel season, and served as a reminder that kiosks are a quick and convenient alternative to traditional check-in processes. A typical check-in at a kiosk takes less than 60 seconds and can be used even if bags are being checked. International Vancouver Airport Authority’s vice presi-

dent of information technology, Kevin Molloy, said the success of the CUSS kiosks at YVR is a window to the future of airport processing. “YVR has been a leader in common-use technology, and the success of these kiosks for both Air Canada and our customers demonstrates that the commonuse philosophy is here to stay,” said Molloy. “As more airports and airlines adopt this system,

(left) John Ring, Air Canada’s general manager, customer service – Western Canada and Kevin Molloy, Vancouver International Airport Authority’s vice president of information technology (right) welcome the Kirkhams of Coquitlam, the one-millionth passenger(s) to use the Common Use SelfService kiosks at YVR. SEE KIOSKS, PAGE 2

F R E E JULY 2004 • Your Airport Community Newspaper – Vancouver International Airport

Radar System Detects Runway Debris

The Tarsier radar system can detect debris as small as a pen from a range of 1.5 kilometres. VR is the first major international airport to trial a new radar system developed to detect foreign object debris (FOD) on airport runways and taxiways. FOD can be an item as small as a wheel from a suitcase or loose gravel on an airport operating surface. In addition to the safety risk posed, FOD-related damage to aircraft costs the aviation industry an estimated $4billion annually. FOD detection


through visual inspections is the current industry standard, with airports conducting frequent checks of runways and taxiways. At night or during poor weather, FOD detection can be difficult. The radar system, Tarsier, was developed by U.K.-based QinetiQ and was brought to YVR for a sevenday trial in June. The system is based on high-resolution millimetre wave SEE RADAR SYSTEM, PAGE 3

New Playground Equipment for Burkeville esidents of Burkeville celebrated the grand opening of new playground equipment at the Sea Island Community Centre on Miller Road. Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie (left) and City Councillor Harold Steves were in attendance for the ribbon-cutting ceremony last month. Also pictured is Terri Martin, chair of the Sea Island Community Association. The new playground installation was a collaborative community effort, including contributions from Telus and Vancouver International Airport Authority, as well as many hours of volunteer work, spearheaded by Association member, Leah Smith.


CANPASS-Air Marks First Anniversary J uly 14 marks the first anniversary of the high tech, time-saving CANPASS - Air program. Utilizing non-invasive iris recognition biometric technology, the CANPASS program allows travellers to bypass customs lines and pass through the border in a record five seconds or less. The program, a joint initiative of the Canada Border Services Agency and Citizenship and Immigration Canada, is open to citizens or permanent residents of the United States and Canada. In future, the program will be

extended to other visaexempt countries and NAFTA business travellers. Travellers using the CANPASS - Air program are all pre-enrolled, low risk, frequent fliers. After passing security clearance checks, including an interview with an immigration or customs officer, travellers undergo iris scans and are provided with an encoded identification card.

At the airport, all they have to do is approach the un-staffed CANPASS kiosk, insert their identification card, SEE CANPASS, PAGE 2

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travellers will begin to see more kiosks at airports and at off-airport locations such as hotels and cruise ship terminals.” YVR was the first airport in the world to deploy the kiosks, with Air Canada as the launch customer. Since first introducing the CUSS kiosks, Air Canada has seen passengers’ kiosk use increase from 30 per cent to 45 per cent. With a goal of 75 per cent of domestic passengers checking-in using kiosks, the Airport Authority and Air Canada plan to double the number of kiosks in the Domestic area in the coming months. “Since Air Canada first introduced its award-winning express check-in kiosks, the response from our customers has been very positive,” said John Ring, Air Canada’s general manager, customer service — Western Canada. “The kiosks are free, easy to use, and can be used by all customers including families and customers with checked baggage. With the addition of scanners, the kiosk check-in/bag-

YVR was the first airport in the world to deploy the common-use kiosks, with Air Canada as the launch customer. Since their introduction, Air Canada has seen passengers’ kiosk use increase from 30 per cent to 45 per cent. gage drop-off process has been streamlined and is now faster than ever.” Both the Airport Authority and Air Canada were leaders in developing the CUSS standard, which was recently ratified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The Airport Authority plans to deploy an additional 30 kiosks at YVR this fall, bringing the total to 60

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to accommodate the 10 airlines expected to be using the CUSS kiosk system in Vancouver by the end of the year. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport installed a CUSS Kiosk in the summer of 2003, making it the first hotel to offer its customers common use self-service check-in. with plans to expand the program to its downtown hotels in the coming months.


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look into a camera to allow the iris scan, and wait the approximate two seconds for their iris to be recognized. The camera is an ordinary, safe digital camera, there are no bright lights or lasers, and travellers do not need to remove eye glasses or contact lenses. Once the biometric match is found in the system, no further interaction with customs officials is required (other than the occasional and random checks by officers to ensure the system is not being abused). Travellers can also input values for any goods they may bring into the country at the kiosks, and taxes and duties will automatically be deducted from their credit cards. The technology utilized by the CANPASS program is considered the fastest and most accurate in the world. Partly due to the highly unique nature of the human iris, the technology is able to register 240 data points, compared to the 80 data points identified in fingerprints. The false match rate is about one in 1.2 million, as opposed to the one in 100,000 fingerprint rate. Application forms are available on-line at, and take about four to six weeks to process. There is a membership fee of $50 per year.


Radar System,

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radar and can operate in all weather conditions and also at night. During the trials, Tarsier detected and located controlled FOD debris as small as a pen on a runway from a range of 1.5 kilometres. YVR’s airport operations staff used the reported coordinates of the FOD to input into a vehicle GPS navigation system, drive directly to the location and retrieve the object in a matter of minutes. “Enhancing our existing tools and techniques with the latest technology for FOD detection creates a powerful combination,” said Brett Patterson, the Airport Authority’s director of aviation operations. “I don’t think you can overstate the benefits of having a system working around the clock in all conditions to ensure our runways remain clear and safe, and Vancouver

is proud to be a leader in this innovative technology.” Mike Woodhouse, director of QinetiQ Airport Radar, welcomed the success of the trial so far, saying: “We are delighted in the interest being shown by the Airport Authority and welcome their forward-looking approach to airport safety. I am confident that Tarsier provides airports, airlines and passengers with the best protection against the dangers and cost of runway debris. QinetiQ has been able to achieve a level of performance never seen before and we look forward to a successful conclusion of the Vancouver trial.” YVR has operated 10 consecutive years without any FOD damage to an aircraft during runway operations.

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PRESIDENT’S CORNER By LARRY BERG, President and Chief Executive Officer

Leading The Trend of Low-Cost, High-Value Travel YVR recently took the wraps off the Domestic Terminal’s newly renovated A-Pier, welcoming more than 3,500 visitors during a sneak peak of the 2,600square-metre facility. The A-Pier expansion and renovation was a $24-million project undertaken to meet the growing needs of YVR’s domestic carriers, with a focus on the strong low-cost carrier market. Low-cost carriers, which have operated worldwide for more than 30 years, have become a cornerstone of the airline industry, stimulating travel by offering costeffective alternatives for domestic flights. In Canada, carriers such as WestJet — and newer entrants Jetsgo and Canjet — represent the industry’s growth segments. In 2002, low-cost carriers had 36 per cent of the market share in Canada, an increase of 20 per cent over 2000, and this market share is expected to increase to 50 per cent or more in 2004. We know that these carriers, and their customers, demand value for their dollar. At YVR we provide that value by keeping our costs down while offering the high levels of service that all our passengers have come to expect. I am proud to say that in this highly competitive airport industry, YVR has the lowest landing and terminal fees of all major Canadian airports. Our A-Pier is a good example of what we’re doing to better serve our carriers. To provide a quicker turnaround for WestJet, A-Pier’s primary tenant, three of the five new gates feature double-headed bridges. These bridges allow WestJet to unload its 737 aircraft from both front and rear doors. YVR is one of only two airports in Canada to have these “over-the-wing” units. With people arriving at the airport early to catch their flights, we’ve placed a great deal of emphasis on

the passenger amenities in A-Pier. One innovative feature is the Alliance Atlantis Screening Lounge—an airport first. Passengers can relax in comfortable chairs and enjoy the latest movie trailers, behind-the-scenes footage and clips of shows from across Alliance Atlantis’ broadcast channels. As well as onscreen entertainment, passengers can enjoy food and beverages at A-Pier’s new Palomino Bar, pick up reading material and snacks for their flight at the To Go! newsstand, or browse the various retail carts. A children’s play area, designed by local company Straight Line Designs to resemble an English hedge maze, provides a fun place for children to amuse themselves while parents relax. A-Pier is just one example of how we are constantly adapting our business to remain on the leading edge of industry developments. We offer customers innovative services such as Food on the Fly, enabling passengers to purchase food for their flights from YVR restaurant outlets. We recently introduced common use lounges, the first in North America. Located in the International Terminal building, the lounges offer all passengers, regardless of airline or class of travel, a wide range of services and amenities for a low per-use fee. We are also expanding our common-use self-service check-in kiosk program, which gives passengers access to multiple airlines from one machine, providing a cost-effective solution for airlines and airports and an internationally recognized standard for passengers. YVR will continue to look for ways to meet the needs of our changing industry while building on our reputation as one of the world’s best airports.

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CBSA Officers Find Drugs Hidden in Plane’s Wing n June 27, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers from the airside and special enforcement team conducted an examination of a commercial Boeing 767 aircraft arriving at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) from Sydney, Australia via Honolulu. During their examination of the aircraft’s left side wing, the officers discovered one brick of hashish and two bricks of cocaine taped to the inside of its fuel panel. According to Faith St. John, CBSA communications manager, the airside and special enforcement team of officers routinely target and examine


“high-risk” aircraft landing at YVR. “Although it has been fairly common to find drugs in this part of an aircraft in other parts of the country, this is only the second time that drugs have been found in this area of an aircraft landing at YVR,” said St. John. The officers removed the drugs — 369 grams of hashish and 706 grams of cocaine – and turned them over to the RCMP for investigation. The CBSA has not named the airline, as it has no reason to believe its officials were knowingly involved with the transportation of the illegal narcotics. Last year CBSA officers at YVR made 540 drug seizures, preventing more than 500 kilos of illegal and dangerous drugs from being distributed.

(above) The brick of hashish and two bricks of cocaine that were taped to the inside of the aircraft’s fuel panel. (right) A CBSA officer shows where illegal narcotics were found hidden inside the wing of a commercial airliner that landed at YVR.

Fundraiser to Brighten Richmond with a Million Lights lthough winter seems a long way away, the Rotary Club of Richmond and the Richmond


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Hospital Foundation have joined forces and already begun a project to turn on a million lights as part of a “Celebrate with Lights” winter fundraiser. The project, which kicked off last month, encourages the entire City of Richmond to get involved in providing a state-of-the-art Palliative Care Unit at the Richmond Hospital and also to assist in the construction of the new Rotary Hospice House on No. 4 Road. The Celebrate with Lights committee is asking every Richmond resident and visitor to Richmond to donate $1 for a light bulb that will brighten the surroundings of the Richmond Hospital with one million lights, and raise funds for both of these much-needed community facilities. The event will involve both the business and residential community, by encouraging them to join in lighting up their businesses and homes during the winter season. Local businesses will also be asked to encourage their customers and employees to become partners in this major fundraising project. Eventually the committee would like to see the City of Richmond lit up as the “City of Lights.” The grand lighting ceremony will take place on Friday, December 3, at 4:00 p.m. at the Richmond Hospital, where the entire Richmond community will be asked to join in switching on the million lights. The cost of lighting the hospital is being donated by the Richmond business community. All monies raised through the $1 donation will be for the benefit of the Palliative Care Unit and the Rotary Hospice House.


‘Voice of the Canucks’ to Emcee Annual YVR Golf for Kids Charity Event By Jody Holgate

chair Kim Scoville. “I can’t think of a more appropriate host for an evening dedicated to helping the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and Vancouver Canucks for Kids charities.” Since 1991, YVR Golf for Kids has raised more than $1 million for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and other local children’s charities. Last year alone, $155,000 was raised, of which $146,500 was donated to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The remaining proceeds from the event help a variety of other children’s charities such as schools, girl guides and foundations throughout Richmond.

his year’s YVR Golf for Kids, a premier charity fundraiser that began in the 1980s, will include the vocal talents of John Shorthouse, better known as the Voice of the Canucks. Shorthouse, who recently completed his sixth season behind the Vancouver Canucks play-by-play microphone, will emcee the gala dinner and auction to follow the annual golf tournament in support of charities across the Lower Mainland. “We’re thrilled to have John on board,” said YVR Golf for Kids co-


Conference Board Predicts Tourism Industry to Remain in the Red for 2004 Despite Increased Travel by Canadians and International Visitors ollowing dismal results in 2003, tourism spending in Canada is forecast to improve in 2004, but the industry is still expected to post losses of approximately $500 million this year, according to the Conference Board’s Canadian Industrial Outlook Service report on Canada’s Tourism Industry. The tourism industry lost a record $2.1 billion in 2003, as it was ravaged by the impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the Iraq conflict and the global economic slowdown. Revenues in both the air transportation and accommodation sectors declined substantially, while costs rose early in the year, explaining the record losses. According to Louis Thériault, associate director, Industrial Outlook,


“As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of organizations like YVR Golf for Kids for their continued support,” said Nancy Tardioli, development officer, community giving, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The Vancouver Canucks and its former general manager, Brian Burke, have been supporters of the annual YVR Golf for Kids golf tournament and the evening gala dinner and auction; however, this is the first time John Shorthouse will serve as emcee. YVR Golf for Kids will take place August 26 at Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club and Best Western Richmond Hotel. While this year’s event is sold out, there is still plenty of opportunity to become involved in next year’s YVR Golf for Kids as a corporate or private sponsor, either through sponsorship at the golf or dinner events, or by prize donation. For more information, visit

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YVR WELCOMES YOUR LETTERS TO THE EDITOR All letters must include your name, address and phone number for confirmation. Please send to: The Editor: YVR SKYTALK Second Floor – 1965 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6S 1Z3 Tel: (604) 736-6755 • Fax: (604) 736-6750 E-MAIL:


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ucts, food manufacturing, oil and gas and supporting services, pulp and paper, telecommunications, tourism, and wood manufacturing.

travel by Canadians and international visitors within Canada is set to increase this year as economic conditions improve domestically and around the world. “However, the improvement in overall demand will not be enough to put the industry back into the black in the short term, and profitability is expected to return only after 2005,” said Thériault. Profit levels in the industry are expected to reach $650 million in 2005 and $2 billion by 2007. The Canadian Outlook Service is a unique Conference Board economic forecast, providing outlooks of revenues, costs and profitability for 10 major Canadian industries such as aircraft and aircraft parts, auto and auto parts, construction, consumer prod-


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The Hawaiian Islands

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island with its own desert as he Hawaiian islands are a well as annual snowfall at the melting pot of tradition summits of Mauna Kea and and multiple ethnicities. Mauna Loa. While each of the main From the geology of islands in its chain have Hawaii Volcanoes National their own identity, customs, Park, to the ancient history of culture and landmarks, the Puuhonua o Honaunau Nationcommon denominator is the al Park, to the schools of fish overwhelming friendliness found within the marine sancof the people, who delight in tuaries sprinkled around the sharing the celebrated island, time spent here will “aloha spirit” with all who provide a learning experience visit. Oahu for family members of all ages. Five-star restaurants, Kauai Nicknamed the “Garden mega hotels, shopping Isle” because of its variety of galore and all other big-city amenities can be found on Best view of Wakiki Beach is from your balcony at the flowers, Kauai is the oldest of the major Hawaiian islands. It Oahu, the most popular and Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa. has been used for many movie frequently visited Hawaiian backdrops (Jurassic Park, island. This is the island that South Pacific, King Kong, possesses the famed Waikiki Raiders of the Lost Ark, to Beach that draws millions of name a few). This is the quinvisitors each year, many of tessential island paradise comwhom come to be married. plete with lush valleys, fluted Referred to as “The mountains, scenic coastal Gathering Place,” Oahu is strips and spectacular waterhome to more than 76 per falls on the Napali Coast, cent of the state’s millionrenowned for its remarkable and plus population beauty and accessible for the Hawaii’s state capital, most part only by air or sea. Honolulu. Just a 30-minute ride The Royal Lahaina Resort is set amidst 27 lush, tropical Molokai The island that recreates the away from Waikiki’s shop- acres on the most exclusive stretch of Maui’s famed Robinson-Crusoe experience, ping area, the landscape Kaanapali Beach. Molokai is 59.54 kilometres (37 boasts endless coastlines with golden miles) long and 32.18 kilometres (20 beaches and million-dollar houses, miles) wide. Popular attractions are some of which are owned by wellKalaupapa National Historical Park, known film stars. The choice of outHalawa Valley and Molokai Museum door activities is plentiful, ranging and Cultural Centre. It is the only from kayaking, surfing, canoeing and island in which native Hawaiians conmountain bike riding to spectacular stitute the majority of the population. reef snorkeling and para sailing. Additionally, because it is almost a At the historic Pearl Harbor site, U.S. completely rural society, the islanders Navy shuttle boats transport visitors to still predominately practice traditionthe USS Arizona Memorial, located above the famous battleship on the spot A walk in the open ‘ocean’ at Maui’s al livelihoods such as farming, fishing and hunting. where she sunk on Dec. 7, 1941. Ocean Center is worth a visit. Each year, the western coastline One visit to this island is not Voted “Best Island in the World” launches the greatest long-distance enough and it’s obvious why more by Condé Nast readers for 10 consec- outrigger canoe races in the world than 56 per cent of visitors return time utive years and “World’s Best Island” with hundreds of athletes paddling and time again. by the readers of Travel & Leisure from here to Waikiki across the brutal Maui magazine for five years, Maui has Kaiwi Channel. Humpback whales migrate from more miles of swimmable beach than Lanai Alaska to the warm waters of Maui any other Hawaiian island. A former pineapple plantation that each winter, earning this island the Hawaii has evolved into the ultimate vacation distinction of being one of the best Known as “The Big Island” destination, this island boasts one places in the world to whale watch. because of its 6,498 square kilometers small town square and a way of life The island’s Ocean Center is a must- of land mass, it is well known for its that is centred outdoors — fishing, see, with more than 40 aquariums erupting volcanoes. Its Kilauea vol- swimming, diving, hiking, hunting filled with tropical fish and the final cano ranks among the world’s most and horseback riding. exhibit designed to simulate a walk in active and lava flows were occurring With a population of 3,000 and the open ocean with 2,000 fish as recent as June 26, spewing huge just three hotels, this island, nickswirling above, around and below — plumes of volcanic steam into the air. named “The Private Isle,” is as close Considered the cradle of Hawaiian as it gets to visiting one’s own private the closest experience to scuba diving civilization, it is the only Hawaiian tropical island. without getting wet.


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Harmony Airways Does it Right with a New Hawaiian Service Vancouver to Honolulu and Maui n June 25, Vancouver-based Harmony Airways (formerly HMY Airways) launched a new Vancouver to Honolulu service. The inaugural flight, departing Vancouver International Airport (YVR) at 11:00 a.m., arriving Honolulu International Airport on the island of Oahu at 2:15 p.m. local time, had particular significance for Harmony’s chairman and CEO, Dr. David T.K. Ho, who created the airline because of his experiences travelling to and from Hawaii with his family. “After a particularly negative experience returning from Hawaii, I was inspired to create an airline that was affordable, but more importantly, that treated customers with respect,” said Dr. Ho. The airline expresses that respect for travellers by providing non-stop, fullmeal service, complimentary drinks and free in-flight movies on all flights. Extra passenger legroom is achieved on the airline’s Boeing 757200 aircraft, which is configured for 197 passengers, as opposed to a maximum of 227 available on aircraft of this size. On the flight from Vancouver to Honolulu, the personable and efficient in-flight crew was dressed in casually elegant uniforms designed by acclaimed Vancouver designer, RozeMerie Cuevas of Jacqueline

By Joan Stewart


Harmony Airways owner, Dr. David Ho (second from left) and airline president, David Sylvester (second from right) greet airline crew from the Vancouver to Maui inaugural flight.

Conoir Designs. They served passengers a luncheon, consisting of salad with balsamic dressing, choice of sweet-and-sour chicken or sesame beef, followed by choux pastry with pineapple cream filling for dessert. A selection of Mission Hill white and red wines were also served complimentary. At Honolulu airport, the city manager Benjamin Lee presented Dr. Ho with the Hawaiian state flag in honour of the inaugural flight. In return, Dr. Ho presented him with a talking stick, which he explained was used for centuries by First Nations’ people in council circles to designate who had the right to speak. Mr. Lee then promised to use the stick judiciously at future Hawaiian city council meetings. Following on the VancouverHonolulu launch, Harmony began its Vancouver to Maui’s Kahului

Deplaning passengers at Kahului Airport, Maui, received fragrant leis and a personal greeting from Harmony president David Sylvester (right).

Airport service on June 28. The inaugural Maui to Vancouver return flight also departed at 1:00 p.m. that day. Full meal service on the return flight included ice cream from Vancouver’s Mario Gelati, Thai salad, choice of salmon or veggie cannelloni and maple mousse dessert. The tasty meals on the airline were catered by CARA foods. As the name implies, the aim of the airline is to make travellers feel that their flight is a “harmonious” part of their journey, rather than a source of stress. The airline’s president, David Sylvester believes that passenger will be impressed when they experience Harmony’s level of service. “Our name is our promise to our customers. We are aiming to exceed customers’ expectations and the addition of the two Hawaii routes

Vancouver International Airport passengers and staff were treated to a traditional Hawaiian Aloha Welcome as Harmony Airways celebrated its inaugural Vancouver to Honolulu flight on June 25.

will be no exception to that rule,” said Mr. Sylvester. The level of service provided by Harmony Airways is especially notable because of the airline’s low one-way fares. For flights through Dec. 12, 2004, cost for a one-way fare Vancouver-Honolulu is $299, with Vancouver to Maui for $329. With more than 200,000 visitors to Hawaii from Canada last year, Harmony aims to tap into this popular

destination’s market share by providing full service with low fares. From its inception in November 2002, flying to Mazatlan, the airline now offers flights from Vancouver to Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Maui. The airline also offers charter flights through Companion Holidays to Mexico. Tickets can be booked through Harmony Airways Web site at


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Abbotsford’s Annual Celebration of Flight uring the month of August, Canada’s “Raspberry Capital,” Abbotsford, plays host to the roar and excitement of the Abbotsford International Airshow. The event showcases civilian and military aircraft — from the smallest gliders to the sleekest jets — from all over the world, in a show that does justice to the beauty and advances in aerospace technology. Over the years, world-class demo teams have graced Abbotsford’s skies and this year will be no exception. Headlining the flying displays will be the ever-popular Canadian Forces Snowbirds with appearances by an F15 Eagle, USAF Heritage Flight, A10 Thunderbolt, B-2 Spirit Flybys and CH-149 Cormorant SAR demo, to name a few. Other acts also include Bud and Ross Granley’s Yak 55/Yak 18 formation aerobatics, Manfred Radius, H101 Salto, Jim LeRoy, Bulldog Modified Pitts, Jimmy Franklin, Jet WACO and Melanie Will, Pitts Special. There will also be a static display with a wide range of helicopters, fixed-wing military, civilian, homebuilt aircraft and warbirds to allow the pubic an up-close view of the machines. For a complete listing visit


6-10pm every Thursday Night Live entertainment from 8:30-12:30am Friday & Saturday Thu July 8 - “Wes Mackey” Fri & Sat July 9/10 “Wes Mackey Trio” Thu July 15 - “Wes Mackey” Fri & Sat July 16/17 - “The Fungi’s” Thu July 22 - “Wes Mackey” Fri & Sat July 23/24 Rock & Roll Solo “Neil Atkinson” Thu July 29 - “Victor Wells” Fri & Sat July 30/31 “The Sharkbites” OVERLOOKING THE MARINA AT THE DELTA VANCOUVER AIRPORT HOTEL 3500 CESSNA DRIVE, RICHMOND


An airshow legend, Bud Granley, wowed the crowds in his Yak 55M, at last year’s Abbotsford International Airshow. Photo: Jim Jorgenson

Jetsgo Traffic Numbers Continue to Climb L ast month, Jetsgo showed improved year-over-year traffic statistics with a 73 per cent increase in Revenue Passenger Miles (RPMs). RPMs for June were to compared 175,007,059, 100,922,875 in 2003. Available Seat Miles rose 72 per cent to 259,633,700, versus 150,565,840 over the same period. This resulted in a June load factor of


Renewal Centre

Congratulations to the Winner and Participants of the Canada Day Window Display Contest at YVR 1st Place Tastefully Canadian International Terminal, Departures – Level 3 Oh Canada… The Nuance Group, YVR’s exclusive duty free operator, demonstrated their creativity and patriotism in a colourful Tastefully Canadian window display.

Special acknowledgement to the shops that also showed their support: • BC Sports Zone • British Columbia & Beyond • Connoiseur • Daily News • Exploration • Discover Vancouver • Gifts of the Raven • Hudson News • Northern Impressions • News II You • Phamasave • Pacific Market • Tax & Duty Free • The Fish Market • Vancouver News Connection

in your neighbourhood • House Insurance • Commercial Insurance • Life Insurance • Travel Insurance

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67.4 per cent, compared to 67 per cent in 2003. “June was the beginning of the transition to our summer schedule and also saw the introduction of yearround service to Quebec City,” said Michel Leblanc, president of Jetsgo. “We expect to see strong demand for the summer season with travellers taking advantage of the wide variety of destinations Jetsgo has available.” Jetsgo’s western summer schedule includes seasonal service to Victoria and Abbotsford. Non-stop flights between Vancouver and Winnipeg will also operate through the summer. The discount air carrier celebrated its second anniversary on June 12, with 24 scheduled destinations and 16 planes in its fleet. “Our growth from five initial destinations and three planes is a reflection of the positive attitude and hard work of Jetsgo employees, and the ever increasing demand by Canadians for discount air travel,” said Mr. Leblanc. The airline recently purchased 18 Fokker 100s and will be introducing its fourth Fokker 100 aircraft into service this month. Headquartered in Montreal with 1100 employees, Jetsgo offers scheduled discount air service to 18 Canadian and seven U.S. destinations. All registered users are eligible for Jetsmiles, Jetsgo’s frequent flier program.


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Richmond’s Mega River Rock Casino Opens ast month, the state-of-the-art 70,000-square-foot River Rock casino opened on the site of the former BridgePoint Market, with the biggest collection of one-armed bandits on its premises. One thousand slot machines and more than 75 gaming tables – blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and, for the first time in Canada, craps – are housed in the multi-faceted facility, which includes an international food court and 100seat lounge that will host a variety of live entertainment. The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has signed an agreement with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation to provide casino opera-


tional services for a term of 10 years, with a first right to renew for an additional 10-year term. Howard Blank, executive director, media and public relations for The Great Canadian Gaming Corp., says as the latest entry into the casino world, the facility will feature topnotch, indestructible surveillance technology, incorporating features such as facial recognition and body temperature-reading, plus cameras with the ability to zoom in on a hand of cards at a poker table, or a car’s licence plate in the parking lot. Operating 24 hours per day, the facility will sell alcohol throughout the gaming areas and food-and-bever-

age outlets daily between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. The mega River Rock Casino hopes to attract American and other tourists in record numbers and with that in mind, a luxury all-suite hotel is scheduled to open in early 2005, offering convention facilities, meeting rooms, restaurants and a retail corridor with shops and services, including fitness centre, day spa, pool and hot tub. In mid-2005, a 21,000-square-foot show theatre will host a wide variety of live acts and entertainment. Once open, it will be the only theatre of its kind in Western Canada and the largest theatre of this type in the world.

Retailers ‘Mystery-Shopped’ in Customer Service Excellence Program ach quarter, professional ‘mystery shoppers’ hired by the YVR Merchants evaluate retail employees based on a survey developed by the Merchants for their Customer Service Excellence Program. For the second quarter, the following employees were recognized for providing exceptional customer service. • Marg Bolten ICE Currency Services • Robin Collins MDS Metro Laboratory Services • Patria Corpuz Cinnabon • Fernanda Gongalves Tastefully Canadian • Nixon Hui Hanami Café • Jennifer Lee Starbucks • Victor Ng Super, Natural British Columbia Visitor Info Centre • Mitsuyu Okamoto The Fish Market


BACK ISSUES ON-LINE @ Mitsuyu Okamoto, The Fish Market (left) and Robin Collins, MDS Metro Laboratory Services were two of the 11 YVR employees recognized for providing exceptional customer service. • Merilyn On Burger King • Elena Regualos Harvey’s/Swiss Chalet • Ivan Wong Big Apple Bagels Keep up the great work!

Airport Job Training Check-In/Customer Service Agents At YVR FREE INFORMATION SESSION œ 14 Sep. 7 p.m. McNeill Sec. School, Richmond œ 15 Sep.. 7 p.m. Burnaby Central High School information call: Burnaby Cont. Ed. At 604 664 8888 Richmond Cont. Ed. At 604 668 6123

BEST WESTERN ABERCORN INN AN INTRIGUING INN WITH A TON OF PERSONALITY A warm welcome awaits you at our charming Tudor-style European Inn! • Just minutes from Vancouver International Airport • Free Airport Shuttle • Free Continental Breakfast • Popular “Inglenook” Restaurant • Cozy Bobby G’s Pub • Fitness Facility • Free In-Room Coffee & Tea • Business Centre with High Speed Internet Access • Free Parking 604-276-7576 1-800-663-0085 9260 Bridgeport Road Richmond, BC Canada V5X 1S1



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Crossing Tips from Canada Border Services Fast Facts About Air ith the summer travelling season in full force, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) reminds travellers that whether you’ve been gone for a few hours, or for several days, returning to Canada from abroad means a stop at the border. The CBSA offers the following tips to ensure that your return to Canada is made with a minimum of disruption to you and your family: Carry appropriate identification All travellers entering Canada are required to provide proof of citizenship. A passport is ideal, however the CBSA will accept the following documents if presented with valid photo identification: birth certificate, citizenship card, record of landing, or Certificate of Indian Status. Carry identification for all children travelling with you Adults should carry identification for all children travelling with them, regardless of their age. A birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport or


immigration documents are all acceptable forms of identification. Parents who share custody of their children should also carry copies of legal custody documents. Keep all of your receipts handy Officers may ask you to show receipts for the goods you’ve purchased while out of the country. They may also ask to see your hotel receipts to verify the length of your stay outside Canada. You can help avoid unnecessary delays by keeping receipts together and readily accessible. Make a full declaration If you are not sure what to declare when you arrive at customs, declare all items first and then discuss them with the customs officer. Plant and animal products Certain plant and animal products are prohibited from entering Canada. Many travellers are unaware that products such as meat, live birds, plants and fruit can harbour diseases

and pests, which can harm Canada’s agricultural industry and environment. Know your personal exemptions If you have been outside Canada for 24 hours or longer, you are entitled to specific personal exemptions from duties and taxes. For more information about these tips, call 1-800-461-9999 (toll free), or visit CBSA’s Web site:

Transport in B.C. ritish Columbia is Canada’s third largest province, comprises 9.5 per cent of the country’s total land area and is home to more than 4.1 million people – over 13 per cent of Canada’s total population. By the year 2024, B.C.’s population is project to reach 5.3 million people, a 29 per cent increase. • British Columbia’s transportation and warehousing industry employed


UpcomingEventsUpcomingEvents August 12 VANCOUVER TRANSPORTATION CLUB GOLF TOURNAMENT Venue: Green Acres Golf & Country Club, Richmond 1300 hrs Shotgun start Contact: Brad Smith (604) 421-7059

August 13-15 ABBOTSFORD INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW Venue: Abbotsford, B.C. Contact: (604) 852-8511; email:

August 26 16 Years Experience for all your Screen Printing Needs.

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Grant McDaniel (former YVR Air Canada employee)


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YVR GOLF FOR KIDS Annual golf tournament and evening gala dinner and auction to raise funds for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and a variety of children’s charities. Venue: Golf tournament - Mayfair Golf & Country Club, Richmond. Dinner & auction – Best Western Richmond Inn, Richmond Contact: (604) 277-4753; email:; Web site:

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email: or visit our web site: 8354 St. George St.,Vancouver, BC

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114,300 people in 2003. BC Stats figures indicate that’s 23 per cent more than the people who are employed in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, oil and gas, mining and utilities sectors. • According to the latest stats, B.C. has 89 certified aerodromes and 212 registered aerodromes. • In January 2004, there were 5,161 registered aircraft in B.C., compared with 29,128 for all of Canada. That is almost 18 per cent of the Canadian total. • Of the 5,161 total aircraft registered, 667 are helicopters, more than 35 per cent of the nation’s total. • There are 213 licensed scheduled and charter commercial operators in B.C. Of that total, 79 are commercial helicopter operators and operate more than 250 commercial helicopters. • B.C.’s busiest airport, in terms of passenger traffic, is Vancouver, followed by Victoria, Kelowna, Abbotsford and Prince George. • The second largest international passenger gateway on the West Coast of North America, Vancouver International Airport welcomed 14.3 million passengers last year, and processed 250,400 take-offs and landings. The facility handled 215,300 tonnes of cargo. Information courtesy of Transport Canada.

Air Canada Receives its First A340-500

ir Canada has taken delivery of its first A340-500, according to Airbus officials. From Toulouse, France, the aircraft flew to the airline’s Montreal hub, where it arrived at 17.30 local time, on June 29. The aircraft is the first of two A340-500s to be delivered to Air Canada — the second to come later this month. Each will accommodate 42 passengers in first class and 225 passengers in economy. They will serve on many of Air Canada’s current international routes.



A-Pier Grand Opening

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CLASSIFIED 49,000 READERS EVERY MONTH • $17.50 per col inch

Tel: 604 736-6754 • Fax: 604 736-6750 • E-mail:




’92 NISSAN 300ZX – 2+2 110,000km. Silver-Blk leather interior. $16,500. Sweet! 604-575-0727

Large bedroom with ensuite bath in gorgeous new house on West Richmond Dyke. Share kitchen, laundry, hot tub. No smoking, no pets. Suit airline personnel. Available Aug. 1. $550/month, negotiable. Sue (604) 271-7783



PART-TIME CAR JOCKEYS PARK ‘N FLY Vancouver International Airport We are open 24 hours every day and have openings for the following: 1) AM shift-between the hours of 05:00 a.m. to 02:30 p.m. 2) PM shift-between the hours of 02:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. 3) Midnight shift-between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. The successful candidates will possess the following attributes: • Clean driver’s license supported by a current drivers abstract (obtainable from Dept. of Motor Vehicles at NO CHARGE) • Class 4 unrestricted licenses would be an asset • MUST be able to drive standard transmission type vehicles • Good English communication skills, both verbal and written • Exceptional customer awareness skills • Safe & responsible driver with driving experience in various types of vehicles • Excellent attitude in the workplace & Team player • Must be available for work on two days of the week (any two days from Mon. to Sun.) The starting rate of pay will be at a probation rate of $9.59 per hour increasing to $11.98 per hour. Drop by 6380 Miller Road, Richmond, to complete an application prior to 12:00 PM, Monday, July 12, 2004. Please no phone calls.

GlobeGround North America More than 3,500 people attended the Airport Authority’s June open house to give the public a sneak peak of the newly renovated and expanded Domestic Terminal A-Pier.

we’re here


POSITIONS AVAILABLE GlobeGround North America has



VANCOUVER AIRPORT CHAPLAINCY a Quiet Place... ...for quiet reflection, prayer, meditation relax, listen to music, eat your lunch, read a book. a Safe Place... ...for personal, confidential conversation with someone who cares. discuss personal or spiritual issues in a non-threatening environment. Please visit us on International Arrivals Level 1, or contact us by phone: (604) 303-3010 or email:

All jobs are part time and pay $8.84/h. Must hold valid B.C. Drivers Licence. Please fax résumé to 604-303-4574 Attn. Rick No phone calls please

For cleaner skin and healthier life…

Hot Spring Day Spa

RELAXING BODY MASSAGE SPECIAL 35 Minutes - $25.00 45 Minutes - $35.00 60 Minutes - $50.00 (you’ll enjoy it!) Non-sexual Waxing from $5.00 and up Deep pore cleaning facial - $29.95 60 mins. Relaxing Facial $29.00/60 mins. (Gift Certificates Available)

Tel. 604.261.4878 Open 7 days a week: 10 AM – 8 PM

8554 Granville St. – 2 min from airport Between W. 69th & 70th Ave. Park in front or at the back

Start in the right place. Providing uniformed security officers since 1974. Securiguard is the Largest Privately Owned Security Firm in BC. Securiguard is seeking applicants for security positions at the Access Control Points in the Vancouver Airport. Applicants must have previously held a full YVR Restricted Area Pass. Security (BST) training will be provided to the suitable applicants. Apply with your resume via email or by fax to 604-488-3523 No Phone Calls Please


AFFORDABLE LUXURY AT ITS BEST and Minutes to Airport!!!

Oceanside Steveston! Century Royale Apts: 604-277-7368 Minutes to Ocean and Steveston Village! Beautiful 7 acres of Park-Like Setting!

Carlton Park Gardens: 604-277-7271 Huge and completely renovated studios, 1, 1+Den, 2 BDRM and Elegant oversized 3 BDRMS, both properties are minutes to Shopping, Bus, Parks, Ocean, Dining & Entertainment! Include gym, pool, sauna, recreation center and Free Satellite TV. Going Fast! Call Today!

Open early for breakfast at 6am daily. Featuring White Spot famous breakfast served until 4pm

You remember “Cheers”, in operation since 1994. Now in its place we are proud to announce Medallist Bar and Grill, featuring White Spot menu. This contemporary full-service Tomato Basil Fettuccini



We toast a split English muffin and top it with tender slices of honey smoked ham, and two farm fresh eggs poached to perfection. Then we add a buttery, lemony hollandaise sauce, a sprinkle of parsley and then serve it with crispy hashbrowns. A perfect “treat yourself” breakfast!

We toast our White Spot bun especially designed to enhance our White Spot burgers and then top it with just the right amount of creamy smooth mayo and our secret relish. The finished burgers are topped with crispy long slice dill, served with our own special recipe creamy coleslaw and our signature fries.

White Spot is also located in post-security C Concourse at Legends Bar and Grill.


604-231-3731 EXT 2274

Plump, juicy Roma tomatoes simmered with onions, garlic, red wine, Parmesan cheese & fresh basil. Served with Panini Bread.

SUMMER SPECIAL AIRPORT EMPLOYEES RECEIVE 10% OFF breakfast before 11am during the months of July & August

concept celebrates the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games with cool blue-and-silver montage graphics depicting Olympic sports. 17 Flat panel LCD screens carry live sporting events as well as news and weather reports. For added convenience, monitor screens showing upcoming

Medallist Bar & Grill

Located Level 3 • Domestic Terminal Departures Pre-Security

departures will help passengers keep track of their flights.


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