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Lighter, More Efficient Plane from Boeing oeing Co., the world’s biggest airplane maker, has announced its newest jetliner will be made mostly of composite materials that are lighter than traditional aluminum. The 7E7 would be the first new model from Boeing since the introduction of its 777 in 1995. Expected to be in operation by 2008, the 7E7 will use graphite combined with epoxy resin as its main

B Artist’s rendition of Boeing’s new super-efficient 7E7 jetliner, expected to be in operation by 2008. Photo: The Boeing Company.

material, while the wings will include a combination of titanium and graphite. Boeing wants to make the 7E7 lighter so that it will use 20 per cent less fuel per seat than current jetliners. Engineers are using the concept design to push their thinking to more innovative exterior designs for the new airplane, including a distinctive nose

shape, new wing-tip concepts and a sculpted vertical tail structure. “The basic shape of large commercial jet airplanes has remained essentially unchanged since the introduction of the Boeing 707 nearly 50 years ago,” said Mike Bair, senior vice president of the 7E7 program. “There’s a good reason for that. SEE BOEING 7E7, PAGE 2

F R E E AUGUST 2003 • Your Airport Community Newspaper – Vancouver International Airport

Zoom Airlines Launches Transatlantic Service

Airshow legend Bud Granley in his Yak 55M (foreground) and Eddie Andreini in his Stearman Modified WWII Trainer.

Jorgenson Photo

Introduces Boeing 767

Zoom’s bright-blue Boeing 767-329ER aircraft taxies to a stop at Vancouver International Airport. fter the success of its inaugural winter season, Zoom Airlines has returned its Airbus A-320 to U.K. operator Monarch Airlines and entered into a medium-term lease of the Boeing 767 from Air France for use on its summer transatlantic service. Christened “The City of Ottawa” in honour of Zoom’s home city, the aircraft accommodates up to 268 passengers – 88 more than its predecessor. The aircraft’s configuration features the introduction of Zoom’s “Premium Economy” class, offering 25 seats with extra leg room and an enhanced service offering, which includes compli-


mentary alcoholic beverages, priority check-in, and extra baggage allowance. Zoom’s new scheduled service reflects its continued focus on niche markets with perennial strength. Over the summer the aircraft is dedicated to transatlantic service, partnering with Canadian Affair, a U.K.-based tour operator specializing in bringing U.K. residents to Canada. In this capacity Zoom provides transatlantic service to five Canadian cities: SEE ZOOM AIRLINES CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 Va n c o u v e r ,

Abbotsford Airshow Highlights


n celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight, this year’s airshow featured the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Canadian Air Force Snowbirds whose flying skills entertained large crowds over the three-day event at Abbotsford Airport. Other acts included Fat Albert, F117 Nighthawk, F-15 Eagle demo, Bud Granley, Manfred Radius, and a P-51 Mustang. See page 6 for our photo review.

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I N T H E D O M E ST I C T E R M I N A L B U I L D I N G – L E V E L I * YVR is the international aeronautical designation for Vancouver International Airport.






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The shape is optimal for achieving lift, fighting drag and producing efficient, comfortable flight.” Designers will continue to consider alternative design features through the summer and finalize the airplane configuration by the end of the year. “We are using this concept similar to how automobile designers use concept cars, to stretch our imaginations, to consider new possibilities and to help us design the best possible product for our customer,” Bair said. “The conventional image that we have shown the world for the past four months is very much our baseline design. But we want to go beyond baseline to something that people will

know by sight – like the way we all know a 747 when we see one.” The 7E7 is being developed as a 200- to 250-seat airplane that will fly between 7,000 and 8,000 nautical miles at speeds similar to today’s fastest twin-aisle commercial airplanes – the 777 and 747. It will be the most advanced and efficient commercial airplane in its class and will set new standards for the environmental responsibility and passenger comfort. The market potential for a new airplane of this size is forecasted at up to 3,000 units over the next 20 years. The company expects to formally offer the new airplane to customers in early 2004.

ZOOM AIRLINES, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax from four U.K. centres. For Western cities, the airline is operating two flights each week in and out of Vancouver International Airport via Calgary and Edmonton to London’s Gatwick and Manchester airports. During the winter months, Zoom partners with Ottawa’s GO Travel Direct, specializing in direct-sell vacations to fly from Halifax and Ottawa to southern destinations in the U.S. and Caribbean. To-date, the airline has no plans for Western departures during the winter months. “Zoom is happy to be providing some good news during challenging times for the industry,” said Kris Dolinki, CEO of Zoom Airlines.

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“Zoom’s focus on providing a costeffective travel option, yet offering service levels at a high standard, has been well received by the leisure market. There is real demand for good service at a good price, and Zoom is poised to seize this opportunity.” Zoom plans further expansion of its fleet in 2004 with the addition of at least one aircraft of the same type and configuration. As additional aircraft come online, the airline plans to sell seats direct to the public and expand its routes serviced. Zoom Airlines is a privately held Canadian airline, focused on provid-

During the summer, Zoom, a nonscheduled airline, will operate two flights each week in and out of YVR via Calgary and Edmonton to London’s Gatwick and Manchester airports. ing superior air service to the leisure travel market. It was incorporated in May 2002 by a team of travel industry veterans with extensive travel and aviation experience, and is headquartered in Ottawa. More information is available on


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PRESIDENT’S CORNER By LARRY BERG, President and Chief Executive Officer

Summer Brings Signs of a Recovery BCIT’s three Harvard trainers (above), along with a Beech Model 18/C45 Expeditor, an early twin-engine Jetstar, and an Allouette helicopter will also be replaced with newer aircraft for students. Photos: Jim Jorgenson

BCIT Adds Aircraft to its Campus Fleet .C. Institute of Technology’s (BCIT) aviation program recently added three Piper Aerostars to its fleet at the Aerospace and Technology Campus at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). A Bell 205 (UH-1H) helicopter is also being acquired and will arrive on campus in a few weeks. The three Aerostars were manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation during the late 1970s and are designated Piper Aerostar Model 600A. When first marketed, these aircraft were a radical departure from the twin engine private planes then in use. The Aerostar is a high performance, six-place aircraft. It is an aerodynamically clean aircraft with a maximum speed of 300 miles per hour. The aircraft is powered by two Lycoming IO-540 fuel injected six-cylinder engines of 290 hp. These three aircraft were used by Conair Aviation as “bird dog aircraft”. In this capacity the aircraft did fire reconnaissance and then escorted a DC6 water bomber into a fire drop zone. Training Purposes The aircraft will be used for training purposes by instructors and students involved in some of BCIT’s many aviation and aerospace programs. The programs include aircraft


maintenance engineer categories M, E and S, as well as airline and flight operations (commercial pilot) courses. The Aerostars are modern aircraft with up-to-date equipment and systems. Typical training will include rigging of flight controls, engine runups and engine, propeller, electrical, hydraulic and instrumentation systems maintenance. Famed “Huey” The Bell helicopter model UH-1H is a military utility transport aircraft that gained fame during the Vietnam War where it was known as the “Huey”. BCIT’s aircraft was built in the late 1960s for the US Army. It is believed that it spent some of its early life in Vietnam. The UH-1H is a twocrew, 14-passenger helicopter powered by a 1,400 shp Lycoming T53 engine. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 126 mph. When this aircraft arrives it will be used by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer category M and E courses for maintenance and avionics training. Some typical tasks for learners will be runup inspections, 100 hr. inspections and avionics installations. BCIT’s Aerospace and Technology Campus is located near the south terminal of YVR. It is the largest English language aviationaerospace school in Canada.

It has been a rough stretch for the aviation industry over the past several months, but there are growing signs that the industry is recovering. As I have noted occasionally in this space in the past, this industry has experienced tough times before and has always rebounded. The simple explanation is — air travel will always be an essential part of our lives. It was something many of us kept reminding ourselves during the first half of this year, when the war in Iraq and SARS delivered a potent one-two punch to our industry. Both were tough for an industry still trying to regain a solid footing after the September 11 attacks and the effects of underperforming global economies. SARS hit air carriers flying to Asia and Asian airports particularly hard. In Canada, the situation was exacerbated with the filing for bankruptcy protection by Air Canada. For YVR, SARS had the most profound impact on traffic. At the worst of the crisis in May, passenger traffic between YVR and the Asian destinations we serve was off by nearly 50 per cent over the same period last year. Domestic and U.S. passenger traffic, while not affected quite as severely, was still down slightly yearover-year. Overall, our passenger traffic in the second quarter was off 12.5 per cent from the same period last year. July brought with it the beginnings of what we hope is a sustained recovery and a return to long-term growth in passenger traffic. Contributing to the

improvement is the pent-up demand for Asian travel from people who postponed their trips during the SARS outbreak. A number of the carriers serving Asia are reporting increased demand for travel in both the leisure and business markets. Last month, Air Canada announced it is re-launching its Beijing flights and increasing the frequency of flights to Hong Kong, Shanghai and London to previous levels. Another contributing factor is that summer is typically the busiest season for air carriers. The kids are out of school and families are heading out on vacation. WestJet, for example, is experiencing its best summer on record and the airline continues to grow and add new destinations. Vancouver’s success in landing the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is also providing a significant shot in the arm. There is a noticeable air of optimism these days. Not only will the Games focus world attention on British Columbia, providing a tremendous boost to our tourism industry leading up to and beyond the Games, it will also serve as a catalyst for legacy infrastructure improvements that will radically improve our communities. All of this benefits YVR, Vancouver and the entire province. Tourism, one of British Columbia’s most important industries, was hit hard by recent world events. The positive signs that have come along with the warm weather are welcome news indeed for us all.

Your Airport Community Newspaper AUGUST 2003 ISSUE • VOL. 10 • NO. 10 YVR SKYTALK, the official newspaper of the Vancouver International Airport, is published monthly by Westco Marketing Ltd. for the more than 26,000 people who make up the airport community at YVR. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in whole or part without the written permission of the publisher.

An ex-Air Canada Vickers Viscount aircraft that will be sold or traded for newer aircraft for BCIT students enrolled in the aviation courses at the Aerospace and Technology Campus at YVR.

Publisher: Patrick Stewart Associate Publisher: Joan Stewart Editorial Liaison: Ralph Eastman Editorial Board: John Korenic, Heather Madden-Johns, Ralph Eastman,Ali Hounsell, Kim Abrams, Erin Sills Contributing Writers: Arnold Klappe, Phil Melnychuk, Jim Jorgenson Creative / Production: James Martin Photography: Jim Jorgenson

VANCOUVER OFFICE: Suite 306 - 5400 Airport Road South Richmond, BC V7B 1B4 Tel (604) 736-6754 • Fax: (604) 736-6750 Email: Printed on Recycled Stock using vegetable based inks Please recycle this product.




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Cathay Pacific Announces Interim Results - SARS Impacts Passenger Numbers athay Pacific Airways has announced its interim results for the first six months of 2003. The Group reported a loss attributable to shareholders of CDN$224 million compared to a profit of CDN$255 million in 2002. Turnover fell 20.9 per cent to CDN$2 billion. The Group enjoyed a very strong


first quarter. However, the outbreak of atypical pneumonia, or SARS, had a devastating impact on passenger numbers in the second quarter. The company issued its first ever profit warning in April, parked 22 aircraft and reduced its schedule by cancelling up to half its normal services in May and June. Passenger yield

Cathay’s Airbus A340-600 made its first visit to YVR earlier this month. The world’s longest commercial airliner required the use of one of three special gates at YVR’s International Terminal Building.

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dropped 5.7 per cent. The airline’s cargo business sustained strong growth, carrying 406,000 tonnes, up 5.2 per cent on the same period last year. SARS had the effect of reducing cargo capacity because of the cancelled passenger flights. This shortfall was in part offset by the reactivation of a Boeing 747-200F freighter, which had been parked since late 2001. Cathay Pacific’s affiliates and associate companies were also adversely affected by SARS. “This was without a doubt the most challenging period in Cathay Pacific’s history,” said Cathay Pacific chairman James Hughes-Hallett. “The fact that we survived and are

Cathay’s staff celebrated the arrival of its newest ultra-long-haul Airbus with a cake-cutting ceremony at YVR. Photos: Jim Jorgenson now able to work towards our recovery is due entirely to the admirable

teamwork of our staff and management and our shareholders’ continued confidence in the company. We are progressively resuming services and helping to rebuild the tourism industry and local economy of Hong Kong. Looking ahead, we will continue with plans to grow our fleet, strengthen our network and enhance Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s leading aviation and logistics hub.” Cathay’s fleet growth will include the addition of three new Airbus A340-600, the world’s longest commercial airliner at 78.4 metres. Its long-range ability (up to 13,900 kiolmetres) permits non-stop flights with full loads throughout the year from Hong Kong to virtually any major destination in the world. Its passenger capacity of 288 is configured with eight in first class, 60 in business class, and 220 in economy class.


Located in the Immigration Landing room, the CANN kiosk is open seven days a week, providing services in 18 different languages.

CANN Celebrates 11 Years of Providing Welcome Information or many immigrants, stepping off an aircraft and entering Canada for the first time can be a daunting experience. At YVR, the Community Airport Newcomers’ Network (CANN) is there to help smooth the way. “Our goal is to have immigrants leave us with a better understanding about the first steps to take to settle in Canada by providing them with information and by referring them to other organizations throughout Canada that help newcomers,” said Tom Yeung, CANN supervisor. Essentially CANN provides the basics needed to live in Canada, such as how to obtain a social insurance number, enroll in a medical services plan or where to sign up for English language courses. Last year, CANN provided onetime service to almost 47,000 new (landing) immigrants and convention refugees at YVR. The CANN kiosk is located in the Immigration Landing room and is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The staff provides services in 18 different languages.


CANN is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and its services are provided by SUCCESS, a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of new Canadians through a variety of programs throughout Greater Vancouver. In June, CANN celebrated its 11th anniversary. To celebrate, CANN held an Open House at the Haida Gwaii in the International Terminal Building. Several tour groups allowed guests the opportunity to visit CANN’s kiosk, to which the general public does not have access. Displays outlining CANN’s services, copies of Statistic Reports, and brochures were also available. A number of stakeholders were present, including Kelly Ip, vice chair of membership and volunteers for SUCCESS, Lawrence Woo, SUCCESS chairman of the board, Greg Halsey-Brandt, MLA for Richmond, Joe Peschisolido, MP for Richmond, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Lori Chambers, the Airport Authority’s director of terminal operations, Paula Bennett, CIC manager, and Lilian To, SUCCESS CEO.


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CANN celebrated its 11th anniversary with a cake-cutting ceremony in the International Terminal Building.

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Airshow Highlights

CF18 Tiger

Jorgenson Photos

CC-130J Super Hercules USAF

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CAF Hawk

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CF-18 Tiger, 2003 air demonstration

Jorgenson Photos

Douglas Skyraider of the Olympic Flight Museum

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Air Canada Launches Onboard Restaurant Service ir Canada launched its onboard restaurant service this month by offering reasonably priced, restaurant-quality meals in Hospitality Class on select domestic flights. Air Canada claims the onboard meal service tested positively both in terms of appearance and pricing when presented to frequent flyers in focus groups held in major Canadian markets in early July. In addition, during testing of the new service on regularly scheduled flights between Toronto and both Winnipeg and Halifax on July 11, customers purchased nearly all of the meals boarded on the test flights. “We look forward to providing tasty, reasonably priced meals that offer choice, value and flexibility for our customers’ money,” said Brad Moore, senior director, in-flight service. “Based on the encouraging reaction of those who have participated in testing to date, this service will be a key element of Air Canada’s plans to pursue innovative ways to enhance our customers’ travel experience.” The new onboard restaurant service will initially be available on



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flights between Toronto and: Charlottetown, Halifax, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Saint John, Fredericton, Deer Lake and Gander, as well as between Montreal and St. John’s, with the potential to expand throughout the carrier’s North American network. The airline is teaming up with Swiss Chalet, Montana’s Cookhouse, Milestone’s and Kelsey’s to offer fresh, tasty, value-priced hot and cold meals and hearty snacks priced at $7 to $12 to replace current complimentary meal and snack service, where it is offered. Non-alcoholic beverage service in Air Canada’s Hospitality Class and meal and beverage service in Executive Class service remain complimentary. Meals and snacks will initially be sold on a cash-only basis and receipts will be provided. Complimentary snack and meal service will continue on all other domestic flights. In response to airline cutbacks on in-flight service, the merchants at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) launched a ‘Food on the Fly’ program, which enables passengers to bring onboard their flights specially packaged meals purchased from a wide variety of YVR food-and-beverage outlets. Menu options range from sushi to sandwiches, wraps and light breakfasts, all packaged in an easy-tocarry, transparent, travel-friendly bag. Participating vendors are predominantly located on the Departures level of the International and Domestic Terminals at YVR, and are identifiable by ‘Food on the Fly’ signage.

Onboard restaurant meals purchased from Air Canada will include Mediterranean-style chicken breast served on a bed of pasta salad with a home-style bread twist, cheese and crackers and decadent chocolate brownies.

Breakfast-style menu is fresh cut seasonal fruit accompanied by home-style granola with sun-dried cranberries and almonds, fruit yogurt and a banana nut muffin.

CHC Helicopters Building New Facility HC Helicopters International has signed a lease with Vancouver International Airport Authority to build new headquarters at YVR. The company has signed a longterm lease with the Airport Authority for a 3.23-acre site, located off Inglis


Drive on the airport’s south side. The company plans to build a new 60,000square-foot office and hangar facility on the site, which is currently occupied by an old AirBC hangar that is being demolished. It is expected that the new facility will be completed in mid- to late 2004. “CHC is an industry leader and world renowned aviation company, and their commitment to a long-term lease at YVR is a significant achievement in our land development portfolio,” said David Huffer, the Airport Authority’s vice president, commercial development. CHC Helicopters International operates a fleet of 36 medium and heavy helicopters, providing trans-

portation services to onshore and offshore petroleum markets around the world. It operates 13 bases worldwide, and employs more than 350 people. The company is a subsidiary of Newfoundland-based CHC Helicopters Corporation, which, through its subsidiaries and investments, has a combined fleet of more than 300 helicopters operating in 23 countries and employs about 2,300 people. Approximately two-thirds of the corporation’s revenue is generated by offshore helicopter services, with the remainder coming from air ambulance, search and rescue, onshore work and repair and overhaul.


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Canada Customs Intercepts Taser Gun and Heroin ustoms officers at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) recently arrested a Korean traveller for attempting to bring a prohibited weapon into Canada. Charn Seon Choi was charged by the RCMP Border Integrity Unit, with the importation of a prohibited weapon under Section 104 (1) (a) of the Criminal Code of Canada and will remain in RCMP custody until his court appearance. The day before Choi arrived at YVR on a flight from Japan, information on the Canadian Customs database indicated that he was wanted on a Canada-wide immigration warrant. On arrival, he was initially referred to Citizenship and Immigration Canada then returned to the Customs area for a baggage examination. Customs officers discovered a stun


gun (Taser) disguised as a cellular telephone in his luggage, which when activated emitted a loud siren and sent out a brilliant blue arc of electricity between its two contact points. Customs arrested the man and turned him over to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to action the warrant. Heavy Sandals On June 27, customs officers selected a passenger arriving on a flight from Mexico, for examination. His selection was based on information obtained from Advance Passenger Information / Passenger Name Record (API/PNR) data, which provides customs officers with advance information on airline passengers and other information. During their examination, customs officers noticed that the man’s sandals seemed unusually heavy. The

(lLEFT) A Taser Gun disguised as a cellular phone was found in a passenger’s luggage. The Taser is a prohibited weapon in Canada. (RIGHT) Customs officers reveal heroin that was hidden in a passenger’s sandals. footwear showed no obvious inconsistencies when X-rayed, but closer inspection revealed fresh glue along the soles. When customs officers cut open the sandals, they found bags

Harbour Air Expansion Goes Vertical arbour Air Seaplanes, the world’s largest all-seaplane airline, continues to expand in B.C.’s tourism market by going vertical. The airline has added a new mix to its fleet of 25 aircraft, operating helicopter tours and charter service from its Coal Harbour location in downtown Vancouver. Three helicopters, including a Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Bell 407 and Bell 206L-3 Longranger, will be able to transport one to six passengers for a variety of tours or charters. The addition of helicopters to the company, which has been in the seaplane business for over 20 years, will complement its downtown operation that already offers a range of scenic adventure float plane tours. “Plugging helicopters into our business is another service for us to offer as an option to the tourism market, as well as the corporate market,” said Greg McDougall, president of Harbour Air. “We’ve been looking at getting involved in the ‘vertical’ market for some time and by doing so will give customers more selection.” Helicopter tours will range from 20-minute flights over the City of Vancouver and North Shore mountains to romantic lunch fly-ins at the world-renowned Aerie Resort on Vancouver Island. Private heli-charters will also be available for those who prefer to experience a helicopter.


containing brown powder hidden inside each one. The substance was later identified as 380 grams of heroin. Customs officers arrested Luis Enrique Aldrete-Guitierrez, who was charged with importation of a controlled substance into Canada under Section 6(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking under Section 5(2) Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Event Schedule Raven Training Services will make the Human Performance in Aviation Maintenance (HPIAM) workshop available to meet your schedule, offering two workshops per month at YVR and two workshops in the Langley area over the next three months. Each workshop is 15 hours and can be provided in 2 days, 7.5 hours per day or 4 days, 3.75 hours per day. (TOP) Not only is the Jet Ranger III the world’s most popular commercial helicopter, it’s also the industry standard for safety. (BOTTOM) A Robinson R-44 Raven II helicopter is kept at the ready for use by Greg McDougall, Harbour Air’s president and CEO. Photo: Jim Jorgenson “Adventure packages in British Columbia are definitely on the rise,” said Randy Wright, vice president of sales and marketing. “Tourists are looking for a new experience, and by adding helicopter tours Harbour Air continues to meet the growing

demands of the industry. This will allow us to be able to access even more out-of-the-way destinations along the West Coast.” For additional information on Harbour Air Seaplanes, visit

Schedule: YVR

August 18 & 19 September 8 & 9 September 22 & 23 October 6 & 7 October 20 & 21 Langley

August 25 & 26 September 15 & 16

Customs officers, Canada’s first line of defence in keeping contraband out of the country, use the new API/PNR to get advance information on airline passengers to identify and intercept high-risk travellers. The Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency works closely with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and other law enforcement agencies to protect Canada’s borders.

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‘God of the Skies’ Skydives Across Channel above the port of Calais. The flight was given the codename “Icarus Two”, after the Greek mythological figure who fell to his death when he flew too close to the sun. “I made it, which is great,” he told reporters on landing. “It’s pretty cold up there. I still can feel nothing,” said the self-styled “God of the Skies,” who started parachuting as a teenager before taking up the extreme sport of BASE jumping.

Photo: REUTERS/Ulrich Grill

Baumgartner jumped out of a plane at 29,500 feet above Dover, England, wearing a specially constructed carbon wing and flew toward France before parachuting into hills



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Grant McDaniel (former YVR Air Canada employee)

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ecuriguard Services Limited and Vancouver International Airport Authority are implementing the first commercial Segway™ Human Transporter at a Canadian airport.


The Segway™ will be used by Securiguard patrollers at YVR, providing increased mobility and maneuverability in crowded areas within the terminal buildings. The Segway™ can travel about as quickly as a person can run and with a zero turning radius, helping patrollers respond in tight situations. Weighing just 38 kg (83 lb), security patrollers can easily navigate elevators and travel quickly and safely through YVR’s 280,000 square meter (3 million square foot) terminals. “Securiguard Services, in partnership with YVR, is committed to a safe travelling experience for the public,” said Darcy R. Kernaghan, president &

(604) 273-3766 Cell: (604) 868-5875 At The Richmond RICHMOND Auto Mall

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CEO of Securiguard Services Limited. “By supplementing our existing on-foot and bicycle patrols with the Segway™, we will increase the profile of our security officers while enhancing their flexibility, range and mobility throughout the airport.” “We’re pleased to welcome another “first” at YVR,” said Paul Levy, the Airport Authority’s director, security and emergency planning. “This innovative and exciting tool is another way the Airport Authority and our business partners are working together to improve our business and customer service.”

YVR Community Supports Golf for Kids n August 21, YVR Golf for Kids will hold its annual Golf and Gala Dinner Event in support of Canuck Place and local children’s charities. Since the event’s inception, the airport community has contributed in excess of $850,000 in donated funds with the goal being this year to exceed $1 million. A Strong Show of Support This year’s YVR Golf For Kids event has already received an unprecedented show of support through donations-in-kind, registrations and prizes. Once again, the Vancouver International Airport


Authority, Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club and the Best Western Richmond Hotel are the event’s major corporate sponsors. In addition, a significant number of companies, associations and individuals have kindly contributed exciting gifts and vacations packages for silent- and live auction bidding. Airline tickets, getaway packages to exotic destinations, sports memorabilia are only some of the bargains to be had — for latest list visit Without these sponsors and donors the event would not be possible. A big thank-you is extended to all those companies that


in 1909 and Matthew Webb took 22 hours to swim it for the first time in 1875. The special wing is made of the same special lightweight carbon composite used in Formula One racing cars. Baumgartner, 34, set world records for the highest and lowest parachute dives in 1999 with daredevil jumps from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

YVR’s Segway™ a First for Canadian Airports

Austrian stuntman Felix Baumgartner is the first person to skydive across the English Channel, free falling at 200 kilometres per hour in the process. ast month, Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian stuntman, became the first person to skydive across the English Channel, free falling at 124 miles per hour in the process.

Setting off early in the morning to avoid commercial flights, Baumgartner used oxygen supplies during the 22-mile flight to survive the rarefied air. His team estimates that he attained a top speed of more than 124 miles per hour during the fall, which took only around 10 minutes. In contrast, Louis Bleriot took 37 minutes to make his groundbreaking flight across the channel

Daily, Dash 8 Flights to Prince Rupert, TerraceKitimat, Smithers and Dawson Creek, B.C., from Vancouver’s convenient South Terminal. NEW! Connector Service to Masset, QCI (Haida Gwaii) Call Toll Free: 1-800-663-2872

have been so generous in supporting this event. Behind the scenes An event of this size is a significant undertaking and requires participation by the Board of Directors throughout the year. However, the YVR Golf for Kids event would not be possible without the dedicated and tireless efforts of all the event coordinators and volunteers. The staff of volunteers assist in organizing the golf tournament, noon brunch, evening gala dinner, the various liveand silent auctions, and the tracking of bids and winners of the auction items. It is clear, that without the support of the many volunteers this special day would not be possible. The board of YVR Golf for Kids and its sponsors recognize the continued exceptional support of all volunteers and encourages all participants to recognize this contribution while enjoying this year’s event. For more information about YVR Golf for Kids, visit To learn more about Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, visit


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Airport Job Training as Check-In/Customer Service Agents At YVR Information Session: Richmond 11 Sept./Burnaby 15 Sept. To Register call:

Richmond School District at 604 668 6123 Burnaby School District at 604 664 8888



One-Bedroom starting at $675. Available immediately. For short- or long-term rental. Adult-oriented building. Amenities include: full carpeting, balconies, storage/locker, secured underground parking and coin laundry. Five minutes to YVR; 10 minutes to Richmond Centre; 15 minutes to downtown Vancouver; 20 minutes to UBC. Sorry, no pets. For details, contact resident manager (604) 322-4645; property manager (604) 327-5477. 8656 Oak Street Vancouver, BC V6P 4B3

TRAINING BONUS AVAILABLE No Experience Necessary $25-$75/hr. PT/FT Call 1-888-233-0387 •



Photos and Story by JIM JORGENSON

Cabin For Sale Move it to your property.

Last month, AVIA Aviation, a fractional ownership charter company from Calgary, held an open house for prospective corporate customers at Piedmont Hawthorne on YVR’s southside. On display were two Piaggio Avanti P180 aircraft, one of which is owned by the Ferrari Racing Team and was on a visit to the Vancouver Molson Indy race. The Avanti PP180 is powered by two pusher turboprop PWC PTA68-66 engines, and can cruise at 359 kts at 41,000 feet for 1,700nm., carrying up to nine passengers and a crew of two at 50 per cent less cost than jet charters. The Piaggio Company is partially owned by the Ferrari family with Piero Ferrari the chairman of Piaggio Aero Industries.

Buy this beautifully crafted portable cabin for your recreational property. Cabin is currently located on the sunshine coast as part of a cabin village rental resort.Owner will transport to buyers property anywhere in B.C. Built to a high standard by a reputable Vancouver company it has strong laminated arched ribbed interior with pine finish. The exterior is cedar with a maintenance free aluminium shake roof. Includes wood stove and all fixtures plumbing, electrical and furniture.Just connect the utilities and move in. Lease expiry. Must sell. $45,000.00 OBO. 604 644 9067.

PROPERTIES FOR SALE Liquidation Sale By Owner Unique offering of land in the United States. Total package consists of 533 parcels located in 19 states. All taxes and assessments are warranted to be current. Bulk sale of the whole package only. Owner financing may be available, subject to certain requirements. Will consider a single equity trade. Asking US$4,500,000 for package.

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Shuswap Lake Seymour Arm, at the northerly tip of Shuswap Lake, accesses 1,100 km of inland waterways. Drive on to this 295’ x 295’ level lot. Partially cleared with a perimeter of beautiful trees. Soil is a gardener’s dream. Town-site, airstrip, marina, school & white sandy beaches within walking distance. Offers a vast expanse of back country with hunting, fishing, etc. Asking CDN$39,500 with $6,000 down. Owner may finance balance OAC.

Sun Peaks 5.8 acres at Whitecroft Village, 4 miles from Sun Peaks Village. All traffic to/from the resort must pass the 1360’ feet of level frontage on Sun Peaks Road. Whitecroft Village is 295 miles from Vancouver and 28 miles from Kamloops, Three valleys line with picturesque ranches converge at Whitecroft Village. A trailer is onsite and included in the asking price of CDN$195,000 with $25,000 down. Owner may finance balance OAC. For further info on all these properties please call: (604) 526-5001 email:

START IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Providing uniformed security officers since 1974. Securiguard is the Largest Privately Owned Security Firm in BC. Currently Hiring For Security Positions At The Airport and Other Various Sites Either A BST Certificate, A Valid RAP, Or To Have Had A RAP Previous Is A Must Apply With Your Résumé Via E-mail To Or Via Fax To 604-685-0013 No Phone Calls Please



7 ACRES OF PARK-LIKE SETTING! ** CARLTON PARK GARDENS: 604 277-7271 ** A Lufthansa 747-400 in Star Alliance livery. Star Alliance was established in 1997 as the first truly global airline alliance. Other members are Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA - All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines Group, bmi, Lufthansa, Mexicana Airlines, SAS, Singapore Airlines, Spanair, Thai Airways International, United, and VARIG Brazilian Airlines. LOT Polish Airlines and US Airways are scheduled to join the alliance later this year.

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