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Volume 2, Issue 7 March 2010

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Inside this issue... Tweeting for PR Results by Scott Cytron A New Type of Engagement by Lyndsey Havill KSCPA Hosts Second Annual Legislative Reception 2010 Class of the “20 up to 40” Leadership Program Kicks off with Legislative Awareness

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Greetings from President Allerheiligen

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Editors: Mary R. MacBain, Editor-in-Chief; Lauren R. Tice, Design & Copy Editor Contributing Writers: Gary Allerheiligen, CPA; Scott Cytron, ABC; Lyndsey Havill Landscape photography: Kevin Sink A special thanks to our advertisers: Accounting Practice Sales The Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants, Inc. 100 SE 9th Street, Suite 502 (66612-1213) P. O. Box 4291, Topeka, KS 66604-0291 Phone: 785.272.4366, FAX: 785.272.4468

What is most rewarding about being the President of the KSCPA is the opportunity to meet, collaborate, and network with members and those whom we work with on behalf of the members, the profession and the general public. This issue of Skyscapes is filled with photos from activities that show just how rewarding my year has been thus far. Our “20 up to 40” leadership participants met for the first time in Topeka. From the opening breakfast at the KSCPA offices, to the Kansas Board of Accountancy, Kansas House, Kansas Department of Revenue, Kansas Senate, Legislative Reception at the KSCPA offices, and into the next day with leadership and ethics sessions and a final “box lunch,” it was a sincere pleasure to meet so many members and people from the State of Kansas in both educational and networking environments. Upon the recommendation of the Board, new this year to our leadership is the Legislative Awareness Executive Committee. We are “on call” to respond to bills in the Senate and House, to contribute to Senate and House Committee discussions, and to help our governmental affairs representatives and legislators understand our position on the various issues facing Kansas. The outsourced KSCPA Governmental Affairs Representatives played a major role in coordinating the events at the House and Senate for the “20 up to 40” participants, and helped to encourage legislators to attend the 2nd Annual KSCPA Legislative Reception. Marlee Carpenter and Natalie Bright efficiently and effectively help the Legislative Awareness Executive Committee and others who are interested in what is happening at the State House by preparing weekly podcasts and bill trackers for KSCPA members during the legislative session. These are forwarded to the LA Executive Committee and others on the mailing list and published on the website each week. Please let Mary know, if you would like to be added to the mailing list. As many of you know, I recently retired from partnership at Grant Thornton. In thinking about my journey from that small Kansas community of less than 1,000 to today, as leader of our professional association in Kansas, I know that it’s not where you’re from that charts one’s future, it’s who you are. We are all saddened when one of our members passes, and I was especially saddened to learn that Mr. Robert Tabor, a member since 1977, and my college advisor and life-long friend, passed away on February 9. He was a very wise man, and one I quote in every presentation on leadership. He once told me that every “A” you earn means money in your pocket. He went on to tell me that I needed to partake of classes outside of business and accounting because to be successful, one had to be well rounded. How true his words proved to be as I advanced through my career! I’m looking forward to the Spring KSCPA leadership events on May 12 and 13 in Wichita. All members are encouraged and invited to participate in the leadership of the KSCPA. It should never be a matter of “if” but “when.” I hope to see as many members as possible at our upcoming Summit.

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Warm regards, Gary C. Allerheiligen, CPA President

KSCPA Leadership Officers

From the Executive Director Welcome to the March 2010 edition of Skyscapes. I joked to the KSCPA team that this is our People Magazine edition because it is full of member photos from our January leadership and legislative events. We are very proud of our first 2010 “20 up to 40” event and 2nd Annual Legislative Reception held in Topeka on January 28 and 29th. The program helps young professionals develop their leadership style by examining major leadership philosophies. It is designed to help motivate leaders to apply the skills they learn to their professional and personal lives. As is evident from the photos, the program provides wonderful opportunities to network with fellow participants, KSCPA leadership, sponsors, legislators, and the KSCPA team and general membership. The generous support of the sponsors enhances the quality of the program, and, again, I want to recognize these eleven firms: • Adams Brown Beran & Ball, Chtd. • Allen Gibbs & Houlik, L.C. • Berberich Trahan & Co., P.A. • Bever Dye, LC • BKD, LLP • Boomer Consulting, Inc. • Grant Thornton LLP • Kennedy and Coe, LLC • MAS Software Solutions, Inc. • Peterson, Peterson & Goss, LC • Swindoll Janzen Hawk & Loyd, LLC In reflecting on the importance of building and applying leadership skills, I am reminded of a quote from Earl Lloyd in an NPR interview by Liane Hansen, host of Weekend Edition Sunday, on February 28, 2010. The word “coach” appears synonymous with leadership. Earl Lloyd, a Basketball Hall of Famer, is the first African-American to take part in an NBA game in 1951 and he also broke barriers as a coach of the Detroit Pistons. He just published his memoir, called Moonfixer: The Basketball Journey of Earl Lloyd. Mr. Lloyd: “One kid said to me… Mr. Lloyd, we really owe you. And I explained to him, man, you owe me absolutely nothing. … whatever kind of career I had, it has served me well, but you do owe some people. And the people you owe are the folks who are going to come behind you. It’s incumbent upon each watch when you play your 10, 11 years and you’re in your group, when you leave, I truly hope that you’ve done all you can possibly do to leave it a better place for the folks who come behind you.” The Kansas Society of CPAs is well grounded in leadership, generosity, and passion for the profession. Thank you to all our members and team for creating that “better place” for upcoming CPAs. Now, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing moment during your busiest season! Best regards, Mary R. MacBain Executive Director

Gary C. Allerheiligen, President John H. Bruckner, Vice President & President Elect Robert Schuster, Secretary/Treasurer L. Gary Boomer, Immediate Past President, Designated AICPA Council Representative

Board of Directors Term Expires 2010

Amy J. Goode Thomas H. Sewell Eric J. Larson Patricia L. Webb Marshal Q. Hull Jeffrey A. Leiserowitz, KSBOA Liaison

Board of Directors Term Expires 2011

Richard K. Dinkel Johanna D. Lyle Greg B. Sevier Nathan L. Spearman Lisa P. Trout Kyle J. Hawk, Elected AICPA Council Representative

Board of Directors Term Expires 2012

Chet Buchman M. Aron Dunn M. George Durler Lewis Erickson Michelle Schneider

Educational Foundation Board of Trustees James T. Clark, Chair Dan S. Deines, Vice Chair John C. Rich, Treasurer Gary C. Allerheiligen John W. Denney Norman P. Hope Jeffrey J. Koch Kanalis A. “Kandy” Ockree

Political Action Committee Denis W. Miller, Chair James T. Clark, Treasurer DeAnn A. Hill Eric J. Larson Leon C. Logan Gary L. Poore Michael V. Rogers


Mary R. MacBain, MS, CPA. CITP Executive Director Linda Snyder, Professional Development Director Teresa Keating, Peer Review Admin. & Professional Dev. Asst. Lauren Tice, Membership & Communications Manager Michelle Warnow, Membership Assistant Skyscapes | March 2010


From the AICPA... Blue Ribbon Panel May Lead U.S. to Different Accounting Standards for Private Companies The AICPA and the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF), with support from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, have formed a blue-ribbon panel to explore the future of standard setting for private companies, including whether separate, standalone accounting standards for private companies are needed. The FAF is the parent organization of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). The panel is expected to make recommendations this fall. Most of the recent discussions concerning financial reporting standards have centered on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), specifically on whether the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will endorse the proposed roadmap released under the previous administration that could lead to all U.S. public companies being required to use IFRS on a phased-in basis beginning as early as 2014. Yet even if the SEC eventually mandates the use of IFRS to replace U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the requirement would apply only to the approximately 15,000 public companies in the United States. But what about the 29 million private companies that will continue using U.S. GAAP? In early January, Rick Anderson, CEO of Moss Adams LLP, was named chairman of the panel. Anderson currently serves on the FAF Board of Trustees, was a member of the AICPA governing Council for three years and is the immediate past chair of the AICPA Major Firms Group. The panel’s other members will represent a cross-section of financial reporting constituencies, including lenders, investors, owners, preparers and auditors. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses employ more than half of all private sector workers and are responsible for 44% of the private payroll in the United States. They also have produced 64% of the new jobs created during the past 15 years. Many of these companies are small and medium-sized organizations that report to a narrow range of financial statement users, such as lenders, venture capitalists and insurers. “Small business has also been instrumental in creating new innovations and are an important element in our economic recovery,” says Robert R. Harris, CPA/CFF, chairman of the AICPA Board of Directors. “We need a financial reporting system that provides financial statement users and small business owners with information they can truly use and understand. We CPAs know full well that the financial reporting needs of our private company clients or employers and their financial statement users are different from those of public companies. It’s time for accounting standards to reflect this difference, where appropriate.”


In recent months there have been many calls within the accounting profession for a new and comprehensive evaluation of private company accounting. Included in those calls was the voice of the Private Company Financial Reporting Committee (PCFRC), a joint initiative of the AICPA and the FASB. For the past several years, the PCFRC has been monitoring standard setting and speaking out on behalf of the needs of private companies and the CPAs who serve them. “The goal is to bring valuable information to the users of private company financial statements without burdening those companies and their CPAs with requirements that have no relevance to their investors, lenders and other financial statement users,” says Harris. “By doing this, we should also be able to help control financial reporting costs, something I know our members in business and industry will appreciate.”

Blue Ribbon Panel Named The 18-member panel includes lenders, investors and business owners as well as preparers and auditors. The panel is expected to issue recommendations to the FAF Board of Trustees in about a year after reviewing issues affecting the current system of standard setting for private companies in the U.S. FAF announced last month that Rick Anderson will lead the panel. Anderson is chairman of Moss Adams LLP and is a FAF trustee. The other panel members are: • Billy Atkinson, board chair, NASBA • Daryl Buck, senior vice president and CFO, Reasor’s Holding Co. Inc. • Steve Feilmeier, CFO, Koch Industries • Hubert Glover, co-founder and president, REDE Inc. • David Hirschmann, president and CEO, Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness, U.S. Chamber of Commerce • William Knese, vice president, finance and administration, Angus Industries • Kewsong Lee, managing director, Warburg Pincus • Paul Limbert, CEO, WesBanco Inc. • Krista McMasters, CEO, Clifton Gunderson • Barry Melancon, president and CEO, AICPA • Jason Mendelson, co-founder, Foundry Group • Michael Menzies, CEO, Easton Bank and Trust Co. • David Morgan, partner, Lattimore, Black, Morgan and Cain PC • Terri Polley, president, FAF • Dev Strischek, senior vice president, Corporate Risk Management, SunTrust Banks Inc. • Mark Vonnahme, executive vice president, surety, Arch Insurance Group • Teri Yohn, associate professor, Indiana University Representatives of the U.S. Federal Financial Institution Regulatory Agencies Group and the U.S. Small Business Administration, among other organizations, will serve as participating observers. The first panel meeting will be held April 12, 2010 at the AICPA office in New York City.

From the IRS... ● Tax professionals should make plans to attend the 2010 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums, which will be held in Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, New York, and Las Vegas. Online registration opened March 1. ● Making Work Pay Credit - Verification of payments by agencies: ▪ The $250 payment that Social Security recipients received can be verified by your client by 800-772-1213. ▪ Payments by Railroad Retirement Board can be verified  at 877-772-5772 then press 0. Railroad Retirement recipients will needs their special RRB number. Most checks went out between May and the end of August by both electronic means and paper. ▪ Payments can be verified by Veterans Administration at 800-827-1000.  They started payments in late June and most were completed by the end of August.  ● IR 10-12 People who give to charities providing earthquake relief in Haiti in January or February 2010 can claim these donations on the 2009 tax return. ● Notice 10-15, Section 105, explains changes in how differential wage payments made to reservists called to active duty are treated by the employer, due to the HEART Act. ● The Small Business Filing Season Central is your one-stop assistance center for filing business tax returns. ● Answers to frequently asked questions on return preparer review and registration are available. They have the rules for testing requirements for Licensed and Registered Public Accountants and inactive CPAs and attorneys. ● Appliance rebates are available in your state. Information on other energy star products and IRS energy tax credits can be found at Forms • IR 10-6 Form 5405, the new Homebuyer Credit form has been released, and filers are reminded to attach the Settlement Statement and other key documents. These returns must be filed on paper. ● The revamped Form 1040X and 1040X instructions have been released. ● There are more than 700 talking federal income tax forms for the sight impaired. Braille and large-print forms and publications are also available on-line. RECENT TECHNICAL GUIDANCE ● There are several tax issues to consider when a husband and wife have a small business.   A husband and wife operating a business together might want to make an

election not to be treated as a partnership. ● A North Dakota executive was sentenced to prison for tax fraud. and a Kansas City, KS preparer was shut down for preparing fraudulent tax returns. ● See how to make a complaint about a tax preparer. ● A compliance verification checklist for public employers is now posted on the NCSSA website (National Conference of State Social Security Administrators). ● Certain U.S. citizens and residents who are officers, directors or shareholders in a foreign corporation may be required to file Form 5471 , Information Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations.  See also Forms 5471-Automatic Assessment of Penalties under IRC Section 6038(b)(1) • IR 10-5, Free file is now available to almost all taxpayers. ● IR 10-9 The COBRA Subsidy eligibility period has been extended through February; a 15-Month subsidy is now available to those who qualify. ● IR 10-13 Remarks of IRS Commissioner Shulman to the New York State Bar Association Taxation Section Annual Meeting. ● IR 10-15 12,000 free volunteer tax preparation sites will be open this year ● IR 10-14 Earned Income Tax Credit is highlighted. ● IR 10-10 reminds tax-exempt organizations to make sure they file their annual information form on time. In 2010 the tax-exempt status of any non-profit that has not filed the required form in the last three years will be revoked. ● IR 10-11 The IRS issued guidance for Haiti earthquake victims, allowing recipients of qualified disaster relief payments to exclude those payments from income on their tax returns. Also, the guidance allows employer-sponsored private foundations to assist victims in areas affected by the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti without affecting their tax-exempt status. Notice 10-16 ● IR 10-16 Taxpayers in some states who file paper income tax returns will send them to different processing centers this year. Affected taxpayers are in the states Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, Maine,

Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia , and in the District of Columbia. ● IR 10-17 The IRS announced it is accepting applications to fill vacancies on the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC), which provides feedback on the policies, programs and procedures of electronic tax administration. ● IR 10-18 The Internal Revenue Service has released the 2010 version of its discussion and rebuttal of many of the more common frivolous arguments made by individuals and groups that oppose compliance with federal tax laws.  Anyone who contemplates arguing on legal grounds against paying their fair share of taxes should first read the 80-page document, The Truth about Frivolous Tax Arguments.    ● Announcement 10-09 explains the potential content of a schedule that will require certain business taxpayers to report uncertain tax positions on their tax returns and invites public comments on the Internal Revenue Service’s approach. ● Notice 10-19 applies to taxpayers making gifts in trust during 2010.  Under section 2511(c), a transfer of property to a nonwholly-owned grantor trust is a transfer by gift of the entire interest in the property.  To determine whether a transfer to a wholly-owned grantor trust constitutes a gift, the gift tax provisions in effect prior to 2010 apply. ● Revenue Procedure 10-15 identifies circumstances under which the disclosure on a taxpayer’s income tax return is adequate for purpose of reducing the understatement of income tax under section 6662(d) of the Code (substantial understatement), and for the purpose of avoiding the tax return preparer penalty under section 6694(a). ● Revenue Procedure 10-17 provides guidance to individuals who fail to meet the eligibility requirements of section 911(d) (1) of the Internal Revenue Code because adverse conditions in a foreign country preclude the individuals from meeting those requirements.  

Skyscapes | March 2010


Sometimes You Need A Pro

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Tweeting for PR Results By Scott H. Cytron, ABC

When I present to groups on how accountants can leverage social media to build business, I’m often asked a very basic question – “How effective is Twitter and why should I be on it?” Do I think Twitter is going to last? No. Should CPAs use Twitter? Yes. Sure, I just contradicted myself, but in the process of using Twitter and other social media, I’ve learned one very important thing about technology and public relations. If others are using Twitter, you must use it as well. We must employ whatever tools are available to promote our businesses, especially those tools that are low cost with high value. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Twitter zealot. Quite the contrary, actually. I really don’t like Twitter because it doesn’t enable a two-way conversation. I also don’t think Twitter is going to last for the long term; there will always be something else, just as the evolution of LinkedIn led to Facebook. Obviously, I’m a big believer in communications. In fact, my favorite tool is the telephone. Nevertheless, I’m using Twitter because my clients are using it – and I’m working to help them to use Twitter more effectively. Most people consider themselves experts in social media because applications are easy to learn and simple to use. However, there’s a big difference between a typical Twitter user and someone who is using Twitter as a strategy. If you’re reading this and a bit confused, Twitter is what’s called a “MicroBlog,” where you only have 140 characters to express yourself through what’s known as a “tweet.” There are personal tweets from individuals and corporate tweets that represent an actual company. An accounting firm, for example, will want to establish a corporate account that is the face of the firm – not an individual in the firm. The same theory holds true for companies; if you’re a CPA in industry, your company should have a corporate account. Twitter has gotten a bad reputation because many tweets are just downright silly, especially when they focus on what’s for dinner or where a person is going. Instead, Twitter can be used very effectively to build communities and enhance a company’s reputation – two qualities to look for in strategic public relations. I recently ran across an article on American Express Open Forum that discussed various ways to use Twitter. Here are a few examples: • “We have found that having multiple staff members “co-tweet” about our

organization has increased our audience diversity on Twitter.” • “Be a name dropper — find out the most influential influencer in your arena and impress them with your brand. Once you’ve won them over, shout it from the Twitter rooftops — employ Twitter lists and tweet like mad. It takes a human machine, but the branding will put you over the top.” • “Anything you share on Twitter must be authentic and should sound like your voice as opposed to an advertisement. The best Tweets have a call to action, or a link that includes an interesting Twitpic (photo) and/or website (content). The objective is to have engaging conversations, not to drive more followers. Followers follow interesting dialogs. • “A twitter handle or screen name is one of the most important aspects and something that is in short supply. Get yours now!” With these points in mind, the most effective use of Twitter as a public relations tool for CPAs and accountants is to tweet about your expertise. Sure, it seems self promoting, but there are ways to come across as non-commercial. Here are a few real-life examples, with the Twitter handle or user name following each example. To find these online, use the string, • Don’t forget to claim the ARRA $400 Making Work Pay credit on Schedule M (via TaxTweeter). • OK, I’m weird. I get a total high out of talking with QuickBooks users for an hour about their questions! Had 7 people at my QB L&L today! (via RebeccaTervoCPA). • - Facts about the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) for 2009 (via DaszkalBolton). • Qualified for Research Tax Credits? Find out at ab5VNL (via FreedMaxickCPAs). I think you get the idea – and the more creative you can tweet, the more exposure you’ll get. Now to the other most often-asked question. How do I get found or how do followers “find” me?” What these questions focus on is “community.” Tweeting is great, but if no one notices your tweets, then you’re just spinning the wheels. That’s why it’s just as important to follow others as be followed. This builds this “community,” which is a very important component of public relations. Work on your Twitter profile to ensure coverage. In addi-

KSCPA is tweeting! Follow us at KSCPAteam, KSCPAlobbies, or KansasCPE for updates on what’s going on with the KSCPA.

tion, part of the Twitter system is the “search” capability. So, for example, if you wanted to build a community of attorneys, you would search for “attorneys in (your city)” and begin following those tweets. Once you begin following others on Twitter, they’ll begin following you. That’s courtesy in the Twitter world – unless someone undesirable (e.g., spam) is following you. If that happens, block them. Just as you would put keywords into your Web site to be found through Google or Bing searches, you also put keywords into your tweets. I didn’t start out following just anyone; I systematically searched for any keywords pertaining to my own client base: accounting, CPA and many other words. While I don’t have thousands of followers, that’s OK with me; what I’ve put together is quality over quantity – a community I can rely on to retweet or republish my tweets, while also feeding me information through their tweets. Pretty effective! There are many nuances to each kind of social media in today’s marketplace – and each one has its own set of capabilities. The key is finding the application that is right for you and your company. And, although there isn’t any cost to Twitter, you will find yourself spending time working on community and content. Nevertheless, if you’re an active participant, chances are your efforts will lead to increased exposure and, ultimately, increased profits.

___________________ Scott H. Cytron, ABC, is a frequent contributor to industry publications covering professional services’ industries, including accounting, healthcare, financial planning, collections and debt, and high-tech. He works with many CPA firms and organizations to increase their recruitment and retention efforts through public relations, communications and marketing strategies. Follow him on Twitter at @scytron, contact him at and read his blog at

Skyscapes | March 2010


A New Type of Engagement By Lyndsey Havill

When most accounting firms hear the word engagement they think of a business arrangement. However, there is a new type of engagement entering its way into the accounting industry’s lingo; namely, employee engagement. An engaged employee is one who is thoroughly involved in and enthusiastic about his/her work, and will act in a way that furthers the firm’s interests. We have all seen these people at work. They are the ones who stay late without being asked, volunteer for additional responsibility, “act like an owner” and who go above and beyond to see the firm succeed. They are the ones we wish we could clone and the ones who would leave a serious hole in our firm’s core if they left. It’s not surprising that developing highly satisfied, committed and motivated employees has quickly become a key strategic priority for the accounting industry as business results and retention demand an engaged workforce. Knowing the level of engagement within your firm will be the foundation for organizational change and ongoing success. So how do we measure it? Research has shown that there are key drivers of employee engagement. These drivers impact the level of commitment and satisfaction of your employees which directly impacts results by increasing your employee’s willingness to stay with the firm and their discretionary effort (i.e. willing to go above and beyond). Drivers of Engagement What drives the levels of engagement of your employees? There are many factors that have been shown to impact levels of employee engagement. Working with accounting firms for over 10 years has enabled us to identify the key drivers within accounting firms: growth and development opportunities; amount of teamwork/collaboration and support (e.g., recognition, technology and resources), overall firm quality and integrity, communication, and level innovation; and employee empowerment. All of these factors together impact how your employees THINK, FEEL and ACT. Engagement Components THINK. Commitment is an

extremely important component of employee engagement. An employee’s commitment to their team, their job, their manager(ment) and their firm are all critical factors in the way employees think. An employee could love what they do and who they work with, but if they do not get along with their direct supervisor, chances are they will eventually look for another firm. It’s not 100% fool proof, but employees usually don’t leave jobs, they leave management. If they were leaving their jobs, they wouldn’t be going to a new firm with the same job title. FEEL. Are your employees satisfied? How do you know? What are they satisfied with and what are their deal breakers? You’re not alone if you think a nice little raise at the end of the year will keep your employees satisfied, but unfortunately compensation is only a very small part of an employee’s satisfaction. I can be happy with my compensation and benefits package, but be extremely unenthusiastic about my work. For me, that’s a deal breaker. Knowing what each of your employee’s value as well as how they feel about how well your firm meets those needs will be an important component in determining the level of engagement of your employees. ACT. How your employees act or behave is the most easily recognizable component of employee engagement. An engaged employee works a few extra hours to help a coworker, goes above and beyond to ensure exceptional client service and begins networking as a staff accountant because they are excited and passionate about what they do and who they do it for. On the flip side, what about those employees who perpetually come in late? Those who spend hours surfing the web, gossiping with peers, or even not completing work? How your employees act is critical to success and is a key indicator of employee engagement. Results Retention- It’s disconcerting to know that only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their current job (Blessing White). This can only mean one thing: intention to leave. Dysfunctional turnover not only disrupts day-to-day workflow but

it is also extremely costly. When firms focus on increasing employee engagement they are not only increasing performance, but they are increasing retention. Increasing employee engagement can reduce turnover by 87% (Corporate Executive Board). When your firm has engaged employees, your average tenure is lifelong and your average employee isn’t so average. Performance- Think back to an employee who you think was fully engaged. What did their performance look like? What did their product look like? Chances are they were the employees you wanted to be client-facing, who you wanted to mentor others and who you hoped would work their way up to partner. In a study of professional service firms, the Hay Group found that offices with engaged employees were 43% more productive. Performance doesn’t just mean personal performance. It also means satisfied and loyal customers, higher profits and profitability, revenue growth, and firm sustainability. More productivity means more results and in an economy where we are asked to do more with less, your firm cannot afford not to engage your workforce. When tax season has come to a halt and you are confident you have satisfied the needs of your clients, take a step back and ask yourself how satisfied is your greatest asset… your employees?

___________ Lyndsey Havill is a Learning and Organizational Development Specialist at The Growth Partnership. She is responsible for leading and assisting in projects to diagnose, design, develop, manage and evaluate talent management systems.

Mark your calendar...

MAP* is Back!

...with a new “Women’s Track” September 23-24, 2010 Overland Park *Management of an Accounting Practice


Reprinted with permission by the AICPA

KSCPA Peer Review Report Acceptance Body (RAB) Meetings: May 21, 2010 July 22, 2010 September 23, 2010 November 5, 2010 January 20, 2011

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Skyscapes | March 2010


KSCPA Relocates Offices Near Kansas State House


The KSCPA relocated from Wannamaker in June 2008, and the legislative reception was the first open house. Offices are complete with furniture from Designed Business Interiors of Topeka, technology implemented by Brungardt Hower Ward Elliott & Pfeifer, L.C., and Kevin Sink images framed by Frugal Framer of Olathe. The offices are leased from CPC Ventures, Inc. We are especially grateful to Teena Emerson, Property Manager, and her expert team responsible for building out the offices to our specification. Members, students, and others are invited to stop by anytime. There is a cubical with computer and wireless Internet access. We’ve come a long way from June 2008. The team enjoys the offices and works very effectively with new technology in the open working environment.

KSCPA Hosts Second Annual Legislative Reception A highlight of the first session for the new group of “20 up to 40” KSCPA leadership program was the 2nd Annual Legislative Reception. As so aptly stated by President Allerheiligen, “It was hugely successful.” Approximately 132 legislators, members, KSCPA team members, and other guests entered the doors of the new offices of the KSCPA on 9th and Kansas in the Core First Bank building. In addition to members of the Kansas State Legislature and Senate, the Kansas State Treasurer, Dennis McKinney, employees of the Kansas Department of Revenue, and two very special guests, Representative Lynn Jenkins and Representative Todd Tiahrt

attended. Representative Jenkins, a CPA and member of the KSCPA, spoke to the attendees about what is happening in Washington and commented on the State of the Union. Representative Tiahrt also commented on the State of the Union address, and both Representatives expressed the desire to hear from the members of the KSCPA about ideas we may have to solve the current problems we our facing with the economy. Representative Jenkins spoke about her role in Congress as a CPA and that she is frequently called upon to use her expertise as a CPA. She is currently a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

Skyscapes | March 2010


{Member Profile} Chris Kibler, CPA 1. Name, title, current employer, family: Chris Kibler, Director of Finance at SMG – INTRUST Bank Arena Spouse – Scott Kibler, Production Manager for LS Industries Alumni – Kansas State University & Wichita State University 2. What is your current KSCPA involvement? Member of the KSCPA, Wichita Chapter of CPA’s and AICPA. 3. What was your first job? My first real job out of college was an Executive Team Leader at Target Stores in Garden City, KS; my first job in accounting was with BKD, LLP in Wichita, KS. 4. What are three words that best describe you? Tenacious, Resilient, Organized. 5. What are your hobbies? Rooting on the K-State Wildcats and Kansas City Chiefs, Shopping, and Wine Tasting. 6. What are your favorite foods? Mexican and my Mother’s Chocolate Roll Cake. 7. What is (are) your favorite movie(s)? Big, Sound of Music, and The Bourne Identity 8. What is your dream vacation? Anywhere with a beach, warm weather, and my husband. 9. What is your prized possession? The wedding quilt made by my Grandmother and my cedar chest made by my Grandfather. 10. What do you try to avoid? Confrontation and negativity 11. Who is the person you most admire and why? My parents for raising me with the belief system that I have and teaching me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. 12. Name one person (dead or living) you would like to meet. Why? Phil Knight – Co-Founder of Nike. I am amazed that a man who wanted a good running shoe turned the company into an international icon. 13. What is your favorite song and artist/musical group? I don’t have just one favorite so I’d have to list “When I said I Do” by Clint Black as that was our 1st dance at our wedding. 14. What is your greatest accomplishment? My education and passing the CPA exam. 15. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? To own and operate a profitable resort and marina on Table Rock Lake.


{Member Profile}

16. How do you achieve balance between your personal and professional life? I try to live by the philosophy of work hard/play hard. When I am work, I’m at work and focused on the task at hand but when I am home, I am focused on my family and work stays at work. 17. What would you like to get around to doing when you have time? Paint the walls inside my home. 18. What might people be surprised to learn about you? I played basketball and ran track my first year in college. Also, I’m shy and quiet in new surroundings, and it makes me very nervous to talk to someone for the first time. 19. What talent would you most like to have? To be able to remember people’s names and faces after meeting them once. 20. If you could be present at any historical event, which one would you choose? The signing of the Declaration of Independence. 21. How would you like to be remembered? As someone who tried every day to give 100% and one who loved her family dearly. 22. Why did you choose to pursue the CPA designation? I believe being a CPA is a highly respected designation and leads to more opportunities in the future. I chose to pursue the field of accounting because of my ability to work with numbers and people at the same time. I enjoy the fast pace and ever-changing environment. I love the fact that each day is completely different, and I don’t just ride a desk. Would you like to be profiled in the KSCPA Newsletter? This is one of the most widely read articles! Our members want to know more about other members. Join in the fun by sending an e-mail to

Attention accounting faculty! Did you know that non-CPA accounting faculty are eligible for affiliate membership in the KSCPA? Affiliates receive the same benefits as CPA members. CPA and non-CPA faculty apply now and pay a full year’s dues/ assessment ($140) and be a paid member through August 2011! $20 application fee is waived for faculty members.

Apply now at! Contact (785.272.4366) for further information.

Skyscapes | March 2010


AICPA’s Second Annual Leadership Academy Builds on Last Year’s Success Reprinted from the AICPA

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has released the application for its 2010 Leadership Academy program, which prepares young CPAs to become the next leaders in their organizations, communities and the CPA profession. The Academy is a three-day workshop of learning and applying core leadership concepts to both individual challenges as well as those facing the AICPA and the profession as a whole. Last July, the AICPA launched the Leadership Academy program in Chicago, providing intensive workshop training to 28 high-potential CPAs under the age of 35. The program left a lasting impression on its attendees and created a solid foundation for future leadership and active engagement in the profession. “The Leadership Academy was an amazing experience. I was able to sharpen leadership and networking skills and apply them in real time. The opportunity to share knowledge with more than 25 other young motivated CPAs has reignited my excitement for profession. I’m ready to make a difference!” said Noel Abdur Rahim, CPA. Another attendee of the Academy, April Gunn, CPA, said, “If I had to sum up my experience at the AICPA Leadership Academy, it would be as follows: amazing professionals– thought provoking–life changing.” The 2010 Leadership Academy will provide leadership opportunities for a new group of promising CPA leaders who can benefit from professional mentorship and guidance. It will be held at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, N.C., October 5-7, with a meet and greet at the AICPA on the eve-

ning of the 4th. The Leadership Academy also provides attendees a greater capacity and familiarity with the managerial aspects of their work and offers strategies for building relationships and networking. Upon graduation from the Academy, each participant is assigned to either an AICPA volunteer committee or a state society volunteer committee. Overall, the Leadership Academy’s goal is to provide personal development and leadership training, while instilling a commitment to involvement in the CPA profession’s volunteer committees. Academy participants learn the importance of being an active and positive force within their organizations and the CPA profession. “Our hope is that we can develop future leaders not just for the AICPA, but for state societies, firms, companies and other organizations. The Leadership Academy creates the opportunity for young people from all backgrounds to learn concepts that will help them develop into future leaders,” said Robert R. Harris, CPA/CFF, Chairman of the AICPA Board of Directors. The AICPA will select two dozen candidates who represent a diverse cross-section of the profession—public accounting, business and industry, government and academia— to participate in this year’s Leadership Academy. The application deadline is May 1, 2010. For more information on the AICPA Leadership Academy and access to the online application, visit www.aicpa. org/leadershipacademy.

KSCPA adds Affinity Program: SoyPrint™ Toner Cartridges The KSCPA recently added SoyPrint™ toner cartridges to its current affinity programs. SoyPrint™ is an ecofriendly alternative to traditional oil-based laser printer cartridges. This move enables all members to be among the first in the country to use a soy-based toner cartridge in their laser printers, and have a positive impact on our environment! SoyPrint™ is the first laser cartridge that uses toner powder derived from soybeans, rather than oil. Cartridges for the most popular laser printers are now available at prices comparable to brand name versions. Soy ink has been available for some time, but this is the first soy-based laser cartridge anywhere! Several nationwide societies and associations are already using SoyPrint™ cartridges. We encourage you to help KANSAS GO GREEN! Quarterly Sustainability Reports will track oil & plastic savings which can lead to a good public relations initiative in your community.

For more information, or to order, click here.


Leadership Opportunities Available with the KSCPA: Join the Taxation or Accounting & Audit Task Forces See Mark Your Calendar on Page 21 and Click “Info” on Leadership Summit May 13 In addition to our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Educational Foundation, Nominations, Professional Ethics, Peer Review, and Political Action Committees, there are special committees for the publication of the Kansas Municipal Audit Guide and maintaining our “20 up to 40” program. In conjunction with the development of the KSCPA strategic plan at the annual Summer Board Retreat, task forces and their champions are identified. Members are asked to participate in developing the action plans for these task forces at the Fall and Spring Leadership Summits. This year’s task forces and the champions are: • Improve Member Value & Services (John Bruckner) • Leverage Technology as a Strategic Asset (Jim Boomer) • Enhance our Professional Development (Gary Schlappe)

• Develop a Staffing Plan (Mary MacBain) • Legislative Awareness (Gary Allerheiligen) Two additional task forces are being formed and open to all members in all segments of the profession. Because these areas are core to the profession, it is anticipated that these will be ongoing, irrespective of the KSCPA strategic plan. They are: Accounting & Auditing (Aron Dunn) and Taxation (Cheryl Hayward). To help effectively kick off these task forces, we asked CPAs with experience on executive committees at the AICPA to attend the Summit. Al Anderson, CPA, Chair of the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee, will update our leaders about current issues in accounting and auditing and work with the task force to develop the charter and strategic plan. If you are interested in serving on any of the committees or task forces of the KSCPA, please contact Mary MacBain. If you served on a task force at the Fall Leadership Summit, you will be asked to serve in the spring. If you want to switch to a different task force, please contact Mary.

About the Task Force Leaders... Cheryl Hayward, CPA is the new chair of the Taxation Task Force. She’s pictured here with Tom Ochsenschlager, VP, Taxation at the AICPA. Cheryl has chaired the Annual KS Tax Conference and Conference on KS Taxes since 2003 and served as chair of the Tax Leadership Cabinet for the KSCPA. She’s been on the KSCPA board of directors and was president of the Northeast Chapter. For the past 15 years, Cheryl has participated in practitioner liaison meetings with the IRS, locally and regionally, and at the KDOR. She occasionally represents the KSCPA at the legislature’s House Taxation Committee. Cheryl is a magna cum laude graduate of Washburn University with a BBA and is employed as a tax manager at B T & Co. in Topeka. Cheryl is also a member of the AICPA.

Aron Dunn, CPA is the new chair of the Accounting & Auditing Task Force. Aron is a member of the KSCPA board of directors and is chair of the KSCPA “20 up to 40” Leadership program committee. He’s a board member of the Construction Financial Management Association and the Wichita Manufacturers Association and has served in leadership positions for a number of community and civic organizations. Aron is a graduate of Emporia State University and is employed at Allen Gibbs & Houlik, L.C. where he has served clients in construction, contractor, grain milling, manufacturing, retail, wholesale and distribution industries for the past 15 years and has special-project background in mergers and acquisitions, refinancing and employee benefit plan compliance. Aron is a member of the AICPA.

Alan Anderson, CPA will work with Aron and the Accounting & Auditing Task Force to craft their charter and strategic plan. He will also present an Accounting & Auditing update to all those who attend the Spring Leadership Summit. Al is the current Chair of the AICPA Assurance Services Executive committee. He is the Managing Principal-Assurance Services for LarsonAllen, LLP. He has over 25 years of experience in the profession as a partner in a national public accounting firm and with the AICPA as Senior Vice President of Member and Public Interest where he was responsible for all of the AICPA’s technical audit and accounting standards, including the profession’s self-regulatory and the CPA examination. Click here for more information about Alan Anderson.

Skyscapes | March 2010


KSCPA Holds First Session for “20 up to 40” Leadership Program For its first session, the 2010 “20 up to 40” participants focused on leglistlative awareness and the KSCPA. They visited the Kansas Board of Accountancy, Kansas Department of Revenue, and the Kansas House and Senate, helped host the second annual legislative reception, and learned about the KSCPA, its team and the strategic plan.

January 28

Kansas Board of Accountancy Meeting

Left: Jeff Leiserowitz, Chair, KSBOA greets Gary Allerheligen, President, KSPCA

Ginger Powell, BT&Co. and member of the KSBOA

Legislative Awareness Luncheon

House Visit

MCs: Marlee Carpenter, & Natalie Bright, Bright & Carpenter Consulting, Inc., KSCPA Governmental Affairs Representatives

Representative Richard Carlson, Chairman, Taxation Committee

Tour of Department of Revenue

Senate Visit & Visit with Senator Derek Schmidt, Majority Leader, Vice-Chair, Assessment &Taxation Committee

“20 up to 40” participants visit with Senator Derek Schmidt during their trip to the Senate.


January 29

Speaker Presentations at the KSCPA Offices

Join the KSCPA’s Student Membership Program UP! (Up and Coming Professionals) Why become a member? Gary C. Allerheiligen, CPA, President of the KSCPA presents, “Leadership in a Professional Association and the KSCPA Strategic Plan”.

Trisha Spader & Lori Wenrich, 2009 “20 up to 40” graduates present, Transitioning of the Class Project”.

Great networking opportunities -- the KSCPA hosts a number of social events each year that provide students with the opportunity meet other members.

Educational development -- throughout the year, the KSCPA hosts short seminars for students to be mentored by other members of the KSCPA on a variety of prevalent topics.

Discounts -- the KSCPA has teamed up with many companies in order to provide its members with great benefits. One of particular interest to students is the $300 off of Becker CPA test prep courses.

Volunteer opportunities -- help the KSCPA host events throughout the year. Then, stick around to attend the event yourself and get a free a lunch where you can meet experienced members.

Leadership opportunities -- take the initiative to create task forces within the Up and Coming Professionals’ program so that it can better benefit students in the accounting field.

Sustainability -- the KSCPA has survived for nearly a century and it needs student members to help keep it fresh, young and successful.

And so much more! As a brand new student membership program, the sky is the limit and the KSCPA is always open to new ideas.

Join Today!

James T. Clark, CPA, KSCPA Chair of Ethics, PAC Treasurer, & Chair of KSCPA Board of Trustees presents, “Professional Ethics for the Kansas CPA”.

“20 up to 40” Leadership Program Adds Participant “It’s important to develop relationships within the community to further business partnerships and increase the awareness of the community about the many rolls a CPA can have in that business community.” -Joel Perkins, CPA KPMG, LLP

Sign up for a student membership by April 15, 2010, to enter for a chance to win an 8GB iPod Touch courtesy of the AICPA

See, hear, touch everything entertains you on the really great iPod. iPod touch lets you enjoy everything you love about an iPod, and then some. Watch your movies and TV shows on a brilliant 3.5-inch display. Use the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface to flick through your music in Cover Flow. And anySkyscapes | March 2010 17 time you’re itching for more entertainment, just tap iTunes to browse and buy on the fly. Membership applications may be submitted via e-mail to lauren@ or mailed to the KSCPA offices. All applications must be postmarked April 15, 2010, to be eligible for the contest.

Skyscapes | March 2010


A Word from Our “20 up to 40” Sponsors... Why do you support the “20 up to 40” Leadership Program? “We support the “20 up to 40” Leadership program because it facilitates the development of the next generation of emerging leaders in the accounting industry. These talented, enthusiastic and hardworking individuals are vital to bringing new initiatives and innovations to meet the challenges of the accounting profession both today and tomorrow.” “For AGH, “20 up to 40” is an extension of our internal commitment to mentoring and training for the next generation of CPA leaders. Both strong firms and effective industry leadership are necessary for the profession to keep growing.” “CPA’s are a valuable key in the success of a business. CPA’s must look beyond the role of providing core accounting services; they must become leaders and advisors for both clients and the accounting industry. The KSCPA 20 Under 40 program helps to ensure our firm’s successors have the leader and managerial skills to not only lead our firm and our industry but to advise our clients in sound business decisions in the years to come.” “The program is vital to the ongoing success of the KSCPA.  It identifies and connects current and future leaders.” “Developing leaders in our firm is a critical step in succession planning.  The “20 up to 40” Leadership Program is a great venue to help younger team members grow personally and professionally.  The Program helps them understand the importance of the role of the Kansas Society in the development and growth of our profession.” “Because the program does an excellent job of developing leaders who will be critical in shaping the future of our profession.  A profession that will be facing a leadership gap as many talented CPAs are expected to retire in the next 10 years.” “The ”20 up to 40” is vital to the future of our Society. Our Society has to involve younger CPA’s in our mission and vision. The “20 up to 40” group brings enthusiasm and a fresh approach to our Society. They are the future of our Society and there’s no better time for planning the future than now. We appreciate their involvement and we’re a better Society because of them.”

“We sponsor the “20 up to 40” program because it is a valuable investment into the future of our profession.  The program is a unique opportunity for young leaders to get involved and make an impact on both their careers and the profession.  We believe it is important to be a part of that continued success.”


1st Annual Young Professionals Conference & Reception July 29, 2010 ♦ 1:30 – 6:30 pm Designed for 4 Hours CPE Credit




Sheraton Overland Park Hotel at the Convention Center; Overland Park, KS


CPAs up to 40, “20 up to 40” (past & present), students, CPA candidates


Three speakers present topics of interest to young professionals

Reception includes light appetizers & beverages courtesy of KSCPA. KSCPA board members & other leaders will be in attendance. Open to all ages. Ernest A. Almonte, CPA, CFF,CITP,CGFM

Special Guest Presentation

Jim Boomer, CPA.CITP, MBA

“Social Networking Today & into the Future”

Immediate Past Chairman, AICPA (Founder AICPA Leadership Academy) CIO, Boomer Consulting, Inc.

“Leadership Journey”

Phyllis Weiss Haserot

President, Practice Development Counsel Not a Member – Join Today! Conference & Reception Reception Only (All Ages) –

5:30-6:30 pm

“Generational Issues in the Workplace”

To June 15, 2010

After June 15, 2010


$ 125.00

$ 150.00

$ 185.00

$ 25.00

$ 30.00

$ 35.00

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY or Call 785.272.4366 for More Information Conference Fee Waivers Available to Graduate Student Members

Legislative Awareness & Reception Leadership January 28-29 - Topeka

2010 Sessions Class Project Development Networking Reception/Dinner May 12 - Wichita Technology w/ Randy Johnston Wingnuts Baseball Event July 15-16 – Hutchinson / Wichita

Leadership w/ Gerald Graham Networking Reception/Dinner September 9-10 - Lawrence

Class Project Presentation Graduation Dinner/Reception For Sponsors & Participants November 16-17 - Wichita

Mark Your Calendar!

“ Designed for the Profession by the Profession“SM

Professional Development

2010 Events

2010 Conferences

Legislative Reception January 28 – Topeka

Risk Management - Info April 21 – Overland Park

Leadership Summit * Board Mtg May 12-13 – Wichita Info

Govmt, Nonprofit, BIG/E - Info May 11-12 - Wichita

AICPA Spring Council May 23-25 – San Diego

Personal Financial Planning - Info May 27 – Overland Park

AICPA Interchange July 20-23 - Pasadena

Kansas Taxes - Info June 21 - Topeka

Networking Reception - Info July 29 – Overland Park

ASWA Central Regional - Info June 25 - Wichita

Board Retreat July 29-30 – Overland Park

Young Professionals - Info July 29 – Overland Park

AICPA Peer Review August 1-3 – San Antonio

Mgmt of Accounting Practice September 23-24 – Overland Park

CPA/SEA October 15-16 – New Orleans

Women’s Track at MAP September 24 – Overland Park

AICPA Fall Council October 17-19, New Orleans

Business Valuation October – Overland Park

Professional Issues Update November 17 - Wichita

60th Annual Kansas Tax November 18-19 – Wichita

Annual Meeting * Board Meeting November 17 - Wichita

Heartland Technology December 16 – Overland Park

Leadership Summit November 17 - Wichita

CPE & Ski - Info January 10-12, 2011 – Vail, CO

Member News Rachel Johnson, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Rachel Johnson has been promoted to manager at Criser, Gough and Parrish LLC. Steven Peiffer, CPA and Patrick Lowrance, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Steven and Patrick have been promoted by Allen, Gibbs & Houlik LC to supervisors of assurance services. Peiffer is a 2009 graduate and Lowrance is a current participant of the KSCPA’s “20 up to 40” Leadership Program. Jennifer Keiter, CPA and Laura Mossman, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Jennifer and Laura have been promoted by BKD LLP to supervisors. Kyle Hart, CPA and A.J. Worthington, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Kyle and A.J. have been promoted to senior accountants at BKD LLP. Jandrea Blumanhourst, CPA From the Wichita Eagle: Jandrea has been promoted from consultant to manager of controller services in the outsourcing services department of Allen, Gibbs & Houlik LC. Jim Hubbard, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Jim has been promoted to managing part-

ner of Kirkpatrick, Sprecker & company LLP. Andrea Willems, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Andrea has been promoted to manager of assurance services at Allen, Gibbs & Houlik LC. Janice Dealy, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Janice has been promoted to manager of tax services at Allen, Gibbs & Houlik LC. Dana McIntire, CPA From the Kansas City Business Journal: Dana has been promoted to partner at Troutt Beeman & Co. PC. Greg Reimer, CPA From the Wichita Business Journal: Greg has been promoted partner at Busby Smith & Ford LLC. Greg is replacing Bill Smith, who retired five years ago, and the firm name will be changed to Busby Ford & Reimer LLC. Victor Barbo, CPA From the Manhattan Mercury: President and CEO of Pro Sports Tax, a division of Sink, Gilmore and Gordon LLP, Victor Barbo was featured recently in the Manhattan Mercury. “Victor and his threeperson staff provide tax services to nearly 40 NFL players, including [Nick] Leckey and fellow K-State alums Jon McGraw and James Johnson. They also work with some

In Memoriam Jack Dean Burton, Member since 1984 Lenexa May 3, 2009

Eugene “Gene” B. Criss, Member since 1960 Colby January 21, 2010

Vic Harrod, Member since 1971 Yates Center January 2010

Robert C. Tabor, Member since 1977 Emporia February 9, 2010

Ray Cheely, CPA Memorial Scholarship From the Great Bend Tribune: A memorial scholarship at Great Bend High School is being presented in honor of Ray Cheely, who passed away in July 2009. Cheely practiced as a CPA for nearly 40 years. The scholarship will be for $1000 and the recipient must be a son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin or grandchild of a class member from the Class of 1971. “They must demonstrate financial need, have a C or better grade point average and be a good student with a positive attitude.” Brungardt Hower Ward Elliott & Pfeifer From the Salina Journal: The technology services division of Brungardt Hower Ward Elliott & Pfeifer has been acquired by Nex-Tech, a subsidiary of Rural Telephone Service Co. “The technology services division offers services such as computer networking, firewall security and technology consulting.”

We want to hear what you and/or your firm are up to! Please send any news (birth announcements, engagements, weddings, graduations, promotions, anniversaries, philanthropy projects, etc.) you have to

New Members - Welcome! CPA Members

Lynn A. Fountain Fountain GRC Services, LLC Overland Park Kyle Hart BKD, LLP Wichita Timothy L. Johnson BKD, LLP Wichita Kara J. Kopper Kennedy and Coe, LLC Garden City Joel S. Perkins KPMG, LLP Kansas City


coaches, overseas basketball players and a small number of NHL athletes.”

Danielle L. Werner BKD, LLP Wichita Anthony J. Worthington BKD, LLP Wichita

Student Members Kathryn Hauser Pittsburg State University Julian Rios Emporia State University


FHLBank Topeka’s products and services help our member banks provide affordable credit and support housing and community development efforts. We are accepting resumes for: Market Risk Income Analyst • Prepare and analyze income sensitivity to changes in interest rates and other related measures. • Research and develop alternative income simulation methodologies. • Conduct quality control reviews and establish relevant reconciliations, procedures and controls. • Assist in developing scenario analysis for use in both strategic planning and risk management to assist with asset/liability and risk management of the Bank. Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance and 3 + years of relative experience with accounting or financial modeling. • Superior PC skills with emphasis on spreadsheet and database applications. • Knowledge of investment and derivative product characteristics preferred. • CPA or CMA certificate preferred. In addition to a rewarding, team-oriented work environment, FHLBank Topeka offers opportunities for growth and development, an attractive benefit package including health and dental insurance, 401(k), short-term incentive plan and much more. A detailed job description is available at If interested, please submit resume with salary requirements to: Recruiter | P.O. Box 176 | Topeka, Kansas 66601 FAX: 785.438.6180 | | EOE

Over 5 years ago, ImmediaDent was founded on a vision to provide high quality dental care to more communities than ever before. Today with facilities that include 18 current locations and more locations coming in the near future, ImmediaDent is one of the nation’s fastest growing providers of dental care services and a place for the industries finest to achieve. Our success comes from entrusting our professionals to champion innovations from advanced clinical applications and intelligent business models to best-of-breed technologies. Whatever your role, the power is in your hands to take dental care to new heights and make the difference for countless lives. Discover opportunities for leadership, pathways for growth, and dynamic challenges that reward like nothing else.   Samson Dental Practice Management, (Management Company of ImmediaDent) a successful and established dental management company is seeking a Controller with the following experience: Financial Management: • Lead financial position within the Company. • Manage 4 accounting direct reports • Work closely with the President to provide leadership to the Company and staff Accounting: • General ledger entries for designated entities

Prepare payroll entry every 2 weeks Review staff prepared monthly and quarterly financial statements and management report • Work closely with the President in the preparation and compilation of the annual budget Line of Credit Management: • Prepare projections of known activity to ensure continued compliance with credit covenants • Administer borrowings and repayments on lines of credit • Ensure proper accounting for loan balances Banking: • Assist in establishing and maintaining banking/investment firm relationships • Oversee and manage staff that will set up and open new accounts if/when necessary • Review and analyze bank services, fees • Make recommendations for and implement changes • Maintain and update account information with all banks/ firms • Maintain excellent relationship with bankers to maximize attention to our accounts Cash Management: • Cash management staff will report to this position. • Staff will perform daily cash management for all companies • Maintain cash activity logs. • Maintain information necessary for preparation of journal entries. Accounts Payable: • Manage staff that prepares checks for accounts payable • Ensure appropriately coded expenses • Final approval and signor for checks Accounts Receivable: • Manage staff that performs accounts receivable process. • Ensure appropriate receivable process is in place • Ensure timely collection of receivables Other: • Tax preparer liaison • Responsible for the audit/review process and success • Any and all other tasks and responsibilities, which may be assigned from time-to-time or on an ongoing basis Our ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with the following skills preferred: • 8-10 Years of experience with a combination of Public Accounting and Private Industry experience • Medical Industry Experience • Great Plains experience a plus • Advanced degree For more information, contact Jennifer Turner at jenniferturner@

Have a job opening or internship? Advertise it with the KSCPA. Members get free classified ads up to 100 words (20 cents per word thereafter). All classified ads are posted to our website for 30 days and run in one issue of the e-newsletter. For more information, contact

Skyscapes | March 2010


“Designed for the Profession by the Profession” SM

Professional Development KSCPA “Enhance our Professional Development” Task Force Gary A. Schlappe, Garden City, Champion Chet Buchman, McPherson Johanna D. Lyle, Manhattan Barbara E. Mohler-Spear, Lindsborg Michelle Schneider, Great Bend Nathan L. Spearman, Wichita Patricia L. Webb, Lawrence

Linda Snyder, KSCPA Team Member

Cheryl Hayward, Topeka Robert T.P. Metcalf, Overland Park Deborah S. Sauer, Wichita Greg B. Sevier, Wichita Gerald C. "Gerry" Steffes, Overland Park Charles B. Thrasher, Overland Park

COMING SOON Your Comprehensive Professional Development Catalog April

Skyscapes - March 2010  

March 2010 Newsletter, Skyscapes

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