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yading skyrun, China

06 07

2016 Skyrunner® world series calendAR

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Maratón Alpina Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain


High Trail Vanoise & Kilomètre Vertical Face de Bellevarde, France

14 15 17 19 21 23 24

Dolomites SkyRace® & vertical kilometer®, Italy

Transvulcania Naviera Armas Ultramarathon & KM Vertical Binter, Spain

©Ian Corless

2016 Skyrunner® World Series

Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira, Portugal Livigno SkyMarathon® & Santa Caterina VerticaL Kilometer®, Italy

SkyRace® Comapedrosa, Andorra Tromsø SkyRace® & Blåmann Vertical, Norway Matterhorn Ultraks 46K, Switzerland

Salomon Glen Coe Skyline, United Kingdom THE RUT 50K & 28K & LONE PEAK VERTICAL KILOMETER®, USA

25 27

©Fabio Menino


Salomon Ultra Pirineu, Spain Limone Extreme SkyRace® & Limone Extreme Vertical Kilometer® , Italy


Laura Orgué, 2015 Vertical and Sky Series Champion at the Dolomites SkyRace®. Photo ©Ian Corless PHOTO CREDITS: Ian Corless, Jordi Saragossa, Fabio Menino, Lloyd Belcher, Francesc Lladó, Juerg Kaufmann, Oriol Batista.

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“Less cloud. More sky” is always our motto and it’s fair to say that a breath of fresh air has swept across the 2016 Skyrunner ® World Series bringing new races, a new partner, all-round rebranding and a new website. The Series’ new management company, Geneva based SkyMan SA, brings on board new Main Partner, Migu Xempower, a Chinese exercise and health management platform and race organiser for millions of runners with whom we look forward to working together. Six new races join the Series, which now count 23 across the four categories. In fact, we’re pleased to introduce a fourth category - the new Extreme Series - presented by Alpina Watches. This Series was created to fully express the true spirit of skyrunning defined not only by distance, but vertical climb and technical difficulty. Needless to say, we’re delighted to count on the continued support of the three Official Pool Suppliers - Scott Sports, Compressport and Salomon. In presenting the World Series season, Kilian Jornet, not only the sport’s best known personality, but also race organiser, recalls how he was inspired as an athlete by the first skyrunners back in the 90’s and how the new Extreme Series fits his philosophy of alpine running and travelling fast and light. A big step since those early days. I’m personally very proud and pleased to see the sport growing so fast and thank runners, organisers, partners and fans around the world, wishing them, as ever, “Less cloud. More sky”!

Marino Giacometti ISF President


Sichuan, CHINA



30 APR

ENG A flattish start is made less than straightforward with an altitude of 2,900m. After crossing the Chitu River the crux of the race begins. Passing by a small charming village, runners hit single track which hugs the glacier-fed river for 12 km. After one km the first glimpse of the Chonggu Temple appears at 4,000m altitude which will host the finish on the runners’ return. Dirt trail climbs through colourful forest for one km before revealing the most technical section of the race. Four tough kilometres climb are rewarded with the fantastic col at the top of the race strewn with mulit-coloured Buddhist prayer flags. Here runners will have hit an altitude of 4,700m, the highest race on the Series. From here, the fun descent back to the Chonggu Temple finish line. CHN

开始路段还算平坦,然后短距离内直线爬升,海拔达到2,900 米。接着要沿着泥土的赛道 跑3.5 公里的平缓下坡,然后到达2,868 米海拔处,最后比赛真正精彩的部分才开始。 穿过赤土河之后,比赛的关键赛道才开始。沿途会经过一个景色宜人的小村子,跑者要沿 着冰川河流旁边的单轨跑道跑行12 公里,穿过高山森林和崎岖的植物带。然后跑道将一直 爬升,在这 一路段跑者要通过四次坚固的木桥来度过冰川河流。 跑完这段惊心动魄的河流赛道后,参赛者还要经过2 公里的公路,然后才可返回赛道上。 1 公里后,我们将首次看到海拔4,000 米处的冲古寺,一睹其风采,该赛事的终点也就设 在此处。 泥土小径不断攀升,穿过这1 公里色彩缤纷的森林后,便到达了此次比赛最需要越野技巧 的路段。如果参赛者成功通过了该4 公里的路段,便可成功到达插满五颜六色佛教祈祷旗 帜的山顶。这里的海拔达到 4,700 米。现在剩下的赛程就是万众期待且令人难以置信的下 坡跑道了,参赛者来到冲古寺,便达到了胜利的终点。



Date: April 30 Distance: 30 km Vertical climb: 2,345m + Records: New course Organisers: China Mountain Trails Website: Contact:


Course description: Race starts at Chitu River then after a small village hits single track which hugs the river for 12 km. Dirt trail climbs through forest for 1 km before the most technical section. Four tough kilometres climb are rewarded with the col at the race summit, strewn with Buddhist prayer flags. At 4,700m, it’s the highest race on the Series. From here, the fun descent to the Chonggu Temple finish line.

Less cloud. More Sky


April 30: Yading Skyrun, Sichuan - China May 22: Maratón Alpina Zegama-Aizkorri, Zegama - Spain June 26: Livigno SkyMarathon®, Livigno - Italy July 17: Dolomites SkyRace®, Canazei - Italy July 31: SkyRace® Comapedrosa - Andorra August 20: Matterhorn Ultraks 46K, Zermatt - Switzerland September 3: The Rut 28K, Big Sky, Montana - USA October 15: Limone Extreme SkyRace®, Limone sul Garda - Italy

EXTREME presented by

August 6: Tromsø SkyRace®, Tromsø - Norway August 28: Kima Trophy, Valmasino - Italy September 18: Salomon Glen Coe Skyline, Glen Coe, Scotland - UK


May 7: Transvulcania Ultramarathon Naviera Armas, La Palma - Spain June 4: Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira, Madeira - Portugal July 10: High Trail Vanoise, Val d'Isère - France September 4: The Rut 50K, Big Sky, Montana - USA September 24: Salomon Ultra Pirineu, Bagà - Spain


May 5: KM Vertical Binter, La Palma - Spain June 24: Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer®, Sondrio - Italy July 8: Kilomètre Vertical Face de Bellevarde, Val d’Isère - France July 15: Dolomites Vertical Kilometer®, Canazei - Italy August 5: Blåmann Vertical, Tromsø - Norway September 2: Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer®, Big Sky, Montana - USA October 14: Limone Extreme Vertical Kilometer®, Limone sul Garda - Italy

La Palma, Spain



5&7 NAVIERA ARMAS ULTRAMARATHON MAY & KILÓMETRO VERTICAL TRANSVULCANIA BINTER ENG An incredible ultra marathon 74 km long, straddles the island of La Palma, in the western Canary Islands. The course begins on the Atlantic coast and climbs around the Teneguía and San Antonio volcanoes on the south of the island, one of the most recent natural landmasses in Europe. On leaving the ocean, the course ascends for more than 2,400 metres to the highest point of the island and skirts the Roque de los Muchachos Astrophysical Observatory, one of the world’s major star-gazing locations. From here, a steep and treacherous path descends again, all the way to the sea. After many hours of punishing racing, the final ascent leads to the welcoming finish in the town of Los Llanos de Aridane.

ESP Esta ultramaratón de 74 km de longitud atraviesa la isla canaria de La Palma, en medio del Océano Atlántico, siguiendo el sendero de Gran Recorrido GR 131. La carrera se inicia en el nivel del mar y rodea los volcanes de la dorsal sur de la isla, como el Teneguía (1971) o el San Antonio (1677), que configuran uno de los suelos más recientes y vírgenes de todo el territorio europeo. Después sube a más de 2.400m hasta el punto más alto de la isla, para orillar el Observatorio Astrofísico del Roque de los Muchachos, uno de los mejores lugares del planeta para la observación de estrellas. Luego vuelve a bajar, vertiginosamente, hasta el nivel del mar. Y finaliza, después de más de 8 horas de disfrute y sufrimiento, en la meta de Los Llanos de Aridane.



Date: May 7 Distance: 74.3 km Vertical climb: 4,350m + Records: Men 6h52’39’’ Women 8h10’41’’ Organisation: SODEPAL (Cabildo Insular de La Palma) Web: Contact: Tel: +34 922 41 73 23


Date: May 5 Distance: 7.6 km Vertical climb: 1,203m + Records: Men 47’23’’ Women 59’43’’

Course description: The Ultra starts at sea level and, after 52 km summits the dormant Taburiente volcano, at 4,243m. The descent is steep, parallel to the VK course, leading down to the ocean before a final ascent through a canyon to the town of Los Llanos.

Zegama, SPAIN


22 may

Maratón Alpina Zegama-Aizkorri


Renowned as one of the most popular races on the Skyrunner World Series calendar, the event attracts some of the best runners worldwide. Every year, 500 athletes are selected from thousands of entry requests. As in the past, but today more than ever, thousands of walkers, hikers, hunters, and nature lovers visit the Aratz-Aizkorri Natural Park. In 2001, the Association of Friends of Aizkorri was founded and organised an annual excursion in the mountains and a pilgrimage to the Sancti Spiritus at the foot of the San Adrián cave. In 2002, as one of the Aratz-Aizkorri Natural Park initiatives, the town of Zegama, together with the Amezti Mountain Club and more than 250 volunteers launched the first Alpine-Zegama Aizkorri Marathon. The first event took place in 2002. The success and reputation of the race are thanks to three factors: the gruelling course with more than 5,400 metres of ascent and descent; the stunning natural beauty of its setting; and the massive participation of both runners and spectators.


Es considerada como una de las mas populares carreras dentro del calendario de las the Skyrunner World Series, el evento atrae a los mejores corredores a nivel mundial. Todos los años alrededor entre milles atletas son seleccionados, entre las peticiones que tienen anualmente. Al igual que en tiempos pasados, miles de montañeros y amantes de la naturaleza, visitan el Parque Natural de Aratz-Aizkorri para practicar el senderismo, contemplar la belleza de las campas de Urbía, asomarse al balcón de la cima del Aizkorri, etc. Así pues, no es de extrañar que desde las instituciones locales de Zegama se impulsara en el año 2001 la creación de la Asociación de Amigos del Aizkorri y la celebración de un Día de los Amigos del Aizkorri. Precisamente en el ámbito de estas iniciativas de promoción del Parque Natural de Aratz-Aizkorri y turística del pueblo de Zegama, el Ayuntamiento, con la colaboración de la Sociedad de Montaña Amezti y el compromiso personal de más de 250 voluntarios, dio por buena la iniciativa de organizar el Maratón Alpino Zegama-Aizkorri. El maratón se celebró por primera vez el día 7 de julio de 2002. El prestigio alcanzado por la prueba desde entonces se basa en la dureza de la prueba con un desnivel acumulado de más de 5.400 metros, la belleza natural del recorrido y la afluencia masiva de público a lo largo de los 42 km, así como la masiva participación de corredores.



Date: May 22 Distance: 42.195 km Vertical climb: 2,736m + Race records: Men 3h48’38“. Women 4h38’19“ Organisation: Zegama City Council Race director: Alberto Aierbe Web: Contact: Tel: +34 943 802187


Course description: A race over the classical marathon distance (42 km) with a total of 5,472m ascent and descent along the Aratz massifs and the Sierra del Aizkorri, including four of the highest peaks in Euskadi. The long gruelling course winds over beautiful mountain paths, starting in Zegama, 296m, and ascends and descends over very technical terrain reaching a maximum altitude of 1,551m.




Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira (USM)

ENG The Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira (USM) is a technical mountain race with steep slopes and trails covering a distance of 55 km and 4,000m of vertical climb. The race includes some sections which require grade II technical climbing expertise. Set in a spectacular environment, the course is surrounded both by mountainous and sea cliff landscapes. The race begins in the town of Santana, a municipality located in the northern coast of Madeira island, Portugal. It starts with a hard 1,400m climb to Encumeada Alta (1,750m) leaving behind beautiful trails in the heart of the Laurel forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It follows a via Ferrata section before a final ascent to the summit of Pico Ruivo (1,861m). From here, runners have to descend to sea level to witness the majestic Atlantic Ocean at the São Jorge Beach. Finally, the last climb ascends to the Queimadas plateau through Ilha to finish in Santana.

POR A Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira (USM) é uma corrida técnica de montanha que consiste em desníveis acentuados e trilhos que perfazem uma distância de 55 km e 4000 metros de desnível acumulado. Esta corrida conta com passagens técnicas que exigem pequenas escaladas de grau II em ambientes de montanha, por vezes expostos, floresta e falésias costeiras. A corrida tem início na cidade de Santana, município localizado na costa norte da ilha da Madeira, Portugal. Começa com uma subida exigente de 1400m de desnível até à Encumeada Alta (1750m), deixando para trás bonitos trilhos dentro da Floresta Laurissilva, património mundial natural da UNESCO. Segue-se uma secção de ferrata logo antes da ascensão final ao Pico Ruivo (1861 m). Depois disto, os atletas terão de descer até ao nível do mar para testemunhar o majestoso Oceano Atlântico no Calhau de São Jorge. Finalmente, há uma subida final até ao plateau das Queimadas pela freguesia da Ilha para terminar em Santana.



Date: June 4 Distance: 55 km Vertical climb: 4,000m + Records: Men 6h09’56’’. Women 7h33’37’’ Organisation: Clube Aventura da Madeira Web: Contact: Tel: +351 963 531 098


Course description: The technical course requires climbing skills and includes via Ferrata. The race starts with a tough 1,400m climb and reaches the highest point of the island at 1,861m before descending to sea level and ascending once more. The race starts and finishes in the town of Santana.



Wherever you race, we support you. Skyrunning athletes need the best in order to run in extreme and technical conditions, and to avoid fatigue and injury. COMPRESSPORT trail running line is perfectly adapted to meet these athletes’ needs for maximum performance and to improve their performance and recovery. Discover the latest technologies in performance compression apparel...


Sondrio, ITALY


24&26 JUN

livigno skymarathon® & santa caterina vertical kilometer®

ITA L’Alta Valtellina Skyrunning Experience è il nuovo progetto di gare a fil di cielo in un territorio che ha visto la nascita di numerosi talenti che hanno scritto pagine importanti dello skyrunning mondiale. L’apertura delle danze sarà venerdì 24 giugno con la seconda edizione del Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer® con partenza dal centro paese per arrivare in cima alla Costa Sobretta, dopo meno di 3 km e 1000mt di dislivello. Sabato e domenica ci si sposterà nella zona franca del “Piccolo Tibet”, Livigno, una delle località più famose per gli sport outdoor dell’arco alpino, per la Livigno SkyMarathon®. Il percorso, lungo 34 km con 2600mt di dislivello positivo, vedrà gli atleti affrontare un tracciato inedito in un territorio selvaggio, raggiungendo cime che fanno da spartiacque fra il territorio italiano e quello svizzero, per poi ritornare a valle nel centro di Livigno. Una gara con svariati tratti tecnici su cresta e passaggi a oltre 3000mt di quota, in perfetto skyrunning style. ENG Dates for your diary: widely known as popular ski resorts, both Santa Caterina and Livigno will welcome prominent athletes from across the globe to experience the region’s overwhelming passion, enjoy the cheers of the spectators and admire the stunning views. The first race will be held on Friday 24 June with the second edition of the Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer® starting in the centre of the village where a 3 km course heads 1,000m to the summit of the Cresta Sobretta. Saturday and Sunday the events move to Livigno, or ‘Little Tibet’, as it’s known, the location of the second race, the Livigno SkyMarathon® - 34 km long with 2,600m vertical climb. The route weaves through untamed nature in the Stelvio National Park traversing the Swiss/ Italian border. There are technical sections on ridges and stretches above 3,000m altitude – all in true skyrunning style.



Date: June 26 Distance: 34 km Vertical climb: 2,700m + Records: New course Organisers: ASD Valtellina Wine Trail Website: Contact:


Date: June 24 Distance: 3 km Vertical climb: 1,000m + Records: Men 35’29” Women 43’32”

Course Description: The Livigno SkyRace® starts and finishes in Livigno. The course is 34 km long with 2,600m vertical climb, weaving through the Stelvio National Park, it traverses the Swiss/Italian border. There are technical sections on ridges and stretches above 3,000m altitude. The Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer® has a mass start in Santa Caterina Valfurva with a 3 km course over 1,000m vertical climb to the summit of the Cresta Sobretta.

Val d’Isère, FRANCE


8&10 jul

high trail vanoise & Kilomètre Vertical Face de Bellevarde

FRA Du 8 au 10 juillet 2016, Val d’Isère branche son cardio pour offrir aux amoureux des courses en montagne un weekend d’exception. Le High Trail Vanoise® se déclinera ainsi en cinq courses de tous niveaux, offrant à ses participants la possibilité de traverser les plus beaux panoramas de Haute Tarentaise et de Maurienne. Le kilomètre vertical déclenchera le chronomètre infernal de ces troi jours de courses en proposant aux trailers de partir à l’assaut de la Face de Bellevarde. Les plus téméraires attendront 4h00 le dimanche matin pour s’élancer sur l’une des plus belles étape du circuit skyrunning: le Grand Parcours avec ses 67 km et ses 5400m de dénivelé positif et l’incroyable possibilité de fouler le glacier de la Grande Motte à 3653m d’altitude. Une course exceptionnelle et unique en son genre relevant d’une technicité et d’une endurance sans faille! Une expérience à ne louper sous aucun prétexte. ENG An exceptional weekend lies in store for mountain lovers between the 8th and the 10th of July in Val d’Isère. The High Trail Vanoise® has five races for all levels lined up in the magnificent Haute Tarentaise and Maurienne landscapes. The Vertical Kilometer sets the stopwatch ticking for three days of racing, starting with the assault on the Face de Bellevarde. The more adventurous will have to wait for the 4 am Sunday morning start of the Grand Parcours, one of the most spectacular events on the Series: 67 km with 5,400m vertical climb, summitting the Grande Motte glacier at 3,653m altitude. Tough and technical, this unique race is not be missed under any circumstances.



Date: July 10 Date: July 8 Distance: 67 km Distance: 2.9 km Vertical climb: 5,400m + Vertical climb: 1,000m + Records: new course Race records: Men 34’51’’ Organisation: Club des Sports de Women 40’52’’ Val d’Isère Web: Contact: Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 06 03 49


Course description: The course is characterised by the ascent of the Grande Motte (3,653m) and a 700m traverse across the glacier to the summit. The majestic Face de Bellevarde, an Olympic and World Cup black ski run, will be the theatre of the VK which zigzags steeply uphill to the 2,807m summit.

Trentino, ITALY


15&17 JUL

Dolomites SkyRace® & Vertical Kilometer®


The famous Italian Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site, attract sportsmen for the winter skiing and summer climbing, making it an ideal location for a major international skyrunning event. This spectacular race embodies the skyrunning concept to perfection: the quickest way from a town to the summit of a mountain and back. The venue is a long time favourite among the world’s top runners and over the years has hosted the 2008 SkyGames®, the 2008 ISF constitutional assembly; the 2010 Vertical Kilometer® World Championships; and the 2009, 2011 and 2013 European Skyrunning Championships for the Vertical and Sky disciplines. Once again, the Dolomites feature prominently on the World Series calendar, with races in both the Vertical and Sky Series. An extraordinary weekend unfolds where the world’s top ranked runners aim to get points in both races. ITA Le Dolomiti sono famose in tutto il mondo, riconosciute anche come patrimonio UNESCO, attirano sportivi sia d’inverno per lo sci, sia d’estate per la arrampicata, cioè, un luogo ideale per un evento skyrunning di calibro internazionale. Questa spettacolare gara incarna il concetto skyrunning alla perfezione: la via più veloce dal paese alla vetta e ritorno. La località è da sempre una delle preferite tra i migliori corridori del mondo e, nel corso degli anni, ha ospitato gli SkyGames® e l’assemblea costituzionale della ISF nel 2008; il Campionato del Mondo di Vertical Kilometer® nel 2010; ed i Campionati Europei Skyrunning nel 2009, 2011 e 2013 per le discipline Vertical e Sky. Ancora una volta, la Dolomites Vertical Kilometer® e la SkyRace® saliranno alla ribalta delle World Series. Un weekend straordinario attende gli atleti più forti del mondo, dove punteranno al piazzamento in entrambe le gare per la scalata al ranking.



Date: July 15 Date: July 17 Distance: 2.6 km Distance: 22 km Vertical climb: 1,000m + Vertical climb: 1,750m + Records: Men 32’38” Records: Men 2h00’11” Women 38’14” Women 2h25’57” Organisation: Comitato Dolomites SkyRace® Web: Contact: Tel: +39 0462 60960


Course description: The 22 km SkyRace® course starts and finishes in the centre of Canazei, featuring very steep climbs to the summit of the Piz Boè, 3,152m, often snow-covered, while the descent through even steeper gorges, is fast and technical. The Vertical Kilometer® ascends 1,000m from Alba, 1,465m, to the summit of the Crepa Neigra, 2,465m.


Arinsal (La Massana), ANDORRA


31 jul

skyrace® comapedrosa

CAT En una vall perduda entre les majestuoses muntanyes andorranes, aquesta exigent cursa corona el punt més del Principat, el cim del Comapedrosa, a 2.942m. L’Skyrace Comapedrosa torna a l’èlit mundial de l’Skyrunning concentrant tota la seva esència en 21 kilòmetres y 2.200 metres de desnivell positiu. Terreny tècnic, alçada, carenes exposades, prat d’alta muntanya i un ascens de gairebé 1.000 metres en tan sols 2 kilòmetres la converteixen en una cursa indispensable. L’esforç del Comú de la Massana per aconseguir que Andorra sigui la capital de l’esport de muntanya permetrà als skyrunners més exigents gaudir del paradís d’aquest esport.

ENG In a lost valley in the majestic Andorran mountains, this extremely demanding race summits the highest point of the Principality, the Comapedrosa at 2,942m. The start and finish is in Arinsal. Once on the trail, the first steep ascent reaches 1,958m at the Coll de les Cases through woodland. From here, the landscape opens up to follow a ridge with scarce vegetation leading to the Pic de les Fonts (2,748m). The descent is via the traditional route through the Estany Negre and the Comapedrosa hut, until reaching back Arinsal. The aim of the Massana council is to create an event of great international impact. With this tough 21 km loop, the ascent involves a 1,000m vertical wall over just 2 km – a challenge to satisfy the most demanding skyrunner.



Date: July 31 Distance: 21 km Vertical climb: 2,280m + Records: Men 2h46’42”. Women 3h21’15” Organisation: OCISPORT outdoor experience Web: Contact: Tel: +34 93 808 80 9


Course description: The start and finish is in Arinsal. Once on the trail, the first steep ascent reaches 1,958m at the Coll de les Cases through woodland. From here, the landscape opens up to follow a ridge leading to the Pic de les Fonts (2,748m). A 1,000m ascent over 2 km awaits before reaching the Comapedrosa summit (2,942m). The descent is through the Estany Negre and the Comapedrosa hut, back to Arinsal.

Tromsø, Norway


Tromsø SkyRace®

5&7 AUG

& Blåmann Vertical

ENG Tromsø Skyrace at 69 degrees North takes you on an arctic trip from the city of Tromsø to the most scenic wilderness area. The start goes over the famous mountain Tromsdalstind, down a wild valley crossing rivers and to the jewel of the race - the very technical Hamperokken ridge. It´s an exposed and sometimes narrow ridge that leads you to the summit of Hamperrokken at 1,404m. A technical downhill to an alpine lake is followed by a wild open valley leading back to the last big climb up Tromsdalstind. T. The final section of the race includes another technical downhill and a smooth trail to finish back to an enthusiastic welcome in Tromsø. NOR Tromsø Skyrace på 69 grader nord tar deg med på en langtur fra Tromsø sentrum inn i den alpine arktiske fjellheimen. Starten går over den majestetiske Tromsdalstinden og ned et imponerende dalføre hvor du må krysse et par elver. Deretter venter selve juvelen i løpet, den svært tekniske ryggen på Hamperokken. Det er en tidvis smal og eksponert rygg som leder deg opp til toppen av Hamperokken på 1404 moh. En teknisk nedstigning ned ura tar deg til en alpin innsjø og igjennom en vill dal, før vi igjen kommer på inn på god sti før turen igjen tar deg opp den siste store klatringen tilbake til Tromsdalstinden. Den siste delen av løypa innebærer en ny teknisk nedstigning som tar deg inn på god sti og den avsluttende etappen tilbake til sentrum.



Date: August 7 Distance: 45 km Vertical climb: 4,400m + Race records: Men 6h08’41” Women 7h09’44” Organisation: Tromso Skyrace AS Web: Contact:


Date: August 5 Distance: 2.7 km Vertical climb: 1,044m + Records: Men 35’20” Women 43’41”

Course description: The Tromsø SkyRace®, 45 km long, counts 25 km of technical trail and includes a 5 km rocky ridge requiring scrambling. The stretch to the 1,404m summit is exposed. The descent to the valley is by a steep couloir. The VK is very short and steep with some scrambling near the summit.

VK EUROPEAN CHAMPION From ground to sky in 34m07s for François GONON to win the European vertical kilometer championship.

SCOTT-SPORTS.COM © SCOTT SPORTS SA 2016 | Photo: Fabio Menino


Zermatt, Switzerland


20 aug

matterhorn ultraks 46k

FRA Depuis quatre ans que le Matterhorn Ultraks fait partie du circuit de la Skyrunner® World Series, la course s’est installée comme le rendez-vous incontournable des plus grands champions de skyrunning, comme le prouvent les noms des champions ayant inscrit leurs noms au palmarès de la course. Citons en particulier les Jornet, Forsberg, Kremer ou encore Martin Anthamatten, le local de l’étape. Plus de 700 coureurs s’élanceront de la Place de l’Eglise au son des Cors des Alpes pour affronter les 3’600m de dénivelée positive de la « 46K ». Le parcours les emmènera tout autour de Zermatt, au cœur du l’une des plus fabuleuses régions de montagne du monde, au pied du majestueux Cervin omniprésent durant toute la course. Aux côtés de l’épreuve reine, trois autres courses aux distances plus courtes permettront à chacun de goûter aux plaisirs du Skyrunning. ENG After four years on the Skyrunner® World Series, the Ultraks 46K has represented a beacon for some of the greatest skyrunning champions as seen among the winners whose names include in particular, Jornet, Forsberg, Kremer and Martin Anthamatten, a local athlete. More than 700 runners will start in the Church Square to the sound of Alphorns to face the 3,600m vertical climb of the “46K”. The route will take them around Zermatt in the heart of one of the world’s most fabulous mountain regions at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn, ever present throughout the race. Alongside the showpiece event, three other races over shorter distances give everyone a chance to get the feel of skyrunning and enjoy it.



Date: August 20 Distance: 48 km Vertical climb: 3,600m + Organisation: Ultraks SA Web: Contact: Race records: Men 4h43’05”. Women 5h18’43” Course description: The ”46K” race (48 km) loop with 3,600m vertical climb starts and finishes in the centre of Zermatt. The course requires speed, technique and power to reach the summit of the Gornergrat at 3,100m, the highest point of the course facing the world-famous Matterhorn



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Valmasino, ITALY


28 AUG

Kima Trophy

ENG The Kima Trophy has for 21 years been a landmark event for ultra runners thanks to the highly technical 50 km course over seven passes with 3,800m vertical climb - a massive 7,600m of ascent and descent. Treacherous moraine, snowfields and exposed crests feature largely on the course, with loose boulders and fixed ropes required to assist the vertical ascents and descents. The race was conceived in 1994 by organiser Ilde Marchetti to commemorate her brother and, with the help of skyrunning pioneers Marino Giacometti, Adriano Greco and Fabio Meraldi, it became not only a reality in 1995, but grew to be a legend. To ensure the runners’ safety and for the protection of the rugged mountain environment, the extremely technical course is capped at 250 with tight cut-off times. A biennial event, it has become an icon…and just a dream for many.

ITA Il Trofeo Kima, grazie al suo percorso di 50 km estremamente tecnici, i sette colli e i 7.600m di dislivello complessivo, da 21 anni è l’evento di riferimento per i migliori skyrunner. Il percorso è un continuo susseguirsi di rocce infide, nevai, creste esposte, massi instabili e di corde fisse necessarie per l’assistenza nei tratti di salita e discesa verticali. La gara, nata nel 1994 dall’idea Ilde Marchetti al fine di commemorare il fratello, con l’aiuto dei pionieri dello skyrunning, Marino Giacometti, Adriano Greco e Fabio Meraldi, non solo è diventata una realtà nel 1995, ma nel corso degli anni è cresciuta fino a diventare una vera e propria leggenda. Per garantire la sicurezza dei corridori e tutelare al meglio l’ambiente montano, la gara è limitata a 250 concorrenti con cancelli orari particolarmente stretti. L’evento biennale è diventato un’icona…e solo un sogno per molti.



Date: August 28 Distance: 50 km Vertical climb: 4,200m + Records: Men 6h12’20”. Women 7h36’21” Organisation: Associazione Kima Web: Contact: Course description: The 50k course starts and finishes in the small town of Val Masino and climbs constantly over rocky, technical terrain, including stretches of fixed ropes. With 3,800m vertical climb, it crosses seven passes. The highest point is the Passo del Cameraccio at 2,950m.




Glen Coe, UK


18 sep

Salomon Glen Coe Skyline

ENG Soaring ridges, exposed traverses and precipitous drops. Fast and light over rough and technical terrain. A fusion of alpinism and mountain running. The Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™ follows in the finest tradition of the most prestigious skyrunning races, fusing mountain running and alpinism in a pure test of speed, endurance and skill on an uncompromising, world-class course. The route, first run in 2015, includes the most challenging Scottish mountain terrain featuring long and sustained sections of solo scrambling terrain, which is roughly equivalent to moderate standard rock climbing (UIAA grade II). In addition, the race traverses high  and remote mountainous terrain, which is at times impossible to retreat from. The course is only suitable for highly experienced competitors and all entrants are vetted specifically for their rock scrambling / climbing experience. ESP Aristas imponentes, cruces expuestos y caídas de vértigo. Avanzar rápido y ligero sobre terreno áspero y técnico. Una fusión entre alpinismo y carrera de montaña. La Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™ sigue la tradición de las más prestigiosas carreras de skyrunning, fusionando las carreras de montaña y el alpinismo en un puro desafío de velocidad, resistencia y habilidad en un terreno de clase mundial y que no admite concesiones. La ruta, corrida por primera vez en 2015, incluye el más exigente terreno escocés de montaña, con largos tramos que deben treparse en solitario y corresponden aproximadamente a la escalada moderada en roca (UIAA grado II). Además, la carrera atraviesa terreno elevado y montañoso, del que en ocasiones resulta imposible retirarse. El recorrido solo resulta apto para competidores de amplia experiencia, cuya trayectoria en escaladas / trepadas en roca se valida de forma específica.



Date: September 18 Distance: 55 km Vertical climb: 4,746m + Records: Men 7h36’21”. Women 7h44’19” Organisers: Ourea Events Website: Contact:


Course Description: starting at sea level in Kinlochleven, the route heads over into Glen Coe via the Devil’s Staircase. Stob Dearg (Buachaille Etive Mor, 1,022m) is ascended via the exposed scramble of Curved Ridge, before Buachaille Etive Beag is traversed to the highest point, Bidean nam Bian (1150m). After a complete descent to the main support point (90m), an ascent to Sgorr nam Fiannaidh (967m) is made before negotiating the full traverse of the Aonach Eagach, with further exposed rock scrambling before returning to Kinlochleven via a fast downhill finish.

Big Sky, Montana, USA


2- 4 sep

THE rut 50k & 28k lone peak vertical kilometer®

ENG In just it’s fourth year, The Rut Mountains Runs have become one of the most well attended and prestigious mountain running events in North America. This will be the third year in a row that The Rut is a part of the Skyrunner® World Series. As a part of the Series, many of the best mountain runners in the word will be in attendance. The challenging steep and technical 50K race is held on the massive Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana. The course traverses exposed ridge lines, includes harrowing descents down steep scree slopes and crosses the mountains summit at 11,166ft (3,403m) altitude.  The weekend’s events include the Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer® and The Rut 28K, with a new course, 3 km longer than last year. The races, conceived of by elite mountain runners Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe are directly inspired by the historic and classic mountain runs of Europe with a little Montana flare mixed in.  This year 2,000 athletes will come for the great venue, race course, organization and competition, and absolutely all will stay for the legendary after-party! ESP Montana, con su justamente llamado Big Sky Resort, da de nuevo la bienvenida a las Skyrunner® World Series ahora con tres distancias: The Rut 50k, la nueva de 28km y la Vertical Kilometer® hasta las cumbres de Lone Peak.  Los fundadores y organizadores de la carrera son Mike Wolfe y Mike Foote, corredores de ultras de clase mundial que traen su experiencia como corredores y organizadores a la hora de crear un evento desafiante y espectacular fiel a los valores del skyrunning. La carrera coge el nombre de la magia de principios del otoño, cuando las hojas se convierten en oro y empieza la temporada de apareamiento de los alces. Cerca del Yellow Stone Park se encuentra Big Sky, conocido principalmente por sus actividades invernales, y que de hecho es la estación de esquí más grande de America, ofreciendo un terreno ideal para el skyrunning hasta culminar a los 3,403m del Lone Peak, punto de mayor altura en sus carreras.



Date: September 4 Distance: 50 km Vertical climb: 3,200m + Records: Men 5h09’31” Women 6h25’44” Organisation: The Runner’s Edge Web: Contact:


Date: September 3 Distance: 28 km Vertical climb: 2,375m + Records: New course


Date: September 2 Distance: 5 km Vertical climb: 1,000m + Records: Men 45’47” Women: 52’20” Course description: The challenging 50K course starts and finishes in Big Sky Resort summiting Lone Peak with 3,040m vertical climb. The course is 60% single track, 30% dirt road and 10% off trail. The 28K has a tough ascent and descent, while the VK, as the name suggests, ascends steeply for 1,000m to the same summit, Lone Peak.




24 SEP

SALOMON Ultra Pirineu

ESP La Salomon Ultra Pirineu es la auténtica carrera de montaña del Pirineo. 110km con 6.800m de desnivel positivo en un recorrido que une ocho refugios de montaña en el Parque Natural del Cadí Moixeró y parte de la ruta de Cavalls del Vent. Desde la impresionante salida en las calles de Bagà, es una carrera completa, que combina pasos de alta montaña con zonas urbanas, haciendo muy accesible para los espectadores el seguimiento de la prueba. Todo ello en un entorno espectacular con paisajes de ensueño y atardeceres mágicos. Hasta 1.000 atletas medirán sus fuerzas en las laderas del Cadí para intentar destronar a los vigentes campeones, Kilian Jornet y Emelie Forsberg. La cuatro veces campeona de la prueba, Núria Picas, la defiende como “la razón de ser de mi carrera como atleta”. ENG The Salomon Ultra Pirineu represents an authentic Pyrenean mountain race. 110 km with 6,800m vertical climb, the course links eight mountain huts across the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park, part of the Cavalls del Vent course. From the imposing ascent through the Bagà alleys, this comprehensive race combines high mountain passes with urban areas, easily accessible to spectators following the race. The setting is spectacular with breath-taking scenery and magical sunsets. Some 1,000 athletes will push their limits on the Cadí hills with the aim of dethroning standing champions Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg. Four-time race winner, Núria Picas, describes it as, “the reason for my existence as an athlete.”



Date: 24 September Distance: 110 km Vertical climb: 6,800m + Organisation: Pangea Web: Contact: Records: Men 12h03’27”. Women 13h39’33”


Course description: The race starts in the village center of Bagà. From there it climbs to the Niu de l’Àliga shelter (2,531m) and then down to the village of Bellver. From here, an ascent crossing the Cadí by the Pas dels Gosolans (2,410m). From here, with stunning views of the Pedraforca, the descent to Bagà begins, with legendary spots like the Empedrats climb.

Ajuntament de la Vila de Bagà

Toni Palzer.

Limone sul Garda, ITALY




Limone Extreme Skyrace® Vertical Grèste de la Mughéra

ENG Some races seem to write their own destiny. The Limone Extreme SkyRace® and Vertical Kilometer® enjoyed enormous success since representing the finals of the Skyrunner® World Series finals since 2013, and 2016 looks set for a repeat performance. The events represent an important occasion for Limone, Riva del Garda and Ledro where outdoor mountain sports are widely practised. Limone counts just 1,160 inhabitants and, since the 1940’s, could be accessed only by the lake or across the mountains. Today, Limone is one of the most frequented tourist resorts in the area, famous for its lemon groves, the prestigious olive oil and the longevity of its people. The steep lime cliffs that ascend skywards from the lake are perfect for the two skyrunning disciplines, rewarding the VK spectators with an incredible night time spectacle and the SkyRace® participants with a breath-taking view from above, down to the lake below. ITA Vi sono gare il cui destino pare già scritto. E’ questo il caso della Limone Extreme SkyRace® e del Vertical Kilometer® che hanno avuto un successo straordinario come finali delle Skyrunner® World Series dal 2013; e anche quest’anno si ripeterà il successo. Occasione che rappresenta una bellissima opportunità per i paesi di Limone, Riva del Garda e Ledro; paesi dove le discipline outdoor di montagna sono gli sport più praticati. Limone sul Garda conta poco più di 1.160 abitanti e sino agli anni quaranta, raggiungibile solo via lago o attraverso le montagne. Oggi Limone è una tra le località turistiche più frequentate della zona, famoso per le sue limonaie, il suo pregiato olio d’oliva, e per la longevità dei suoi abitanti. Le ripide pareti calcaree che salgono dal lago dritte verso il cielo sono perfette per le due specialità skyrunning, regalando agli spettatori della VK uno strepitoso spettacolo “by night” e, ai concorrenti della SkyRace®, una vista mozzafiato dal cielo verso il lago.



Date: October 15 Distance: 27.3 km Vertical climb: 2,450m + Records: new course Organisation: ASD SS Limonese Web: Contact:


Date: October 14 Distance: 3.7 km Vertical climb: 1,080m + Records: Men 37’11’’ Women 44’51’’

Course description: Both events are over very steep, rocky limestone trail. The VK takes place at night on an illuminated course, reflected in the lake. The SkyRace® starts by the edge of the lake in Limone and rises steeply to accumulate 2,450m vertical climb in a 27.3 km loop finishing at the point of departure.

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