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Work at height training – scaffold towers and operator training When you are working at heights, it is a necessity to properly train your crew to take additional safety pr ocedures. Safety is a top priority. Many companies offer proper safety certification for using work at height equipment. Work at height training certifies you and your crew to properly and safely work off the ground. Work at height training teaches you and your crew what the work at heights regulations are. It goes through a theory course, explaining the safety rules and regulations in a classroom style environment. It explains how to properly use the equipment, including machines and harnesses, safely before getting into the field. The second part of the work at heights training programs are geared towards practical application. The workers get the opportunity to practice the procedures they have learned in the theory part of the program. They are also given the opportunities to learn emergency procedures in case of a potential accident. There are some courses that are just geared towards managers. This goes over site safety procedures and equipment availability. It teaches managers how to keep the equipment is top working order. However, the operator training courses should be taken by managers and operators. Operator training will not only go over the same regulations as the other training courses, but it will also cover proper usage of work at heights equipment. It reviews preventing accidents by taking safety precautions and it also gives instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency. Another important safety course is the course on proper usage of scaffold towers. These can be severely hazardous if they are not constructed properly. In addition to the theory portion of the program, operators have the opportunity to learn proper techniques in erecting scaffolds. They review the importance of outriggers and stabilizers and how to use them Most of these courses are performed on your site so your workers will be erecting and dismantling your own scaffold towers. It ensures their safety to use familiar equipment when doing these training courses. Practicing with the equipment they will be using on the job is the safest way to go. Protecting your workers and yourself is the top concern of site managers. However, managers can work a little easier by knowing that their crew has had proper work at height training and certification. The certifications received last five years. That is a minimal amount of time to take to ensure proper safety.

Sky Reach Access is a company that offers solutions to all of your work at heights problems. They offer scaffold towers, steps and ladders, and power access equipment. They also have work at height safety courses to keep you and your workers safe on the job. They also have safety maintenance agreements for all their power platforms to keep them in top working order. For more information visit them online at today. Contact Details: Skyreach Access Solutions Ltd Heathwaite House, Brook Lane, Brocton Stafford, United Kingdom, ST17 0TZ Telephone No.: 0844 357 7750

Work at height training – scaffold towers and operator training  

When you are working at heights, it is a necessity to properly train your crew to take additional safety procedures.

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