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Q: How much will a PV system cost? A: Each installation is unique and usually requires a site assessment. PV systems have been priced by the Canadian Solar Industries Association at approximately $10/watt installed ( Most home systems are installed in 1 kW - 3 kW configurations. Q: How much energy will a PV system produce? A: A PV system’s production relies on orientation, shading and geographic location. Based on average sun hours available in southern Ontario, on average, a 1 kW system will produce 102 kWh per month, a 2 kW system will produce 204 kWh per month and a 3 kW system will produce 306 kWh per month. Q: What should I consider before sizing my PV system? A: Before you decide on the size of your PV system, you should consider energy efficiency and conservation measures . Every dollar you spend on conservation equals five dollars spent on generation. Ontario's Home Energy Savings Program matches the incentives from the federal ecoEnergy for Homes Program for a combined total of up to $10,000 in eligible incentives. Also, keep in mind that PV systems are expandable. After your initial installation, you can add more panels in the future. Q: How long will my PV system last? A: PV modules have lifetimes exceeding 20 years. Other electrical system components such as batteries, inverters and charge controllers have shorter time spans. Q: What maintenance is required? A: PV systems require very little maintenance. Systems with battery storage will require more service. Debris and leaves should be kept off the panels; however, the occasional rain shower will be sufficient to wash them clean. Some PV system owners plan an annual cleaning; this also serves as an opportunity to inspect the panels and mounting more closely for other potential issues.

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Photovoltaics - powering the renewable energy economy PV panels are reliable, long lasting, expandable and require minimal maintenance.

Step 1 : PV Assessment The SkyPower Lite Home and Business Photovoltaic Assessment guides you through the steps of evaluating your home or business’ suitability for a solar PV installation. This is a great first step to learn a little more about your home or business and its potential to host a solar photovoltaic installation. Please review the following before you request a site assessment. Please check off the appropriate boxes for each question:

Photovoltaic (PV) technology harnesses the sun’s energy to produce electricity. PV systems are reliable, long lasting, easily expandable and require little maintenance. A properly sized PV system is the perfect complement to home energy efficiency measures.

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1. Does your building have a portion of roof with south-easterly, south-westerly or direct southern exposure?

2. If you answered yes to question #1, is this location mostly

shade-free during the day between the hours of 10 am - 3 am?

PV panels are mounted on a south-facing portion of your roof that is free of shade. The amount of sun light your panels will receive depends largely on your roof’s location and the orientation of the panels. The panels use a semi-conductor material that converts sunlight into DC electricity, which is converted to AC electricity with an inverter.

PV System Applications Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (REFIT) Program – The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will be offering a stable and competitive price for electricity generated by PV system operators. Homeowners and communities will have the power and tools to participate in the new green energy economy. Speak to a SkyPower Lite representative for more information. Net-Metering – Send the electricity generated from your PV system to your utility for a credit toward your energy costs. Watch your meter run backwards as the surplus energy you produce is stored as credit for a rainy day. A net metered system can be accompanied by batteries for back up energy requirements.

3. Is your roof in good condition? 4. What is the available surface area (sq.ft.) of this portion of the roof? 5. What is the slope or pitch of this portion of the roof? 6. Do you know which PV System Application best suits your needs? (see previous page)

Step 2 : Turnkey Solar Analysis If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above questions, your home or business is ready to benefit from a PV system. If you have answered ‘No’ or ‘Not Sure’ to some of the questions, your home may still have the potential to benefit from a PV system. SkyPower Lite invites you to contact our knowledgeable team if you have any questions while completing this assessment at 1-866-749-8114 or

Off-Grid Energy Use and Emergency Storage – Go ‘off-grid’ with a properly sized PV system and back-up battery storage. This application is suited for areas where power outages are common, connecting to the electrical grid is difficult or energy demand is relatively low.

Step 3 : Free Phone Consultation

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