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Manual Or Automatic Transfer Switch

In this article we will explain the two different types of transfer switches so you can feel confident you’re choosing the best switch to keep your essential appliances running safely during a power outage. Be sure to check local electrical codes before installing one yourself, or you have to get help from a licensed electrician to install it.

Types of Generator Transfer Switches There are two main types of generator transfer switches: manual and automatic transfer switch. Given below is a brief description of the two and main differences between them.

Manual Transfer Switches Manual transfer switches are simple toggle type switches or knobs that can be manually turned on or off to transfer the source of power to the back-up. These switches are essentially used in areas where the power outages are brief and occasional. Since they have to be manually turned on and off when the electricity goes out or comes back on, they are best installed in places where a power outage would not cause a loss or damage

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to the electrical appliances and systems that are attached to the power supply. Manual transfer switches are not very easy to install, and it takes a qualified technician to install the switch into your electrical mainframes. However, these switches are quite cheap and are durable.

Automatic Transfer Switches Automatic transfer switches (ATS), on the other hand, do not require any mechanical action. These automatically transfer power from one source to another. They are extremely convenient to use and do not need to be toggled manually. Such switches are perfect for places where even a brief power outage can cause losses to the system. As the transfer of power supply is almost instantaneous and automatic, the supply trips only for a few seconds, allowing the appliances to continue functioning. Check Out Automatic Transfer Switch at:

Although these switches are more expensive than manual switches, they are easy to install, since they come in a preassembled box. On the downside, automatic transfer switches are not as durable as the manual ones. They have a complex transfer mechanism that may burn out if there is a lot of load on the alternate sources of power. For instance, if heavy machinery is being operated when the power outage happens, the transfer switch may trip and the wiring may burn out. In this case, the switch has to be completely replaced.

Automatic transfer switches can be used with portable generators as long as the generator has an electric starter. They are most often used with automatic standby generators, the

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permanently installed generators that look like central air conditioning units.

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Manual or automatic transfer switch  

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