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MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES: (Intro Text) Missional communities meets in a community of house churches meeting all throughout the Oklahoma City area on different days of the week to advance the kingdom of God. House churches are missional communities and groups of people who are looking to change the world through a triangular UP, IN, and OUT focus. Mondays: Jon Doe Email address Phone number Address Meeting Time Description Website URL Tuesdays: Wednesdays: Thursdays: Fridays: Saturdays: Sundays:

SKYLINKS: Missional Communities Resources Location


What We Believe We believe that God created the universe and everything in it. We believe God took special care creating

human beings in His image and implanting his purpose within us. Upon finishing his creative work God declared it “good”. He gave human beings the mandate to care for creation and to walk in relationship with Him. God created man and woman to live in harmony with each other to reflect the fullness of His image and character. The enemy came into the garden and tempted the man and woman. Their choice to sin and rebel against God had a catastrophic effect on human beings and creation alike. Through this choice sin entered the world and separated mankind from God and caused creation to enter back into chaos from the order God had created. Rather than handing His creation over to destruction God commits to redeeming and restoring it. In this commitment God continually reveals himself to human beings and enlists their help in accomplishing this redemption. The story is full of human beings shortcomings and God’s mercy and faithfulness. Throughout all of this there is a hope that God would be sending someone in the future that could redeem and restore the world. Wee believe that this hope was found and fulfilled through Jesus of Nazareth. We believe that He is God’s son come to earth, born of a virgin, the flesh and blood representation of God on Earth. He is the Son that Adam and later Israel could never be. We believe that He lived a life in complete submission to the Father and without sin. He became a servant to teach us how to live and suffered on the cross as a final payment for the sins of mankind. On the third day He rose again as a fulfillment of Scripture and the promise of the resurrection of all believers in the future. We believe that Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father and is there today waiting for the time appointed when He will return and judge the living and the dead. In His physical absence on Earth He left his Holy Spirit who fills us and empowers us to fulfill His mission here on Earth. We believe in the Church as the people of God fulfilling the mission of God together. He has gifted us each uniquely to serve together and represent Jesus here on Earth. We believe that He inspired Scripture to have authority over this community to help us know how to live.

HOW: (Intro Text) At Skyline we recognize that the majority of life exists outside ??????? (Spaces) Adults / Gathering ??? Adults / Missional ??? Adults / Mentor ??? Adults / You/God ??? Students / Club

This night is designed to be a fun, party-like atmosphere hosted by a parent. Core students bring their friends and introduce them to our ministry. The night could consist of playing sports/games, hanging out with friends, great food, and provides a short message of truth. The Club meets every other week.

Students / Core Communities

This is an environment that is designed for students looking to prioritize their relationship with Jesus, influence their

friends, and discover God’s mission for their lives. During this time students meet with other students from their school at a home hosted by a parent. The night consists of a short teaching time followed by small groups that are broken into a 1-5 ratio leader to student. The adult leader (coach) is responsible for mentoring the 5 students as well as leading a discussion on the current series. The Core meets every other week. Students / Mentor/Parents The average parent has more than 10 times the opportunities to discuss spiritual issues in one year than a church leader does in 10 years. The church has limited potential to impact the heart of your child. WHAT HAPPENS AT HOME in many ways is more important than what happens at church! We commit to coming alongside parents in the raising of their children by giving them confidence, support, and the tools to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. Also, as a part of The Core, each student will have a mentor (coach) that will encourage them, challenge them, pray for them, and care for them. They will help them to Prioritize their relationship with Jesus, Influence their friends, and discover God’s mission for their lives. Students / You/God

Along with the small groups, mentors, and parents we hope to help each student learn to grow on their own as well. We have seen students become so dependant on others to constantly feed them their spiritual food. When that

leader/mentor/parent is not there to feed them they dry up and sometimes walk away from their faith. We will teach, encourage, and provide tools to help students begin to grow spiritually and connect with God privately. Children / Large Group

Pre-K: 3 Basic Truths: 1. God Made Me, 2. God Loves Me, and 3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever K-5th Grade: Engage kids in worship, innovative approach to the Bible story, and Prayer. 3 Basic Truths: 1. I need to make the wise choice, 2. I can trust God no matter what, and 3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated ?

?? Children / Small Group

Pre-K: The Bottom Line is the key concept you teach the whole month. Key Questions all month help to make sure preschoolers are getting what you say. K-5th Grade: Help kids understand how the topic applies to them, discuss real-life experiences, and interact with their peers. ???

Children / Parents

Pre-K: Small Talk Cards: A weekly update for

parents that gives them the Key Question, Bottom Line, Basic Truth, and Bible Story to discuss at home. K-5th Grade: Virtue Packs and Fridge Door Cards: Weekly update that gives parents the virtue, memory verse, Bible story, bottom line, and a question for kids to talk with their parents at home. Children / You/God

K-5th Grade: God Time Cards: Weekly devotions to focus kids' attention as they spend time reading the Bible and talking to God at home. WHEN: JOIN US: Sundays at 11AM at 123 Robert S. Kerr Our gathering time is 11am each week and the attire is casual. Many choose to park on the streets surrounding the building but there is also a parking garage available off of Dean McGee just west of Broadway. Parking is available off Dean McGee between Broadway and Robinson.

WHO: WE ARE A NETWORK OF JESUS-FOLLOWERS CONNECTING GOD’S MISSION FOR THE WORLD TO OUR DAILY LIVES Skyline is a community of Jesus-followers integrating God’s mission for the world into our daily lives. Our desire is to play a part in fulfilling a prayer that Jesus modeled that God’s will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. We want to play our part in that as a community at large, through each missional community and as individuals. We believe that is what it means to be a church.


MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES Are not simply a bible study or accountability group. They are an experience of life-on-life friendship, as well as learning about God’s mission and purpose for your life. Missional Communities range in size from 10-50 people and meet in different locations such as homes or restaurants two to four times each month. Missional Communities are in the early development stages at Skyline and will soon be the intrinsic means for building relationships with others.

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