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Among the stoıen works whlch have been retumed to Turkey ıs a bronze vase stoıen from the store of Ephesus Museum ın 1974 by thleves who cut through the bars. The vase vas returned ın 1982. A part of the Heracıes sarcophagus stoıen from Perga ın 1973 was foundlng ın ttıe Paul Ghetty

Museum, and after ıntensıve efforts by the Department of Antlqultles was returned to Antalya Museum, where lt was assembled wlth lts other parts. Three maın precautıons are seen as the key to hattlng the smuggllng of antlquıtıes. Flrstıy , the general publlc must be made aware of the problem;

secondly, buyers of antlqultles should check the orlgln of the pteces offered for sale; and thlrdly, countrıes should comply wlth the UNESCO agreement on this subJect. At the openlng of the exhlbltlon, entltled "Piundered Anatellan cıvııısatıons" , Director of the

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1986 12