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America’s Sports Stadiums

Photo by Pittsburgh Steelers        

By:Skylar Williams                              

​A is for At&t Stadium

Photo by Sporting News     

● This stadium can hold up to 100,000 people   


B is for Beaver Stadium

Photo by Penn State News   

● The Beaver Stadium has been open since September 17th,1960                 

C is for Chase Field  

Photo by Stadium Journey      

● Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks           

D is for Dodger Stadium

Photo by Discover Los Angeles     

● Larry King is a Dodgers fan        

E if for Ewing K. Kauffman

Photo by Wikipedia                                                 

F is for Ford Field  

Photo by Ford Field Photography                                               

G is for Gerald J. Ford Stadium  

Photo by wikipedia


H is for Heinz Stadium  

Photo by Pittsburgh Steelers         

● Home of the Steelers        

I is for Independence Stadium  

Photo by Wikipedia  

● home to the Shreveport Pirates of the Canadian Football League


J is for Jordan-Hare Stadium  

Photo by StubHub

● Auburn Stadium was renamed Cliff Hare Stadium in honor of Clifford Leroy Hare, a member of Auburn’s  first football team.                             

K is for Kyle Stadium

Photo by Sporting News

● One of the largest stadiums in the United States

L is for Levi’s Stadium  

Photo by San Francisco Chronicle        

● Home of the 49ers  

M is for Michigan Stadium  

Photo by StadiumDB     

● The Wolverines played their first game at Michigan Stadium on October 1, 1927                   

N is for Neyland Stadium

Photo by Knoxville News Sentinel    

● There are 102,455 seats in Neyland Stadium         

O is for ​ Ohio Stadium ​

Photo by Ohio Stadium Athletics   

● The Buckeyes played at Ohio Stadium       

P is for Paul Brown Stadium

Photo by Cincy Jungle      

● Its over 1,850,000 feet squared                  

Q is for Quicken Loans Arena

Photo by Quicken Loans Arena                                    

R is for Rose Bowl

Photo by From Rule Of Tree                                 

S is for Scott Stadium

Photo by Streaking The Lawn                                

T is for Tiger Stadium  

Photo by LSU Athletics                                      

U is for U.S. Bank Stadium

Photo by US Bank Stadium                                               

V is for Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Photo by                                       

W is for War Memorial Stadium

Photo by Fayetteville Flyer                               

X is for Xcel Center

Photo by Sports Video Group                                   

Y is for Yankee Stadium  

Photo by Wikipedia                                

My story is about sports stadiums and the stadiums are all in the United States.   There are many different stadiums and they  are all sports related.   

Skylar williams unit 2 lesson 7 american places  
Skylar williams unit 2 lesson 7 american places  

My story is about sports stadiums and the stadiums are all in the United States. There are many different stadiums and they are all sports...