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ADVICE ON MOVEING IN HYDERABAD Moving out soon? Do not forget to transfer those services! Although it is certainly not the most fun task, it is undoubtedly one of the most important. After all, who wants to spend the first night (or the first week) in your new home without hot water, electricity or the internet? We do not. For these reasons, it is absolutely necessary that you communicate with your public service providers before moving to schedule a transfer or installation date. Not sure how to start configuring your services? Before starting to pack boxes, take a look at these 7 simple tips to transfer your services in your new home before making your move to Hyderabad.

# 1 Get organized

First things first: before you move, familiarize yourself with all your current public service providers. Utilities generally include cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, trash and telephone. I recommend taking note of these monthly service providers by typing their phone number and contact information into a general list. If you plan to change providers when you move, be sure to write down any new contact information.

# 2 Notify the change of data in the services a few weeks before your move

Once you have organized all your service information, you should start contacting each provider separately to inform them that you are moving. I recommend contacting most providers at least two weeks in advance. For public services that require an installation appointment, it is a good idea to call one month in advance. These generally include cable and internet services, as well as security system providers. When scheduling your disconnection and the gas and electricity connection dates, consider setting the disconnection date a day or two after your move. In this way, the lights will continue to work, just in case you need to return to your previous home to pick up everything left behind. If you live near your new home, consider scheduling your gas and electric connection for the day before your move. In this way, you can continue and turn on the air conditioning or heat, if there is extreme weather.

# 3 Organize your water and sewer service through the city

When it comes to water and sewer services, it is very likely that they will be handled through your new city or town. Make arrangements for the service to begin the day of the move by contacting the public services office in your city a few weeks before the move.

# 4 Update your address

When you call public service providers, be sure to provide them with your new address. In this way, you will be sure to receive all future invoices after your transfer in Hyderabad.

# 5 Pay bills due before moving Whatever you do, do not forget to pay bills due before moving. When you call the public service providers, simply ask if you currently owe something. If so, be sure to pay these outstanding balances before moving, as they could damage your credit worthiness. Paying balances also means a clean slate in your new home.

Other important tasks to complete before moving

In addition to transferring and configuring basic services, there are many other tasks to complete before moving. Important tasks on your mobile control list should also include:

- Sell and donate your belongings: the less you move, the better. Not only will it be much cheaper, but it will also save you time when making and unpacking boxes in your home. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of obsolete furniture, useless trinkets and unnecessary belongings. First, you can start by donating items to the local Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity.

Advice on moving in hyderabad  

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Advice on moving in hyderabad  

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