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skylar berry infographic project statement

infographic Background: target audience:

The background for this project is to create an illustration that can be used in an informational way, or a creative way to display information.

I believe the target audience for this project would be somewhere between 15 - 23 women.


The objective of this piece is to display observations of character in a fun way.


Creating an infographic that could be put to a use and isn’t just for fun.


The media this would be presented on is by means of computer, ipad or television.


process work asdf ghjkl;’ asdf ghjkl;’

dog cat

asdf ghjkl;’

current state OMG, ITS SO FLUFFY

who’s cute!?

common traits of a dog person

Project 2 Project Statement  
Project 2 Project Statement  

Project statement for project 2: infographic