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Avi Jit

Š SkyHiT BloG Guide for Both the Affiliate Users and the Ad Program Users.

Every blogger who is blogging for money wants to increase his monthly revenue from Ad programs or from Affiliate Marketing. Every day he searches for ways to make more money from his blog. But he doesn‟t know that some simple things are harming his income. There are some simple tweaks he needs to work with in order to increase his income. If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing then Check This: How to Monetize Your Blog with Google Affiliate Ads? In this very PDF I‟m going to indicate some simple ways to increase your revenue… Here I‟ll consider that you already have an activated Adsense Account. In case if you don‟t have an approved account, then this resource might help you: How to Get AdSense Account Approved, Just by Now?

Now let’s get started….

1. Experiment your ad type, size & placement.

Ad size: First have an experiment and check which ad sizes are doing best on your blog. Every blog has own ad sizes. So, you can‟t just select the ad sizes that other blogs are using. It depends on blog type and blog design. What you can do is- You should change your ad sizes every month and check which one works well. You can even use Google Analytics to see which one works well. You just need to integrate Adsense with your Analytics Account in that case.

If you want to know which are the recommend ad sizes then they are: 728 x 90 300 x 250 336 x 280 160 x 600

–Leader Board –Medium Rectangle – Large Rectangle – Sky Scraper

Even if these sizes are recommend by Google they may not do well with some type of blogs. So always do some more experiment. Once you get to know which ad size performs well, you can just stop experimenting and make it permanent.

Ad type: There are ad types- text, image rich, video, mobile. And every type has different CPC (Cost per Click). You can use image rich ads or video ads as they attract more people. But while doing that you should not forget the text ads as they are more descriptive. They show links along with a description which many times make users to click on them. Again if you‟ve a mobile site then do use the mobile ads as they work well on mobile sites. You should also use a custom Google search on your blog as it shows ads to your users when they searches something.

Ad placement: As explained in case of Ad size here to you need to experiment your ad placements. Above the fold: Ads above the fold works well; but too many ads effects blog ranking. Top of the site: A Leader board at the top works very well as it directly gets the visitors attention.

Middle of the posts: You can also put ads on the middle of your posts. It‟s not so good but you can show if you write really long posts. In the end of the posts: Again, ads in the end also work well and people also like to click them as they have read your post now. In the sidebar: Sidebar is the last thing a visitor checks; but you can still show some text ads or an image rich ad on your sidebar.

Ok! Here I want to add some more info. At all you can use maximum of 3 image rich ads, 3 text links and 2 custom search boxes. But remember not to use all of them as it decreases the CTR. Only use the required ones to get high CTR and more money.

2. Block the low paying advertiser’s sites.

One thing that you can do to increase your revenue is- stop showing low paying sites. You can block those advertisers site that pay less in comparison to other advertisers. You can block the low paying advertiser‟s sites easily by going to your Adsense account. Follow these steps: i) ii) iii) iv)

Login to your Adsense account. Click on Allow & Block Ads. Now click General categories in the left pane. Then block the low paying sites.

After doing this the low paying ads will no longer appear in your blog. This will considerably increase the CPC.

3. Start Video Blogging using YouTube.

This is a good idea to increase your Adsense income. You can easily create videos and add them to your blog posts. In the video you just need to show what you said in your post and this will help you in making more money. I know a very good website which helps to make videos directly from your desktop and publishes to YouTube. The website is and it is completely free to use. 1. Just go to the site and click on “launch screen recorder now” and record your video. 2. What you do on your desktop will be recorded and after you completed recording click “done”. 3. Then, login to publish your video to YouTube. That‟s all..!! Now, rests of the things are easy. Just monetize your YouTube videos with AdSense and copy the embedded video code to the blog post you wish. To integrate adsense with youtube you may need to go to your adsense account and apply for it. Your application will be reviewed and your videos will be checked. For confirmation of your “Adsense for videos” application remember not to put any copyright content in your videos. If there is any then do provide the credits to the actual owner. You should also remember that after getting approval you will require to manually put your codes into your youtube videos.

4. Mask up your affiliate links using plugins.

Affiliate links are used by publishers to earn commission. They promote products belonging to others and make some money out of it. Now, many users don‟t click on a link when they come to know that it‟s an affiliate links. What they do is- they copy the link and remove the affiliate part and then visit the site. In this case the publisher suffers. He loses his commission. So if you‟re a publisher and doing affiliate marketing, then you may be losing a lot of money, that too unknowingly. So in order to make them click on your affiliate link you‟ve to mask up your link. To mask up your referral link you can use the plugin “SEO Ultimate”. If you‟ve a link like- Then, it will change to- You can change the word “go” with any other word you wish to. And you can also change the word after “go”. By doing this not only your link looks cool but also helps in the sense that your users will not avoid it. They will not take it like a spammy link. Some may not even know that it‟s an affiliate link. Your users will surely click it, if it interests them. To get more out of Affiliate marketing you can use some banners and hang them up in your sidebar. This helps a lot in attracting more and more interested customers. Work accordingly and promote well in social sites to get more and more commissions.

5. Drive heavy load of traffic to your blog.

More Traffic=More Clicks=More Money. So we should always try to get more traffic to our blog posts. Either the posts are new or old you should work on each piece. I know that, to get more traffic to Old posts is a hard work but here is something for you. Check This: How To Get Heavy Traffic To Your Old Blog Posts? Here are Top 26 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to your blog: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) xii) xiii) xiv) xv) xvi) xvii) xviii) xix) xx)

Write Quality Content. Give Great Headlines. Add relevant Meta tags. Take benefits of Guest posting. Add relevant links to the articles you post in Article Directories. Comment on other blogs. Choose less competitive keywords. Get more subscribers by giving something away. Brand your blog. Increase social networking. Help others in forums and groups. Post regularly. Build up lists using sources like Warrior Forum & Solo Ads. Do some offline promotion. Encourage others to invite their friends. Optimize your blog for search Engines. Choose a SEO friendly Theme for your blog. Do some Onsite Optimization. Create high Quality Backlinks to your blog. Submit your blog to quality directories.

xxi) xxii) xxiii) xxiv) xxv) xxvi)

Increase subscribers by giving something away. Sent newsletters about new blog posts. Make your blog load faster. Give a good reading and user experience. Ask your friends to contribute in your blog. Submit your blogs sitemap to search engines.

Check This: How Meta Tags Can Drive Heavy Traffic to Your bloG?

If you haven't optimized your blog for Search Engines then you might be losing a lot of traffic & money. (Search Engine Optimization is very important in order to earn more money…) To get a more SEO friendly blog I want to provide you some resources: My "How To Blog" Posts: 1. How to Make Indexing Faster & How to Optimize Ranking?

This guide will help you make your blog by making indexing faster. Search Engines will crawl your blog much faster than before. If you‟ve a new blog then it may take weeks to get indexed but this guide may decrease that time to a day or even hours. The guide also has tips on how to optimize your blog for search engines. By taking those steps you can achieve better ranking in search engines. As a result you will get more exposure and traffic….

2. How to Start a Blog and develop it For More Audience? This guide will take you through every point that helps a new blog to stand out. This guide will help the newbies in starting a blog and developing it for a wider audience. It will also help them in getting more traffic from the first day of blogging…

6. Try some more Ad programs like Infolinks.

If you‟ve a high traffic site then you can go for some more Ad programs which are compatible to use along with AdSense. Some decent ad programs other than AdSense are: 1. Chitika 2. Infolinks 3. AdBrite 4. Luminate 5. Kontera etc… Using of two Ad programs together will surely result in more revenue. But you should always provide the required content to your readers. It„s not that for earning more you‟ve to fill up your whole blog with ads, ads & ads. Before choosing an ad program just keep these points in mind: i) ii)

Check if it‟s a scam. Don‟t go for any program by closing your eyes. If you‟re using AdSense already, then check if the new program is compatible with AdSense.

Now we will talk about some more points... (Extra)

1. Activate AdSense Ads for feeds. You can just go to & apply AdSense ads for feeds. This will help the blogs that have a lot of feed subscribers. But if you don‟t have a big subscriber base then you can just turn it on for future.

2. Choose a fast & responsive template design. Blogs having a good design is always fast and responsive. So ads displayed on that type of blogs perform well. So you can just search the template store to get your new and responsive template. If you are paying for theme then go for thesis or genesis themes…

3. Show ads only to search engine visitors. Most of the repeated visitors come to get the content only. They don‟t give a damn to the ads. So if you have a high percentage of new visitors then you can just do it. You can show ads only to new visitors coming from the search engines. This will help in two ways: More Clicks & High CTR. Here is a wordpress plugin “Who sees Ads” that can help you in doing this job.

4. Find better Affiliate Marketing Opportunities. Many high paying affiliate products are out there in the internet. Check what your fellow bloggers are using and also check the commission they get. Better products always sells better & gives more commission in return. There are even affiliates which may more than 60-70% commission. So get the right one and promote it in your blog.

5. Affiliate Product: More Promotional ways for more income. The more you promote, the more there‟s a chance that people will buy from your referral link. So here I provide some best ways to promote the affiliate links. i) Add the links in your blog post. Remember to mask them up. (Refer to my 4th main point.)

ii) Send newsletter to your subscribers with the referral link. iii) Hang up attractive banners on your sidebar. iv) Share the links on Social Networking site. v) Most important: don‟t just send the links, but encourage them to click on the links. vi) Write reviews about the affiliate products. For now I think this info is sufficient. I’ll come up with more ways to increase your revenue very soon. Till then keep experimenting and keep working… I wish you all the best.

Avi Jit


For both the affiliate users and ad program users.