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Esik Creations ~ Unique Jewellery for the Unique Individual Winter Catalogue 2012 Visit us online at:

“Esik Creations” is a home based Jewellery and Craft specialist. Founded in 2007 with a flare and passion for unique, limited (often one-off) creations, carefully sourced for quality and originality to provide that ‘something different’ when you’re looking for that ‘something special’! Artist, Patricia Elwood, creates her products by hand and prefers the medium of beaded or wire-work jewellery. She is studying jewellery design and ceramics at college and has branched out into various crafts and interests. Esik Creations welcomes you to meet in person at St. George’s Market, Belfast on Sundays – 10am – 4pm or at other craft fairs and events throughout Northern Ireland. Alternatively you can contact us or browse and shop on our website: www. which is constantly updating due to the unique nature of our stock.

Custom Orders are more than welcome if you have something specific in mind ~ we can source the materials, provide a quote upfront and design something ESPECIALLY for you. Just email:


Natural Beauty

Classic Celtic designs, Raku fired in clay, form the centrepieces of these stunning pendants. Note the traditional intricies of the Irish knot-work, the triscle and anamorphs. The principal beads are made from natural Jade gemstone, all unique. Further beads include silver-toned spacers and the rare, PC: Jade 1

green goldstone gemstone. Finished with silver-tone findings and elaborate, floral lobster clasp. A chunky, earthy beauty from nature itself. Length approx. 3

(Left &Below) Additional beads ~ gold-tone, celtic-style spacers, Jasper gemstone, round beads. Feature Pendant ~ The Celtic Triscle representing unity in the one solid line of design as well as birth, death and rebirth or some suppose, the three stages of man.

Jade1: £25.00 Jade2: £20.00 Jade3: £25.00

PC: Jade2

PC: Jade3


Fam o Pai us ntin Cam g Cho eo kers !


Title tells it all! A collection of wellloved paintings by famous artists from antiquity, printed onto quality photo paper and placed beneath a magnifying, clear cabochon and set in a silver-tone frame. These are then strung on velvet ribbon with silver hued finding and extension chain to fit most necks! Price Code: ONLY ÂŁ10.00 SPECIAL DEAL

Other works are available including Monet’s Majestic Bridge, or Moonlit Venice. Violin pieces are also popular including the fiddling angels of Willian-Adolphe Bouguereau or choose your own photo favourite or personal. PC:My Choice



PC: WirePurple Price: ÂŁ20.00


Long, wound double, clasp-less wirework necklace, composed of purple & silver star, ceramic beads, swarovski cystal rainbow beads, amethyst glass beads and 20 guage matching purple wire, wrapped and spiralled!

Example of the Egyptian coil design, wirework, the first in the 3 metal colours - silver, gold and copper and the second with additional centre beads in gold and stunning copper!

PC:EqyptCoil 1 or 2

Price: ÂŁ15.00 (below): Dusky pink bauble beads in assending size are wrapped with bright copper wire and linked to form this striking choker/necklace. Plus intricaately woven copper, wireworked bracelet to accessorize! Set Price - ÂŁ18.00

PC: Baublewire


Coeur de Couleur

An accessorising arc enciel, or to you and me - rainbow! Vivid, translucent, glass cubes, stoppered by sparkling crystal rhinestones set in silver-tone spacer beads and topped off with seed and tube bead colour. PC:CoeurNeck - £18.00 PC:CoeurBrac - £10.00 PC:CoeurWatchSingle -£15.00 PC:CoeurWatchDouble £20.00

Get the complete set for: PC:CoeurSetSingle - £37 PC:CoeurSetDoule - £40 (Single & Double refers to strands on the watch. 9


Wonders of Winter

PC: FabricIce £25.00

PC: IceChoker £15.00

PC: Aquamarine £18.00

Intricate, double-strand, beaded, long pendant with large, fabric balls and stylish heart. Topped off with a little swarovski crystal for that extra sparkle! Blue wire crotcheted choker with cool, wintery beads for a glistening mantle! Natural, Aquamarine gemstone with matching, frosted beads, shining chunks and silver wire balls, uniquely wire wrapped!

11 PC: SnowflakeChoker £12.00

Finally (below): 3 strand, memory wire choker with silver-toned spacers, wintry, drawbench beads and dangling snowflake!

Heaven Can Wait! Beautiful, sculpted, Angel’s wings! Drift into the clouds with these ethereal beauties! Adorned with a soft white or peacock feather , sparkling beads and charms! PC: WingsWhite - £12.00 SEASONAL SPECIAL PC: WingsPeacock - £15.00




Watches! C


E F 13



Esik Creations has become well-known for our unique, costume watches! All our wrist wrappers have clear, analogue faces, peppered with rhinestone crystals! Custome orders are always welcome but here’s a run-down of our top 12! A: Wire-work watch with semi-precious, turquoise stones and pink, chalk turquoise beads. £15.00 B: Chunky, lampwork glass beaded watch with geometric, sun-drenched colour! £12.00 C: Aquarmarine gemstone beads with complimentary frosted, pattern rounds. £20.00 D: Gorgeous assorted jade beads with crystal rhinestone spacers and rare, green, semi-precious goldstone. £20.00 E: Wintry, wire-work watch, delicate with drawbench beads. £12.00 F: Patterned enamel hoops with clusters of glass and swarovski crystal beads. £15.00 G: Peacock discs and feather plus beaded swarovski crystal sparkle. £15.00 H: Chunky, elasticated band with silver, wire mesh, beaded swarovski crysal ball and Kashmirir beads. £18.00 I: Vintage pearl pink beads with grey heminite cross beads and detailed setting. £15.00 J: Semi-precious Turkey Turquoise beads with amethyst glass stoppers and rhinestone crystal spacers. £20.00 K: Beautiful, minky, pink morganite gemstones with ornate, antique gold-tone spacers. £18.00 K



Fictional Charm!

Our best sellers, niche market - the Original Book charms! Other fandoms may be available for custom order! Great talking point! Much loved!

PC: Twilight

Got to love a bad-guy gone sparkly! “Twilight” inspired charm bracelet with the series books (closed), silver tone fangs, boy meets girl and baying wolf! Dual tone dipped beads and red swarovski crsytals!

Away with the fairies with these opening pixie themed books and soft, flowery hued ceramic & glass beads! PC:Fairybooks


ALL ONLY £15.00

Inspired by the recent phenomena, “The Hunger Games” we have the 3 novels (Closed), bow & arrow and silver-tone Mockingjay with agate gemstone and blue swarovski crystal beads! PC: Sherlock PC: HungerGames

“The Game is ON!” and there’s nothing “Boring” about this BBC Sherlock & Arthur Conan Doyle themed chain - interwoven with turquoise gemstone beads and bedecked with super-sleuth charms - the 4 story books, London Mini, violin and skulled treble clef and of course the pistol and mantleplace skull!

4 Adorable Beatrix Potter, illustrated books (closed) strung with wooden beads, semi-precious goldstone/mille-flori and swarovski crystals.



Poppy Power

This unique floral fashion is composed of irridescent shell discs with poppy motif, red swarovski crystal flowers, ruby glass beads and wirework mesh to create a vibrant and completely individual 3-piece set with silver-tone findings. Set Price - ÂŁ25.00


PC: PoppyPower

A Tusk of the Orient!

Four Trunken treasures! Bronze-tone metal work Elephant moulds with gorgeous detail and glistening rhinestone crystals on thread & ribbon necklaces. Price - £10.00 PC:BlueEle


Bronze & red rhiinestone mask brooch - £5.00


Feathered, dramatic mask cuff, PVC, 3-sizes - £10.00 PC:PurpleEle PC:FeatherMask



Esik Creations @ St. George’s


PC:Yellow £20.00

PC:Purple £20.00


PC:Gold £20.00

PC:Blue Sandstone Quartz £20.00

St. George’s Market, Belfast. 2mins from City Hall (shuttle bus available) Open all Weekend! Sundays~10am-4pm EXTRA CHRISTMAS MARKETS 17th-19th December & 24th Late Night Shopping 4pm-9pm Live Music & Competitions!

! s a m t s ri


C y err



Bonnie blue beautiful! This silver, blue midnight sparkle necklace will bring stars to your eyes with it’s chunky swarovski crystals, beaded clusters and sinuous curves! Price: £15,00 Blue heart 3-piece set also glistens with crystal splendor, opalescent beads and silver-tone, Celtic swirl squares. ONLY £20.00 for Set PC: Blue1

Perfect as a peacock this modern, shined , pocket watch is strung on a long silver chain and adorned with turquoise gemstone beads, swarovski crystal & spring charms. Now only: £15.00

PC: Blue3


PC: Blue2

Red or Dead! Some seasonal sparkle with this double, tiger tail, Poisettia necklace, complete with red, pearl dipped beads and vibrant swarovski crystals! Price: £12.00

PC: Red1

Festive ruby red swarovski bling with beaded clusters, cloisonne detail and gold twists. Price: £15.00 Vivid, red, shell-chipped, flower cuff on adjustable, sturdy silver band. Very unusual! Price: £20.00

PC: Red2

PC: Red4

Unusual rust ribbon, with dangle beads & teardrops for the chain for this pendant with a feature, intricate rhinestone design. Free Earrings incl. Price: £15.00 PC: Red3




Ravishing Rainbows!

RB1: Completely unique, ONE-OFF, ‘Fireworks’ Polymer Clay pendant with bright, translucent, glass cubes, sparkling beads and magnetic rainbow spacers, finished with black beaded chain. Price: £20.00 RB2: Ethnic, Kashmiri, enamel beads, complimented with Agate rounds, large shell chips and intricate floral spacers. Price: £20.00 RB3: Novelty, neon bottle charms on black cord with plastic, rainbow beads and antique goldtone bails. Price: £12.00 RB4: Colourful, lampwork, lentil beads, spaced with semi-precious agate stone and bronze or silver butterfly circles. Price: £10.00



RB5: Diamond, glass rainbow of beads inside Hemanite diamonds, spaced with unusual rainbow, facetted beads, on black, seed bead chain. Price: £15.00



RB6: Colourful, twine cord bead balls, acryllic rainbow rounds and faceted beads, purple glass and faceted beads with silver-tone crimp covers strung on matching purple wire. Long necklace - can be doubled. ONLY ÂŁ10.00




Purple1: Large, intricate angel earrings, silver & enamel Price: £8.00 Purple2: Butterfly kisses, hues of purple in glass, ceramic and irridescent shell beads PC:Purple1 PC:Purple2 with floral toggle clasp. Price: £18.00 Purple3: Victorianna Tea-Party, miniature pendant with glass, drawbench and semi-precious, Unakite beads. Price: £12.00 Purple4: Last little rhinestone owl left on the branch. Order now or lose out. Price: £8.00




Purple 5: Large purple wooden, rimmed beads, lilac & gold cord beads, beautiful, chunky, antique gold-tone spacers & glass & pearlised beads along with moon & star bronze pieces. Hangs beautifully. Price: £15.00


Purple 6: Pink or bright blue cameo locket with foil lampwork beads, swarovski crystals & ornate silver-tone spacers. Price: £12.00 each Green1: Emerald & Gold twister necklace with large, facetted crystals, swarovski, glass & cloisonne beads * Czech glass, moon& star discs. Price: £15.00 Green2: Howlite, mineral gemstone chunks in bright, spring green with cluster beads of glass leaves, emerald swarovski and silver-hue twisters for a truly one-off adornment. Price: £15.00 Green3: Lime, wooden, ribbed beads, translucent glass cubes and acrylic discs, plus jingly siver crimp covers, strung on a long, turquoise wire. Price: £10.00 PC:Green1


Products are generally one-offs so order now to avoid disappointment. Since we don’t create in bulk, we love custom orders so if you’ve seen something that strikes your fancy but it’s not quite right - Let us know! ( PC:Green3


Autumn Days PC: Autumn1

(Above): Fine copper wire, crotcheted choker with wooden 6mm autumnal beads & heavy Jade gemstone pendant. Price: £15.00 (Below Left): Rustic, mottled, ceramic beads, with copper wire, caps & leaf vine spacers, complete with sparkling, flecked goldstone gemstones & hanging ceramic rose pendant. Price: £18.00

(Below Right): Polished ammonite fossil. Pendant forms the centrepiece of a beaded, beauty of a necklace, with semi-precious goldstone beads, which glisten as if strewn with irridescent sand, gold-tone swirling spacers and mille fiori, goldstone rounds. Price: £20.00 PC: Autumn2

PC: Autumn3


Back to Nature with these mini-geodes & sea-glass, wire-wrapped pendants, strung on silver plated, snake chains. Sparkling geodes: £15.00 Sea-Glass: £7.50

Earth’s Offerings

PC: Earth1

PC: Earth2

PC: Earth3

PC: Earth6

(Above): Picaso Jasper, natural gemstone, earth necklace. Each, solid stone bead is painted by nature and unique. Smooth, cool, stone, jade beads are interspered and the piece is finished with an antique gold-tone, Celtic, magnet clasp.

PC: Earth4

Price: £20.00

PC: Earth5


White Christmas PC:W1


PC: White1: This labour intensive glamour involves creating beads from beads ~ small, diamond clear, swarovski crystals are threaded together to form ‘crystal balls’ and tiny, pearl white, seed beads are strung around to cover the bead within forming ‘beaded balls’. In addition to these glisting orbs we have larger swarovski, facetted crystals, moonstone opalescent beads, pearl tubes and silver toned spacers to form a twinkling of elegance in this unique necklace. Price: £18.00 PC: White2: Stunning detailed filgree bracelet in large rose motif, in patened silver. Adjustable and delicate. Sits beautifully in place as a wrist cuff and really has to be seen on for the full, striking effect Price: £20.00 PC: White3: Slightly smaller. Sophisicated, detailed filgree bracelet in winding rose motif, in patened silver. Price: £15.00





PC: White4: Three tiers of unique pearl coloured, circle shells with a smooth, cool and shiiny finish make up this elegant and natural choker. The shells are free to move and are boxed in by PC:W3 opalescent seed bads and vertical shell spacers. This same seed beads make up the rest of the choker at the back as three rows become one! Adjustment chain for size. Price: £15.00 PC: White5: Swan Song! Elegent, time-piece, dropped on long, silver-plated chain. Clear, analogue face. DISCOUNT BEST BUY: ONLY: £6.00 PC: White6: This hand-crafted, lampwork glass set is both potent and poignant! Round and lentil, white glass beads, with embossed rose motif lie with gold barrel spacers linking to the focal glistening heart. A touch of swavorski crystal complete this elegent design. Gold plated findings throughout including extension chains. Set Price: (3-piece) £25.00


S1 S1: Snowflakes available in green, red, blue, purple & white - £5.00 S2: Natural World - £10.00


S3: Peacock Locket - £8.00


S4: Autumn Triscle - £12.00 S5: Peridot Cameo - £8.00 S6: Cameo Locket - £10.00


S5 S4 31



S7 S7: Vintage charm Cameo £15.00 S8: Lime Green Charm Love £8.00 S9: Animal Magic - £10.00 S10: Peacock Earrings - £5.00 S11: Vintage Charm Bracelet £10.00 S12: Cuffs & Cubes - £12.00



S12 32

Esik Creations WInter Catlogue 2012  

Esik Creations WInter Catlogue 2012 - Unique Jewellery for the Unique Individual!

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