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Protection so smooth you won’t feel it


You only got two hands. Protect them. We use our hands every day – but we tend to forget how exposed and fragile they are. And how limited we would be if we could not use them. Injuries caused by cut, puncture and needle-sticks cost companies and our society millions and millions every year, not to mention the personal suffering when the accident is a fact. Guide CPN – Cut, Puncture, Needle – is our new range of gloves designated to protect against the risk of cut-, puncture- and needle-injuries. By the use of a new technology Alycore, we achieve amazing protection levels – while yet keeping the gloves flexible and easy to wear. Now it’s easy to protect your hands.

Why choose Guide CPN: Very high level of cut-, puncture- and needle protection High dexterity, keeping the gloves easy to work with Ergonomic design, comfortable to use Superior combination of comfort and protection


Fingertips The fingertip is the most sensitive part of your hand, and is also the part of your hand most often injured by cuts, punctures and needle-sticks.

The area between thumb and index finger Often exposed to injuries, but easy to protect with the right kind of gloves. Tendons and nerves Tendons and nerves controlling our fingers are not only very sensitive to cuts, they are also very difficult to heal.

The palm Has sensors, which controls the movement of your fingers. Injuries of these might lead to severe damage.

The big muscles of the hand Vital for controlling the grip, and therefor very important to protect.

Your wrist Exposed to cut- and puncture risks since blood vessels and nerves are exposed.


Cutting edge technology.


Not protecting your hands is stupid. And unnecessary. In Guide CPN you will find gloves offering you a really advanced protection while yet being flexible and comfortable to wear. You will still be in control of your hands, and be able to do your job – only better protected.

Cut A cut-injury with infection and damaged nerves as result often leads to sick-leave for several months. Guide CPN gives a good protection also to the sharpest of knives.

The protective layer in our gloves is Alycore. It is a groundbreaking new metal mesh that is flexible and gives you a superior level of cut, puncture and needle protection without sacrificing dexterity and comfort.

Puncture Open wounds from awls and other sharp objects are a drag. On top of that, if working in dirty environments there is a great risk of getting an infection. We have the gloves that will take on the risks your naked hands are not prepared to take.

Needle The smallest stick from a used needle, or from a splinter of impregnated wood is not only irritating. It could be enough to catch a contagious disease or a dangerous infection. With Guide CPN you get to worry less.


Three way protection


The right protection for the job at hand. Guide CPN is our specially developed range designated to protect against sharp objects. In the CPN range you will find gloves developed for different applications, from searching through suspicious bags at an airport, to special engineer gloves designed to work at high-risk situations in the industry. Protection that will allow you to spend less time worrying about getting injured. All gloves on these pages got the highest cut protection according to EN388

Waste-handling and wet and oily applications

For jobs requiring high level of dexterity

CPN-protection in cold climate

Guide CPN 6321



A very durable and hardwearing glove. Offers cut-, puncture- and needle protection. The APG-coating provides protection against dirt, water and oil.

Comfortable and flexible glove that offers cut-, puncture- and needle protection. Designated for industrial use when high dexterity, grip and high protection is needed.

Flexible and comfortable cold-climate glove that offers cut-, puncture- and needle protection. Designated for construction, scaffolding and general handling during fall, winter and spring.

Product benefits Cotton liner with knitted cuff gives snug fit Hardwearing APG-coating in palm and up to the knuckles on backhand

Product benefits Made in seamless knit of HDPE-fiber Minimum cut protection all around the glove: level 3 Palm coated in PU for grip and abrasion resistance

Product benefits Seamless knit in cotton, acrylic and polyester Brushed terry inside give insulation against cold Palm coated with wrinkle finish latex for good grip and abrasion resistance

7. GUIDE CPN Extra cut protection

Heavy-duty use

For security assignments




Designated for jobs that require a high level of protection against cuts and sharp edges, such as glass- and metal fabrication. Offers a high level of cut-, puncture- and needle protection.

A very durable all-round working glove with ergonomic design. Offers cut-, puncture- and needle protection and impact protection. Chromium free and washable.

Discreet, comfortable and flexible full leather glove that offers cut-, puncture- and needle protection. Designed for jobs, like police work, when high dexterity, grip and protection are needed.

Product benefits Seamless knitted liner from HDPE-fiber Minimum cut protection all around the glove: level 5 APG coating that offers high abrasion resistance, good grip and yet is flexible

Product benefits Palm made in synthetic leather PVC for extra grip and abrasion resistance Padding in the palm gives impact-protection Knuckle and cuff in neoprene

Product benefits Water- and oil resistant leather CPN protection in palm and around fingertips Kevlar lined on top of hand and finger sides

Airy and dexterous glove for industrial use

For high-risk contact and search situations

Heavy-duty use, EXTRA PROTECTION




A thin, pliable and very flexible glove that offers cut-, puncture- and needle protection. Designated for industrial and construction use where high dexterity and protection is needed.

Thin, pliable and dexterous glove. Designated for use where high sensitivity and good cut-, punctureand needle protection is needed, such as within customs, police and correction facilities.

Heavy-duty mechanical glove. For use in areas where the combination of high cut, puncture, needle and impact protection is needed, such as in offshore, heavy metal industries and construction.

Product benefits Comfortable and airy seamless knit of nylon Palm coated with micro-finish nitrile for good grip and durability

Product benefits Synthetic leather in palm Backhand in flexible spandex Knuckle protection and cuff in neoprene Velcro at wrist for snug fit

Product benefits Bull leather in palm, thumb sadle and knuckle protections Extra reinforcements and impact protection on the back of the hand Long cuff


This is Guide. Guide was registered as a trademark in 1995. Today Guide offers a full range of gloves for different kind of applications and risk situations. Guide is owned, developed, marketed and sold by Skydda. The leading supplier of Personal Protective Equipment in the Nordic region. Skydda belongs to B&B Tools, and together with the other business areas in B&B Tools Tools the combined strength is to be the biggest Maintenance, Repair and Operations supplier in northern Europe.

Guide is sold by Skydda Protecting People Europe AB, Ulricehamn, Sweden

Guide CPN  

Guide CPN – Cut, Puncture, Needle – is our new range of gloves designated to protectagainst the risk of cut-, puncture- and needle-injuries....

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