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Executive Summary EXPORT CITRUS is in charge of exporting Peruvian Amazonic fruit, based on biodiversity studies which encouraged us to work with camu camu This fruit has the highest potential to position itself in the international market thanks to its properties and the various projects developed for its sustainable supply. It has high contents of vitamin C, in fact, it contains 30 times more vitamin C than lemons, it also has other medicinal properties to combat stress, prevent respiratory diseases and it is a powerful antioxidant. We expect export frozen camu camu pulp not only to the Japanese Market, but also all Asia and Europe.

History of the Business Export Citrus is a closed joint-stock company created for the export of camu camu pulp; it was created by students of Foreign Trade who are prepared to enter the export market. Export Citrus started its operations in Antonio Raimondi #~202 Urb. Antares S.M.P in 2008. Our main objectives are to export stored camu camu to the Japanese market, because in recent years the consumption of natural and organic products become a growing trend and due to its purchasing power. As a Company we are committed to maintain leadership in the Asian market through the production and marketing of the product with a brand that ensures a value for our customers and consumers beside, we want to established in the market as a competitive exporter of Peruvian products in the agribusiness segment, maintaining a differentiated factor of quality for our customers.

Product technical sheet

Back ground information •

Trade Name: Frozen camu camu pulp

Scientific name: Myrciaria Dubia

Common names: Camu Camu

Product name Description Uses Presentations Commercial preferences Tariff references Important importers Main exporters Prices Our price

Frozen camu camu pulp Frozen camu camu pulp (3 bags of 50kg packed on a 150kg cylinder) Medicinal, cuisine & food industry Frozen pulps, fruit, concentrate liquid, dry fruit. None 0811.90.93.00 Japan, USA, Germany & France Peru & Brazil (Seethe chart below) 8.00 US$per Kilogram

Prices (FOB terms per kilogram US$)

Dec 12.5

Nov 24.02

Oct 82.26

2009 Sep Jul 53.40 3.73

Jun 3.22

Feb 65.00

Jan 3.60

Source: SUNAT

Specifications it is a shrub from 6 to 8 m high, native of some areas of the Amazon River in Peru, which is characterized by a globose fruit from 10 to 32 mm in diameter, ranging from pink to dark red, soft. In the wild Camu Camu vegetation on the banks of rivers, a part of the trunk submerged in water to a height of 30 to 40% of its total height.

Seasonality of their crop is between the months of December to March.

Part of plant used: Fruit. Other Names: •

Cacari, Araca d’ Agua (Brazil)

Guayabo (Colombia)

Guayabito (Venezuela

Geographic Distribution Loreto, San Martín y Ucayali.

Common uses and applications This wild native species is one of the greatest natural sources of vitamin C and an antioxidant used in the formulation of energy drinks and dairy products.



Liquid concentrate



Dry extract




Executive Summary  

Executive Summary of a exporter project of frozen camu camu pulp.

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