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Mobile Satellite Internet Reliable Portable and Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions Skycasters offers a wide range of portable and mobile satellite Internet solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. Our portable wireless satellite Internet plans can provide portable satellite Internet access anywhere your vehicle can travel. Mountable on trucks, vans, railroad cars, trailers, etc., these units can be deployed within minutes of arrival at your destination. Portable wireless Internet service from Skycasters is the ideal way to stay connected no matter where you are. In fact, the service coverage footprint of satellite Internet reaches far beyond terrestrial-based and cellular-based networks. So, if you're in the middle of nowhere, Skycasters mobile satellite Internet solutions could be the only method available to achieve an Internet connection.

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Click here to have someone contact me. Skycasters provides numerous portable and mobile satellite Internet solutions-from small, low-footprint stationary satellite dishes with automatic satellite acquisition to turnkey mobile communications trailers with

snow, rain, sand, dirt, and mud capability. Set-up is super easy as well. Just deploy the leveling jacks, start the generator, push a button, and you're online via a wireless hotspot or emergency communications link in under 10 minutes! Many people are under the assumption that portable satellite Internet access is prohibitively expensive, but with Skycasters, this is just not the case. Our high-value satellite Internet plans for broadband satellite Internet starts at just $149/month for the service plan, and equipment starts at just $799! At Skycasters, we are committed to providing you with maximum up-time and maximum data transmission without packet loss. We stand behind the speed and reliability of our satellite Internet plans with a standard Committed Information Rate (CIR). More often than not, the advanced performance of our satellite equipment and networks means customers regularly experience greater CIR than stated in contract. This is value our customers deserve! Other Internet providers won't make this kind of commitment to their customers, but Skycasters ensures every satellite Internet customer receives guaranteed bandwidth and data transmission! Other Internet providers won't make this kind of commitment to their customers, but Skycasters ensures every satellite Internet customer receives guaranteed bandwidth and data transmission! And while other mobile satellite Internet providers usually charge higher monthly fees and equipment costs for this level of service, Skycasters makes it standard business procedure. Do you have additional questions about our plans? Perhaps you need satellite communications only for occasional use, or need need portable wireless Internet service for a disaster recovery communication plan. Maybe you could use a backup Internet connection for business continuity. Whatever you need, contact us at 800-268-8653. Or click here to receive an online analysis of your mobile satellite needs. Either way, you'll be on your way to the perfect satellite Internet plan from Skycasters. mobile satellite internet | turnkey solutions | pricing • • • • • • •

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