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Run an Efficient Enterprise with Workload Automation Professionals in IT-based job scheduling face dynamic demands in an emerging industry. Recently, many have re-evaluated the way they handle changes in their architectural processes. Calendar-based scheduling is insufficient, and there is an increasing need for a system that can handle many interdependent work types spanning a range of platforms. Workload automation software is the answer, featuring service-oriented architecture to integrate with multiple applications to provide detailed, real-time analysis. Why is it Essential for Enterprise Operations? In order to better understand the importance of workload automation in an enterprise system, let’s take a look at a working example. In a retail store, the Point-of-Sale (POS) system constantly feeds information related to sales figures to an audit system. These figures are processed in batches and then fed to the pricing system on internal computers. This data transfer is typically facilitated via standard FTP or other high-end file transfer protocol. Based on these processed numbers, executive summaries are prepared and sent to management mailboxes for the next work day. Simultaneously, updated prices are uploaded to the POS, providing staff with important information prior to the start of the work day. The entire process is handled by the system, turning an otherwise laborious procedure into an automated task. The software takes on the role of administrator and ensures that all processes and their related tasks are carried out per the requirements set an IT person. Job sequences can be managed and altered on the fly as requirements change. Regardless of an organization’s size, workflow automation is an integral piece of a company’s workflow.

Skybot Software™ develops an enterprise job scheduling software solution that provides centralized job scheduling for IT systems and applications. Skybot Scheduler offers fast, easy installation and its intuitive web interface provides job scheduling tools for complete enterprise management.

Run an Efficient Enterprise with Workload Automation  

Skybot Software™ provides automation solutions for enterprise systems and is backed by Help/Systems, LLC—the world’s leader in automated ope...

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