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How Enterprise Automation can Benefit your Organization It was close to half a century ago that IBM introduced its OS/360 operating system. The OS was essentially a supervisory program that allocated system resources and facilitated the transition from one job to another. This was the beginning of batch processing. As the first of its kind, the OS/360 depended heavily on manual control for many of its operations. Among other limitations, it lacked the ability to create sequences for jobs, or schedule jobs for completion at a future date. As the demand for labor-free systems increased, modern day automated scheduling software came to be. Numerous product offerings exist today, handling everything from scheduling to performance enhancement. How Can an Organization Benefit from Automated Scheduling Software? Once a company has a workflow automation system in place, lowered operational costs tend to be an immediate and primary benefit. Businesses are increasingly having to cut costs without compromising quality. Automation software is an efficient approach, allowing for a high level of reliability with comparatively minimal supervision. Unlike its human counterparts, workflow automation software can work around-the-clock, starting and completing jobs to the millisecond. The end result is the ability to complete more work in a greatly diminished amount of time. Batch processing continues to grow in importance as workloads for tech-heavy businesses increase. With automation easing the burden of many menial tasks, organizations and their employees are able to spend more time working on issues that really make a difference. Every organization strives to streamline operations to increase the efficiency with which they do business. Enterprise automation makes this goal a very tangible reality.

Skybot Software™ develops an enterprise job scheduling software solution that provides centralized job scheduling for IT systems and applications. Skybot Scheduler offers fast, easy installation and its intuitive web interface provides job scheduling tools for complete enterprise management.

How Enterprise Automation Can Benefit Your Organization  

Skybot Software™ provides automation solutions for enterprise systems and is backed by Help/Systems, LLC—the world’s leader in automated ope...

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