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Best Practices for SAP Task Scheduling Beyond the CCMS In a typical SAP system, most tasks are completed interactively. However, resource-intensive tasks which handle a large amount of data are generally handled by the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). The CCMS allows users to create and schedule background jobs on the SAP system, which then run at off-peak times. What are Enterprise Schedulers? Task scheduling with the CCMS has its limitations. The biggest constraining factor is the limited set of available start conditions. When creating a background job on the system, only one of these start conditions may be chosen, and they cannot be combined with typical logical operators. Fortunately, SAP provides a generic interface known as XBP, which allows task scheduling software to connect with an SAP system and schedule jobs externally. Leveraging this interface, enterprise job scheduling software has been developed to provide the flexibility and logic needed when scheduling tasks. These external schedulers also add functionality such as job monitors, notifications, and audit history. Their ability to utilize connections to multiple SAP systems, as well as non-SAP systems, leads to true enterprise scheduling. Enterprise Schedulers and the CCMS A common problem with SAP occurs when a resource-intensive task is released by a user at an inopportune time. Without an external scheduler, these unexpected jobs can use up resources intended for scheduled tasks. The solution lies within SAP's interception APIs, which allow enterprise schedulers to set criteria that will decide which jobs run at which times. When the interception feature is activated on an SAP system, the CCMS compares each upcoming job against the criteria and then schedules the jobs accordingly. Jobs created by an external scheduler are not bound by the rules of interception. When setting up your interception functionality, you need to decide what your general policy will be. Sometimes interception is not necessary at all. In other cases, thoughtful formation of criteria can result in only certain categories of jobs being intercepted. Generally, it is safest to intercept all jobs and to eliminate any possibility of unexpected jobs conflicting with scheduled tasks. SAP Integration Checklist First, the external scheduler must be installed. This offloads the work of scheduling and delegating jobs from the SAP system and onto the external system. Next, the external scheduler must be set up to connect with the SAP system. SAP deems that any software connecting to the SAP system must do so by logging in with a valid user license. In many cases, Platform User Licensing may be ideal for this aspect of integration. Once the scheduler is connected to the SAP system, the next step is to configure interception. As discussed earlier, it is recommended to intercept all unexpected background jobs, eliminating any possible interference with scheduled jobs. Another key feature of an external scheduler is its ability to manage parent/child jobs on an SAP system. Without this functionality, the CCMS isn't able to determine that a child job is spawned from a particular

parent job, which can cause scheduling problems involving dependencies between jobs. An external scheduler will wait for all child jobs of a parent job to complete before starting the next scheduled job. Conclusion Skybot Scheduler is an effective and affordable interface for SAP batch job scheduling. Its flexibility, user-friendly web interface, and analysis tools enable the ultimate in enterprise scheduling across both SAP and non-SAP systems. Author Box: Skybot Software™ develops an enterprise job scheduling software solution that provides centralized job scheduling for IT systems and applications. Skybot Scheduler offers fast, easy installation and its intuitive web interface provides job scheduling tools for complete enterprise management.

Best practices for sap task scheduling beyond the ccms  

Skybot Software&trade develops an enterprise job scheduling software solution that provides centralized job scheduling for IT systems and ap...

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