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THE Talks Thesis Statement: Empathy is a feeling inspired by forms of relationship, unforgettable past events or experience, and also the after feels of actions. Resources: Point one: Exposure to Empathy

Of Mouse and Men “The theme of death gradually increase through out the book. Applies to both readers & in book characters.” 1. Page 5: the death of the mouse 2. Page 87: the death of the dog 3. Page 91: the death of a person The gradual increase between the deaths increase the level of empathic feels of the reader to the character. Starting from a small death of a mouse, to the death of a person. Readers who just experienced recent loss or simply a loss that’s significant, will have developed a sense of empathy as a reader.

Table Talks: “The theme of death inspires empathy if we’re able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes or have once experienced a similar loss” 1. Table Talk 1: Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes will increase our understanding of that person’s perspective and what they may feel. Hence increasing awareness and empathy 2. Table Talk 2: Empathy is caused by chemicals called Oxytocin in our brain. The gradual increase of scenes that inspires empathy will increase Oxytocin production and hence, the feeling of empathy 3. Table Talk 5: The general increase of the deaths in the book creates an overall mood of the book and if readers read slowly and try to grasp the book’s intentions, the book should inspire the feeling of empathy to them. As a supporting resource, the class table talks supports the book’s intent to inspire empathy from creating a gradual increase in the scenery of death. Starting from the increase in chemical production in our brain, into trying to place ourselves in the fictional character’s shoes. Any of these inspires empathy if we can understand or have once experienced a similar type of loss.

Point Two: Empathy in Relationship

Of Mouse and Men “Relationship between one and another, wether its to friend, enemy or even pets, can inspire empathy if something happens to them.” 1. Page 87: the death of the dog 2. Relationship between Lennie and George. The relationship between one another can cause different feelings between them. It can be that we feel bad that we did something to them or simply wanting to help them out of their trouble.

Table Talks: “Good relationship between one and another can be established if we have the sense of empathy on one another” 1. Table Talk 4: If you want a good relationship, you ned to feel the person, understand them and establish a sense of empathy 2. Table Talk 1: A relation of one and another will be more understandable if you put yourself in their shoes and feel what they feel. Some say, you need to understand to make a good relationship. Empathy allows you as a person to understand what others feel and hence helping them, or vice versa. This strengthens a relationship. Point Three: Feels After Action (Guilt)

Of Mouse and Men “There’re some actions that can be regretted in the future. Once the feeling of regret shows up, then the feeling of empathy will strengthen in that person” 1. Page 87: the death of the dog 2. Page 91: the death of a person The book shows some regrets and after feels. This shows empathy in the fictional character.

Table Talks: “Good relationship between one and another can be established if we have the sense of empathy on one another” 1. Table Talk 4: The guilt felt by Lennie after the dog was killed. The fact that the grave was dug out and talking to the dog, shows Lennie’s guilt. Feeling of guilt triggers some chemical productions in our brain which lets us reflect on our past actions. Feeling guilt over something creates the sense of pity and also empathy to the person that the mistake was for. Empathy can be felt through different ways of life experience. It develops through time and the experience of life shapes the empathic feeling. The chemicals in our brain does help with triggering the sense of empathy, but it is the aspects like relationships, past events and also after feels that inspires the most empathy.

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