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“As an Elected Official, it is important for me have my finger on the pulse of our business community – I look forward to every issue of TVBJ for its accurate reporting and insights into issue that concern the business community. The Valley Business Journal provides that for me.” – Temecula City Counsil, Chuck Washington

“The Valley Business Journal is a valuable resource for business owners who want to stay informed about the local economy. ” – Maryann Edwards, Vice President, Mission Oaks National Bank, Temecula City Councilwoman

“I can count on The Valley Business Journal to keep me up-to-date on the business climate in the area as well as current events” – Alex Braichovich, Waste Management, Temecula

“I like to catch up on the most current local business news with The Valley Business Journal. I read every issue and it is the best! ” – Joan Sparkman, Temecula Valley Bank

If the most strategic question regarding your marketing dollar is; “Who is going to be reading my ad or editorial?”, there cannot be a better choice for your advertising investment than TVBJ. Decision-makers and those with their finger on the pulse, start here! – Jonathan Geller, O.D.

“Since advertising in The Valley Business Journal we have seen an increase in our business in the Temecula Valley business community. This paper is a must for any business operator to both read and be advertising in.” – Robert B. Rosenstein, Co-President, Rosenstein & Hitzeman, AAPLC, Temecula

“The Valley Business Journal has been critical in providing the community with information on important resources they need. I go straight to TVBJ when I need to know what’s happening in the business community” – Kim Goodnough, Executive Director of Michelle’s Place, Breast Cancer Resource Center

“As a monthly news writer for the TVBJ, I routinely receive calls from business owners and citizens requesting further information on specific articles that I write. TVBJ is a much needed resource for local business owners and residents.” – Officer Lynn N. Fanene, Sr. Temecula Police Dept., Crime Prevention & Plans Officer

“The Valley Business Journal provides valuable information on practical, up-to-date business issues. Readers are informed on the local business climate as well as upcoming events. Our clients have definitely benefited from advertising in TVBJ for over 7 years now!”

“I always read The Valley Business Journal because I think it is the best source to really keep me informed on what’s happening in the real estate market. It also has very interesting articles on legal issues as well as insurance issues. It is a must read for me each month.” – O.B. Johnson Owner/Broker Continental Realty, Murrieta

– Kelly Daniels, Premier Marketing, Temecula


Testimonials from readers and advertisers of The Valley Business Journal