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致辞单位:中共无锡市委市政府 Secretary of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee


中国国际贸易促进委员会 CCPIT 江苏省商务厅 Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province 中国国际贸易促进委员会无锡市支会 CCPIT Wuxi 上海华励展览服务有限公司 SINOREED Exhibition

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WELCOME! The 3rd China (Wuxi) International Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition is to be held in Wuxi, known as the China’s Innovative Base for Renewable Energy/PV Technologies. With government officials, experts, professionals, and companies in renewable energy industries from over 30 countries, nearly 1,000 industrial representatives and over 10,000 visitors in this year’s event, we will see a splendid chapter in the development of renewable energy industries. On behalf of Wuxi Municipal Government, I would like to extend my warm welcome to our guests and my sincere gratitude to everyone who has been supportive to us. Hosted by CCPIT Wuxi and Jiangsu Provincial Government, and co-organized by the Department of


Commerce of Jiangsu Province, CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-council and Wuxi Municipal Government, the event includes an opening ceremony, forums, an exhibition, award ceremonies and onsite visits. We hope this will be able to bring opportunities to the development of renewable energy industries and comprehensive utilization of resources, and build a convenient link between suppliers and buyers.


We hope that all the participants will take the opportunity and deepen the exchange and cooperation with each other, together creating a bright future for the renewable energy industry. We wish our guests good health and the best of success at CREC and Solar Wuxi.

Mao Xiaoping Secretary of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee

欢迎词 继承千年泰伯故里的荣耀,延续百年工商名城的辉煌!在全球携手共创低碳 新世界以及全社会各界呼吁民众提高低碳意识之际,被称为“中国新能源科技光 伏创新基地”的无锡,迎来了第三届中国(无锡)国际新能源大会暨展览会的盛 大开幕,来自全球30多个国家的政府官员、专家学者、新能源企业和近千位行业 代表与万余名观众将汇聚无锡,携手演绎一场促进新能源发展的华丽篇章! 我谨代表无锡市人民政府对各位领导和嘉宾的到来表示热烈欢迎,对各有关 单位的大力支持表示衷心感谢。 本届大会由中国国际贸易促进委员会、 江苏省人民政府联合主办,江苏省商

总体活动由开幕式、论坛、展览、颁奖典礼、专题考察等活动组成。在为新能源 产业的构建及资源综合利用工作推进和开展创造契机的同时,也为行业内供应商



和采购商之间搭建一条便捷的纽带。 我们热忱期待世界各地的政府、行业协会及企业界充分利用中国(无锡)国 际新能源大会暨展览会这一平台,加强交流、加深合作,共创新能源产业美好未 来。 “展太阳能精品,荟新能源菁英”,衷心祝愿各位领导和嘉宾在无锡期间身 体健康,工作愉快,愿无锡给您留下美好而难忘的印象。

无锡市市委书记 毛小平


MESSAGES OF WELCOME Nowadays, energy crisis and energy security have become increasingly conspicuous and pressing. In particular, since Japan nuclear crisis, international oil price fluctuation now is focusing the world’s attention. It is extremely important for us and our country to reasonably utilize energy and explore renewable energy in order to continuously improve our environment. Facing growing energy demands and overdraft resources, we deeply feel it is significant to formulate and implement a scientific and sustainable strategy to build a well-off society in an all-round way.


For the construction of a saving-oriented society, we should insist on the scientific concept of development, with the most effective utilization of the resources and the ecological environment build of sustainable development at the core to promote the development of renewable energy industries, especially solar energy. This Conference and exhibition plays a role of far-reaching significance for a way out of the depressed global PV industry. As one of the well-known event in the renewable energy industry, the CREC and Solar Wuxi has been attached great importance by CCPIT. Through the wide international network of CCPIT, the conference and exhibition has been effectively promoted and attracted more than 30 countries and


organizations, offering opportunities of information exchange and discussion for professionals in the industry. Here I would like to extend warm welcome to our distinguished guests, exhibitors and visitors for the support. Wish the CREC and Solar Wuxi a great success!

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

贺 词 当前,能源危机与能源安全问题日益突出和紧迫,特别是日本核电危机以及 近段时期以来,国际油价的跌宕起伏牵动着世界各国的神经。清洁能源,合理使 用能源,开发利用新能源,不断改善我们的生存环境,于国于民都是一件非常重 要的大事。我们深深地感到,面对能源需求持续增长、环境透支日益严重的今 天,为实现全面建设小康社会的目标,制定和实施一个科学的、可持续的能源战 略是如此重要。

发展的生态环境为核心,推动能源领域的变革,推动新能源,特别是太阳能的开 发和利用,本届大会暨展览会的举办就目前全球不甚景气的光伏产业探讨出路有 着重要和深远的意义 作为2011年新能源下半年重要的行业盛会,中国国际贸易促进委员会给予了



高度的重视,利用中国国际贸促会广泛的国际合作网络和资源,进行了深入有效 的推广,得到了30多个国家和组织的响应,为业界人士提供了交流经验、研讨问 题的机会,有利于太阳能与光伏产业的不断开拓和技术创新。谨此欢迎各国企业 支持和参与本届展览会,预祝展览会取得成功!



MESSAGES OF WELCOME China (Wuxi) International Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition will be held in Wuxi from Nov., 3-5, 2011, hosted by CCPIT, CCPIT Wuxi Brach and Jiangsu Provincial Government, and co-organized by the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-council, Wuxi Municipal Government, and New District Administrative Committee of Wuxi. We are so grateful for the concern by leaders of administrative departments, the support by organizations, companies and media home and abroad, and the help from related administrative and public institutions.


Since the beginning of the reform and opening over 30 years ago, Wuxi is now ranked No. 9 in economic scale, No. 6 in industrial scale and No. 7 in city overall competitiveness in mainland China. Recently, adherence to develop renewable industries by adjusting the patterns of economic development of different industries for energy-saving and emission-reduction, Wuxi pays unprecedented attention to renewable energy industries to achieve the rapid development. Now the output of PV and Solar energy as well as the export trade volume of Wuxi have taken the first place worldwideďźŒtherefore, Wuxi has become the biggest production and export base. In the last two years, CREC attracted numerous distinguished companies to display various


advanced products and frontier techniques of PV industry. The exhibitions offered a high-level and practical platform and made contributions to promote the rapid development in health of renewable energy industries. Given the international situation, the renewable energy industries represented by PV industry is going through a hard time. However, we are confident that the difficulties are temporary and the direction to develop world renewable energy industries will never shift. It can be predicted, with breakthrough and integration, the renewable energy industries represented by PV industry will surely stand the chance form crisis. Sincerely welcome to the conference and exhibition. Wish all of our guests a successful career!

Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province

贺 词 由中国国际贸易促进委员会、江苏省人民政府、江苏省商务厅、中国国际贸 易促进委员会江苏省分会、无锡市人民政府、中国国际贸易促进委员会无锡市支 会、无锡市新区管委会等单位联合组织的2011中国(无锡)国际新能源大会暨展 览会于2011年11月3日-5日在中国无锡如期举办。 本届展会得到各主管部门领导亲切的关怀和国内外众多行业组织、企业及媒 体的大力支持,也得到了相关行政、事业单位的大力协助,在此深表感谢。

工业城市、城市综合竞争力排名第七位,近几年来,无锡坚持把发展新能源产业 作为调整经济结构,转变发展方式,促进节能减排的一项重要战略任务,以前所 未有的力度推动新能源产业实现快速发展。“中国光伏看江苏,江苏光伏看无 锡”,目前无锡光伏太阳能产能产量,出口贸易额均居全球首位,已经是最大的



光伏生产和出口基地。 过去的几届展会,国内外众多著名光伏企业都积极参与,很好地展示了光伏 整个产业链各种先进的产品及前沿技术,为企业搭建了一个高端、实用的国内外 交流平台,为推动新能源产业的健康、快速发展做出了贡献。 尽管国际视野下,以光伏行业为代表的新能源产业受到了严峻考验,但我们 坚信困难是暂时的,全球发展新能源产业的决心和方向不会改变,通过“突破与 整合”,可以预见,以光伏为代表的新能源产业必将在危机中获得机会! 热忱欢迎国内外行业人士参与本届展会!预祝大家能够满意而归!



MESSAGES OF WELCOME Market shrinks and price declines are the obstacles of China PV currently. As a emerging market, the future of china PV is bright, but now the enterprises are urgent to find a way to survive. And the problems like how to integrate PV industry chain to cut costs and unify PV standards are more urgent to resolve.


As China’s biggest solar cell module production base, Wuxi is regarded as the wind arrow of the whole industry. So it is more important to first overcome the obstacles for Wuxi. As National Development and Reform Commission released the online electrovalence recently, and china’s 12th five-year PV development plan is in the air, the Chinese government is supporting the PV enterprises actively, although the other countries’ policy is not clear. And Wuxi government will supply enterprises 50% subsidies to attend this conference with high expect of many companies. This new energy conference is titled as Breakthrough and Integration and composed of one main forum and three sessions, “Summit of Supply Chain of 2011 Global PV Industry”, “2012 Global Solar Energy Market Outlook” and “International Forum on PV Standards and Technologies”. Enterprises and experts from 30 countries such as Germen, America and Sweden will communicate with China entrepreneurs and officials to seek cooperation opportunity. 2011 China Solar Person of the Year and Companies Award and The 1st China Solar Advanced Recruitment will also be hold in the corresponding period. The Award will set “Top 10 Most Influential People”, “Top 10 Most Influential Enterprises”, “Top 10 Most Potential Enterprises”, “Top 10 Brand Companies” and “Top 10 Innovation Enterprises”. And 600 000 professionals has been invited and more than 100 companies has attended this Recruitment. China (Wuxi) International Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition has been hold successfully and attracted lots of media focus. Not only the mainstream media such as Xinhua and ChinaNews, but also 100 professional media including Windosi, Photovoltaic Newspaper, SOLARZOOM, DARMEI and QQ Finance have focused on CREC. On November 5 all the participants will be arranged as before to visit Suntech Power Holdings, National Center of Supervision & Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Products Quality (CPVT), Wuxi Photovoltaic Industrial Park and China (Wuxi) Photovoltaic Industry Trading Center. Thanks to your regard and support, and expect more communication and cooperation.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Wuxi

贺 词 目前,国内光伏产业的难题在于市场萎缩、价格剧降,尽管有中国、印度等 新兴市场存在,远景乐观,但企业却迫切希望更现实的生存方案。如何在现有技 术下进一步整合全球产业链以降低成本,统一技术标准等焦点问题最显迫切。 作为中国最大的太阳能电池组件基地,江苏无锡一向被视为整体产业的风向 标,如何最先突破难题就显得尤为重要,鉴于近期发改委公布上网电价,加上正 在制定中的中国“十二五”太阳能发展规划,市场调整、产业方向等困扰让很多

的姿态为国内光伏企业指点迷津,本次大会无锡政府将给予企业50%的摊位补 贴,鼓励企业参会。 本届新能源大会以“突破与整合”为主题,设置一个大会主论坛和“2011全 球光伏产业供应链高峰论坛”、“2012年全球太阳能市场展望论坛”、“光伏标 准及技术国际论坛”等三个分论坛,德国、美国、瑞典等30个国家企业、专家将



与中国光伏企业及政府高层共同交流政策、寻求合作对接。同期举办中国太阳能 年度人物暨企业评选,设置了年度十大最具影响力人物、十大最具影响力企业、 十大最具发展潜力企业、十大品牌企业、年度十大创新企业五大奖项。首届中国 太阳能行业中高级人才招聘会也将同期举行,目前已向60万专业才发出邀请函, 超过100家新能源企业报名参会, 以新型的招聘形式,促进行业人士的流动。 中国(无锡)国际新能源大会的连续成功举办,受到了广大新闻媒体的重 视。不仅吸引了新华社、中新社等主流媒体的关注,也得到100多家专业媒体的 宣传报道。与往届一样,大会组委会还将在11月5日安排与会者参观国家光伏质 检中心、尚德电力、新区光伏产业园和无锡光伏交易中心。 衷心感谢主管领导、行业同仁一如既往的关心和支持,期待更深入的交流与 合作。



MESSAGES OF WELCOME As one of the executives of CREC & Solar Wuxi 2011, SinoReed Exhibition has been engaged in establishing platforms for industrial communication and exchange, integrating multiple resources, inviting international buyers, and expending the influence of the exhibition in the severe economic situation. It takes a lot of hard working to build a brand exhibition. We will be devoted to every steps in the establishment of the exhibition brand, providing the most efficient platforms to our exhibitors and


visitors. SinoReed will continue to explore and transform the management system and assist our exhibitors and visitors to expand markets and improve profitability by providing them with first-class planning, organization, management and services. In cooperation with our business partners, we have been engaged in providing our clients with professional, branding, high-quality services. With the spirit of “Passion, Enthusiasm, Dedication, Professionalism”, SinoReed will strive to make her contribution to the promotion of China’s exhibition economy.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the exhibitors and visitors for their continuing support and we hope you gain many interesting ideas and impressions in Wuxi!

SINOREED Exhibition

贺 词 品质扩大空间 服务产生价值,华励展览执行CREC SALOR 2011,竭诚为行 业交流搭建展贸桥梁和平台,整合多方资源,广泛邀请国际买家,探索国际视野 下新能源市场的突破和整合,严峻的经济形势下,展览会影响力持续扩大。 展会助行业繁荣,行业促展会发展。打造行业品牌展会,任重而道远。本届 展会又迈进了一步,我们将踏踏实实走好创立品牌展览的每一步,坚持提供最有 成效的平台,为行业发展做出应有的贡献。

流的管理、一流的服务为广大参展商、参观商广交朋友、开拓市场、提高效益、 提供最有效的帮助。我们一直致力于为客户提供真正的专业化、品牌化、国际化 的服务。我们秉承专业的管理经验和经营模式,凭借自身的资源与推广机构,不 断推出定位鲜明的专业展览,一如既往、不断进取,以更专业、更完善、更优质



的服务,始终不渝的走在国际先进展览行业。 华励展览将本着“激情、热情、敬业、专业”的精神,与各行业机构以及业 界同仁携手并肩,服务中国会展事业,为推动中国会展经济的进一步发展和壮大 而不懈努力! 衷心感谢广大客商一直以来对CREC的支持与厚爱,也热忱欢迎参与本届展 会的中外客商,愿各位同仁度过美好的无锡之旅。