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schwa Linguistic Perspectives on Language



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Staff Editor’s Note From Quotative Other to Quotative Self: Evidential Usage in Pastaza Quichua Janis Nuckolls

27 Sound Symbolism in

Sounds Unassociated with Native Language Nichole Eck

45 Crosslinguistic Influence: Do

English-Japanese Bilinguals Phonologically Differ from English Monolinguals in L1 Production?

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Ana-Lisa Clark

63 Code-Switching among

Spanish-English Bilinguals Allan Escobar

85 Does Sign Language

Mean More Gestures? Ashley Dewey



97 Named by Gender: Sex

Roles in North American Names and Nicknames Jenna Hawkins

113 Impoliteness and Power in Pride and Prejudice Caitlin Schwanger

143 Dialect Stereotyping in Disney Movies Lara Mayfield

155 Lyrical Linguistics Morgan Lyons

Staff Editor in Chief


Greg Scoggin

Adam Anderson, Aleesha Bass, Andy Kyle, Austin Ballard, Breanne Roper, Cami Wilson, Camille Lazelle, Carly Springer, Caroline Bliss, Cรกtia Nunes, Emilee Pugh, Heather Moon, Heidi Bonham, Hillary Olsen, Ka Fai Law, Katie Hollingsworth, Kelsey Webb, Lisa Mackay, Maddie Greenhalgh, Matthew Gilliland, Michelle May, Olivia Corey, Rachel Harris, Summer Giles, Tessa Marriott, Tiana Cole

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Aleesha Bass, Cami Wilson, Camille Lazelle, Caroline Bliss, Cรกtia Nunes, Justin Shattuck, Katie Hollingsworth, Kaylee Ficklin, Michelle May, Rachel Harris, Rebecca Ricks, RobertV. Faulkner, Summer Giles

Adam Anderson Austin Ballard Emilee Pugh Kelsey Webb Rebecca Ricks



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