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08:08:11:30 5kVm846 standing staring at theceiling wodnering whats going on that light keeps flashing Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

2 reeeerrrhhhhhhhhhhhooohhhhhhhhhuuuhhhhhhhhooooohhhhhhhhhuuuu... oooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooooooooooo oooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... i think they left, i really gotta piss. instead i think ill drink Keysont Ice the cheap kind 5.9% alc.vol. along time later i cant they keeyp hiding off of these side of the i cant think of door frame reflecting onto all metal parts of the garage door why whont ou help me the silence is killing me. constant hum of every side of the planet please god help me quit making me backspace you fucking asshole told the floor to go away stopping dead in it's trackseating one of its own blood ints not too late more beer keeps laguhinkgf at me looking back at my spelling disgusts me, why won't you respond to myflickbulbbulbulbulbulb i know this is not my hell i can say anything i want and it wont tear my skin apart no matter how many backspaces i hide.i see actual creatures tearing me aprt but i dont feel pain... it took me along time to type...but now im fine my broken rib doesn't seen to bother em they decided the fridge was worse than the attick and hid up there my skin looks weird i had to backspace to type weird a shadow ran across the door the slowmosound with the screams feels i sure that every i letter i type isn't constantly slammed i must take a piss the smreaming cuntinyouson the way out of the bathroom this guy rang the doorbell one of jessicas friends i don't know what he said as plain as day he asked if i could come inside the sound is tearngmeapartowowowowowowowowoowooowoowowowowooooowooowo wowowwwowowowowoow | Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

3 | | zzggokkx | | pissed about how many backspaces was int that shapesound thing right there quit laughing after a backspace this shape appeared | i couldn't put any pronunciation into to it so im not feared of speaking of suck things that room next to ours who was that guy not im crly; i see why there was a scratch onthewallbecauseisawmyheadslamnowmylegsscreatchshadowsgleerow i hsouldn't have erased that data is precious and then deleted just again you cnat stop me fro0m dancing that was cool e3nterjust flammin every week that does that why doikeep pusshinginterandbackspaceimtrippinandneedtodrinksomebeer what was that i am typing must faster nnbow oh shit i hear voices and my rib is being used against me with the laughter of me own creation by meas onf over but not q uitew backspace is this a lesson? not to use pronouncination as i leak fluids onto myself at the jam without backspacing. i just now thought about the delte delete button why did i just spell delteandthis sentence this is longer than i thought it would take the laughing i made in my life were rightbackspace terror,reverse spelling wait a minute not reverse spelling shit! i am terrified because i just typed abunch af letters at this dxomon WHO WIL NOT LEAVE MY BROKEN RIB ALONE

Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

4 aalong backspace with myself strik9? i know i shou;ld know thisibet this would be easier to read if i didn't type somuch oh shit this was only like 12 minutes they just taught me how to use a mouse and are trying to get me to delete what i have been writing everybackspace is one step backwards backspacebackspacebackspacebackspace i love you i don't want to sit like that dan please come home its not an emergency my ribs hurt backspace someone in the driveway backspace entermorebveer enterSo yeah wat i wus sayin wus dat u1n shit ly,man do my asshole feel like exploding not now that i typed that but now. and the laughter again with pain and backspace my hands hurt am i surrounded i keep getting clouded and can't look at them this is immenint attack way is bad wayoh yeah the alins where rare they no backspace i thried to remember your welcome whoops! Sorry i didn't mean that my cup of 44oz. <s>PEPSI</s> backspace then represent backspace like ...leftbuttonto much endbutton works real well! wow realize jacob how much this much word could be used <braketmaybenobackspaceloudnoiseisdamage now space before now and then as i type this no backspaceperiod.beforeitypespaceenterandthatisif wait they keep zapping me get them away they are on to me they don't believe everything i say cigarette buts are bad aslong with backspace. do not put your trash in backspace bowmchikawowow spelled backspace5+5ihatethat# shit they keep clouding me i kan see youbut your fading out its been like a while, but uhm uh..ow i gotta poop..this is embarassing but im by myselfbut the music shanges wrong even though i proggrammed it nobackspace shoadow moves approaach fuck off! typo error nobackspace i apologize to anyone whoeverreadsthis because thats spelled right right? questionmakr foot tap extra space being typed as it gets stamped into my broken fucking i apologize rib quit with the laughter this is documented you knowbadresponse why wont they fully show them selves but allow me to show me to you wait but josh laughin is when i recorded him and like indians said your soul , (music change) i got interrupted again by backspace whether is aid i did before or not excusxe me Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

5 enterbackspace11whocareslaughterowww is this such a crime wait it is because i am physically felling the pain of every wbackspace do you hknow how hard that is? why am i talking shit?use of symbol oh yeah they want me to use backspace and not describe them the sounds and the wasted time of me typing with backspace hearing laughter backspace8 funkline whebn i used the mo0use muchlater it hutrs now i see them help me in the back o f my skull (like no backspace!) thats probably not my beltbuckelthisis wayeasierthanithoughtheymaidmesaythatim glaid i said that comfort comfort lies comfort no backspace herejust degradationteam backspace3 wait but each letter stabs me so why diont i wquit OH SHIT backspace! my jacket touched my legcalf (backspace for documented purposes) not here though silence whait hwo pushed bnackspacenotraceofevidencehahaha thosesickfucks are trying backspacenolies to fog me i heard them accidentaly knock something over and grow lat me when i looked at them oh yeah he said nevermind...dejabu what i was talking about dejavu keeps predicting shit laughter in my song confuses me enterbuttonbeforenow why f1? and then shifttypethisout oh yeah beer on flloor cavemanbeer cavemen didn 't have bveer and im not writing a scientific document backspace backspace ( i aint shittin no backspace lol backspace) just openbeer an make up word that starr t with w last word drinkj beer dont l hit letterba nevermind letters laughingatme THIS REALLY SUCKS CAPS BUTON;BACKSPACE CANCEL CAPS BUTTON ENTER burpenter i see them wait they want me to know that they see me, backspace4 the lizardmen this is painfull backspace for me to tell backspacebigparagraph about everythingberof before no backspace strawonacup smokestyle backspace i hope i don't get stung backspace for the prononcination aliens backspace figured out the left and right buttons just by looking at them and now the floor shakes and i feaf for my life backspaceopenbeerbackspace

Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

6 my bones are not a weakness whty am i pleading withg tears in my eayes to some glowing figure tears the ashtray tall enterbutton backspace thats the only way i can say it bvackspace why won't you keep me on track.?nobackspace quit playing with my hair this hurtsmyribs nobackspacebutbeforethis i dont wanna cross my legs oww right now pain sounds my finger just twitched when i thought about writing this like a fictional book backspace i forgot about my surroundings 1 too many times and the skull ontop of the book made me spill my beer as you prophesised backspace quit laughin! explanjatin0opoint no backspace enterfunk nocreo no backspace this makes no sense i refused to cross my legs and now i have to shit oh here it comes and they laugh they are! smarter that us the proof is humor itself no pain no humor backspacenow realization of overid of backspace no backspace overide of backspace shouldhave needed backspace yahway! help me!backspace end of file! as i brag to them about the music that is going on they realize to stom pe from opening wordpadno backspacefokldleg scramblethehumansignal home button they dont know we understarnd the home button NOT THAT SWITCH! leave me alone afroaid of backspcae who the fuck are yo ubackspace my rib was previously (bspace) bass frequencies are used by them to inflaict damage on the other alins they a=re figurein out whot i'm sain may' te itf i disgjui;ze it th3y wo'nt kn0w too late punishment time now! laughing boom loud enough to shake your chest backspace beer makes the vocoded backspace cat in pain sound piss reallybad now sound

Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

7 i missed as i drop some cheerios on the folor they tawte good the door is open and i am letting them in oh no cheerios helpme i forgot about the attic and the cellphone oin my pocket no backspace won't make 011 i mean 911 no backpsace calls i catn call anybody for help except be patient which i quickly grew fond ofas the pain grew more intense they just got really mad ant at me no backspace for pressing alt+f s, the fridge disclaimed its discontent but then the lord jesus told me it was okay and that i was just supposed to have fun and not hurt anyone owh wow i cant believe anybodycanmake a sentecne this long .nobackspace looking back at what i apparantly have just written they are making me eart eat cheerios and write out complete documents of their plans no matter how long it takes and they oww undersatnd that people need money and entertainment tried damn hard nao n tried damn hard not to backspace they can't fully jack into my he3ad it's only been a littlewhileface i needmoney no i don't i don't meen that i hear the house collapsein when i say i need money or women excuse me im hungry im gonna get something to eati just came vback i ate some of you hjalapenyos how do they know that muscles don't work anuymore no wonder people hide when they sleep and i dont consider this a "bad trip" backspace drugreferencemade to get kis in troube willedhumannobackspace i can't make my fingers wquit working for both sides pretend to type backspace enteri love my mom and my dad and yeah of couse i do no backspacewho would submit themselves to this? there is something eveil behind this the fact that i have a broken rib makes me sro stronger no backspace why do i type backspace thatenter is because we havent fixzed the bug no backspace thenenter cough! wow i typed that fast! no shit that has to be a personal record, quit laughing! it's like my beer hand has a mind of it's own and it want beer cheerioshadowpeople nobackspace forgot tospcatenobackspace i warn you that the aliens have been aware of my typing alll along and have cluded me clouded me they are very close to figuring out our language! otherwise they claim to know the knowledge of teleportation sustenance no backspace corporate override backspace_human this is happening in realtime why don't you help me you ...i am trying not to use ga bad words

Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

8 the aliens refuse backspace keep making me type backspace use comma more often backspace cereal cant be good for me but i cant reufse an alien forcing me to type and eat cereal. they keep poking me oh yeah this guy really came over i and it really scares the fuck out of me even right now he rang the door bell like a cop just to appear normal aliens dont know! he shook my mhand and made sh sure i was passive without aggression towards life cheerios terrifies me i want to go to bed but i know i won't be able to my hands are maget magnetted to the fingerboard i made myslef put on afmiliar music the song which has the first time i efver touched a violin\fiddle refusebackspacebeer the apples were very good and provided much help, do not worry my family...dotdotdot i don't really have a family of my own but i do have parents and good friends who may or may not be better than your friends but they kick ass to me. they are obviously making me cough i cant breath but i can still type just dont quit readingthisisreal they just made me flook for defrage and format loud sound outside! they have borught in a wise one who has seen that i am the only one talking tomyself tand has begun study theory is that i can fortell, i told them they are wrong. this is taking to long to write down where did i ver learn to type this fast skeleton from tales from the crypt pai8n hin my chest terror playing this cd just terrified me no backspace not shittin lightning style gg allin made me doit shut up drink beer cross legs they cant be real can they as the commenter says, jacobs gums bleed every ; one shuts up sya what you wanna a say i don't know abvout my gumsbleedin part' it got cold really quick wheres my coat obviously they have fogged my sensed s and i cant communicate i hope you find this country music no backspace he likes that

Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

9 letters don't make sounds to them you have to pronounve them don't you mean pronounce yeah i do letters don't make sounds to humans you have to pronounce them no backspace make them listen this sucks i am at aloss 08:09:2008 2:20 am hcp ggallin blastin im all alone the whole time you know who im talkin to don't believe anyting i say i could be taken over who are you wait are YOU just setting up sceenarios for me no backspace loud freaksfaggotsdrunksandjunkies shove that warrant, the attic is very pissed at me, bite it you scum they say i am not a judge but i be hanged like their blood by liars you want me to kiss your ass, well bend over buddy here comes my foot! bite it you scum! you want me to contribute, all ive got is blood for you! bite it you scum!

i wish i could express how imperative this is!beertimesilencethehumanits notworking make sure you save this who puts these words in my head some dead pop idol or what?? beatbeatbeatbitch

Being Programmed by Aliens Š 2010 jenny.o.suicide

Being Abducted by Aliens  

An LSD documentary.