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User Manual

Controls & Locating +/button

Play/ pause Jack 2.5 mm


M button

Getting Started Turning it on Just move the “OFF” to “ON”.

Opening Apps switch


When the watch is turned off, the time is lost. In order to keep the time, hold the play/pause button for at least 4 seconds, so starts the sleep mod e (it keeps the use of battery at minimum). To wake up, hold again play/pause.

Navigating on it Using the +/- button you can navigate between apps.

Select the App using the +/- buttons, then open it with the M but-

Closing Apps Just hold the M button for 5 seconds, and the app will close.

Navigating Files When you are in the app, just press the M button and you will be able to navigate between files, using the play/pause button you can go back to the previous folder.

USB Your Skull Watch can be used as a flash drive. The Skull Watch has a USB 2.0 with a max-speed of 1000 Kbyte/s. It has a total of 2 GB of memory.

Charging On the “on” mode, and if connect it to the computer, it will start charging, and you can use it as a flash drive to add your files. During the “off” mode you can use it as flash drive, but it will not charge.

Music App You can listen music in the following formats: MP3, WAV, WMA and others. To upload a song into the Skull Watch, just connect the USB, and copy the files you decide to add in the folders of your choice. To adjust the volume, just hold the +/button for a few seconds, and the press + or -, the press play/ pause button. Hear music loud for long periods of time, may cause hearing problems.

Video App You can play videos in the following formats: AMV (for better results use resolution 128*128) When you connect the USB, you can se the folder, AMV Tools, in it there’s the application “amvtransform”, you can use it to play. In the app just press the play/pause button to play or pause the video. With the +/button you can select the video. When video paused. You can adjust volume as the music.

Pictures App You



pictures and photos in the following formats: JPG and BMP (for better results use a resolution of 256*256). In the picture app you can’t use zoom, and any other format will no be

Game App The Skull Watch includes one game, Box Man. Which is quite hard to play.

Text App This is the coolest app of the Skull Watch. You can save data* in files “.txt” (using the application Notepad), and then access to it in moments of need. You can organize your information in different folders and files, for easier access. On text mode, when you press the M button the watches blocks itself, in any case of emergency. And holding the M button for 10 seconds you unlock the Skull Watch. *Save the file with Encoding “Unicode”.

Recording and Play Apps Skull Watch. It has no built-in microphone, but you can connect it using a microphone with a 2.5 mm jack.

Radio App

The Skull Watch has a full frequency FM radio. To use it, you need to have

Settings App In the settings you can choose and modify: system time, language, sleeping time, off time, black mode and other options.

Language You can select between 24 languages, which includes: English, Spanish, German, Russian and others.

Sleeping Time The LCD set helps you to select the time to the screen to become dark, select the seconds you want. The Power off mode helps you decide the time to the watch to go sleep or go off, select the seconds you want to wait after no use. On music or video it won’t sleep. But on text mode it will. Be careful.

Warnings Setting Time Select the System Time option, you can adjust date and time. Use the play/pause button to change between units and use M button to adjust it.

The watch is not water and shock proof.


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Skull Technologies presents the Skull Watch, the first smart watch designed to students.

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