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KARINA HART She has great tits, but keep your eyes on her pussy, too! PAGE 70

APRIL 2010 Volume 19 - Number 4



13 DVD PICK: CHRISTY’S BIG BANG Brand new! Christy Marks has a three-way with Janet Jade, eats Carmen’s pussy and fucks Giant Cock.

32 SCORE INTERVIEW: ALIA JANINE The star of the movie Mamazon tells us what it’s like to be a real-life mamazon. Plus, she destroys a bikini!


5 SCORECARD An open forum for readers’ letters and comments.

19 BOOB BEAT Boobs in the news by columnist Elliot James. You can be the lucky guy who wins Gianna Rossi’s bra!


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


EVA NOTTY She teaches us the theory of Boob Science. PAGE 46

RACHEL LOVE One cock is not enough for this horny Mamazon. PAGE 91







NOTICE: THIS IS ADULT MATERIAL All of the performers/models, and all of the characters that they portray, were over 18 years of age at the time of the photography. The content is inappropriate for minors, and appropriate care should be taken to ensure that it is not viewed by anyone under 18 years of age. Retail price: USA: $8.99; Canada: $9.99; UK: £4.50. Bonus Edition: USA: $11.99; Canada: $13.99. This is: April 2010, Vol. 19, No. 4 (on sale January 26, 2010). © 2010 by The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, all rights reserved. Republishing in whole or in part, including, but not limited to, any electronic media, is expressly forbidden except with written permission of The SCORE Group. Naughty Neighbors ®, Leg Sex ®, 40Something ®, Voluptuous ® and SCORE ® are registered trademarks of The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated. 18eighteen™ is a trademark of The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, registration pending as of publication. The SCORE Group, and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, certify to all commercial purchasers that the aforesaid materials are in full compliance with the requirements of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and associated regulations. Editorial Office: 1629 N.W. 84 Ave., Miami, FL 33126. Publisher disclaims all responsibility to return unsolicited material, and all rights in materials published vest in The SCORE Group and SCORE. LETTERS are assumed to be for publication, unless otherwise endorsed, and may be edited. This periodical is sold subject to the following conditions: it shall not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed of in a mutilated condition or in an unauthorized cover by way of Trade, except at the full retail price, or affixed to or as a part of any publication or advertising, literary or pictorial matter whatsoever, without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Any similarity between an individual person or people depicted in the fiction or artwork in this magazine and any real person or people is purely coincidental and is not intended as a representation of any particular individual or class of people. PRINTED IN CANADA

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A PUBLIC FORUM FOR READERS’ LETTERS, COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS. Holiday ’09 covergirl Sophie Mae is a big hit with her big, natural tits!

SOPHIE MAE BLEW HIM AWAY. PLUS, THE ASHLEY SAGE DEBATE Dear SCORE, Holiday ’09 covergirl Sophie Mae blew me away! Gorgeous face, kick-ass body…damn! I think Sophie and Martina are in a tie for best in the issue. Both are on my Top 25 list. My opinion on the Ashley Sage issue: Yes, she belongs in SCORE. Of


course, she’s more of a V-Girl, but featuring any great newcomers in both magazines is important. It’s all about the tits, right? Also, I know there have been a good number of SCORE readers who preferred slim ‘n’ stacked women then came across one of SCORE’s voluptuous models and became instant V-Men. Keep the variety coming. –D.M., Fresno, California STEPHANIE STALLS’ BIG TITS & SHAVED PUSSY: PERFECTION Dear SCORE, First off, Stephanie Stalls (Holiday ’09). Jesus, where do I begin with this girl? Every issue, you somehow manage to make me change my mind as to who I’m gonna vote for Newcomer of the Year. First it was Angel Gee, then Indianna Jaymes, then Eva Notty, now it’s the luscious Miss Stalls. Stop doing this to me! Actually, don’t. I love it. I think Steph said it all when she opined, “Big tits and shaved pussy are the perfect combination.” No argument from me there! Love her choice of lingerie and the suspenders; you don’t see enough suspenders these days. By the way, I, too, would like to see more regular guys fucking your models. It’s not that I'm jealous of the men you regularly use (well, maybe a little bit). I just think it looks hotter to see an average Joe with these beautiful and (dare I say it?) unattainable girls. If you can’t fulfill this request, I suggest you stick to using only P.O.V. shots in your XXX layouts, or chop the guys’ heads off so we can’t see them.

Stephanie’s horny posing made a big impression in the Holiday ’09 issue.

Back to the Holiday issue and Aileen Ghettman’s interview. My sex-stalk swelled substantially when I read about what she likes to do to male genitalia with her stiletto heels. I’m a serious shoe fetishist and have engaged in such activities myself, though maybe

Looking at Aileen is pure pleasure.

not with the level of pain that Aileen was insinuating. I can’t explain it, but it just gets me off to have my cock and balls come into contact with stilettos and/or court shoes. Spraying my load on them is a particular pleasure. The point I’m making is that I like to see your models in “fuck-me” heels and for them to stay on for the duration of the layout. Please try to include


Sexy Martina (Holiday ’09) continues the welcome influx of busty Czechs.

If you have comments, criticisms or suggestions, send them to: SCORECARD, 1629 N.W. 84 Ave. Miami, Florida 33126. Or email us at:



Different strokes for different folks. We think Ashley looks alluring. Do you?


JOHN FOX president & CEO


DAVE ROSENBAUM editor STEVE SERO art director

ELLIOT JAMES associate editor

BRUCE ARTHUR Scorecard editor P R O D U C T I O N


shoe shots in future photoshoots. It may require a bit of creative thinking, but it’s far from difficult. For example, when a model is spreading or simply lying back, you could have her bend her knees so that her shoes come into the shot. I thought I’d end on a bit of controversy: I don't like Ashley Sage Ellison. Yes, her tits are stupendous, but there’s something about her overall aura that I’m not crazy about. She reminds me of Kelly Kay with her sullen expressions. So, there you go. There’s no accounting for taste, is there?–K.S., via email

Christy Marks proves that it’s possible to see a girl’s tits, pussy and shoes in the same photo.

MICHAEL FEDERICI print operations manager




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We agree: Alexa would be super-hot even if she didn’t have huge tits. But we’re very glad she has them!



Renee Ross has some of the biggest, natural tits we’ve ever seen, and the six-girl finale has more tit than you could ever dream of seeing.


THE BREAST OF SCORELAND Two discs. Seven hours. Twenty-six SCORE hotties, including Christy Marks, fucking and sucking. No wonder this is already selling huge.


Filmed on-location in a tropical jungle. Alexis Silver, Kali West, Rachel Love, Alia Janine and Daylene Rio fuck unsuspecting explorers.


KARINA HART AS YOU WISH How do you like your Karina Hart? In tight tops? Modeling fantasy outfits? Getting fucked in her sweet pussy by a dark strap-on? Take your pick!


BUSTY WORKIN’ SISTAS Mianna Thomas, Farrah Vancock, Alexis Silver, Stacey Adams and Carmen Hayes work hard for the money, so you’d better treat them right!


Some of 2009’s best newcomers–Maggie Green, Ariana Angel, Sophie Mae, Ivy Darmon and Anna Loren–together in one DVD.


BUSTY RIDING ACADEMY Six naturals, including Karina Hart, Christy Marks and Terry Nova, are sent away to learn how to ride. They learn how to ride cock.


Christy Marks knows how to suck cock and get fucked in her pussy. Getting fucked in her ass is another story. Witness the education of Christy.


Nine big-titted sluts use their mouths, pussies and racks to drain the cum from stunt-cock balls. Plus, lapping lezzies Kianna and Lexxi.


CHRISTY MARKS GETS FUCKED In the most sex-sational debut XXX DVD ever, the great Christy Marks fucks four different dudes. Because one guy just wasn’t enough. All videos may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-421-0760 (U.S. & Canada) or 001-305-662-5959 (International). Or see many of them now at ON-SALE NOW! Check out the ad for Chesty Preggos 2 on page 18. Not only does this DVD have Lorna Morgan in the flower of her pregnancy; it also has Kali West pregnant and doing a tits ‘n’ tugs scene. And it has preggers fucking!

ALEXA: SO GOOD, HE’D LIKE HER EVEN IF SHE WASN’T STACKED! Dear SCORE, New girl Alexa (Jan. ’10) looks like the real deal. She has a nice face to go with her SCORE-quality tits, and her pussy and asshole look just fine. Alexa would look good without great tits, which is a true test of how lovely a model really is. It sounds like she might be willing to do some hardcore. I hope you can persuade her, if you haven’t already. Kali West is a beautiful young

Behavior like this could make Kali West Newcomer of the Year.

woman who is an expert at fucking and sucking. She is wonderful when looking into the camera while loving a man’s dick. Kali has a gorgeous face and a luscious-looking pussy that begs to be licked and fucked. Her tits beg to be sucked. Annina has a decent face and a rockhard body. Her tits look perfect for her.

Annina proved she can handle a big one.

She looks fantastic sucking on a huge dick and does her best taking in Diesel’s monster cock. I hope you will have more fuck pictorials with Annina. Since you had Christy Marks working over a big one not long ago, I hope you can challenge all of your models who fuck on camera to try out some big man meat. I’d also like to see more girls take on two cocks.–M.S., Newington, Connecticut Dear M.S.: We’re working on it. If a model is interested in fucking a big-dicked stud, we’re ready to get the cameras rolling. As for Alexa, you can see her titfucking and cock-sucking in the new DVD Tits & Tugs 5.

Continued on page 12


www. ww & w.

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CIAL 3D SPE MAY 2008–Exclusive interview with Lorna Morgan, plus brand-new pictures of the natural legend. Also, slim-nstacked Annina’s first pics, new Lisa Lipps photos and lots of bulging bras.

JUNE 2008–Annual awards issue featuring full-length pictorials of Christy Marks, Crystal Gunns, Alena Snow, Denise Derringer, Kylee Nash, Delotta Brown and Minka, plus Danni Ashe.

JULY 2008–Just imagine your favorite SCORE Girls in 3D! Well, you don’t have to imagine it any longer. SCORE 3D is here: a special 32-page insert with Christy Marks, Crystal Gunns & more!

AUGUST 2008–“Summer Fun” issue, featuring stacked chicks fucking outdoors, overstuffed bikinis and boobs on the beach. Kylee and Christy flex in our best centerfold ever.

SEPTEMBER 2008–Full-length pictorials of Merilyn Sakova, Karina Hart, Anna Song, Kelly Kay, Terry Nova, Nicole Peters, Luma, Sharday, Ines Cudna, Janet Jade, Paola Rios & more.


S AYOUT 5 XXX L FEBRUARY 2009–Includes a 32-page 2009 calendar of SCORE Girls in tight tops. You could hang it just about anywhere! Plus, June Summers and Daylene enjoy a three-way porking.

MARCH 2009–Brand-new photos and an amazing centerfold of the great Minka. Plus, Daphne Rosen, Amber Lynn Bach, Candace Von, Kali West and Dominno in hardcore action.

APRIL 2009–The results of the “Top 20 Naturals Showdown,” amazing photos of Minka playing tennis, eight pages of Christy Marks (including XXX), plus wild ass-fucking hardcore action.

MAY 2009–Five girls fucking and sucking in the Xtra section, including Christy Marks and Terry Nova in a fourway, Harmony Bliss XXX, Sharon Pink, Carmen Hayes & Chavon Taylor.

JUNE 2009–Our annual awards issue. New pictorials of Karina Hart, Janet Jade, Yurizan, Daylene Rio, Christy Marks, Merilyn Sakova, Lorna Morgan and Rukhsana, plus an LDM tribute.

FEBRUARY 2010–SCORE Men, the focus here is on Renee Ross, Karina Hart & great newcomer Taylor Steele.

JANUARY 2010–SCORE newcomer Aileen Ghettman gets fucked and doused with cum by a huge cock.

HOLIDAY 2009–SCORE Men will love seeing E-cupper Selena Castro in vintage lingerie & Slone Ryder in XXX.

DECEMBER 2009–Lots of SCORE faves in this one including Ivy Darmon and Sophie Mae. Plus, redheads!

NOVEMBER 2009–SCORE Girls Whitney Stevens and Aileen Ghettman, and a preggo special!

OCTOBER 2009–Mianna Thomas and Veronika XXX, Natalie Fiore looking bustier than ever and Bella Gianna.

SEPTEMBER 2009–Shyla Shy fucks, destroys her bra, plus SCORE Girls Anna Loren and Miss Emma.

AUGUST 2009–Christy Marks fucks in a taxi. Farrah Vancock busts out. The XXX girls of Sexed & Suckled.

JULY 2009–Karina Hart and Ashley Sage Ellison go tit-to-tit. Janet Jade as a busty schoolgirl in pigtails.

JUNE 2009–Awards issue with new layouts of Karina Hart and Christy Marks. Plus Kristy Klenot hardcore. &


X! S OF XX E G A P 32 OCTOBER 2008–Lorna Morgan pregnant and much bustier than ever, the complete guide to lap dancing, lots of newcomers and a 32-page Xtra section with six girls and lots of anal!

NOVEMBER 2008–Eight pages of bigtitted MILFs, 23 pages of hardcore, three debut pictorials, brand-new Natalie Fiore, Rukhsana and Annina and a drop-dead gorgeous centerfold.

DECEMBER 2008–Harmony Bliss and Mia Starr go tit-to-tit, hot fuck talk with Alexis Silver (and new pictures), Rachel Love’s unexpected return and eight pages of Christy Marks fucking.

HOLIDAY 2008–Newcomers blowout with brand-new pictorials of Karina Hart, Janet Jade, Yurizan, Annina, Bea Summer, Lillian Faye, Daylene Rio, Isis Haze, Mandy Pearl and Shyla Stylez.

JANUARY 2009–Tits in tight tops spectacular, plus Morgan Leigh and Summer Sinn team up on a guy, Africa takes it in the ass, Crystal Gunns gets massaged and a brand-new lineup!

SEPT. 2009–Lorna Morgan, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova three-way in a hot tub. New layouts of Ashley Sage Ellison and Ariana Angel. Three brand-new naturals: Kali, Alia and Farrah.

OCT. 2009–Net star Maggie Green makes her SCORE debut. Plus, Christy Marks takes on Monster Cock. Can she handle it? Black-n-stacked debutante Aileen and Crystal Gunns caged!

NOV. 2009–Karina Hart and Mandy Pearl play with each other on a tennis court. First on-camera XXX for Angel Gee and Alia Janine. Faith’s debut. Harmony Bliss is a busty teacher.

ISSUE BIKINI JULY 2009–38 pages of hardcore including Christy Marks’ first anal, oiled up Minka at poolside and Latina hottie Angelina Castro, plus nine pages of the greatest Chloe Vevrier pics ever.

AUGUST 2009–Our annual “Summer Fun” issue is packed with SCORE Girls destroying swimsuits (and a nine-page bikini special). Plus, an all-anal Xtra with Christy Marks and Annina.


! NA XXX INDIAN DEC. 2009–New Maggie Green photos and an exclusive interview, her firstever in print. Plus, Daylene Rio and Kiko Lee XXX; Natalie Fiore bustier than ever; and newcomer Renee Ross.

HOLIDAY 2009–First XXX boy-girl pics of Indianna Jaymes. Alexis Silver and Shyla Shy doubleteam a cock (Alexis takes it in the ass). New photos of Ashley Sage Ellison and much more.

JANUARY 2010–Roundup of the finalists for Newcomer and Model of the Year and Big-Boob Hall of Fame. Annina vs. Monster Cock. Christy Marks interviews four SCORE Girls.

FEBRUARY 2010–Covergirl Arianna Sinn is a sensational new find. New photos of Eva Notty, plus an interview. Mianna Thomas rides a cock in the V.I.P. room. Loaded with XXX tit sex.

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MARCH 2010–Preview of Boob Science featuring Aileen Ghettman, Maggie Green, Eva Notty, Contessa Rose & Angel Gee in their XXX DVD debuts. Plus, top 10 of the decade.


24-HOUR FAX +305-662-5952 WORLDWIDE 001-305-662-5959 INTERNET WE ACCEPT PAYMENTS IN U.S.$, C$, £ AND €


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THE COUPLE THAT READS SCORE TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER Dear SCORE, My boyfriend has the hots for horny, big-boobed bombshell Stephanie Stalls (Holiday ’09). We both think she looks like a young Paula Deen, the queen of the kitchen on TV. My boyfriend loves Stephanie’s pink pussy and fat ass. He’d love to insert his six-inch penis balls-deep in both of her horny holes. He’d love to shoot his load onto her pretty face and tits. I’d love to watch him do it, too. My sexual urge is always at a peak when my boyfriend and I are looking at all the naked women in SCORE. I’ve got a pretty good-sized clitoris, and a sensitive one, too. It feels so good when I rub it very fast as I look at SCORE. I wished I was Indianna Jaymes sucking and fucking that nice, hard penis in the Holiday ’09 issue. I can smell my own pussy odor while masturbating to Indianna’s hardcore shoot. I’ve love to have that sexy stud insert his penis balls-deep into my tight asshole, pound me fast and hard and then shoot his load on my face. Whew! I’m all wet again.–R.B., North Carolina

TOLL FREE U.S. & CAN 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWIDE 001-305-662-5959 • $29.95/ C$32.95/ £17.95/ €20.95 (Plus S&H) DVD (Region free) ITEM #VD228D VHS ITEM #VD228



VOTING IN THE SCORE AWARDS ISN’T EASY, BUT IT’S REWARDING Dear SCORE, Here are my picks for the 2009 SCORE Awards. For Newcomer of the Year, there were only two choices: Ashley Sage Ellison and Kali West. Ariana, Faith and Maggie Green are lovely looking girls. And Sophie Mae and Angel Gee are very appealing. A man can easily get off with any (or all) of them. And Indianna is hot, hot, hot! Kali West is superb. The picture of her standing in her initial pictorial (March ’09) is a display of female body perfection. But in the end, the overwhelming voluptuousness of Ashley wins out. To get lost in those layers of white skin…whew! Model of the Year: As an ardent naturals man, I automatically eliminated seven of these contestants, especially since the natural competition is so awesome. One possible exception: Morgan Leigh, whose 23-inch waist calls to me. Again, a very tough choice between Continued on page 18

12 SCORE &

In Christy Marks Gets Fucked, the 2008 Model of the Year made her first time special by getting fucked four times. In Christy Marks Anal Angel, Christy broke her anal cherry. What could Christy do for an encore? How about take on the biggest cock she’d ever seen: Giant Cock! But that’s not all Christy does in Christy’s Big Bang. Her theory is, “The more orgasms the better.” In this new DVD, she cums in all kinds of ways!

CHRISTY’S GOLD MEDAL FLEXI-SEX SHOW. Christy gets things started in this DVD with a little appetizer: a tits, ass and pussy show like only she can do it. You see, there’s more to Christy than a pair of H-cup naturals. Christy is super-flexible and able to assume the most cock-hardening positions. So, just to get you rock-hard before the action really begins, Christy comes up with a bunch of new ways to put her sweet cunt on display. If getting her legs behind her head so you can have an unobstructed view of her twat was an Olympic event, Christy would be a gold medalist. SCORE 13

www. ww w. stor orem & ww

JANET JADE & CHRISTY: TWO HUGE PAIRS, ONE HARD COCK Two of the greatest naturally stacked babes ever and one very lucky guy! Christy meets up with DDD-cupper Janet Jade, and the two lusty, fun-loving ladies jack the guy’s cock, stuff their tits in his face and use his hard-on as the meat in a quadruple-tit sandwich. This is a special scene because Janet’s two other boy-girls have been tit-fuck and tug-job scenes in Tits & Tugs 2 and 4, and this is her first and only three-way. “I loved playing with Christy,” Janet said. “She’s so much fun. We were like two horny girls who had this nice, hard cock to play with and wrap our tits around, and then we got his cum as our special reward!” 14 SCORE

www. stor & ww

CHRISTY SHARES A COCK WITH CASSANDRA. When it comes to sex, Christy is up for anything, including sharing a guy with another busty babe, Cassandra Calogera. While Christy is watching the cock plow in and out of her friend’s pussy, all she can think about is how good it’s going to feel inside of her. When Christy can’t wait anymore, she assumes her position on the cock and enjoys the pussy-ramming while latching her lips onto her friend’s ample breasts. The best part? Watching that load spray all over her and Cassandra’s big, sweaty tits. SCORE 15

www. ww & ww

CARMEN CUM-MANDS CHRISTY’S CUNT! When Christy plays a prank on Carmen Hayes, Carmen lays the smack down on Christy’s titties and pussy, slapping her around and getting her so hot and bothered, she’ll do whatever it takes to please, even if it means being a subservient little bitch. Carmen turns Christy out, riding her adorable little face until she creams all over it. Hmmm…maybe Christy wanted it that way!


www. stor & ww

THE MAIN EVENT: CHRISTY TAKES ON GIANT COCK! Christy is nervous when this scene starts. She knows Ramon and that his cock is a foot long and thicker than her wrist. Will she be able to get it into her mouth for a good sucking? Will her tight, little pussy be able to accomodate such a monster schlong? Hey, she’s Christy Marks, and when it comes to fucking, she gets it done! Jack in amazement as Christy’s mouth and pussy stretch around a huge slab of meat. Finally, her tight, well-used cunt earns a load of cum all over her tits as the movie climaxes with the biggest bang of all!

Order your copy now on page 9! www. ww & ww www.fantam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


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Christy Marks and Merilyn Sakova. Christy has provided many hours of pleasure, but as I have an unrequited love for a woman who bears a striking resemblance to M.S., my vote must go to the truly greatest natural of all-time in SCORE.–B.S., address withheld Dear B.S.: Thanks for voting. We’ll announce the winners of the SCORE Awards in the June ’10 issue, on sale March 23. We’ve started tallying votes, and although all of the races are too close to call, we can say that Ashley is doing very well in the Newcomer voting. MORE ON THE SCORE AWARDS Dear SCORE, Sophie Mae gets my vote for Newcomer of the Year. She’s a natural, but she’s still slim ‘n’ stacked. For Model of the Year, Christy Marks. It’s her turn after Karina won last year.–M.P., Lakeland, Florida

TOLL FREE U.S. & CAN 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWIDE 001-305-662-5959 • $39.95/ C$42.95/ £23.95/ €27.95 (Plus S&H) DVD (Region free) ITEM #PIX447D VHS ITEM #PIX447



NATURAL TITS OR ENHANCED? VARIETY MAKES SCORE SPECIAL Dear SCORE, K.B. from Albuquerque, New Mexico, what were you thinking (“Scorecard,” Nov. ’09)? When SCORE first came out in 1992, it showcased nothing but beautiful women with fake tits, and now SCORE gives a good balance of women with fake tits and women with natural tits. If you want to see nothing but natural tits, I suggest you collect Voluptuous magazine, SCORE ’s sister mag that features allstacked, all-natural women. I have been a loyal SCORE fan for many years, and when Voluptuous came out, I was very happy. I am a reader of both magazines because there are women you can only see in SCORE and the all-naturals you mentioned in your letters like Angela White, Alanna Ackerman, London Andrews and Natalie Fiore who can be seen in both magazines. And if you’re feeling adventurous and want to take a walk on the plump side, there is always XL Girls, where the women are all-stacked, allnatural and all-plump. So there you go, K.B. Three great choices for your natural tit cravings. If that is not enough for you, I don’t know what else there could be.–L.H., Upstate New York

18 SCORE &
















Win Gianna Rossi’s Autographed Bra! We went to great lengths to get it! That’s right! We crept into Gianna Rossi’s bedroom in Eleuthera while she was sleeping and went through her suitcase until we found what we were looking for…a nude-colored, lace, underwire bra we could give away to a SCORE Man. We fondled this bra for a few minutes, gazing wistfully at Gianna as she slept, then crept out. Now, you’re probably wondering how we got Gianna to autograph it. Easy. She had to get home after the shoot, right? So she got her plane ticket after she

signed the bra. And if you believe this story…April Fools! But seriously, folks, we are, in fact, giving away Gianna’s bra. For a chance to win, simply write on a sheet of paper your name, address and email address and the statement, “I am 18 years of age and I want to win Gianna’s bra” and mail it to “Win Gianna’s Bra, SCORE Magazine, 1629 NW 84 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126 USA.” No purchase necessary. Sorry, no email or fax entries. Entries must be postmarked by April 30, 2010. Just to sweeten the pot, one runner-up will win the DVD Pounding The Pledges starring Gianna. Good luck!

Gianna’s really sleeping. Braless.

Mianna Thomas BRA WINNER We have a winner in the Mianna Thomas bra giveaway from the November ’09 issue. He is Mr. D.M. from Jackson, Ohio. D.M. is now the proud owner of Mianna’s turquoise 38G-cup bra decorated with white gems. It’s made by a company called Cacique. They make a good selection of F, G and H-cup bras, so if you know a girl who’s that size (or you are a girl who’s that size), check them out at Lane Bryant stores. Congrats to D.M. Guard it with your life, sir.






Alexa seeks fame, fortune and nutjuice.

A few of Alexa’s Favorite Things German bombshell Alexa (or “megabusenbabe” as she’s called in Germany) made her cover debut in the January ’10 issue. Fellow German Annina (Aug. ‘09) had a huge SCORE year in 2009. Will Alexa follow in her footsteps? We hope so. Here’s a list of Alexa’s favorite things. She seems very well-rounded to us! Lingerie: Bravissimo, Wolford and Beate Uhse Make-up: L’Oreal and Shiseido Flower: Carnation Reading: Travel books Desert: Chocolate and truffles Relaxation: Spa massages Sex: Cum swallowing and anal Hobbies: Shoe and handbag shopping Fitness: One hour per day of cardio exercise SCORE 19

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

What started as a two-day trip to photograph newcomer Taylor Steele in Canada (March ’10) became a seven-day special on when more and more models kept joining the Big Show. Talk about your breast-case scenario! Our “Boob Quest” progressed into a major photo expedition. While in Toronto, we made arrangements to snag former XL Girl Taylor Stevens (March ’10). Taylor had lost an astonishing 150 pounds since 2006 by following the Atkins and La Vida low-carb diets. Then our photographer and our stylist flew to Prague to meet Romanian super-babe Arianna Sinn (February ’10), followed by cock-loving Cynthia Flowers (March ’10). See all seven days of this photo and video safari in ”Boob Quest,” another curvalicious Scoreland on-location special! To bring you the best busty babes, we’ll travel halfway round the globe, and this special proves it again.

Arianna Sinn

Taylor Stevens

Cynthia Flowers

Taylor Steele made our impossible dream cum true!

Sex Advice From Seymore Butts? We’re Listening! A sex guide written by a porn star is an idea that’s long overdue. Shouldn’t a guy who has fucked hundreds of girls on film have a lot more to write about than some “authority” with a sexology degree from some college no one ever heard of? Rock Her World is written by Seymore Butts (Adam Glasser, above with Kandi Cox), the porn-man who learned his craft in the early ‘90s and has been going strong ever since. Illustrated with black and white art, not photos as you might have guessed, Adam’s hardcover book covers everything sexual, from foreplay to his own on-camera speciality, anal sex. It’s much more interesting reading than any of a dozen sex guides published in the last year because it’s apparent from the first page that this is a writer who has put his heart, soul and cock into the subject. Although the book is written for males and females, Glasser’s main focus is on helping guys improve their game. Available at your local book shop or online at


www. ww stor orem emag ags. com m & ww www. w.fa fant ntam amag ag.c .com .c om

Hooter Hypnotism

On The Set With Sophie Quite often, it’s our photographers who get to know the models best. No surprise there. They spend hours with them. Such was the case with Holiday ’09 covergirl Sophie, who’s also in the DVD Ripe Racks. “Sophie is a professional dance instructor,” our photographer Jose said. “She knows all types of dancing. Her main interest is Middle Eastern belly dancing. She even told me the proper names for each move as she did them. “She started in mainstream commercial modeling, and now she’s transitioned into nude modeling. She’s into hair, makeup and posing techniques. She speaks a little English but not a lot. Sophie was

very punctual, confident, precise and prepared. She brought her own costumes and accessories. She has a very clear vision of what she wants to look like on camera. “It’s hard to believe Sophie’s only a 19-year-old student. I don’t mean physically. I mean in confidence and poise. In life experience and maturity. Sophie has a drop-dead gorgeous body, and she’s proud of it. Her breasts are flawless. Her areolae are large–three inches across–and she has beautiful nipples. Her nipples are only mildly sensitive, so she was able to tug on them without any pain or discomfort.” That’s good to hear. Thanks for making her comfortable, Jose.

Every few years, the news carries a story about a hypnotist who claims he can help women increase their breast size through hypnosis. The latest is stage hypnotist David Knight. The British mesmerist claims he can make women’s boobs bigger through mind control. He says all women need to do to get bigger breasts is listen to his CD. Big surprise, right? On the CD, he tells listeners, “Your breasts are growing, growing larger now.” He claims an 85% success rate and says almost half of those girls increased their bustline by one or more cup sizes. Knight offers a one-year moneyback guarantee and telephone support by a staff of hypnotherapists. I wonder if any of them have big tits.

Hey, Nice Set of Cans!

Bobble Babes can coolers are decorated with girls who have spring-loaded boobs that booble every time you move your drink. Give it a wiggle and watch her jiggle! The cool bar accessory is sold by the website

Whorehouses are licensed and legal in Germany, but pimps and hookers are not immune from economic downturns. Trying to prop up their businesses, German brothel owners are now offering flat-rate promotions, sort of like those all-you-can eat buffet deals. Other offers include rebates for pensioners and people on public assistance, 10% discounts for men who arrive by bicycle or public transport and free shoe polishing for customers who stay overnight. The flat-rate deal is popular with brothel owners who pay their hookers a fixed daily rate whether or not they have any clients. Conservative politicians are angry about the flat rate and have ordered police raids to try to quash it. “This is an outrageous violation of human dignity,” an angry politico said. “So-called flat-rate sex is an immoral development which cannot be tolerated in our society.” Especially since his wife won’t let him go to cathouses. The cops have had to put pressure on the brothels for immigration and hygiene violations since licensed prostitution is totally legal. What about copying the Internet and giving out free samples? Nah, no one’s that stupid. SCORE 21

www. ww w. stor st orem emag ags. ag s. com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam amag am ag.c .com

SCORE DVD Catalog Online

Even if you don’t get our quarterly DVD catalog (a work of art in itself) in the mail, you can still see every page of it on the Internet. Just log-in to You’ll be magically transported to an exact on-line duplicate of the 80-page catalog. You can zoom in on every page, email pages to a friend, print it out, download it as a PDF and bookmark a page to one of more than 40 different social networking sites. A search function lets you type in a model’s name or a DVD title to find what you’re looking for. Ain’t technology great? This is really cool. We’re really proud of this baby. You can even order a DVD or two through it. :Layout 1




Miss Plastic Trips, Falls, Breaks

TOLL FREE U.S. & CAN 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWID E 001-305-662-5959 • $39.95/ C$42.95/ £23.95/ €27.95 (Plus S&H) DVD (Region free) ITEM #PIX449D VHS ITEM #PIX449



Alexandra Horvath, the favorite to win the Miss Plastic title, pulled out of the contest when she tripped after passing the breast examination stage of the event. The judges were congratulating her surgeon, Dr. Tamas Rozsos, on the lack of any surgical scars when she tripped and tore a ligament in her foot. “Everyone was admiring her bodywork, and then she started to topple,” a reporter said. “No one was near enough to reach her, and she fall badly. She was taken to a hospital by ambulance.” The Hungarian event Miss Plastic was created as a protest by doctors and women who were barred from traditional beauty contests because they had plastic surgery. We’ve seen Ms. Horvath’s photos, and although she’s a beauty, she’s way too small for SCORE.

22 SCORE & www.fantamag.c .com .c om &

www. ww stor orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fantam fa amag ag.c ag .com .c om

CONTESSA ROSE IS READY TO TURN HER WILD SIDE LOOSE. ARE YOU READY FOR IT? “I have a wild side a lot of people don’t know about,” said sexy Georgia peach Contessa Rose, who has enough curves to satisfy any lover of big tits, tapered waists and big butts. “I get turned on by allowing my sexuality to bloom whenever and wherever I like. I feed into my dirtiest fantasies by making them come true. If it involves sex in public and public nudity, it makes me horny. I once had a fivesome on the 50-yard line of a football field.” SCORE 25

www. ww w. stor st orem or em m &

Between this pictorial, her Voluptuous debut in the Holiday ’09 issue and her scene in the new DVD Boob Science, people are going to be finding out about Contessa Rose’s wild side in a hurry. “Fucking on camera was fun,” Contessa Rose said. “I’d never done it before, but it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to doing again. I mean, a lot of girls have had sex in public places or flashed in public, but how many girls have fucked on camera? Nobody I know.” In Boob Science, Contessa plays the kinky rock-star girlfriend of our hero’s dirtbag brother. Our hero the nerd gets the girl, who rubs her tits in his face and gives him a deep, lusty blow job. Then Contessa Rose opens her legs for a deep fucking. “I had a very good time,” she told us. ww stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

Besides having fivesomes on football fields and sex on camera, Contessa has many interests. She enjoys belly dancing…and playing the alto saxophone. She’s into having hot wax dripped onto her body by a guy who is of average height but isn’t super-built and has long hair and a good sense of humor. And she’s into women. “I love girls,” she said. “I really get into eating a girl’s pussy and having my pussy eaten by another girl. Of course, most girls I’ve been with have been fascinated by my tits. This might come as a shock to some of you guys, but I think a lot of girls are more into tits than guys are.” Not more into tits than SCORE Men are. “No, probably not,” she agreed. “That’s a great thing. I love being adored. So c’mon, guys. Have your way with me!” 28 SCORE &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

CONTESSA ROSE BIRTHDAY: Aug. 1 HEIGHT: 5’3” WEIGHT: 158 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34E MEASURES: 40-29-38 LIVES: Decatur, Georgia VIDEO: Boob Science (XXX-Rated, available on page nine of this issue)

30 SCORE &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om




all. Thin. Exotic. Naturally stacked. That’s a winning combination for a SCORE Girl, and there’s no doubt that Alia Janine is a winner. She made her debut in the Sept. ’09 “All-Naturals” issue, then made her hardcore debut in the movie Mamazon. It’s pretty impressive when a girl debuts in one of our feature films, but Alia is impressive. But don’t let her size and beauty intimidate. Alia is, in every way, the girl next door. She calls herself the geek. Of course, she knows how to have fun, too. Read on.

SCORE: Hi, Alia. How are you doing? ALIA: Great! SCORE: When you debuted in SCORE you told us part of the Jerry Springer story. Can you tell the rest of it? ALIA: The Jerry Springer story. Oh my God! One drunken night, my girl-


& www.fa fant fa nt


friends and I decided to call the 1-800 number to go on Jerry Springer, and they actually called me back. I told them “I’m dating one girl and seeing another girl.” SCORE: Was that a lie or was it true? ALIA: No, it wasn’t true, and I told them. So we went down to Chicago and went on the show, and we basically winged it. It was actually very nerve-wracking because I’m sitting there, my first time, obviously, on television, and I’m lying to the public. I SCORE 33 & www.fa fant fa nt


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fantamag ag.c ag .com .c om

mean, I was a stripper but I wasn’t a lesbian and I wasn’t dating a girl. SCORE: Did Jerry Springer’s people know you were lying? ALIA: Oh, yeah. SCORE: They didn’t care. ALIA: No. So I went on and basically told them I was dating my friend Nikki and I was sleeping with my friend Tanya and I wanted us all to be together, then we told Nikki, and she played it off very well. She freaked out. SCORE: Cat fight? ALIA: Yeah, a little bit. Tanya is really short. She’s from Iceland, gorgeous girl. She wore a patent leather catsuit, and she jumped out and was yelling at Nikki saying, “You never pay attention to her.” She was really good. It was really hard not to laugh. SCORE: What were you wearing? ALIA: A black mini-skirt and a tank top with just strings in the back, so we had to duct tape my boobs, which I don’t recommend doing because it took me about two days to get it off. They weren’t going anywhere. SCORE: Was it fun? ALIA: It was a lot of fun. We got a free trip to Chicago. We got to be on the Jerry Springer Show. I told my mom, “Don’t worry about it. It’s a lie.” We watch it every Christmas because she taped it so she can laugh at me. SCORE: Ever get recognized for it? ALIA: Oh, yeah. Actually, the day that it aired, probably 20 people called me at about the same time and text-messaged me. They were like, “What the fuck? Are you on the Jerry Springer Show?” Because I used my real name. SCORE: Did the crowd like you? ALIA: Sure. Of course they liked me. Young, lesbian, big boobs. SCORE: At the time, were you dancing or anything? ALIA: Yes. I had just started dancing. I had danced for about eight months. SCORE: Where were you living? ALIA: In Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That’s where I was born and raised. I just moved to St. Petersburg in November. SCORE: Why’d you move? ALIA: The weather! [Laughs] Plus it’s better for feature entertaining, which is really what I want to do. SCORE: Have you been dancing for a long time? ALIA: I actually quit for about three to four years when I was 21, and I started back up when I was 25. SCORE: What did you do in-between? SCORE 35 & www.fa fant fa nt

THE SCORE INTERVIEW ALIA: I was in a serious relationship. Like, almost marriage. I’d always wanted to do feature entertaining before we met, but because of his family, I really couldn’t, so I quit, and then we broke up and I went back to it. SCORE: You went right back to it? ALIA: Well, I finished school first, but I’d become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and I like to dance. SCORE: What were you going to college for? ALIA: Police science. SCORE: Like forensics? ALIA: Like cop school. To be a cop. SCORE: So you were going to be a cop. Are you still planning on becoming a cop? ALIA: No. [Laughs] It wasn’t really for me. I mean, I’m fascinated with the law and really liked forensics and stuff like that. I was going to look into that. But I like doing this. I like dancing. I like modeling. Mamazon is the first time I’ve ever done any acting, although it’s not really acting when you’re having sex. It’s fun. A lot of fun. I didn’t know it was going to be this much fun.

36 SCORE & www.fa fant fa nt

ALIA JANINE BIRTHDAY: Nov. 12 HEIGHT: 5’11” WEIGHT: 144 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34FF MEASUREMENTS: 42-24-36 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Sept. ’09, Nov. ’09 (XXX) VIDEO: Mamazon (XXX-Rated, available on page nine)

www.stor ww orem emag ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www.fantamag ag.c ag .com .c om

SCORE: What was the best thing about filming Mamazon? ALIA: Having sex on camera with a hot guy. What girl wouldn’t like that? And the makeup, the hair, the whole thing. And I got to do a little bit of the lesbian thing, too, so maybe somebody who saw me on Jerry Springer will look at this movie and say, “Look, she is a lesbian!” But I’m not. Really. SCORE: What was that like, having sex on camera? ALIA: It was an experience. It definitely was something I wanted to try. And I felt safe here, and the guy I did my scene with was cool. It was definitely something I’d do again. In my normal life, I don’t have a serious boyfriend. I don’t want that right now. There’s too much drama involved. I have friends who are boys. I’m a little promiscuous. SCORE: You mean booty calls? ALIA: Basically, and so doing this was not really that much different from my real life except that there’s a camera. SCORE: Which is a big difference. ALIA: Yes, I guess so. It’s very technical. Porn is very technical. I wasn’t aware of that until yesterday with all the positions and lighting and all that other crazy stuff. SCORE: True. Most people don’t have reverse-cowgirl sex.

Continued on page 62 stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

40 SCORE &

IF YOU BELIEVE IN BIG TITS, YOU GOTTA LOVE FAITH, THE UK’S NEXT GREAT NATURAL. “Boob Goddess bustin’ out and spreading!” read the cover headline of the November ’09 issue of SCORE. The headline referred to Faith, whose piercing eyes and bulging boobs left us and all SCORE Men mesmerized. Her long-awaited, worldwide magazine debut turned the 2009 Newcomer of the Year Contest upside-down. In two issues, we’ll find out if England’s latest gift to big tits wins it all. But for now, let’s forget about contests. Let’s relax, get our cocks out and worship Faith the only way we know how. SCORE 41


42 SCORE & ww www. w.fa w. fant ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

Faith is from Yorkshire, England, and her debut in the Nov. ’09 issue sparked some regional pride in a SCORE reader. C.W. from North Yorkshire wrote, “I’m a connoisseur of the female form, and nothing could have prepared me for Faith’s debut. The stunning curves, those seductive eyes that make you melt and a body that could put a great sports car to shame. Because one thing is clear: Faith has it all.” Another reader said, “Awesome move bringing her to your magazine. She is one of the best things to come out of England.” Considering England’s big-boob history, that’s a huge compliment. Faith deserves every word.

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fant ntam amag ag.c .com

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

FAITH BIRTHDAY: Nov. 15 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 124 lbs. BRA SIZE: 32G MEASUREMENTS: 40-24-36 LIVES: Yorkshire, England PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCE: November ’09

www.storemags. ww com co m & ww www. w.fa fant ntamag ag om

NEED PROOF THAT BOOB SCIENCE IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST TIT FLICKS EVER MADE? HERE’S EVA NOTTY! The new movie Boob Science contains the girl-girl XXX debut of Maggie Green and the boy-girl DVD debuts of four new SCORE Girls: Contessa Rose (see her debut pictorial on page 24), Angel Gee, Aileen Ghettman and Eva Notty. This issue, we’re presenting Eva’s. In Boob Science, Eva plays a stylist who has been instructed by Daphne Rosen’s fantasy love-doll character to give supernerd Sheldon a makeover. But Eva doesn’t fix him up. She fucks him instead! 46 SCORE & www.fant ntam nt amag am ag.c .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

Eva’s smoldering sexuality got our attention when she debuted in the Dec. ’09 issue, and her scene in Boob Science doesn’t disappoint. See how she sucks the dude’s cock? How she wraps her lips around his shaft and sucks it lovingly? When she’s riding cock, the look in her eyes says, “I love this.” The scene ends with Eva jacking Sheldon’s cock cream onto her lovely tits, proof that when it comes to boob science, Eva could win the Nobel Piece Prize. stor st orem or emag em & www.fantamag ag.c .com .c om

www. ww stor & www.fantam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

APRIL 2010


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

EVA NOTTY BIRTHDAY: July 7 HEIGHT: 5’9” WEIGHT: 146 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34F MEASUREMENTS: 40-28-34 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Feb. ’10 (interview), Dec. ’09 VIDEOS: Boob Science (XXX-Rated and available on page nine of this issue). More videos at

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

A LUCKY SCORE MAN IS MARRIED TO STUNNING E-CUPPER JAYDEN. BUT HE’S SHARING HER WITH US! We like to think of SCORE readers as a community of like-minded big-tit lovers who look out for each other. We share ideas. We share observations. And, in rare instances, we share our wives and girlfriends, too…as long as they have big tits, of course. Well, Jayden Prescott is the wife of a SCORE reader, and, yeah, he could’ve kept her all to himself, but he decided to share. “He’s been a reader since 1993, and his dream was for me to be in the magazine and on Scoreland,” Jayden told us. “I was very happy to make him happy.” 54 SCORE &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com om

As you watch Jayden show off her tits and spread her pussy and asshole until they gape, keep this in mind: She’s never posed nude. She’s never stripped in a club. She comes from a very religious family, and she said, “My husband was only the third person I’ve had sex with, meaning actual penetration. Oral sex, I’ve had my share in college and high school, but I was trying to be a good girl.” Jayden, who was born in Missouri and now lives in Arkansas, isn’t trying to be a good girl anymore. Get this: When she was at our studio, not only did she pose for this pictorial, but she also did boy-girl. And anal! “I’m a lucky girl,” Jayden said. “My husband’s home working, and I get to be here.” We’re the lucky ones, Jayden. 56 SCORE

www.storem emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

JAYDEN PRESCOTT BIRTHDAY: Nov. 16 HEIGHT: 5’5” WEIGHT: 124 lbs. BRA SIZE: 32E MEASURES: 38-25-37 BORN: Missouri LIVES: Arkansas

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam amag ag.c .com om








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www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


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ALIA: It’s one of my favorite positions. SCORE: Really? That’s what Kali West said. I thought it was just a porn position. I don’t think I’ve ever had sex like that in my life. ALIA: I have. I love it. It’s a good position. It hits just right. I also like cowgirl. Doggie-style’s alright. Missionary. Piledriver not so much. [Laughs] Reverse-cowgirl, it depends on the guy and how built he is. My ex was a little bit smaller, but the way that his balls sat up, it worked because they rubbed against my clit. It’s fun. SCORE: Tough on the legs, isn’t it? ALIA: No, not too bad. Squatting is tough on the legs. SCORE: And you have very long legs. ALIA: I do. I’m a long-legged girl. Well, I’m tall, anyway. Five-foot-11. It intimidates some guys sometimes. My height, my boobs. It’s funny that I’m in a movie called Mamazon because I’m a bit of an Amazon. I’m a real-life Mamazon. SCORE: I like that. I’m going to use it. ALIA: Go ahead! SCORE: Before this, had you ever had sex in front of people? ALIA: No. I mean, I’ve had threesomes, but nothing like where there’s two camera guys and a producer. This is my first time having sex in front of people. SCORE: How old were you when you started stripping? ALIA: Twenty. Almost 21. SCORE: Why did you get into it? ALIA: Money. A couple of my girlfriends who did it introduced me to it. I was bartending at the time, and I wanted to buy a car, so they said, “Just go do it.” So I did. And that was pretty nervewracking the first time. I brought one of my girlfriends along. I remember shaking on stage. I remember the song. SCORE: What was the song? ALIA: Tom Petty, Breakdown, because it’s short. SCORE: You never forget your first song, do you? ALIA: [Laughs] No, you never forget your first guy, you never forget the first song you strip to. SCORE: What did you do? ALIA: I kind of danced like I was at a club. I really didn’t know what to do. I mean, my girlfriends showed me a little bit of what to do, but I was still nervous.


62 SCORE &

Continued on page 78

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

WE DIDN’T THINK IT WAS POSSIBLE, BUT JANET’S TITS SEEM TO HAVE GOTTEN BIGGER. Nearly a year has passed since we last saw Janet in SCORE, which might have you asking, “Why?” Janet is spectacular, one of the greatest naturally stacked models ever, but the truth is, we have so many great girls to show you that encore appearances are becoming rare in SCORE. But you’ll be happy to know that Janet’s DDD-cup tits are looking fuller, heavier and more suckable than ever. You are looking at Janet’s greatest boob-oriented layout ever.

& ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

JANET JADE BIRTHDAY: September 13 HEIGHT: 5’1” WEIGHT: 138 lbs. BRA SIZE: 38DDD MEASUREMENTS: 44-30-36 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: June ’09, Holiday ’08, Sept. ’08, Aug. ’08 VIDEO: Tits & Tugs 4 and Tits & Tugs 2 (XXX-Rated and available on page nine, or see them now at

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

“I’m still squeezing into DDD-cup bras, but it isn’t easy,” Janet said. “I think I might be a cup-size or two bigger since you last saw me.” Maybe it’s the man-sauce that’s making Janet’s boobs grow. They got doused by healthy doses of cum in the DVDs Tits & Tugs 4 and Tits & Tugs 2. And by the way, what’s with the gaping pussies in this issue? Newcomer Jayden Prescott’s pussy gapes on page 58, and Janet’s pussy is gaping on this spread. “Is that okay?” Janet asked. Janet, with you everything is always okay.

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

OUR HEARTS ALWAYS BEAT FASTER WHEN AN ALL-TIME GREAT NATURAL RETURNS TO SCORE. And just to get our hearts really beating at a mile a minute, Karina is getting things started in this pictorial with an early spread-pussy pose. Yep, our photographer asked Karina to spread her legs teasingly, and Karina decided to dispatch with the tease, pull her panties aside and spread her pink, juicy pussy. You’ll notice that Karina’s cunt doesn’t gape like Janet Jade’s does on page 69 and Jayden’s does on page 58, but it definitely has that inviting “fuck-me” look.

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com & co

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

In two issues (June ’10), we’ll find out whether Karina was able to follow-up her victory in the 2008 Newcomer of the Year Contest by winning 2009 Model of the Year. The competition is stiff (in reality, it’s super-stacked and very soft) and includes three girls we’re seeing in this issue: Janet Jade, 2006 Model of the Year Minka and 2008 Model of the Year Christy Marks. Can Karina pull off the Newcomer/Model award double? It won’t be easy. In 2009, Christy Marks fucked like a dick-hungry nymph and took it up the ass. Minka is one of the greatest sex stars. And Janet…well, just check out her pictorial. But, win or lose, there’s no doubt Karina is one of the greatest SCORE Girls ever.

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

Let’s return to Karina’s pussy. L.H. from Wantagh, New York, writes, “Dear Karina. I hope you don’t find this question to be too forward, but do you shave your pussy every day?” Responded Karina, “Yes, absolutely! A girl must if she has a shaved pussy, otherwise stubble will grow in and it’ll start to itch. Besides, when I reach down there (which is just about every day!), I love to feel the softness. I know some men prefer women with hair down there, and some women like it, too, but I think I look best with a hairless pussy.” We think Karina looks great no matter what she does. In the June issue, we’ll find out if readers agree.

www.storemags. s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

76 SCORE & www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

KARINA HART BIRTHDAY: Aug. 26 HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 134 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34H MEASUREMENTS: 42-30-40 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Nov. ’09, June ’09, Holiday ’08, Sept. ’08, July ’08 VIDEOS: Busty Riding Academy (XXX-Rated) & Karina Hart As You Wish (X-Rated), both available on page nine.

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

4 ways to watch movies at home!* is the new Video On Demand site now offering SCORE movies in four different options. Pay-Per-Minute lets you buy minutes that you can use to jump from scene to scene. Streaming Media allows you to rent a movie for a week or a month and watch it anytime. Downloadable Rentals lets you save a movie on your computer for a week or a month so you don’t have to log in to see it. With the Burn-to-DVD option, make your own DVDs at home if you don’t want DVDs shipped to your address plus you save on shipping costs. * We apologize but SCORE on Demand service is not available for Mac users at this time stor oremags. s. com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam om

www.storemag ww ags. & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


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The Cyberskin Perfect Ass lives up to its name. It’s the most expensive product we stock, but it’s also the best selling. Made from ultra-soft Cyberskin material, it looks and feels real. The separate pussy and ass tunnels are ultra-tight, extra deep and ribbed. They also vibrate! The Cyberskin Perfect ass might not be for everybody, but if you’re looking for the best in jack toys, this is it. #TC110 Natural or #TC111 Cinnamon $229.95 • £139.95 • C$249.95 • ℵ 160.95 Product weighs 16 pounds. Additional shipping charges apply.

PINK LADY FLESHLIGHT Shaped like a flashlight, but it’s a pussy! Smooth, soft, pliable, Real Feel Super Skin™ sleeve insert is the most realistic re-creation ever of real pussy. Easy to use and clean. (#FL100) $59.95 • £36.95 • C$64.95 • €41.95

PINK ASS FLESHLIGHT Feel the joy of entering a woman’s most forbidden area: her asshole. Allow the tight opening to hug you as you penetrate. The Fleshlight surrounds your penis, offering incredibly realistic sensations. (#FL102) $59.95 • £36.95 • C$64.95 • €41.95

LURE FOR HIM The ladies won’t know what hit ‘em. Just spritz on a bit of Lure For Him Pheromone Attractant spray and the chicks will flock to you. This product was scientifically formulated using the chemical attractant alpha-androstenol. (#TC109) $14.95 • £8.95 • C$15.95 • €9.95

PROSOLUTION Stay harder and longer all night long! Designed to stimulate, expand and stretch the tissues in your penis to hold more blood during an erection which may result in a larger penis and increased stamina. (#MH102) $78.95 • £47.95 • C$85.95 • €54.95

TOP GAUGE PRESSURIZED PUMP Top Gauge will help you reach maximum enlargement. It is a powerful, easy to use pistol pump with an industrial pressure gauge, making it far superior to standard pumps. (#CE105) $59.95 • £36.95 • C$64.95 • €41.95

MAN’S WAND One of the most uniquely designed men's toys we've come across. A remote pack allows you to cycle through four speed settings, and these vibes are conducted directly to the prostate and testicles through the cleverly outlined shaft (#DJ113) $29.95 • £17.95 • C$32.95 • €20.95

SEMENAX It's a well-known fact that women associate quantity of cum to male virility and potency. That's why you should give Semenax a try. This herbal supplement is designed to increase not just the volume but the intensity of your orgasms. (#MH104) $59.95 • £36.95 • C$64.95 • €41.95

It took me a week to catch on and get in the groove of things. SCORE: Topless? Bottomless? ALIA: Just topless for a long time. I’ve danced bottomless a little. SCORE: Let’s talk about your boobs for a little while. ALIA: Okay. SCORE: How big are they? ALIA: Thirty-four double-F. SCORE: When you started dancing, how big were they? You’re really thin. ALIA: My boobs didn’t get big until I was 23, when I was in a serious relationship. Whenever I gain weight, I gain it in my breasts first. If I lose the weight, they stay big. I’m lucky. SCORE: How big were you? ALIA: Before I got bigger, I was a C or D until I was 22, 23. Maybe even a doubleD, but I always wore a D. I really didn’t pay that much attention to them until I started dancing. I just thought they were boobs. SCORE: Double-D and you’re very thin. They must’ve still looked huge. ALIA: When I first met my ex, I was 135 pounds, which is too skinny for my height. I got up to 184, and then I started working out when I was going to school to become a cop, and I lost all the weight right away, but my boobs stayed. And they got bigger over the past couple of years. I’m 30 now, but they still get bigger every couple of years depending on what my weight is. SCORE: Do you like them bigger? ALIA: No. For dancing and for this, yes, but for physical activities, no. I was in a class with 20 people for police academy, and there were only four girls. All the other girls were tiny and skinny. I was the only one built with these. So it was hard to run around, do pushups and all that kind of stuff. SCORE: Guys must have loved it. ALIA: Oh, yeah, they did. I know my instructor loved them. SCORE: How do you know? ALIA: He told me. SCORE: What did he say to you? ALIA: He said, “I like your boobs.” That was okay. I ended up sleeping with him. SCORE: When your boobs got bigger, you were probably getting more attention than you ever had in your life. Is that what happened?

CALL TO ORDER 1-800-421-0760 (U.S. & CAN.) or 001-305-662-5959 ORDER FORM ON PAGE 9 & www.fantamag ag

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www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www.storemags. s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

MINKA PERFORMS HER OWN VERSION OF DISCO INFERNO. THE MEGA-BOOBED VERSION! In the June ’06 issue, Minka was crowned SCORE Model of the Year. “Winning SCORE Model of the Year means a lot to me,” Minka said in that edition. “I have always loved my fans, and I have always been proud of being in SCORE.” We’re getting closer to the 2009 MOY announcement. Will the Korean princess repeat her victory? It’s in the hands of the readers. When you consider Minka debuted on the cover of the Oct. ’94 issue and nearly all of her peers are no longer active, an award for sheer longevity is not out of line. “Just thinking about this lady is enough to work up a gigantic boner,” writes SCORE Man M.C. SCORE 81

www. ww stor orem emag ags. s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam amag am ag.c ag .com om

SCORE Man K.D. summed up the thoughts of his horny fellow Minka fans: “2009 was a very good year for us Minka fans! March 2009 had her in and out of tight tops, tennis in April 2009 and in July, she was boned again! That was another Minka classic. Is she the most photographed SCORE model of all time? I consider her to be the Cal Ripken of the big-boob world, unless you guys can think of somebody with as long a resume. Let’s hope there are many more shoots in her future!” Good luck, Minka.

www. ww stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam om

MINKA BIRTHDAY: Sept. 7 HEIGHT: 5’8” WEIGHT: 130 lbs. BRA SIZE: 44KK MEASUREMENTS: 56-23-35 LIVES: Las Vegas, Nevada WEBSITE: PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Many including July ’09 (XXX boy-girl), April ’09 VIDEO: Big-Tit A-List, (XXX-Rated, available on page nine or see it now at

www.storem ww emag ags. s. com co m & ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st or com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om






86 SCORE &


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ALIA: Yeah, pretty much. I never really paid much attention. Growing up, and even before I started dancing, I was always pretty much of a tomboy. And then when I started dancing, the other girls would say, “Oh my God, your boobs are so big!” and I didn’t think they were as big as they really are. I mean, now I realize it, but then I didn’t. I’d see girls with fake boobs and say, “Your boobs are a lot bigger than mine, and they’d say, “No.” SCORE: I think the combination of having big boobs and such a thin waist… ALIA: And that accentuates it. I have good genes, I guess. My mother is very short, big boobs. Dad, very tall, thin. I got the best of both. My Dad’s six-10. SCORE: Do you like your body? ALIA: I love my body! I definitely got lucky. I grew to appreciate it. I realized what I have, I guess. SCORE: What do you mean by appreciate it? ALIA: ’Cause I never really cared. I never really worked out or wore flattering clothes. I was never all that girlie. SCORE: Are you now? ALIA: Yeah, a little bit. SCORE: How so? ALIA: I wear more makeup. I do have an obsession with handbags. More flattering clothing that accentuate my hips and breasts. Before, I just wore T-shirts, jeans, throw a hat on and be done with it. Didn’t really care. Now it takes me a little while to get ready. SCORE: If you’re going shopping, what will you wear? ALIA: Still probably a T-shirt, jeans, flipflops, but a tighter T-shirt, one that actually fits and isn’t two times too big, like I used to wear. SCORE: You used to hide your breasts? ALIA: Oh, yeah. SCORE: Do you like the attention now? ALIA: Sometimes and sometimes no. There are sometimes, like when I’m going grocery shopping, that it gets kind of annoying, and sometimes I feel bad for women who are with their husbands or boyfriends, and I’m walking by and the guy starts looking at me. And sometimes guys are rude and obnoxious about it, like the way they stare at you and gawk and catcalls. I don’t put up with that. I’ll go up to them and put them in their place. It’s just nat-







SCORE 87 &






ural that boob guys like to look. I understand that. You’re men. You can’t control yourselves. But when you make it obvious and make me feel uncomfortable, I won’t have it. SCORE: What’s the best thing about having big boobs? ALIA: I get to be in SCORE. One of my girlfriends told me about you because she was in SCORE and she also has very large breasts. SCORE: What’s her name? ALIA: Isis Haze. We danced together in Wisconsin. She told me about it, and that’s when I was starting to become a feature, and to be a feature, you need credits, and I always wanted to do a magazine. So I tried it. SCORE: So you weren’t surprised at all when we said, “Come on in.” ALIA: Well, it’s a big-boob magazine, and I checked out your website and said, “I can do that.” SCORE: Are you bigger than Isis? ALIA: I think our breasts are the same size. I think mine are rounder. SCORE: When your boobs got bigger, did you notice that guys started paying more attention to them in bed? ALIA: I had one guy who was afraid of them. I dated him for about a year, and when we first started sleeping together, he was like, “I don’t know what to do with these. They’re so big.” And I was like, “They’re boobs. What would you do with boobs?” And when we broke up, he said, “I don’t know if I could date a girl with small boobs anymore.” So I


88 SCORE &

22209 &






thought that was kinda funny. At first he didn’t know what to do with them, and now he can’t live without them. SCORE: When you’re not dancing, what do you like to do? ALIA: I have a puppy, a little mutt. I go to the beach a lot. I’ll go out dancing with friends. Read. Right now I’m reading Sperm Wars by Robin Baker. It’s an interesting book. SCORE: Are you a nerd? ALIA: I’m more of a geek than a nerd. I’m a member of three honor societies. I had a 3.65 GPA in college. I like to read. When I watch television, I watch Discovery Channel or The Learning Channel or The History Channel. Occasionally Comedy Central because I like The Daily Show with John Stewart. SCORE: So you’re not a wild woman. ALIA: No, I’m pretty boring. I’m very tame. I keep to myself. I have my wild moments, but mostly not. My perfect night is sitting at home with my dog, reading. I’m trying to cook a little. SCORE: Do you want to get married one day? ALIA: I don’t know. I came really close, and that would’ve been interesting. Maybe. If I found the right person. SCORE: Let’s say I told you that a year from now, you’re going to be a big-time porn star and everybody’s going to know your name. ALIA: I think that would be pretty cool. I mean, if I’m going to do it, I might as well do it the best that I can and give it a 110%. I want people to know who I am. I still haven’t told my mother about it yet, but she knows I’m a dancer and as long as I’m happy and safe, nothing shocks her. SCORE: This won’t shock her? ALIA: No. Not at all. “Mom, I’m starting to do porn now.” She’ll say, “That’s nice, dear.” She’ll be like, “Really? Okay.” And she’ll tell my step-dad. One time I tried telling my mom I’m a lesbian. SCORE: But you’re not. ALIA: But I do things to shock her, and she said, “Oh, that’s really nice dear” and continued on. I was like, “Damn, nothing works.” I said, “Mom, did you hear what I said?” And she said, “As long as you’re happy, dear.” SCORE: Between that and Springer, you might be overplaying the lesbian thing. You might need a new angle. ALIA: I do need a new angle. SCORE: How about SCORE Girl? ALIA: Sounds great!

90 SCORE &

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