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DEPARTMENTS 5 WEIGHING IN An open forum for readers’ comments, questions and suggestions.

FEATURES 12 VIDEO ROUNDUP: THE BEST OF 2004 Scenes from the new DVD/videos XL Xtra #4 and Voluptuous Xtra #9 and more!

26 EROTIC FICTION: MORE TO LOVE Her husband had been away. She didn’t know if he’d like her new XL body.

42 INTERVIEW: SADIE BROOK This newcomer with huge tits and a bigger ass is simply the girl-next-door.

61 MODEL OF THE YEAR CONTEST The 15 finalists for XL Girls Model of the Year show their stuff. Vote now!

Laura Bailey 19

Nikki 29


Susan 36

Sadie Brook 42

Susie Wilden 52

Miranda 90 46-30-44

This issue in XL Xtra:

Frenchie Xtra 10

Two XL Girls newcomers make their mag debuts by fucking and sucking in scenes from XL Xtra #4.

Emage 72

Radka 79

• The girls of XL Girls and Voluptuous mags. • Huge photo sets with as many as 99 pics. • Tens of thousands of exclusive photos. • The biggest natural tits in the world! • Downloadable, full-length video. • For the man who loves ’em big!

XL Girls readers’ feedback, opinions and comments. Send your correspondence to: Weighing In, 1629 NW 84th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126. Or send your faxes to 305-662-8922. Or email us at

In Defense of Aspen Dear XL Girls, I can’t believe the “Weighing In” letter from M.K. in XL Girls #101 (“What Does Aspen Want?”). He jumps all over Aspen. He claims Aspen is lying when she says she’s looking for a nice guy. How does he know? I take Aspen at her word. Apparently, she is looking for a nice guy after some poor treatment from some real jerks. M.K. says Aspen complains that she wants men to notice her other qualities, but then she shows off her tits and ass. Well, just because she poses for XL Girls doesn’t make Aspen a bad person. I think Aspen is saying she wants men to appreciate her total package: her body and her mind. She’s proud of her body, but she also feels she has more inside to offer. If M.K. thinks Aspen is hypocritical for pos-

Reader P.B. says that just because Aspen shows off her tits and ass doesn’t make her a bad person. We think it makes her a better person!

ing nude for a magazine, what is he when he reads the same nude magazine? After all, XL Girls isn’t exactly Home & Garden. So why is he bitching about her posing? M.K. claims to be a nice guy. But his ranting about Aspen makes me wonder about his nice-guy image. Maybe nice women get turned off by his negative attitude. Let Aspen know there are plenty of men who would appreciate her both for her beautiful body and her beautiful soul.–P.B., address withheld

enough, in my opinion, for XL Girls. She’s another Voluptuous girl, although her space in XL Girls is not wasted. Her tits are some of the biggest I’ve seen, and her shining personality comes through in her pictures.

XL Girls #101: Great Lineup Dear XL Girls, Kudos to XL Girls for another great lineup in issue #101. Three stars of XL Girls #101: Cherry Brady At 158 pounds, newtakes off her panties, Sweety has an oral comer Dayton Hines is not fixation and Anastasia displays her ass-ets. as big as many other models in your magazine, but her meaty ass, plump midsection and And speaking of Voluptuous girls, beautiful face make her a notable addi- Kerry Marie has turned into the XL girl tion. I wonder, though, if any readers of my dreams! Her breasts are incredithink she’s too small for XL Girls. bly plump, and I love that she’s willing Voluptuous might be more her place. to show off her pudgy tummy. Many There’s no doubt that Anastasia be- girls who put on weight are reluctant to longs in XL Girls, which is funny be- reveal their stomachs. I’ve already cause she weighs only 10 pounds more signed up for than Dayton. I guess it’s all about disI’m saving my favorite girls for last: tribution of weight. Most of Anastasia’s newcomer Taylor Stevens and old pounds seems to have gone to her stu- favorite Sweety. Taylor really puts the pendous, incredible ass. She seems to “thunder” in the phrase “thunder be a lot bigger than Dayton, which thighs.” I’d love for her to put a leg lock could have something to do with cam- on me. Not only would I never escape, era angles. Being a photographer my- I’d never want to escape. Hey, Taylor, if self, I know all about that. I had center-ice tickets to a Maple Leafs Speaking of asses, newcomer Sasha vs. Kings game out here in California, has a butt that she can back up to my would you go with me? cock any time. Finally, the smoking shot of Sweety Cherry Brady, though possessing an really got my crotch rumbling, especialamazing hourglass figure, is not big ly the way she’s “accidentally” hoisting XL GIRLS 5

a breast with the crook of her arm while inhaling. Please, more smoking shots! That’s it for now. Again, thanks for a great issue.–J.B., Fortuna, California

Dayton Hines: Pro & Con Dear XL Girls, If Dayton Hines puts on about 20 pounds, she’ll make a great XL girl. I get the impression from looking at her pictures that her weight goes to the right places. Until then, though, she’s not what XL Girls should be all about. Definitely too small. Leave her to the other mags.–R.V., via the Internet Dear XL Girls, Dayton Hines is every fantasy I’ve ever had cum true. I’m guessing that some of the real size crazies are going to say she’s too small, but just look at her: Her beautiful ass, tits and thighs are much, much bigger than the average girl’s, and her face is beautiful. Please put more ladies like Dayton in XL Girls.–E.R., Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Dear XL Girls, Wow! You guys really did save the best for last! And I’m not just talking about the last girl in XL Girls #101. I’m talking about the last picture. Dayton Hines, laid back, tits splayed, legs spread, separating her beautiful, pink pussy lips, keeps me coming back for more. No exaggeration, in the last week, I’ve jacked off 20 times to that photo.–E.J., DeKalb, Illinois Dear XL Girls, The standing sideways shot of newcomer Dayton on the third page of her pictorial almost swayed me, but I ultimately remained convinced that she isn’t big enough for XL Girls. Yes, she’s a beautiful young lady, and there’s no way I’d ever throw her out of bed, but XL Girls should be reserved for the truly big, beautiful women, like Taylor Stevens, Sasha and Sweety in the same issue. Even Kerry Marie is not, in my opinion, up to XL Girls standards. At least what I think XL Girls’ standards should be.–Name withheld, via the Internet

Details, Details Dear XL Girls, I think M.T. from England (“Weighing In,” XL Girls #101) must have an empty head. He suggests that you drop the term “plumpers” from the magazine and refer to the girls as buxom, well-built or just XL girls. M.T., either you have too much time on your hands, or you’re just not too smart. A magazine like XL Girls is not the place for us to discuss political correctness. I mean, it’s not politically correct for me to blow a load of cum all over

Readers are split about whether Dayton (XL #101) is big enough all over for XL Girls. 6 XL GIRLS


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the pages containing these girls’ pictures, right? At least XL Girls doesn’t call the girls sluts, like some other magazines do.–P.S., Jupiter, Florida

Let’s Call It XXXL Girls! Dear XL Girls, In response to G.H.’s comments in the “Weighing In” section of XL Girls #101 (“XL Girls: Fat-Girls Mag?”) about XL become a fat-girls mag, that’s not a bad idea. Some of the models look great with big breasts and love handles. Most of us like them thick. G.H. makes them sound like they are ugly or something. As a long-time reader, I think it wouldn’t hurt to put in some curvaceous women with triple-F knockers. Besides, this magazine is called XL for a reason.–J.S., East Hartford, Connecticut

Bozena and Her Sisters Dear XL Girls, Bozena from XL Girls #101 is absolutely bodacious. Any chance of getting her and her four sisters together for a big-titted Bozena family lineup?–C.S., Blackpool, England Dear C.S.: Probably not. As Bozena pointed out, she’s the only one of her sisters

The size debate continues among XL Girls readers. Some want us to feature bigger girls. Some think that girls like Drea, who will make her debut shortly, are too big. who likes showing off her assets, either in revealing clothes or with no clothes at all. The good news, though, is that Bozena isn’t married. Any suitors out there? And there’s more good news! Even if you can’t fuck Bozena, you can see her fucking and sucking in the new video/DVD Voluptuous Xtra #9. The outtakes are on pages 16-17 of this issue, and you can order your copy on page 18.

I think if you put her back on the scale, you might discover that she’s a member of the 200-Pound Club.–T.W., Albany, New York Dear T.W.: Actually, at her website,, Sasha lists herself at 160 pounds. You know how women can be about their weight. We put her on the

What Does Sasha Weigh?

Bozena, a daring Czech newcomer, makes her XXX debut in the video/DVD Voluptuous Xtra #9.

Dear XL Girls, Thank you for Sasha (XL Girls #101). She represents what a lot of us XL lovers are asking for when we say the ladies in XL Girls magazine should get bigger, not smaller. Sasha’s pleasant, inviting face tops off a body that any true man can appreciate. Her J-cup tits are long, wide and full, and they hang seductively from her soft chest. Her ass is big and firm, and it looks like it can hold up pretty well when a big guy like myself is fucking her from behind. I love slapping a big butt, too, and Sasha’s looks like it would create an incredible ripple effect. The only question I have about Sasha is her published weight. I know the models in XL Girls have nothing to hide, but I find it hard to believe that she’s not well over 200 pounds. Put it this way: I’m 6’1”, 250 pounds, and I don’t think I’m a lot bigger than Sasha.

Sasha (XL Girls #101) weighs in at 192 pounds, although she could soon join the 200-Pound Club.


Gillian gained 30 pounds, making her worthy of XL Girls (#101). “My breasts are gigantic,” she said. scale, and she tipped it at 192 pounds. In all honesty, that number surprised us, too. But Sasha’s a growing girl, and she could soon join the coveted 200-pound club.

Gillian: Office Assets Dear XL Girls, My favorite girl in XL Girls #101 is Gillian. I think

Samantha shows off a big reason she won 2003 Plumper of the Year.

she’s very lucky the 30 pounds she put on went to her boobs and her ass. I see she’s an administrative assistant. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be her boss and have her walking around the office all day.–M.F., Odessa, Texas Dear M.F.: Here’s some fuel for your imagination: As Gillian pointed out in her layout, “I would never sleep with my boss, but I enjoy wearing clothes that make him want to look.” We contacted her again after her photos appeared in XL Girls #101 and she said, “I actually worked up the guts to show my pictures to my boss. It was actually very nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. I walked into his office, opened the magazine to my pictures and dropped it on his desk. You’re not going to believe this, but he looked up at me, smiled and said, ‘I’ve already seen those.’”

From an Guy Dear XL Girls, Oh my gawd! I nearly came all over my monitor when I saw the sublime Devin’s new set from XL Girls Special #95. She is one awesome babe. And in pantyhose, too. Wonderful! Why are there no women like her in my office? Probably just as well. I’d never get any work done!-A.G., England Dear A.G.: From our experience, many companies do go out of their way to not hire

Samantha: Deserving “Plumper of the Year” Dear XL Girls, I agree with T.W. (“Weighing In,” XL Girls #101) that Samantha deserved to win “Plumper of the Year.” She is gorgeous, big and beautiful with her tan lines, big, plump breasts, big areolae, big, beautiful, plump belly, vagina and rear. She has a beautiful face, hair and white teeth. I love big, plump women like Samantha. How about Samantha in a bath or shower? Looking forward to the next issue.–M.B., McLeansville, North Carolina Dear M.B.: Good news! The 2004 XL Girls Model of the Year contest is upon us, and Samantha is ready to defend her crown. The competition begins on page 61 of this issue as we reveal the 15 finalists. We encourage you, and all other readers, to vote. FYI, in 2003, XL Girls and Voluptuous combined for a single Plumper of the Year contest. The XL Girls Model of the Year is our own award. Voluptuous, however, will name its own Plumper of the Year. The finalists were announced in the Holiday ’04 issue, and they are Joy Juggs, Marrie Mellon, Devin Taylor, Samantha, Susie Wilden, Inesse, Lenka, Taylor Stevens, Evzenie and Kat Vixen. Six of those girls are also up for the XL award, so support your favorite. She’s depending on you.

If Devin Taylor (XL Girls #95) worked in your office, would you get any work done? Or would you just stare at her? XL-type girls for the very reason you point out: Nobody, at least none of the men, would get any work done. However, companies that do hire chicks with big tits and big asses have found that employee morale is higher and male employees choose to work more hours.

Missy Didn’t Belong Dear XL Girls, I am a great fan of Voluptuous and XL Girls magazines and must say that the girls usually featured are magnificent. However, I take issue over the publication of the girl-girl feature of Kerry Marie and Missy (XL Girls #95). There are lots of magazines which

feature girls like Missy, and, fortunately, I do not buy them or wish to buy them. When I buy your magazine, I expect to see girls with mature figures, so please leave these sorts of girls to the other magazines. Kerry Marie has put on weight, and I would say she just qualifies into the lower part of the XL Girls register, but she still has a long way to go before reaching the size and weight of a girl like Susie Wilden, etc. I enjoyed the girl-girl pictorials you have featured in the past with Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden and Lou Lou and Sweety. But why not make them a regular feature with the girls mentioned and others like Devin Taylor, Samantha, Evzenie, Sarah Mercury, Maria Moore and the latest discovery, Taylor Stevens? The combination of girl-girl and multi-girl features is endless.–Name and address withheld

The All-Around Choice for Men Who Love Plumpers Dear XL Girls, I’d like to accept your invitation to respond to the comments made by G.H. of Evansville, Indiana in XL Girls #101 (“Weighing In”). In his letter, G.H. says that XL Girls has changed in that the girls are getting bigger and that is a change for the worse. I agree with G.H. that XL Girls has changed over the past year or so, but I think these changes have made the magazine’s objectives more defined. For example, in the past, XL Girls was loaded with girls who also appeared in Voluptuous. In some cases, the same pictorials that were published in Voluptuous were repeated, to some extent, in XL Girls. What we’re now seeing, I think, is a delineation between the models who appear in Voluptuous and the models who appear in XL Girls. The Voluptuous models on the upper end of the plumper scale still have a place in XL Girls but the thinner, less plump girls (Annie Swanson is a good example) don’t, although I think Cherry Brady, who was in XL Girls #101, was a throwback to the old days of XL Girls. She’s definitely a Voluptuous-only model. The models in XL Girls now range from very plump to super plump to the girls who you call Size XXXL. By no means is it a fat-girls mag, as issue #101 Click here to continue

Nicole Peters’ only home on the web is… • The largest collection of Nicole pics in the world! • Exclusive photos and video you won’t see anywhere else… because nobody else has photographed her! • Gigantic photo sets!

• The only official website of the British big-boob darling and Voluptuous’ 2003 Model of the Year! • Packed with exclusive, never-before-seen pictorials! • Full-length video clips exclusive to her website! • Updated weekly! XL GIRLS 9

Includes postage & handling

Includes postage & handling





Lenka, one of the greatest XL Girls models ever, makes her debut as our covergirl. This is one of her best pictorials ever. The legendary Tasha Adams looks spectacular busting out of a black bra and panties. Plus, Calle, Denise Davies, Eva Cruz, Ivy in hardcore boy-girl action, and short ‘n’ super-stacked Princess.

This extra-special edition contains brand-new pictorials of naturals in the great outdoors. A plumped-up Inesse getting naked by the pool is of special interest to XL Girls readers. Also stars Cherry Brady, Autumn-Jade, Nicole Peters, Linsey Dawn, Chaz, Ines Cudna, Kerry Marie, Michelle and Cassandra.



Susie Wilden’s growth spurt continues. Devine is a 42-year-old pregger. Sarah Mercury’s tits never looked bigger. Melonie Rose’s J-cup tits are some of the biggest we’ve seen. She measures 60-33-42! Mindy Jo in and out of lingerie. Jammin’ Jennie gets fucked hard. And the XL Girls guide to anal sex.

Laura Bailey dumped her ungrateful boyfriend and returned to XL Girls. This is her comeback pictorial. Size XXXL Angel weighs in at 230 pounds. Chanta has one of the most amazing asses we’ve ever seen. Plus, Deja, Gina La Montana, Casey Cleavage, XXX starring Mandy Casa and a big-bottoms special.

MAMAZON #71 This limited edition publication features 14 all-natural, big-breasted models naked in the great outdoors. Full-length pictorials of Chaz, Via Paxton, Desirae, Sharday, Jessica Turner, Autumn-Jade, Linsey Dawn, Sylvia Panda, Chloe, Lorna Morgan, Sammie and Kerry Marie, Stacey Owen and Jeannine Oldfield.



This superstar-packed edition is one of our plumpest ever. Includes fulllength pictorials of Devin Taylor, Maria Moore, Emage and Anastasia, 2003 Plumper of the Year Samantha fucking and sucking, Lou Lou and Sweety in superplumper girl-girl action, plus Kerry Marie just before her growth spurt.




XL GIRLS #95 We crown Samantha our first “Plumper of the Year.” We display the biggest asses ever in “Thunder Cheeks.” We offer scientific proof that plumpers fuck better. We show Kerry Marie with a flat girl to prove bigger is better. Plus, 236-pound newcomer Trixie, black ‘n’ stacked Coco and Kat Vixen in XXX.

Mamazon #104

A magnificent collectors piece featuring 100s of photos and full-page pinups of over 130 busty naturals. Loaded with XL girls, huge asses, Amazon women, black chicks and 16 pages of hardcore sex. CREDIT CARD ORDERS 24/7 U. S. & CANADA 1-800- 421-0760 WORLDWIDE 305-662-5959 FAX 305-662- 5952

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XL GIRLS #101 Newcomer Taylor Stevens is taking the plumper world by storm, and this issue contains her first pictorial and an exclusive interview. Other newbies include beautiful Dayton Hines, super-stacked Bozena and 192pound Sasha. Plus, spectacular pics of super-sized Kerry Marie, Gillian with 30 extra pounds and XXX.

Special Offer for U.S. readers only: 1–5 issues $10.00 each, 6 or more $9.00 each. Add $1 per issue if your order is to be sent to a P.O. Box. All prices include postage. For the purposes of tracking and the security of your packages, orders are shipped via express courier, except those sent to PO Boxes. Hawaii & Puerto Rico: $10 per back issue plus $2 per issue for postage. Canada & Mexico: $10 per back issue plus $3 per issue for postage. International customers: $20 per issue (postage included). FL residents add 7% sales tax. Make checks and money orders payable to: The SCORE Group. Sorry, no foreign checks. We accept international money orders in US funds ONLY. Credit card orders must provide the exact credit card billing address in addition to the mailing address if the two are different. The SCORE Group is not responsible for customs seizures. By ordering, you certify that you are at least 18 years old.

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Hayden Frenchie Lenka Nikki Sant Joy Juggs

Treat yourself to one of these great XXX and masturbation flicks starring your favorite plumpers!

Kimmy Nip Kerry Mar Nicole Pet Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparx Laura Baile Susie Wild

If you don’t buy one of these videos for yourself, nobody else will.



And that’s a fact. We can guarantee that Aunt Betsy isn’t going to give you XL Xtra #4, the new XXX-rated DVD/video, and although Uncle Charlie would like to, Aunt Betsy won’t let him. The only way you’re going to see these five plumpers in hardcore fuck ‘n’ suck action is by turning to page 71 of this issue and ordering a copy for yourself. Because let’s face it: You spent all of your hard-earned money on holiday gifts for your friends and family. Don’t you deserve something?

Hayden Frenchie Lenka Nikki Santana Joy Juggs

Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & Susie Wilden Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen

Taylor Stevens Mandi Har Aspen

Taylor Stevens Ivy


Hayden Frenchie Lenka Nikki Santana Joy Juggs

Hayden Frenchie Lenka Nikki Santana Joy Juggs Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & Susie Wilden Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen

Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & Susie Wilden

Taylor Stevens Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen Ivy

Hayden Frenchie Lenka Nikki Santana Joy Juggs Kimmy Nipples


Taylor Ste Ivy


Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & Susie Wilden

Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen

Taylor Stevens Ivy

Like your plumpers without man-ass in the way? Then XL Girls Home Alone Volume 2 and Stacked & Packed #6 are for you. Both are available on pages 98-99 of this issue, both are available on DVD and video and both are notable for special reasons. XL Girls Home Alone Volume 2 features Taylor Stevens in her only video and Stacked & Packed #6 features spectacular footage of Nicole Peters.

Taylor Taylor Stevens Stevens Mandi Hart Hayden Aspen Ivy Roxie Frenchie Lenka Nikki Santana Joy Juggs Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & Susie Wilden Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen 14 XL GIRLS

Taylor Stevens Ivy



Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & Susie Wilden Hayden Frenchie Lenka Nikki Santana Joy Juggs

Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen

Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & Susie Wilden Taylor Hayden Taylor Stevens Stevens Frenchie Mandi Hart Lenka Aspen Ivy Roxie Nikki Santana Joy Juggs Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx




Susie Wilden Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen



Taylor Stevens Mandi Hart Aspen

Hayden Frenchie Lenka Nikki Santana Joy Juggs

Taylor Steve Ivy


Kimmy Nipples Kerry Marie Nicole Peters Casey Cleavage Lisa Sparxxx Laura Bailey & plumpers than any na More Susie Wilden Voluptuous Xtra video. And that’s a fact. Bozena, Joy Juggs, Aspen, Mandi Hart and Roxie are all XL girls, and they all fuck and suck in Voluptuous Xtra #9. Plus, the DVD contains a bonus scene featuring Ivy in hardcore action. You can order the DVD or video by just turning the page…and doing something for yourself. Because you deserve it.

Taylor lesStevens Mandi Hart s Aspen

Taylor Stevens Ivy



x & n


Taylor Stevens Ivy

Roxie XL GIRLS 17

WEIGHING IN Continued from page 9

proves. Sure, you had some girls who some guys might call fat (Taylor Stevens, Sweety and Sasha, for example), but most of the girls were plumpers and super plumpers. If G.H. has a problem with that, I definitely can see where he’s coming from. But there are all different kinds of plumpers, and XL Girls features all of them. He should accept your reassurance that XL Girls will not become a fatgirls magazine. It remains the No. 1 choice for plumper lovers.–B.D., New Rochelle, New York


More on Taylor Stevens Dear XL Girls, With lush, bountiful curves, Taylor Stevens is a wet dream come true. And to top it off, she has a gorgeous face. I want this girl to be the mother of my children, or, at the very least, my nominee for Plumper of the Year. I was even more turned on to find out that she is from Toronto, a city I frequent. And, as a hockey fan, I was thrilled to find out we cheer for the same team. Go Leafs go! A XXX photo shoot would be a real treat. If you’re looking for some guy to screw this hot plumper silly, I eagerly volunteer my services. I also found it intriguing that Taylor likes girls.–J.G., via the Internet

THE PLUMPEST, RAUNCHIEST VOLUPTUOUS XTRA VIDEO EVER! Spectacular 46-30-30 XL Girls newcomer Bozena fucks and sucks on film for the first time in a DVD/video presentation that’s packed with XL babes. Watch Aspen back up her huge ass in jiggle-tron. See Joy Juggs wrap her heavy FF-cups around a big hard-on. You’ll also see Roxie, who fucked in XL Girls #101, plus Voluptuous models Hayden and Mandi Hart.


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Dear XL Girls, Taylor Stevens is an absolute goddess. She has one of the prettiest faces and a body to die for. She is already my favorite Plumper of the Year, beating out Samantha and Devin Taylor. I love how confident and open she is about herself. She oozes sex appeal. She knows just how beautiful big women really are. There is no doubt that I'm getting XL Girls Home Alone Volume 2. I would get it just to see her in action. I would love to see a threesome between her, Samantha and Devin Taylor. Give us plenty more Taylor Stevens!-S.M., via the Internet Dear XL Girls, I want more Taylor Stevens! She is an absolute goddess and has an awesome personality to boot: down to earth, engaging and a tremendous smile. If she doesn’t get your blood, and other body parts, boiling, you’re either dead or gay.–D.B., via the Internet

Very up-close and personal with “The XL Pinup Girl.” Over a year has passed since Laura Bailey, who editor-in-chief John Fox calls “The XL Pinup Girl,” graced the pages of XL Girls. Since then, readers have denounced Laura’s former fiance who, before their wedding, made the mistake of asking her whether she planned on losing weight. Laura dumped the jerk. Then she went on an extended vacation to a sunny place. “Just to get my mind in order,” she said. “It worked. I went to a nude beach and got all the stares. I went to a regular beach in Spain, wore a skimpy bikini, and all the men whistled at me, not the skinny girls.” Then she went home and posed for these pics at our studio in London, England. She invited the photographer to get real close. XL GIRLS 19

“I wanted the camera to capture every single one of my curves.” As Laura explained, “In the past, I’ve kinda asked the photographer to keep his distance because I didn’t want the pictures to show what I thought were my imperfections. But I have a different attitude about that now. I’m a big girl, and I’m proud of who I am. I have a lot more curves than most girls, and I want the readers to get close to them.” 20 XL GIRLS


“Being voted XL Girls Model of the Year would be like being voted Miss Universe.” Laura is among 15 finalists for the award and definitely one of the favorites. Who will win? That’s for you to decide. The voting begins on page 61, and we’re going to let Laura tell you exactly what winning would mean to her. “As much as I know that men appreciate my body,” she said, “I’m never quite sure that the men I’m with wouldn’t dump me for a skinnier girl if they had the chance. Unfortunately, guys are always worried about what their friends and family think, and most guys don’t have the courage to go out with a girl who their friends are calling a fatty. But XL Girls readers are like family to me, and I think they’re the guys in all the world who are brave enough to say they love big girls. And if they decided I’m the best, that would be a thrill.” Okay, guys. Wanna make an XL girl happy?


Age: 33 Birthday: Sept. 14, 1971 Height: 5’5” Weight: 178 lbs. Lives: London, England Measurements: 48-36-42 Bra Size: 42F Previous XL Girls Appearances: #89, #41 Video: XL Girls Home Alone #1 (XRated, available on page 98)




was nervous. Almost 18 months had passed since I’d seen my husband, and a lot had happened since then. As I stood at the airport, waiting for his flight to arrive, I remembered the last time I’d stood there, when I was waving him goodbye. “Damn it! I wish I could be here with you when the baby comes,” John said. “So do I, baby,” I said. “But we can’t change the war, can we?” I couldn’t help it. I started to cry. “I’ll miss you,” he said, looking deeply into my eyes. “Me, too. Be careful,” I said, burying my face into his neck as his hand came around to pat my stomach. “Who knows,” John said, giving me a warm smile. “Maybe you’ll get those breasts you’ve always wanted when the baby’s born.” We kissed passionately, and I clung to him, praying this wasn’t the last time we’d see each other. As it turned out, I got those breasts…and more. I went from a size eight with small boobs, hips and thighs to a large eighteen. I’d grown all over, and I was terrified John wouldn’t love me anymore. We’d always had an amazing sex life. John was constantly horny. He loved to fuck, and he loved showing me off. Whenever we went out, he went crazy when I dressed in a super-short mini skirt with a tight, bare midriff T-shirt. He was so proud when guys whistled at me, saying there was nothing wrong with them looking as long as they didn’t touch. 26 XL GIRLS


All my friends were jealous of my stick-like figure. But me, well, I would have preferred bigger breasts and more rounded hips. I’d look enviously at shapelier women, wishing desperately for what they had. But now I was just like them, and I had no intention of losing any weight. I felt sexy and alive, more feminine than ever. I found that my new, fleshy figure was a real turn-on. My curves were pronounced and womanly, and my breasts, with their large, brown areolae, hung with a heavy weight that I loved to heft in my hands. I even loved my soft thighs and dimpled, rounded butt. And since John was gone for so long, I learned that pleasuring myself while caressing all of my new, extra flesh was totally exciting. I discovered that I could suck my own nipples, something I’d never been able to do when I was a tiny B-cup. And sticking my fingers deep into the folds that covered my clit instantly made my pussy juicier than it had ever been. Since he’d been gone, I masturbated all the time, loving the way my body jiggled when I climaxed. I only hoped John would feel the same way and would still want to fuck me now that I

no longer had the figure he’d gotten so horny over. So, with shaky legs, I stood waiting at the airport, praying for the reaction I longed for. All the photos I’d sent to John had been mainly of Charlotte, our baby daughter, and I always made sure that any photos with me in them were extremely flattering. Now, here was the moment of truth. My stomach fluttered when I saw my husband walk slowly past the security checkpoint and into the terminal, his eyes searching for me. John glanced my way, and I lifted my hand. He looked right past me, and my mouth went dry. I licked my lips nervously. What if he didn’t like the changes in me? As he continued to search the crowd, I looked around. Happiness was everywhere. Women were crying and laughing. Men were lifting their wives off their feet and tossing children in the air, happy to be reunited. Finally, John’s eyes swept over me. He didn’t smile at first, and my heart dropped. Was he disappointed in how I looked? I threw my arms around his neck then put Charlotte into his arms. “God, it’s been so long,” I said. “Yes. Oh, Shannon, she’s beautiful,”

“It says, ‘Please, no more virgins.’” 28 XL GIRLS

he said as he lifted Charlotte proudly. “I missed you,” I said. “I missed you more,” he replied. But his words weren’t that enthusiastic. As he hugged me, his fingers lingered on my love handles. Then his hand strayed down to my hips and stayed there. I pointed out our car, and together we moved toward it. John strapped Charlotte into her car seat, and I got behind the wheel. John still hadn’t mentioned my weight, and I was getting nervous. I hated feeling so insecure. We’d always had such a great sex life, and I was terrified he’d be repulsed by my new curves. I’d gone out and bought a sexy teddy. It was red, his favorite color, and had a plunging neckline that was so low, my nipples peeked out over the top. My areolae had grown larger and become darker, and my nipples were huge from breast-feeding Charlotte. And that teddy showed them off to their best advantage. We chatted all the way home as I brought him up to date. As I drove up the driveway, I was relieved and excited to finally have him home. “Everything looks great,” he said. “You’ve done an amazing job since I’ve been gone.” “Thanks, darling,” I said. But I was getting more and more nervous. Surely, after 18 months, John must be as horny as I was. He still hadn’t said a word about my body. He hadn’t really touched me much, either. But my fears would have to wait. I’d organized a surprise party, and when John opened the door, our family and friends let out a welcome cheer he’d never forget. He was happy to catch up with everyone, and when the guests all left and we were alone, he put his arms around my shoulders. “Thanks for the party,” he said, looking down into my flushed face. I blushed, feeling as nervous as a new bride, as though tonight was going to be our first time. We put Charlotte to bed, and while I loaded the dishwasher, John showered. He snuck up behind me, wearing only a towel. I felt his hands on my breasts. “Hmmm,” he said. “Not too bad.” Not too bad? What did that mean? I realized that if I wanted to save my marriage–and my sex life–I was going to have to convince him that having more of me to love was a good thing. Click here to continue

She likes nice dinners, fine wine and kinky sex! Classy? You could say that porn star Nikki Santana is classy. Horny? You could say that university student Nikki loves to fuck. A show off? You could say that Nikki’s an exhibitionist. “I always dress to show off my tits,” she said.



“I masturbate with a two-headed dildo in the bath tub. I get my tits all soapy and I satisfy my horny pussy.” Get the point? Nikki’s really into sex, as she proves in her XXX-rated boy-girl scene in the new DVD/video XL Xtra #4 (outtakes on pages 16-17; order it on page 71). “For a while, I was working highstrung administration jobs for bosses who always thought I should give them a blow job at the end of the day,” said Nikki, who’s a sultry combination of Mexican and Native American Indian. “I figured if I’m gonna give blow jobs, I might as well get paid for them.” So, Nikki got into posing and making fuck films, and judging from her performance in XL Xtra #4, she picked the right job. “I love giving head,” she said. “A hard cock makes me wet.”

Age: 36 Birthday: Jan. 19, 1968 Height: 5’9” Weight: 164 lbs. Lives: Los Angeles, California Measurements: 44-30-38 Bra Size: 38DD Video: XL Xtra #4 (XXX-Rated, available on page 71 of this issue)


“I’m not a slut. I just need sex.” As Nikki said, “If you ask me out on a date and I say yes, that means I want to fuck you. And if I don’t fuck you, that means you blew it. And if you blow it, I might be horny enough to fuck you anyway.”


This elementary school teacher from California has a lesson for you. And here’s the lesson, direct from Susan’s mouth: “If you’re skinny, great. If you’re big, great. Just be happy with what you are. My daddy always told me I was a bigboned girl, and he was right, so I don’t worry about the battle of the bulge. I just enjoy who I am, and you should enjoy who you are, too.” So there you go, a lesson in life from a super plumper who’s making a comeback here in XL Girls after not posing nude since the December ’99 issue of Voluptuous. “I missed being in pictures,” she said. “I enjoy living this double life.” XL GIRLS 37

“The people in my school never found out that I posed nude. They’d all be shocked.” That’s exactly what Susan means when she says she enjoys living a double life. For work, she dresses in modest outfits, teaches her students, attends P.T.A. meetings and goes home to her husband. “These pictures are a chance for me to express another side of my personality,” she said. “I think I easily could’ve gone into porn if I hadn’t decided to teach. And I guess, really, if I’m spreading my pussy and ass and showing my tits in a men’s magazine, I am in porn, right?” Only if being in porn makes you happy, Susan. “Well, it does make me happy,” she said. “Even my husband doesn’t know about these pics. Maybe I’m just naughty at heart.” 38 XL GIRLS



Age: 35 Birthday: March 18, 1969 Height: 5’7” Weight: 179 lbs. Measurements: 44-36-40 Bra Size: 38DD Lives: Van Nuys, California Occupation: Teacher



This small-town girl with an F-cup rack needs you to worship her natural treasures.


henever a new model comes to the XL Girls studio, we ask her to fill out a model info sheet so we can get to know her better. The sheet contains questions like, “Are you into any fetishes?” “What and where was your kinkiest sexual encounter?” “Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a girl?” and, one of our favorites, “Do you masturbate?” Sadie Brook, a 30-year-old, F-cup newcomer from Tennessee, wrote that her fetishes change daily, that her kinkiest sexual encounter took place in a dungeon and that she made the guy wear panties and make-up. She told us

that not only has she had a sexual encounter with another girl, but that it should be required of all women. But it was Sadie’s answer to the question about masturbating that really perked our interest. She wrote, “I masturbate more often than a 16-year-old boy. I’m masturbating while filling this out!” Yes, Sadie is a woman who loves making herself and others feel good. She really can’t keep her hands off of her bodacious 48-36-48 body. The entire time the interview you’re about to read was being conducted, Sadie kept brushing her hands against her breasts and between her legs. But here’s the deal: Sadie isn’t some oversexed slut who was born for porn. The pictures you’re looking at are the first she’s ever taken for a men’s magazine. She’s never even been on a website. Sadie is the girl-next-door with very big tits and a sensational ass, and she never thought she’d get naked for a men’s mag. And, yet, here she is!

XL Girls: Hi, Sadie, and welcome to XL Girls. Since the readers don’t know much about you, tell us where you’re from. Sadie: I’m from Clarksville, Tennessee, home of the 101st Airborne. It’s a big town. There are a lot of country folk. XL Girls: Do you consider yourself country folk? Sadie: Well, I was born in Georgia and grew up in Oklahoma, so I guess you can say I am. I was born in Hinesville, Georgia, 40 miles north of Savannah. And I was in the National Guard for two years. XL Girls: Really? So you were protecting the United States of America? Sadie: Yes. [Laughs] I was in the Guard for two years, and I got out two years ago. XL Girls: Why’d you join? Sadie: Well, I did it mostly for college and a military career. I felt it was something I needed to experience. I thought it would give me discipline. It didn’t. XL Girls: Are you undisciplined? Sadie: No, but I’m a little hard-headed. It’s not so easy for someone to tell me what to do and for me to do it. I gotta ask questions if something doesn’t make sense to me.

XL Girls: The military didn’t cure you? Sadie: No. I don’t think anything will ever cure me of that. XL Girls: Okay, so what’s it like having big boobs in the National Guard? Sadie: It’s very difficult for physical training because you gotta run. I had to tape my boobs up. Of course, I was smaller when I was in the National Guard. My tits weren’t as big as they are now. But they were definitely bigger than all the other females’ tits, and

running was my biggest challenge because of my boobs. XL Girls: How big are your boobs now? Sadie: I’m a 40F. XL Girls: And what were you in the National Guard? Sadie: They were a 38 double-D. That doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but when you’re running, it’s a big difference. Any little increase is a major difference with boobs. XL Girls: Did you train with women? Sadie: Women and men. XL GIRLS 45

XL Girls: The men must have been checking you out all the time. Sadie: I imagine they were, but the women made more comments than the men did. Like, “Wow, you got some big tits,” or, “Man, I don’t see how you can run with those.” XL Girls: But you did run with them. Sadie: Well, I wasn’t going to say I couldn’t run because I have big tits. I wore a super-strong sports bra and a tight, spandex top, then I wore my physical training shirt over that. XL Girls: You were trying to conceal them, weren’t you? Sadie: Well, for a lot of my life, I did conceal them. I was really self-conscious, and I even considered having a reduc-

tion. But over the past several years, I’ve learned to appreciate them. XL Girls: How old were you when you first started wearing a D-cup bra? Sadie: I was in the ninth or tenth grade, I guess. Fifteen or 16 years old. XL Girls: Did you have the biggest tits of any girl in your school? Sadie: Well, I had a friend, Brandy, and she was bigger than me. We were best friends. We hung around together, and we had the biggest boobs in the school. She took more harassment than me, and she took some of the slack off of me. Us two hanging around caused lots of commotion.

XL Girls: Did you play sports? Sadie: I played basketball, and that was difficult. I played softball, golf. I did a lot of sports. Big boobs get in the way, but I tried not to let them stop me from doing the things I liked to do. But I tried to conceal them a lot, and for a while, I was at a small school where everybody knew each other, so I didn’t get comments. But when I went to a bigger school with a lot more guys, well, some guy walked up to me in 11th grade and asked if he could titty-fuck me. XL Girls: A guy actually said that? Sadie: He was the bonehead guy, the joker of the class. He and his friends would always talk about my tits, how big they were and how they wanted to see them. XL Girls: But you didn’t let them? Sadie: No. I was a good girl. I started being a bad girl six years ago. XL Girls: What do you call bad? Sadie: Well, actually, I became more comfortable with my breasts and started showing them off more. Really putting them out there and saying, “Check me out. I know you wanna see my tits.” XL Girls: What made you change? Sadie: I’ve always had fantasies about S&M stuff, and I met some people who were into that lifestyle and started hanging around with them. That helped me be more comfortable with myself, too. I just kinda threw myself into an alternative lifestyle with the whole submissive and bondage thing. I met people and started hanging out with them and said, “This is something I’ve thought about doing for a long time. Teach me.” XL Girls: And you started showing off your breasts? Sadie: Yes, and I stopped being so ashamed of them and so afraid to show off my body. XL Girls: Why were you ashamed of your breasts? Sadie: Because they’re so big. I mean, I was from small towns where most women didn’t dress that way. XL Girls: And this is your first time modeling nude, isn’t it? Sadie: Yes! [Emphatically] XL Girls: Why do you say it like that? Sadie: Because I never thought I would do something like this. It was just something that I thought, “I can do this for my boyfriend or husband or in the privacy of whomever I’m with,” but to Click here to continue XL GIRLS 49

dishes are piled up to the ceiling in the kitchen, and nobody is saying a word. So Steve decides to have a little fun. He grabs his girlfriend, throws her onto the table and fucks her like crazy right in front of her parents. When he finishes and sits back down, his girlfriend is a little flustered, her dad is obviously livid, and her mom is horrified, but no one says a word. A few minutes later he grabs her mom, throws her on the table and does a repeat performance. Now his girlfriend is furious, her dad is boiling, and her mother is a little happier. But still there is complete silence at the table. All of a sudden, Steve hears a loud clap of thunder outside, and it starts to rain. Steve remembers his motorcycle, so he jumps up and grabs his jar of vaseline. Upon seeing this, his girlfriend’s father backs away from the table and screams, “Okay! Enough already! I’ll do the fucking dishes!”

Don’t tell these at home! MISCOMMUNICATION A construction worker is on the third floor of an unfinished building. He needs a hand saw but is too lazy to go down and get it himself, so he tries calling to his fellow worker on the ground to get it for him. The guy on the ground can’t hear a word, so the guy on the third floor starts giving him hand signals. First, he points at his eyes, meaning “I.” Then he points to his knees , meaning “need.” Then he moves his hands back and forth, describing the movement of a hand saw. Finally, the guy on the ground starts nodding his head like he understands, drops his pants and starts to jerk off. The guy on the third floor gets pissed-off, runs down to the ground and starts yelling at the guy, “You idiot! I was trying to tell you I needed a hand saw!” His co-worker replies, “I know that, stupid! And I was trying to tell you that I was coming.”

MAGICAL MEMORIES A man and his wife go to a honeymoon resort for their 25th anniversary. As they reflect on that magical evening

25 years ago, the wife asks the husband, “When you first saw my naked body in front of you, what was going through your mind?” The husband replies, “All I wanted to do was fuck your brains out and suck your tits dry.” The wife gets undressed, then she asks, “What are you thinking now?” He says, “It looks like I did a pretty good job.“

SHARP SHOOTER A man decides to buy a new scope for his rifle, so he goes to a rifle shop and asks the clerk to show him a scope. The clerk takes out a scope and says to him, “This scope is so good, you can see my house all the way up on that hill.” The man takes a look through the scope and starts laughing. “What's so funny?” the clerk asks. “I see a naked man and a naked woman running around your house,” the man replies. The clerk grabs the scope from the man and looks at his house. Then he hands two bullets to the man and says, “Here are two bullets. I’ll give you this scope for nothing if you take these two bullets, shoot my wife’s head off and shoot the guy’s dick off.” The man takes another look through the scope and says, “Know what? I think I can do it with one.”

FAMILY VALUES Steve goes shopping for a new motorcycle. He finally finds one for a great price, but it’s missing a seal, so whenever it rains, he has to smear vaseline over the spot where the seal should be. Anyway, his girlfriend is having him over for dinner to meet her parents. He drives his new bike to her house, where she is outside waiting for him. “No matter what happens at dinner tonight, don’t say a word,” she says to him. “Our family had a fight a while ago about doing dishes. We haven't done any since, but the first person to speak at dinner has to do them.” Steve sits down for dinner, which goes just how she said it would. The 50 XL GIRLS

“You have a dildo? Hey, I’m not the kind of guy that can be intimidated by a measly little dildo! ”


Ride her, Cowboy, and she’ll ride you cowgirl! Old-time western movies depict western babes as lithe, slim, dark-haired seductresses who look like they haven’t had a solid meal in weeks and couldn’t lift a saddle off a stallion. Of course, common sense tells us that’s ridiculous. Real oldtime western women did lots of hard work, so they had to be strong. They could be soft, but they couldn’t be meek. Common sense tells us that real old-time western women looked more like Susie Wilden than like Grace Kelly…although we doubt that many of those babes were strolling across the prairie with G-cup tits like Susie Wilden’s. So cowboy up, plumper lovers, and get ready for a hoedown with Brit babe Susie. Imagine how her tits flop when she’s ridin’ a buckin’ bronco. 52 XL GIRLS


“I can suck my own nipples,” self-sufficient Susie said. “I can play with them. I can lick them. I can satisfy myself perfectly. My breasts are very sensitive, and they’re also very heavy. I need someone to help me carry them. Any volunteers?”



“Anal sex takes me beyond. It’s that special point that you know you can’t reach any other way.” Cowgirl Susie rode a big dick that was stuffed all the way up her ass in her XXX video/DVD Ultimate Susie Wilden (available on page 98). It was a cock-raising debut by a girl who has no inhibitions. “I see stars when I have a cock in my ass,” Susie said. “That’s the only way I can explain it. I don’t know if it’s because it’s still forbidden. It’s kind of a place where you’re not supposed to go. There’s a kind of naughtiness about it. I like being naughty. When the photographer asked me if I’d mind using anal beads for these pics, I looked at him and said, ‘Mind? I’d love it!’” And, so, as Susie plucked her beads out, one by one, we wondered whether anal beads were used in the Old West, and whether Gary Cooper pulled them out of Grace Kelly’s butt in High Noon. And whether he would’ve rather had Susie. XL GIRLS 57

Age: 22 Birthday: Nov. 5, 1982 Height: 5’4” Weight: 152 lbs. Measurements: 44-30-40 Bra Size: 36G Videos: Ultimate Susie Wilden (XXX-Rated) and XL Girls Home Alone #1 (X-Rated), both available on page 98 Previous appearances: #92, #70



MORE TO LOVE Continued from page 28

“Could you finish up here?” I asked. “I want to grab a shower.” Walking towards our bedroom, I looked over my shoulder and saw John watching me. I couldn’t tell if he looked disappointed. I just didn’t know. I grabbed the teddy, a red garter belt, black fishnet stockings and locked myself in the bathroom. Then I took off my clothes and eyed myself in the mirror. My hands roamed over my voluptuous breasts. I lifted them as though offering them, pleased with the way they looked. I loved the feel of them, their fullness. They made me feel so sexy. I didn’t want to be skinny again. I loved being this weight, loved feeling the thickness of my waist and the plushness of my ass. I loved the way my thighs rubbed together as I walked. After a heavy night of masturbating, when my pussy lips would be swollen and protruding, I loved nothing more than feeling the sensation there, the thickness of my thighs causing vibrations to ripple through my clit. I opened the shower door and

turned the water on full blast. I stepped in and allowed the water to wash away any tension I was feeling. I soaped myself up, my hands slipping over my wet body. I reached down towards my pussy and ran my fingers through my pubic hair. That felt good, but it felt even better when I parted the folds and allowed my fingers to slip in and out and then flicked a finger over my clit. The water cascaded down, easing my tension and heightening my desire. I turned to face the stream of water and allowed it to sting my breasts. My nipples hardened under the force. I’d waited a long time for John to come home. The vibrators and dildos I’d purchased while he was away were nowhere near as good as the real thing, so I quickly turned off the water, enveloped myself in a large towel and patted myself dry. I carefully applied just a small amount of makeup, wanting to look as sexy as possible without going over the top. I smeared on some red lipstick, the same shade as the teddy, before pouring myself into my outfit. I glimpsed at my reflection as I bent over and hooked the fishnets into the garter. My breasts were practically spilling out. I thought I looked great,

“This is my first time here. Could you talk me through it?” 60 XL GIRLS

but would John? I stepped back and turned around, wanting to see how my butt looked. My hips and ass cheeks were full and curvy and in perfect proportion to my breasts. I slipped into a robe and a pair of stiletto heels and walked into the bedroom. “Wow,” John said. “New lingerie, huh?” He was laying in the center of the bed with a towel over his bottom half and his arms behind his head. I yanked the towel off him and threw it onto the floor. His cock was flaccid. Not a good sign. I looked from it to him before grabbing his dick and holding it just inches away from my red, painted lips. I breathed on it, then licked the shaft. One thing I knew John couldn’t resist was getting head. Even if he didn’t want to fuck me, he’d never turn down the chance to get his dick sucked. “Oh, yeah,” John said. “Suck it. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for that.” I vacuumed the knob into my mouth and rolled my tongue around his cockhead, enjoying the taste and feel of him. All I could think of was how I wanted to straddle him and fuck his brains out, but I was afraid he’d reject me, so I slowed down and concentrated on giving him the best blow job of his life. “Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good,” he murmured. My hand pumped his shaft while my mouth traveled from the base to the head and back. His cock throbbed in my palm. I was eager to please him and decided that maybe I should let him cum in my mouth, but that obviously wasn’t what John wanted. He gently pulled his prick out of my mouth. “Baby,” he groaned. “I really need to get laid. Let me check out this new body of yours.” I slipped my robe off my shoulders and let it fall in a heap at my feet. He backed away from me and kept me at arms length, his eyes wandering over every inch of my ample body. His fingers trailed down over the swell of my breasts, and I felt goosebumps. He lowered his head, and his lips went where his fingers had just been. He ran his hands down around my waist, over my hips and to the top of the stockings. “Mmmm,” he said as his fingers played with the tops of my stockings and then touched my skin. “Nice.” I was breathing heavily. My breasts Click here to continue

The competition is down to 15 big, beautiful finalists. Vote now for your favorite plumper!

Susie Wilden XL Girls #92 and #107

Devin Taylor XL Girls #95

In 2003, Samantha was crowned XL Girls/ Voluptuous Plumper of the Year. The bad news is Samantha won’t get to defend her crown, but that’s because of the good news: XL Girls now has its own award: Model of the Year. And you get to decide who’s Queen of the Plumpers. Samantha’s a finalist. So are 14 others.

Taylor Stevens XL Girls #101

Kerry Marie XL Girls #101

Sasha XL Girls #101

Evzenie XL Girls #92

Aspen XL Girls #101

Maria Moore XL Girls #92

Samantha XL Girls #95

Miranda XL Girls #107

Laura Bailey XL Girls #107

Sadie Brook XL Girls #107

Emage XL Girls #107

Inesse XL Girls #92

Bozena XLXL Girls #101 GIRLS 61

Kerry Marie XL Girls #101 62 XL GIRLS

Aspen XL Girls #95

Devin Taylor XL Girls #95

The editors of XL Girls examined every girl who appeared in the four issues that hit the newsstand in 2004–#92, #95, #101 and this issue–and narrowed them down to these 15 finalists. You’re job is to pick one winner, and it won’t be easy. Just examine the three babes on this spread. Kerry Marie has become an XL Girls superstar because of her rapidly expanding body. Aspen, the subject of a good girl/bad girl debate among readers, has a perfect combination of tits and ass. And 47-37-50 Devin Taylor is a plumper-lover’s fantasy.


Miranda XL Girls #107

Emage XL Girls #107

Samantha XL Girls #95

Samantha edged out Devin Taylor by 445 votes to claim 2003 Plumper of the Year. Both ladies appeared in XL Girls #95. Compare their spreads and decide for yourself whether Samantha is still No. 1. Miranda, an Italian belladonna, makes her debut on page 90 of this issue, and once you see her, you might end up voting for her. Emage, who placed eighth last year, also returns in this issue and figures to garner plenty of support. But the Las Vegas oddsmakers have already established big-titted, huge-assed, thunder-thighed Canadian newcomer Taylor Stevens as the slight morning-line favorite to win the contest. 64 XL GIRLS

Taylor Stevens XL Girls #101


Evzenie XL Girls #92

Sasha XL Girls #101


Czech sensation Evzenie was at the center of a minor controversy last year when she wasn’t a finalist for XL Girls/Voluptuous Plumper of the Year. The reason: She hadn’t appeared in V-Mag in 2003. Now the 46-38-44 reader fave is in the hunt, and we expect her to get a lot of support from fans who missed out on the chance to vote for her last year. One of the great things about XL Girls having its own award is that the super plumpers can be in the race. At 192 pounds, 5240-50 (gotta love those bookend 50s!), Sasha became an instant hit with lovers of truly big women when she debuted in #101. English girlnext-door Laura Bailey, who so many readers have fallen in love with, looks so spectacular in her pictorial this month, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if she took home the crown. Same goes for newcomer Sadie Brook, who’s interviewed on page 42 of this issue. As for Latvian beauty Inesse, she used to be slim ‘n’ stacked. Now she’s XL all the way!

Laura Bailey XL Girls #107

Sadie Brook XL Girls #107

Inesse XL Girls #92

Betcha can’t pick just one! And here are three more plumpers to make your task a lot tougher: Czech newcomer Bozena, oiledup American Maria Moore and Brit brick shithouse Susie Wilden. Now go ahead. Pick a winner. No write-ins, by the way. We’ll announce the results in the next issue of XL Girls (Special #113), on sale April 12.

Bozena XL Girls #101 68 XL GIRLS

Maria Moore XL Girls #92

Susie Wilden XL Girls #92 and #107

Vote for one girl. One ballot per person. NO WRITE-IN VOTES. Votes must be received by January 31, 2005. The winner will be announced in XL Girls SCORE Special #113, on sale April 12, 2005. You may photocopy this ballot. For email submissions, simply name your selection and add your comments. You may use an extra sheet of paper for your comments.

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From the ’hood, a black ’n’ stacked babe who’s got it coming and going. Our fourth of five XL Girls Model of the Year finalists to grace this issue with fulllength pictorials is Emage, a medical professional from Brooklyn, New York. She finished eighth in last year’s Plumper of the Year competition, but she doesn’t care about beating out the other finalists. She already knows she’s the Plumper of Brooklyn. “In September, I walked down Bedford Avenue, right by Brooklyn College, wearing this very same outfit,” Emage said. “There were all these young girls walking around, but every guy was looking at me.” No surprise there. Double-F naturals are unusual even on a college campus. And have we mentioned Emage’s ass? 72 XL GIRLS

“Guys would see my tits and say, ‘Holy, shit!’ And then they’d see my ass and say it again!” Emage is talking about that day when she went walking near a college campus, and, yeah, we’re being fucking teases by holding back on the ass pics. But be patient. “I once had a guy tell me that my body was a feast and he didn’t know whether to start with my tits or my ass,” Emage said. “I told him that maybe he should start by kissing me and turning me on. He didn’t like that. He wanted some titty. He wanted some ass. But I got my way, because if I didn’t, he would’ve gotten nothing.” Got that, gentlemen? Emage is a woman who needs some foreplay. She needs a little romance. So, now, take a deep breath. Then turn the page and set your sights on one of our greatest ass pics ever. 74 XL GIRLS

Age: 31 Birthday: June 12, 1973 Height: 5’1” Weight: 158 lbs. Measurements: 46-30-42 Bra Size: 38FF Previous XL Girls Appearance: #83 Lives: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Medical manager


MORE TO LOVE Continued from page 60

rose and fell against the front of the teddy. My nipples strained hard against the flimsy material. He lay me on the bed and sat down. I could see his rock-hard cock and moved to grab for it, but he pushed my hand away and straddled my body. I was trembling all over as he grabbed my tits and squeezed them through the material. I could barely stand it. I wanted him to fuck me quickly, stop making me wait and do what I’d been dreaming about for so long. His hands moved inside the teddy and he cupped my breasts and took them out. Then he buried his face into my cleavage and moved from one breast to the other, kissing each in turn and making sure he gave both the same amount of attention. I squirmed beneath him and grabbed his head. “Jesus, Shannon, I never imagined you with tits this huge. It’s like being with another woman!” he whispered. Was that good or bad? I couldn’t tell. But I was encouraged by his straining cock, which seemed to grow bigger with every inch of me that he fondled. John’s hand moved down, and I opened my legs for him. He ran his palm over my pussy mound and moved aside the flimsy material cover-


ing my cunt. I held him firmer, whimpering as he played with that soft, fleshy part of skin on my thighs. “Please fuck me,” I begged. I saw a look of lust in my husband’s eyes that I’d never seen before. He grabbed the front of the teddy, and with one quick yank, he ripped it clean off my body. I gasped. I was totally naked, and his eyes were feasting on my body. “Oh, God, your tits are fucking gorgeous,” he said as he played with them. “Shannon, let me titty fuck you. I’ve never had my cock between tits as big as these before.” I squashed my boobs together, and he positioned himself on top of me. As he pumped his cock in and out of my soft boob mountains, I thought, This is it! He loves it! I’ve got my man back! It was a first for me. My boobs had never been big enough to make a skin valley deep enough to envelope a cock. The idea that, at 27, I was trying a totally new sex position got my pussy pulsating. As John rapidly thrust his cock between my breasts, I stuck out my tongue and licked pre-cum off the head of his prick every time it got close enough for me to reach it. He groaned, and I could feel the vein that ran up the length of his dick throb faster and faster each time he plunged it toward my face, until I could barely stand it any longer. It was finally time for me to get some action.

“Fuck me, baby,” I begged. He abruptly pulled his prick out of my boob tunnel and fumbled with my garters, undoing them and pushing the stockings down to leave them dangling at my ankles. He fiddled with the strap of my stiletto then undid the shoe and threw it to the floor. He kissed the instep of my foot, and I thought I’d pass out from lust. I was wild for him, wild for him to fuck me. It was sheer torture to lie there and wait, so I wrapped my other leg around his back, grabbed his ass with the heel of my shoe and guided him to me. His cock probed my pussy lips, and I steered his shaft into my dripping, wet cunt. He pulled back a bit, but I was determined to have my hot hole filled. I thrust myself upwards. With a moan, he sunk his cock inside me. John began to fuck me rhythmically, grabbing at my breasts, kissing them, smothering his face in my cleavage while I held onto his head, not wanting him to stop. He rolled me over on top of him, and his hands kept grabbing my tits, my ass, all of my body. “Shannon, you’re driving me wild,” he said. “You’re so soft and sexy.” He held onto me while I slammed myself down, impaling myself on his cock again and again. My tits and ass were jiggling wildly. His hands were all over me. He thrust himself upwards with a passion I hadn’t felt since I lost my virginity to him. The vibrations deep in my cunt started becoming harder and quicker, and I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. With one more hard bounce on his prick, I screamed as I came in great, heaving waves. John shouted out my name and pumped one last, hard time before spurting spunk deep inside of me. When he’d finally calmed down, I rolled off him and snuggled up to him. “My God, Shannon,” he said, still panting. “If I thought you were hot before, it was nothing like you are now. I’m getting hard again already just thinking about your tits. And your ass! Damn, woman, I can’t wait to fuck you doggie style so I can watch your big, beautiful butt wiggle.” “You like me like this?” I asked. ‘Baby, you’ve never looked sexier,’ he sighed. “I’ll never be able to get enough of you.” “Well,” I answered with a smile, “lucky you. There’s more than enough of me to go around!”

If you’re into big asses–and you know you are–then you just hit paydirt! Truthfully, the word “big” doesn’t begin to describe what’s trailing Radka, a hearty housewife from the Czech Republic. Try huge. Or colossal. Enormous. Magnificent, mammoth, massive, mighty, monumental, mungo, planetary, prodigious, stupendous, vast, whopping. Whatever the word, this newcomer is about to break all big-butt records.


“My husband loves my ass. When we make love, it is always doggie-style.” Here’s the deal, gentlemen: We’re not going to waste space trying to describe what these pictures show so magnificently. Instead, we’ll tell you about this amazing newcomer. She’s from Ceske Budejovice, a mediumsized city in the southern Czech Republic. She used to be self-conscious about her weight and her ass until she met a man who adored every inch and pound of her. Now she always wears tight dresses and jeans to accentuate her curves. And she says that when our photographer showed her a copy of XL Girls, she knew she had to be one of the XL girls.

“Sometimes men pay so much attention to my butt, they don’t realize I have big breasts, too.” We noticed your DD-cup naturals, Radka, but the truth is, we really want to fuck your ass. We want to be that chair you’re sitting on. We want to experience the ripple effect that takes place when you’re bent over and getting it from behind. “Sometimes I wish I had more experience,” she said. “I had sex with only two men before I met my husband, so taking these pictures makes me happy. Now many men can fantasize about me, and I can fantasize about what they’re thinking about.” Don’t tax your mind, Radka. We’re thinking about your ass.


Age: 26 Birthday: Feb. 26, 1978 Height: 5’3” Weight: 192 lbs. Measurements: 48-42-54 Bra Size: 42DD Lives: Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic Occupation: Housewife



SADIE BROOK Continued from page 49

actually be in a studio? I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I have definitely enjoyed it. XL Girls: Why? Sadie: I like that when this is all over, my pictures are going to come out in XL Girls and guys are going to go, “Wow!” XL Girls: So you’ve never done websites or anything like that? Sadie: No. I worked in a strip bar once as a waitress, and they asked me to dance, and I said no. I worked there for about a week, and everybody kept asking, “When are you going on?” But I was like, “I’m just a waitress.” XL Girls: How’d we find you? Sadie: There was a pop-up ad on the Internet that said, “Models Wanted,” and I thought, “I have some pictures to send. I wonder what kind of feedback I’ll get.” So I emailed the pictures. But it took a long time for you to get me in here because I was hesitant. I was like, “I wanna do it, but then again, I don’t want to feel like I did something I shouldn’t have done.” So I talked to some of my closer

buy the magazine or anything, but I don’t have a problem with it.” And my dad said, “As long as you’re not doing anything to degrade yourself, go for it.” Once they said okay, I weighed the good and the bad and finally decided, “Okay, I’m gonna do it.” And I really wanted to do it. XL Girls: Why? Sadie: I just like showing off. XL Girls: Well, if we were to see you walking down the street, what would you be wearing? Sadie: I usually wear tight shirts or low-cut shirts and jeans or shorts. It depends on where I’m going, but my breasts are always accentuated. XL Girls: So guys are supposed to look at your chest? Sadie: They do look. I don’t know if they’re supposed to, but they do. XL Girls: You flew to the XL Girls studio on a plane. What did you wear? Sadie: Khaki pants and a v-cut T-shirt. XL Girls: Low-cut? Sadie: Yes, and I definitely noticed people looking at me in the airport and on the plane. I had an aisle seat, and I saw the guy next to me in the other aisle seat

“I’ve had orgasms from guys sucking on my tits. Rough tugging always works for me.”


family members and said, “There’s something I’m thinking about doing. Would you have a problem with it?” And they didn’t. XL Girls: Who’d you tell? Sadie: My dad and my brother. My brother said, “I’m not gonna go out and

looking over. And there was nothing to look at except my boobs. XL Girls: Well, planes sometimes get people horny. Sadie: Really? Hotels turn me on. I got turned on last night at the hotel you put me up in. When I’m in a hotel, it just seems like I should be having sex. I got turned on and had to masturbate. XL Girls: How’d you get off? Sadie: Well, I didn’t have any toys with me, and I sleep naked anyway, so I just used my fingers. Once in Las Vegas, I was waiting for my friend to fly in, and I had to be there overnight, and I think I masturbated 20 times, and I ordered a porno on pay-per-view. That was fun. XL Girls: So if a guy is lucky enough to be in a hotel room with you… Sadie: Something’s gonna happen. XL Girls: Did you go to college? Sadie: Yes, for accounting, and now I’m in college again. I got an accounting degree, and I went back a few years ago for my sociology degree. XL Girls: Do teachers check you out? Sadie: In college? Yeah. I had one professor, a sociology professor, and he would always check me out. He was the professor nobody wanted to get, but I ended up getting an A in his class. People would say, “I can’t believe he’s nice to you,” and I would say, “I know why.” I sat in the front row, and he would always look down my blouse. XL Girls: How do you feel about that? Sadie: I find it funny sometimes. And sometimes it’s a turn-on. With this guy, it wasn’t a turn-on. It was funny. XL Girls: Sometimes guys lose control around big tits, don’t they? Sadie: I don’t know why. They see big tits, and their animal instincts come out, and they want to have sex. They think, “I gotta touch them. I gotta suck them. I gotta see them.” XL Girls: That can work to your advantage, can’t it? Sadie: It could, but I try not to use them to get ahead. I didn’t sit in the front row with low-cut blouses to get the teacher’s attention. I always sit in the front row in class, and I always dress that way, so why should I change? XL Girls: How big a part do your boobs play in sex? Sadie: A big part. I’ve had orgasms from guys just sucking on my tits. Suck on my tits and you can make me cum. XL Girls: That’s all it takes? Sadie: Yep! Just suck on my tits. Sucking, biting. I like it gentle at first,

Choose either VHS or DVD for only $24.95 The first DVD devoted solely to gorgeous Kerry Marie. Kerry stars in six horny, lusty tales: I Have Juicy Tits, Very Private Eye, Stripped At Poker, Sorority Girl, Cavewoman Kerry and Convict Kerry. Each is filled with the sexiest jug-play and the most xplicit masturbation you’ve ever experienced! Once you’ve seen Kerry on video, you’re hooked. An instant classic!

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and then the more intense it gets, I like a little more pressure and biting and pinching. Rough tugging on them always works for me. I don’t always cum from having my tits played with, just when I’m really turned on and I haven’t had sex for a while, like a month. When a guy makes me cum from sucking on my tits, he feels like he’s the man, so it’s good for his ego. XL Girls: So when you’re in bed with a guy, not only does he want to play with your tits, but you want him to play with them, too. Sadie: Oh, yeah. It’s a big thing for me. A guy I’m with just has to love big tits. XL Girls: Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn’t? Sadie: Yeah. A long time ago. I went out with a guy who said, “I’m not really a big-tit guy.” I was like, “What’s wrong with you?” He didn’t pay much attention to them. I didn’t date him for very long, maybe a week and a half. XL Girls: I think all guys like big tits, and the only guys who say they don’t are going out with girls who don’t have big tits, so they just say it to be polite. Sadie: I think so, too. I think all guys are fascinated with them. And with me, a guy has to be a tit-hound. Even if he’s just passing me by in the bathroom or the hallway at home, even if we’re not having sex, just grab them. Get a quick squeeze. Show me you love them. XL Girls: Do you play with them a lot when you’re by yourself? Sadie: Yeah. If I’m on the couch, watching TV, my hand automatically goes to my chest, and all of a sudden, I’ll be like, “Wow, I’m playing with my tits!” I’m a tit-hound, and if I see a girl with big tits, I’ll get excited. XL Girls: Have you been with a woman with big tits? Sadie: Yes. Not as big as mine, but close. I’ve always been the bigger one. I was once with a woman who had no boobs, and it just didn’t turn me on. You’ve gotta have something to play with and suck on and squeeze. XL Girls: What was your best time ever with another girl in bed? Sadie: How about two girls? A friend of mine who I worked with was dropping hints that she was bi-sexual. She didn’t have big tits, but she had a nice handful, and there was another girl who worked there who had never considered being with another woman. And we all went out one night, and the one who was dropping the hints was all 88 XL GIRLS

over me. She was saying, “I just have to see your tits.” It was kind of a shock because she was really aggressive. And the other girl didn’t want to be left out. So we were all in a super-sized truck, and we started playing. I don’t know how long we were there, then we went to a lake and were there for almost two hours, just groping, feeling, licking, sucking. It ended up with me being the aggressor. The sex was awesome. XL Girls: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done sexually? Sadie: That was when I was into the S&M stuff. I started out being submissive, and I had more of a dominating personality with men, and there was a guy who liked to dress up in women’s clothes, so I dressed him up in women’s clothes, put makeup on him, and made him do whatever I wanted. I made him howl like a dog and sat on him. XL Girls: What’s your favorite thing to do sexually? Sadie: [Long pause] There’s so many of them, and they change so often. Right now, I’m a little tired, so I’m in the mood to have somebody do the whole body worship thing to me. Just take care of me. I’ve had a lot of guys who’ve wanted to come over and wash my hair and put lotion on my body, especially on my tits. Shave my legs. Just do anything that makes me feel good. Treat me like I’m your queen. XL Girls: Well, we’ve talked about your tits. Let’s talk about your butt? Sadie: My butt? [Laughs] It’s big! I have a big butt! I used to think having a big butt wasn’t cool, but then I found out guys like it. And I won this big-butt contest thingie once. I was at a bar and had low-rise pants on, and for some reason, everybody thought my butt looked really good in them. They said if you want to enter the contest, enter. Just show your butt off. So that was cool. XL Girls: Do you attract butt-men? Sadie: I guess so, but I don’t really think about that because most of the emphasis is on my boobs. I think guys notice my tits first and my ass later. XL Girls: So your butt isn’t as important to you as your boobs are? Sadie: No. My boobs are where it’s at. XL Girls: Now, you did a scene for us today which will appear on an upcoming XL Girls Home Alone DVD and video, probably XL Girls Home Alone #3. Sadie: I did two videos, both solo. And with toys. XL Girls: Well, what’s it like playing

“Taking these pictures really turned me on. The photographer asked if I needed lube for the toy, and I said, ‘Nope. No lube. I’m okay.’” with yourself on video? Sadie: Starting out, it was kind of awkward, but then I forgot where I was, and it felt good. Taking these pictures really turned me on, much more than I ever thought it would be. The photographer asked me if I needed lube for the toy, and I said, “Nope. No lube. I’m okay.” My pussy was really wet, and I really wanted to play with my pussy. I’m sure it will show in the pictures. XL Girls: What turned you on so much? Sadie: Everything. Just taking pictures, and him telling me to spread my legs and squeeze my tits together, and just doing all that, moving around and feeling sexy was a turn-on. I think you created a monster. I could really get into doing this again. I want to come back! XL Girls: How about boy-girl? Sadie: I’m not sure about fucking a guy on a video, but I’d definitely do girlgirl, especially if she has big tits. XL Girls: So, Sadie, what do you want to do with your life? Sadie: Well, I’m going to school to be a

social worker. I have this save-theworld complex. And I want to work with kids and try to help families and people who are having problems with their lives. And I’d like to write a book. XL Girls: About what? Sadie: About my family and culture, because I’m Indian, Kiowa, and there are some prominent ancestors in my family. I think it’s important to know your heritage and what your family is all about. I’d like to write about growing up in an Indian, Kiowa culture. It’s not going to be a best-selling novel, but I think it’s important. XL Girls: Well, Sadie, having you in XL Girls and talking to you today has been an important event for all lovers of big women. Thank you for joining the XL Girls family, and we can’t wait to see your first video. Sadie: Thanks for having me. I can’t wait to see my video, too! And I can’t wait to hear what the readers have to say about my pictures. Maybe they’ll write me some dirty letters! XL GIRLS 89

We know you’re already falling in love with this amazing newcomer. But first, get to know her. Admit it, buddy. You’ve seen everything you need to see. The pretty, exotic face. The H-cup tits. The full, bodacious figure that curves in and out at all the right places. You’re in love. Ready to propose to Miranda. But she’s heard it all before. She’s 27 years old, and she knows the difference between love and lust. “I don’t like when a man is just interested in fucking me,” she said in her husky Italian voice. “I have to like him, and he has to like me.” 90 XL GIRLS


“When I walk down the street, the men go crazy. Everybody just sees my breasts. They don’t see all of me.” See, guys, if we’re going to get past first base with Miranda, we’re going to have to get to know her better. So here goes. She was born in northern Italy and moved to New York City four years ago to pursue her masters degree in biology. She already has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, so you know she’s a smart chick, and she wants to get her doctorate and become a cancer researcher. So she’d like to save the world. As for her love life, Miranda has a sad story to tell. “The men I like don’t fall in love with me,” she said. “The men I don’t like always fall in love with me. When I meet a man, I know right away if I have a feeling for him. I already know if he’s the man for me.” She pouted. “But when I meet a man who I think is right for me, he doesn’t think I’m right for him. I have been in love only twice in my life.” 92 XL GIRLS



Age: 27 Birthday: Feb. 3, 1977 Height: 5’8” Weight: 165 lbs. Measurements: 46-30-44 Bra Size: 36H Born: Lake Como, Italy Lives: New York, New York Occupation: Graduate student



“Up until two years ago, my boobs were big, but not this big.” Miranda can’t explain her growth spurt from a D-cup to an H-cup (although she wears DD-cup Victoria’s Secret bras) when she was 25. It just happened. And we’re not asking questions. We’re just staring. And trying not to fall in love.



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She’s making her XL Girls debut by sucking and fucking! More to love means more to fuck. More to grab and suck on. More to cushion the push-in when we’re enjoying some pussy or ass from behind. Lenka, a 5’7” nightclub singer from the Czech Republic, has more. A whopping 211 pounds of more (we actually figured her for 180 and were surprised when she tipped the scales at 200-plus). Lenka stars in the new XXX-rated DVD/video XL Xtra #4 (available on page 71 of this issue), and as these outtakes from her scene prove, this newcomer isn’t shy at all. “I love to fuck, and fucking on camera was so sexy, so naughty!” she said. “Sometimes when I am on stage singing, I see how the men are looking at me, and I want to go down into the audience and fuck them in front of everybody. That’s what I was thinking about when I took these pictures.” XL XTRA 1


“I love to fuck doggie-style. I love how my ass jiggles when his cock goes in.” There’s no nonsense in Lenka’s scene in XL Xtra #4. No set-up. When the scene opens, we see the lucky guy feasting on Lenka’s natural E-cups. Then we see Lenka feasting on the lucky guy’s cock. Then we see the guy fucking Lenka’s hot cunt in every possible position. Meanwhile, every inch of Lenka’s voluptuous body is exposed for your viewing pleasure.

“I could not keep my eyes off of the camera, except for when I was cumming. I never knew that I like being watched.” We’ve never seen a chick look so happy while she’s fucking. The expression of sheer joy on Lenka’s face, the way she mischievously looks at the camera in some of these pics, makes us think she has the goods to become a big-time porn star…if mainstream porn producers were open-minded enough to cast 211-pound women in their films. “I have never had a man say to me, ‘Oh, you are too big for me,’ or, ‘You would be beautiful if you lost 50 pounds,’” she said. “I have only had men cum for me. I have only had them tell me they love my tits, my pussy. Tell me. Do you love to watch me fuck?” We do, Lenka. We do. 4 XL XTRA


Age: 23 Birthday: Sept. 1, 1981 Height: 5’7” Weight: 211 lbs. Measurements: 46-34-38 Bra Size: 40E Lives: Czech Republic Video: XL Xtra #4 (XXX-Rated, DVD/video available on page 71)





A newcomer who has sex three times a week. This makes four. Of course, the difference between this time and the other three is that this time, we get to watch…in pictures and on the new video/DVD XL Xtra #4 (available on page 71 of the main mag). This is quite a way to welcome Frenchie Sinclair, an administrative assistant from Southern California who checks in at 201 pounds, loves a hot threesome with a guy and another girl, enjoys masturbating to porn and fantasizes about being the center of attention in an orgy. “The thought of so many hands all over my body, attending to my every sensation, gets me so wet,” Frenchie said. “But, for now, my hottest sexual experience was a threesome. I remember taking him into my mouth as her tongue danced with my clit. I felt like a porn star.”


“Soft kisses on my pussy and a hard pounding from behind really get me off.” In XL Xtra #4, Frenchie doesn’t get the soft kisses on her pussy. But she gets a hard pounding from behind–and several other positions–in a scene that definitely got her off. “The camera is an aphrodisiac for me,” she said. “I love to show off my body, and isn’t this the ultimate in showing off? I mean, I’m showing everybody how good I fuck!” And getting us off.


Age: 28 Birthday: April 28, 1976 Height: 5’3” Weight: 201 lbs. Measurements: 48-40-48 Bra Size: 42DD Lives: Long Beach, California Video: XL Xtra #4 (XXX-Rated, DVD/video available on page 71)


Score XL Girls - 107